T-Mobile HTC HD7 Owners To Start Receiving NoDo Update Tomorrow

We’re just receiving word that HTC HD7 owners can expect a nice surprise starting tomorrow in the form of the much anticipated NoDo update for Windows Phone 7. The NoDo update will bring a bevy of changes to the WP7 platform in the form of copy and paste, faster apps and games, better marketplace searches and other marketplace improvements along with Wi-Fi improvements, camera improvements and various performance enhancements. This is definitely a significant update and the real first test for the Windows Phone 7 platform. No word on how long the updates will take to roll out or if they can be manually pushed to the device.

HTC HD7 owners, let us know when the update comes for you!

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  • Nik

    Why is there a giant picture for the myTouch 3G in this update?? lol Either way though, great news!!

    • Johnphillips25

      That’s an HD7 not a MyTouch.

      • Nik

        Right, but in my browser the related article is for an old update for the myTouch 3G under the update for the HD7 and it’s HUGE. Maybe it’s just Firefox4…

        • Nik

          And IE9 and Chrome 10

        • michael


        • Anonymous

          The page format has been wacky recently for me as well.

  • Ms.Carmen Diva

    yesss :) We will be one of the first to receive it. Actually i think we are the first to begin receiving(In america anyway). I am selling or trading my hd7 to get an android phone but still this is good and i hope i get the update before i get rid of my hd7, love it but i miss my ffc :)

  • Sam

    This makes me happy

  • Anonymous

    Guess I’ll be updating my HD2!

    • Anonymous

      you should update your HD2 to full android OS running gingerbread.u won’t be disappointed ;)

  • Anonymous

    I’m curious. How many WP7 phones has T-Mobile sold? This update, theoretically, could only be going to a handful of people.

    • Anonymous

      I would love to know that about other devices too.

    • Anonymous

      how many WP7 does T-Mobile have besides HD7?

      • Jasonlday

        Dell Streak

  • Ohhh Sweet, now i can put my tmobile branded rom back and take the telstra crap off……Not too bad tho, i’ve been using nodo for two weeks now, and only thing i see different is the loading and the copy and paste…..next up I.E.

    • Nik

      EXACTLY. I just did the exact same thing. Did like the brittish bing search voice. But some different spelling and keyboard… glad to have the real thing :)

      • yea i know what you mean….it kinda sits in the back of your head knowing ok i got nodo, but its not the tmobile nodo that i want….only regret is i had ground on everyone i know in fruit ninja at 855 points, but now i gotta do it all over again.

        • Nik

          lol yeah know what you’re saying too… i purchased twin blades from the marketplace and totally forgot they pulled it when i flashed the previous update. money lost. wonder if that game will ever come back…

  • WOOT!!

  • What is the word on being able to attach video to text messages and email? Or any file other than pix to email for that matter?

  • Philosoraptor


  • Pcj14

    whats NoDo?

  • stoneyjonez

    I believe it says not available as an over the air update.

    • Anonymous

      The update needs to be done through the Zune Software.

  • Coolman12

    it’s 12:26am and I still don’t see a updae

  • Junnyerr

    NO DO IT

  • OMG … please make it happen Microsoft/T-Mobile ! :(

    • Anonymous

      what do you mean by that?

  • Nik

    9:35am cleveland… still nothing. bring on the awesome please.

  • CDG

    This will be a,manual update done thru the zune software on users computers. It will not be ota.

    • Nik

      Right, i’m resetting my phone and connecting it to my laptop every half hour connecting to zune and checking.

      • CDG

        According to streamline “users will start seeing the update gradually starting on 3/29” when they click on update from within the zune software.

        • Nik

          Do you just like stating the obvious? I CAN read. No need to reply to me like there is something I wasn’t aware of lol

      • Scarf22

        Then stop doing it every half hour and just do it twice a day. And stop whining!

  • Karpito

    I’ve trying all morning. Still NA DA

  • Anonymous

    HD7 users< HD2 users.

  • Microsoft Sucks

    Sucks that I have a Mac and can’t get zune…

  • Gg

    do we have to have a data plan or can we do it over wifi? or it has to be connected to the computer? cause i dont have a usb.

    • Karpito

      You’ll have to be connected to your computer.

    • Nik

      You’ll get the update notification with either your data or wifi connection but the update has to be done while connected to the computer through the Zune software. Don’t worry though… none of us have seen the update quite yet.

      • Gg

        thanks its cause i bought it with the even more plus. so i didnt want to get the extra 30 bucks for internet cause their is wifi everywhere now these days.

  • B Webb

    Still nothing here in Seattle. Anyone know of anyone with the update yet? I think this may be a bunch of hype

    • B Webb

      Myphone is starting the update. YES!!!!!!!

  • Nik

    YES GOT IT!!!!!

    • Nik

      Phone has a big gray box that takes up nearly half the device:

      An update is available.
      Updates can make your phone work better and add new fatures. They can make your phone more secure, too.

      To learn more and install this update, connect your phone to your computer

  • Havoktek

    Seriously? A copy and paste update????
    This is sooooooo blow out of proportion!
    Has having a Win 7 device lullabied it’s owners in accepting scraps of functionality that
    should already be included?
    How can they seriously compete when the most low end devices of android have copy and paste.

    Bash all you like but I just had to state the obvious………..

    • Mikedees

      You’d have a point if all it did was cut and paste.

      And dude android sucks. Have you seen or used the WP7 UI?

  • Nik

    OH DUDE JERKS!!! this just updated my phone to 7008… pre nodo… there better be a second stage pushed today…. what a tease.

  • Kelley5795

    I just got the Pre-update too

  • Anonymous

    I have the Dell Venue Pro. That notwithstanding, does the iupdate wipe all the data on the phone, like text messages and so on?
    I have not seen any backup programs for WP7 yet. Would not want to loose all my information.

    • ryan

      I just finished updating my dell venue pro, it doesnt wipe any data

      • Anonymous

        Thanks. I noticed some said they had to connect their phone to their computer, Zune, and didn’t get a phone notification. I have not yet gotten one. Should I just connect it to my computer, or wait?

        • ryan

          I didnt get a notice either, I just decided to plug it in and see what happened and the update was available. The support for the venue pro has been awful so who knows if we will ever get a notice.

  • Anonymous

    There would be a lot more comments here if the HD7 ran Android. Just sayin.

  • Grumpyk


    In Philadelphia….

    No notification on the phonr even after rebooting. Plugged in to PC, Zune came up and told me that an update was available.

    I did the update. took about 5 minutes. Now I’m at 7008

  • Osvaldo_2

    It says 2-Part update. Maybe you get pre-NoDo, then No-Do?

  • Updating now.

    It only appeared once I plugged the phone into my PC and started Zune.
    No on phone notification.

  • Karpito

    Got pre NoDo in Orlando, FL (2phones). I didn’t see anywhere the 2-Part update. I’m in 7008 now.

    • Osvaldo_2

      The picture above, says “To complete the 2 part update..” In the context.


    • Hapick2001

      what do you mean by “7008” I also did the update, but doesnt aappear to be the actual NoDo…

      • Karpito

        Current phone software version 7.0 (7008). That’s pre-NoDo, no NoDo

  • ryan

    Just got the pre-nodo update on my dell venue pro. I plugged it in and the zune software popped up with the update. Now hopefully I get the nodo!

  • Karpito

    People commenting here that they got pre-NoDo & NoDo http://wmpoweruser.com/first-t-mobile-htc-hd7-updates-start-trickling-in/

  • I just received the notification, so i am updating the phone as we speak!! i dont know if it is the NoDo or pre NoDo….awesome anyways!!!!

  • I thought this was NoDo? lol, that’s why i’m unable to copy and paste after the update. wp7 rocks.

    • Hapick2001

      I also just ran the update through ZUNE on my pc. Still not able to cut and paste? Am i doing something wrong or was this just the “pre-update”? Any chance we’ll actually get the actual NoDo today?

  • Philosoraptor

    Can’t wait to get home to try this!

    I’m surprised by the some of the hater comments in here. Seriously, unless you have a Nexus you shouldn’t be talking much. I mean when was the last time any of your phones were officially updated? My old mytouch slide was promised 2.2 ages ago and it still hasn’t come down.

    • Havoktek

      No hater-ism, just reality sir. I never. NEVER expect TMO or Samsung to update me anything so when it comes it’s a surprise. I was around when phones didn’t get the OTA updates.
      My point being, this is like buying a new printer and going back to the store for a USB cord.
      Shouldn’t there be one in there already?

      • -Taylor Gang-

        Lol Because the phone didn’t come with copy paste….go play in traffic, this update is about more than that. Face it we could sit here all day and go tit for tat with what phones should come with but reality is no phone will ever be perfect….WHY….Because then there would be no room for advancement….So let the win-mo people be happy and you just go fiddle with widgets.

        • Havoktek

          Will do…….been moved on………The update is more than copy paste…….
          so be it, kick rocks and enjoy your tiles son

    • I have a Nexus S… it had 2.3.1 installed, 2 days later, I manually installed 2.3.3. Just thought I’d rub it in a little :P Oh and I got the OS6 update on my 9700 before it was pulled too….double win in less than a month :P

  • BC

    I just plugged my dell venue pro and received an upgrade message through ZUNE. My OS version is 7.0.7008.0 after the update completed and the phone rebooted. Not sure what was pushed out and if it relates to the NoDo update?

    • ryan

      this is the pre-nodo update

  • Karpito
  • Sdnkh

    i got only pre-NoDo too.

    • Jp-28

      wait a few hours and try the update again. March update came after feb update but took time.

  • RDL

    Yeah, I got the pre-update as well…. SITTING HERE STARING AT MY PHONE…. OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN….

  • Anonymous

    Gingerbread for the G2, please?

  • Fthis

    Got mine this afternoon went flawless nice upgrade

    • Ds41877

      did you get oart 2 or was it the pre update

  • hd2gb233

    screw T-Mobile and it’s updates.
    Think for yourself and question authority.

    Also, learn to hack your cell phone or pay someone to do it.
    There’s always a failsafe way to reset your device to factory stock roms and radios, in case of insurance/warranty issues.

  • So if it doesn’t work you call Tmo and tell them it “No Do crap”?

  • Krakenfeed

    UGH! HATE! HATE! HATE! THIS PHONE! SLOW! SHITTY APPS! Randomly resets. When I bought the phone, they never mentioned I’d need to plug it in to my computer to update it. I have a Mac (yes, I see the irony) and they told me (both T-Mobile and Zune Customer support) that there is no way I can update the phone from a Mac…..ever. I HATE T-MOBILE! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    • Summer

      I have a mac and update it just fine.