New York Attorney General To Perform “Thorough” Review Of Proposed AT&T T-Mobile Merger

The anti AT&T T-Mobile merger crowd just found a another hopeful ally in the form of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Promising to perform a “thorough review” of the proposed deal, Schneiderman wants to ensure that all New Yorkers will have the opportunity to choose between numerous wireless carriers.

“Affordable wireless service and technology, including smart phones and next generation handheld devices, are the bridge to the digital broadband future,” Schneiderman said today in an e- mailed statement. “We want to ensure all New Yorkers benefit from these important innovations that improve lives.”

Schneiderman also expresses a concern for those New Yorkers who have T-Mobile service as a “low-cost option,” and the impact this deal may have on them. While we can’t say the Attorney General will oppose the deal outright, we hope that the level of concern being expressed in various forms of government will at the very least, lead to a very tough road for AT&T to push this through.


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  • J-Hop2o6

    Yes! another one opposed to this BS AT&T acquisition.. keep em coming so Tmo can get that breakup deal that consists of 3 Bil, AT&T AWS spectrum, and a new Roaming Agreement (u already see phones such as the G2x supporting Tmo AND AT&T 3G bands).

    • yea they should KEEP adding the Att bands in T-Mobile phones so we can use that roaming agreement to its fullest once this Merger FAILS and we get all that extra spectrum room. : )

      • J-Hop2o6

        But what about vice versa? will AT&T be able to use our 3G/HSPA+? Will they start having their branded phones support Tmo 3G/HSPA+ also? I think I heard they already have a phone coming out soon (Thrill?) that has AWS.

  • Another Ally GOOD!! lets keep them coming since obviously this is not anything that the majority of people think is right. KEEP THE GOOD FIGHT for T-Mobile!!

  • cory


    • Anonymous

      new york is know for corruption don’t get your hopes up that there on your side

      • Nybetterthansuperg05

        ^^ Ignorant

  • Anonymous

    YES. Lets hope ATT pays for this and DT executives realize the values and do something with $3B free money

  • If T-Mobile weren’t viable on its own this deal would make sense, but AT&T is just buying bandwith at the expense of T-Mobile customers. Bad deal for everyone!

    • jackson

      The spectrum and physical network aren’t worth $39B….not even close.

      • BigMixxx

        as a matter of fact, it no where near close to the paying price. 21 billion, they are aggressively after that 21 billion in revenue from a pure wireless company.

      • Aerofanbig

        thats why they didn’t pay 39B, they paid 25B and 14B in stocks and a seat on the board at AT&T.

  • Dbell9

    Maybe TMO knew that the deal would fail in order to gain a broader spectrum and 3 BIL in cash. The CEO of TMO maybe smart if that was the gamble he took.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Some have speculated that.

    • jackson

      This isn’t a TV drama. DT didn’t have some secret inside information that would allow them to trick ATT into giving them $3B plus spectrum. Both parties are very confident the deal would go through, otherwise they wouldn’t have proceeded forward. The deal will go through in some form…perhaps as a clean acquisition or perhaps by passing out certain geo-segments of T-Mobile to other carriers.

  • YESSSSSSSSSSSS! Keep the momentum going!

  • Tmoisdead

    Hey dummies….. It’s OVER!! why do you want a company to exist whose owner is trying to unload??? Either you die a slow and painful death (negative net ads, high churn) or you get acquired and disappear in a year. I’d take a bullet to the head over terminal cancer any day.

    See you at Verizon!

    • Anonymous

      If the germans thought T-mobile USA could have been a hugely profitable concern, they would have continued owning it. Instead T-mobile USA profits have been declining and they’re steadily losing subscribers.

      What happens when DT can’t sell T-mobile USA? Cut back on R&D/Expansion, institute caps or increase prices?

    • Deff

      I’d take terminal cancer tbh. Haven’t you ever seen the movie bucket list? Noob.

  • Anonymous

    AT&T will look like a HUGE Fail if this doesn’t go through.

    “We studied this thing extensively over the last few months and we’re very confident it will be approved,” Randall Stephenson, AT&T chairman and chief executive officer, said in an interview. “Most local markets have a choice between five carriers, so the space will remain fiercely competitive.”

    His words not mine. Don’t flame me.

    I think their opponents will be overwhelming and there will be no deal.

    • Samus

      This would kill the death star for sure if it failed. If you look into the agreement with T mobile, if the deal does not pass regulatory Tmobile gets 3 billion dollars and some of the death star’s spectrum. As we all know they already don’t have enough spectrum to support their network and loosing some to T mobile would be critical. This would not only be a loss of a buyout but it would also mean bad news for the company as a whole. It might actually be great to see them get pulled down a few pegs. I for one am really hoping it doesn’t pass.

    • Anonymous

      I would like to believe that this deal will fail, but I just don’t see that happening.

      If the deal does fail, however, I would love to be in AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega’s office when he gets a call from the higher-ups telling him, “Hey, Ralphie baby. Don’t let that door hit you in the ass on the way out.”

      That guy’s a toolbox-and-a-half. F that guy.

    • Anonymous

      yep, that’s why AT&T put $3 billion and spectrum on the line. That’s the minimum amount of money they’re willing to spend to make this go through.

      Do you think the media, bloggers, sprint, consumers have that much money to put up a fight?

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know about you but I easily have $3B laying around.

    • Lowriderlicoln

      but he also said prices will go up and what about ppl that can not afford any other service

  • Jayyoung05

    You guys kill me this deal is in the bag as much as I hate to say it, this is about the lobbyist in DC at&t has 93 while t-mobile has 43 and sprint only has 34 so don’t get your hope up of this not going through.The worst that will happen is that at&t will have to make concession that’s it.

    • Anonymous

      Good call. I’m sure they paid analysts and did plenty of research before deciding to go through with an attempt at a merger. If they thought that it wasnt more then likely possible, they wouldnt go through all this. The bottom line is, there is plenty of wireless competition, if we dont want to go through AT&T, there are several other carriers we can go to.

      • Jayyoung05

        I completely agree with you,there’s always sprint and metro-pcs if you want cheaper rates.

        • Derrickps3

          metro pcs is not available everywhere

    • Anonymous

      Good call. I’m sure they paid analysts and did plenty of research before deciding to go through with an attempt at a merger. If they thought that it wasnt more then likely possible, they wouldnt go through all this. The bottom line is, there is plenty of wireless competition, if we dont want to go through AT&T, there are several other carriers we can go to.

  • Anonymous

    Either void the deal quickly, or let it go through. A rejection in 12 months will do nothing as TMO will already be dead. TMO will be a shell of a company and even farther behind everyone else since there will be no new investment in the company for the past year.

    • Prod1702

      Not sure what your talking about T-Mobile is still building their network everyday to make it better and better. They have said that as of right now AT&T and T-Mobile are two different companies right now. T-Mobile will still be there if this doesn’t through. I think most people will wait and see how things go. If they are not happy at that time they will leave. Until then T-Mobile to me is still the best company to be with.

      • Anonymous

        sure they are rolling out improvements right now. These were already complete when when the buyout was announced. you may even see some more improvements over the next 3 months as projects wrap up. But after that it will all stop. Why would TMO invest in more towers, backhaul, etc when it’s all going to be re-purposed by ATT. even though they say they are ‘separate companies’ ATT will be going through TMO’s books and projects and having the final say on them (I’ve seen it happen before). All new R&D will stop. TMO will be in a holding pattern waiting on the buyout to complete.

        If the buyout is rejected 12-16 months from now, TMO will have already lost a good portion of it’s customers, infrastructure improvements will have be at a standstill, and many of the good employees will have left. TMO will be a year behind in technology with an even smaller customer base.

        If you think it will be the same old TMO next year if it’s rejected, sweet dreams.

        • C C

          im going to save your comment and check back in a year…or even in three months when all new innovations are supposed to have stopped lol

        • Anonymous

          Update me on this okay :) hahaha

        • Deff

          We don;t want the same old T-mo tho. We want the “4g powerhouse that was releasing over 20+ 4g phones this year”. So yeah, if the deals rejected I’m going to hope that T-mo WAS actually growing still over this process (because they are in case you haven’t noticed? 4g in LV, Orlando, NY….)

      • Aerofanbig

        yes. they’re already going to have to sell about 15 million customers to the highest bidder…sorry, “divest”. they want spectrum, NOT customers.

    • jackson

      you have no idea what you’re talking about. TMO has to continue all 2011 capital plans by law. DT could breach the contract by letting the company nosedive from now until close and if anyone wants this deal to go through smoothly, it’s DT. DT will likely see additional benefits from spending even more capital than planned. Do you think ATT is interested in buying a “shell of a company” who’s lost a great portion of it’s customers?

    • jackson

      you have no idea what you’re talking about. TMO has to continue all 2011 capital plans by law. DT could breach the contract by letting the company nosedive from now until close and if anyone wants this deal to go through smoothly, it’s DT. DT will likely see additional benefits from spending even more capital than planned. Do you think ATT is interested in buying a “shell of a company” who’s lost a great portion of it’s customers?

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree. As a T-mobile customer the sooner they govt decides in either direction, the better. I’d rather it all be reviewed in six months so that i know where i stand and can plan accordingly. Otherwise this will turn into a huge distraction for both companies.

      If it takes a whole year and the govt decides against the merger, T-mobile USA customers will just be screwed again. DT will go back to begging sprint or anyone with some cash to start the merger process with someone else. We’ll be back to square one and T-mobile USA will start shelving longer term upgrades while DT decides how to sell out.

  • BigMixxx

    “Schneiderman wants to ensure that all New Yorkers will have the opportunity to choose between numerous wireless carriers.”

    Key words. Is this the independent lawfirm looking at the deal?

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately for the State of New York Attorney General’s Office, they have very little say over the overall outcome of the AT&T buyout of T-Mobile. The United States Department of Justice Antitrust Division will have the final word. Regardless of what they approve (full buyout vs. partial purchase and divesture), the FCC will act accordingly regarding spectrum. As much as I can’t stand AT&T, T-Mobile is almost surely not going to be around in 12-24 months. I would like to believe that this is a grand scheme devised by Philipp Humm to steal spectrum, cash, and a roaming agreement from AT&T, but it’s just too big of a gamble. The Sunday the deal was announced was the beginning of the end of T-Mobile in the United States.

    • Anonymous

      yea basically our worthless comments/complains don’t or won’t make any change or take effect to FCC,USDoA,AT&T or T-Mobile.sad,that we as loyal customers/fan can’t stop this MADNESS but to try and keep trying :(

    • True, but like they say “the more, the marrier.”

      • Deff

        actually they say “the more the merrier” try firefox. It comes with autocorrect like in MS word ;)

        • You just said basically the exact same thing I said, but I used the proper grammar. Was there really a purpose in replying with the same thing just without a comma? Did you really want a like that bad? Here… I’ll give it to you myself. *likes comment* That was kinda lame.

        • Guest

          You spelled “merrier” wrong…

        • *Corrects it* Still wasn’t the point. I tried to make a relevant point & it went completely un-noticed due to a typo. A & e are close & it’s easy to press the wrong key.

        • AdrianG2

          Hilarious! You get my like! lol

        • Anonymous

          LOL. Likes don’t come easy nowadays.

  • –__– I still don’t get how is At&t buying T-mobile a bad thing for T-Mobile customers o.O –__–

    • C C

      no unl data, higher prices, locked down android phones, horrible, absolutely horrible att customer service, more likelihood of monopoly by att causing unjust price hikes and unfair practices, …..need I go on?

      • moviefan

        Yes I agree. But let’s look at the bright side. At least now we’ll able to finally get the iPhone.

        • They already told us the prices won’t change –__– plus under contract. I hate t-mobile customer service I have to wait an hour or more just to talk to someone that’s crazy. even early in the morning. I wouldn’t really care if it’s a monopoly since we would be a part of it not away from it. and locked down on android phones should change with Google being more on an enforcer with android soon. and yea the iPhone is good nad LTE guaranteed in the future

        • Techio

          The prices won’t change until your contract is up. Once its up and if you want an iPhone or another AT&T phone or have to get an AT&T phone due to they move T-Mobile’s AWS spectrum for LTE, you will have to upgrade to one of AT&T’s plans. If you want proof, just do some research on the Alltel buyout by AT&T. I believe most were basically told if they wanted a new phone, they had to pick of their plans. More proof, look at the AT&T Wireless customers under the “old Blue” plans. They have enough evidence to show they only honor the duration of your contract. They get you when you have to upgrade. When T-Mobile’s phones are not 3G and if you want 3G/4G you HAVE to get their phones, they hit you with their rates. For me, this is ridiculous and hope the FCC and DOJ do what’s right and reject this merger.

        • Deff

          stop with the serious face douche bag. If you support AT&T so much, then go. No one is stopping you. And if you have to wait HOURS waiting for a T-mo customer care person (which you are obviously exaggerating about -__-) imagine how long you’ll have to wait for an AT&T rep. OH and i’ll bet THEY don’t even speak english. If your only good argument is that we’ll get LTE from all this, then obviously you are a closed-minded person and don’t understand that as a T-mo customer, you are screwed with this. AT&T customers are the only ones benefiting. And if you are REALLY that ape sh*t over the iPhone, then go unlock it yourself. FFS, not that hard. SOME of us do mind paying such a high ridiculous price for not having unlimited data, a crappy voice service, and useless phones. Seriously, do you live under a rock?

        • Galaxylover

          Why do people want that phone? It’s a bad product. Why doesn’t it support Flash? I mean, that was fine in the beginning. But now? Not cool at all.

        • Flash is going bye bye, HTML 5 is coming on!

        • Anonymous

          I’ve been hearing that for 2 years. Guess what? Flash is still around and hardly any sites use HTML5.

          iPhone. Latin for “Tech for ‘Tards.”

        • I suspect you’re kidding, but to those who think this is an advantage, bear in mind it works like this:

          2011 – before AT&T buys T-Mobile: You can get an iPhone on AT&T, but not T-Mobile.
          2013 – after AT&T buys T-Mobile: You can get an iPhone on AT&T, but not T-Mobile. You can’t get anything on T-Mobile, because it doesn’t exist any more.

        • Derrickps3

          theres no damn bright side, why don’t you stop trolling

        • Ktwist

          Here is a list of every Android phone I’ve had to date:

          Tmobile: G1, Mytouch, Motorola Cliq, Samsung Behold 2, HTC Nexus One, HTC Mytouch Slide, Samsung Galaxy Vibrant, HTC G2, HTC Mytouch 4G, Samsung Galaxy S 4G.

          Sprint: HTC Hero, HTC EVO 4G,

          At&T: Motorola ATRIX

          None of them have performed as smooth as an iphone. The closest is the Evo but battery life and sudden freezes held it back. Not to say the iphone dosent have its flaws, no flash, sd, removable battery, AT&T ect, but none of that is relevant if the phones software is buggy or slow. I could go months before a glitch or slow down on my iphone. Maybe a week on Android and then its a constant slight crawl. Really wish Google would fix this, it hurts saying I like the iphone, Really..I mean just look up top and see how many Android phones I’ve owned! I kind of want the merger for this reason, finally just one bill!

        • AdrianG2

          You forgot a whole slew of Android phones since you just pretty much claimed to have them all. The G2, MT4G, Evo, Atrix, and SGS are ALL some great phones. If you’re phones’ were becoming buggy, then maybe it was YOUR error! I’ve been using my G2 since Dec 1 and can honestly say its not buggy or slow at all. iPhone and android are two totally different OS and will NEVER perform the same. You’re such a douchebag!

        • Ktwist

          You and I both know its not me making my android phones buggy. I happen to have been in this industry since 1997 primeCo days and agree with you that the iphone is simple to use and could be called kiddy in your opinion. I still work in the cellphone industry with tmobile and even some of the editors here on this site use unlocked iphones. I just was agreeing with @moviefan about the merger giving us the iphone and how that is a good thing. So @HaveNoTech or whatever, your ” I’m doing it wrong ” bullshit is not going to convince anyone.

        • Havoktek

          Dude, this is about Tmo and AT&T, not about your Iphone love story, if it’s that serious then beat feet to At&t already or even Big Red and get your Iphone, quit wishin for something that has already been granted. The move is on YOU! So raise up and get your I kiddie phone……please!

    • Galaxylover

      Att HSPA+ tops out at 7.2mbps VS Tmo that is currently between 21mbps and 42mbps.

      7.2 mbps probably actually in “real world conditions” is probably more like 2-3 mbps.

  • George Msi


  • Techio

    The more high level people review this case and express their concern for it, the more difficult it will be for the merger to go through. We need more Senators to come forward and express their dislike for this merger. As a T-Mobile customer and New Yorker I hope the NY Senator Schumer comes forward and joins on the scrutiny, if Schumer hasn’t come forward already.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a retail employee. I view this buyout from a few different perspectives. As an employee, i’m a bit uneasy about what lies ahead as far as my job is concerned. DT has showed it’s true intentions to their employees by agreeing sell to AT&T. This doesn’t promote alot of faith, loyalty, desire or confidence from where i stand. How would you feel about your employer if they agreed to be bought by a competing company? How would you feel if the buyout got fell through? To me, it’s like a significant other saying they want to dump you because they found someone “better”…..Things don’t work out, so they come back to you as a “last resort”…..Having said that, I hope the deal goes through. If DT wants to dump TMO USA and get out of the US market, let them. The mass majority of ppl on blogs are totally against the buyout, which i understand. Alot of the hate is based on assumptions though. Everyone assumes the 2GB data cap will remain forever. AT&T is hurting for spectrum right now. With tons more spectrum at their disposal, i believe the data cap could get increased or dropped altogether. It’s highly unlikely that plans for prices will drop. After all, why would they? No one wants to pay higher prices by default (assuming you’d want to upgrade post buyout, you’ll probably have to change to a higher priced AT&T plan) or endure rate plan increases in general…….

    From DT’s point of view, i understand why they want to sell. It’s hard to compete and grow in the US Market. With the politics behind spectrum, towers, handset exclusivity etc, how can a smaller carrier actually compete. VZW and AT&T individually have double (and almost triple) the subscriber base as TMO. How can a smaller company truly compete with that. Sure, you’re in the game. You’re a viable option for consumers, but can you grow? And when i say grow, I really mean steal a substantial amount of customers from the big boys? One phone won’t do it in today’s wireless world. The day of the IPhone’s dominance are over. Maybe the IPhone would’ve had an impact awhile ago, but not anymore. Android is so universal and tech evolves so quickly nowadays, A top notch device is only top notch for a very short period of time. Really improving the network isn’t as easy as it might seem (as stated before about spectrum and towers regulations/cost)….TMO has been increasing the speed of its data network, but have they really grown into many areas where coverage is sketchy or non existent? OK…I’m done ranting……. for now

    • As a long time Tmor (Emp/customer) you are right. I will add that Tmo USA is one of the few things making money for DT, so selling now and joining ATT’s TDMA/GSM system is the best for them with the infusion of much needed cash and stock and a seat on the board. Sprint is poorly run, with huge problems let alone CDMA/IDEN tech. They will be shutting down iden and their PTT will be on strictly CDMA phones. As we move to LTE these technologies will all be converted to the latest and greatest generation of that time.

  • Anonymous

    The only thing good for TMobile customer that can come from this agreement, is that the deal never goes through.

    Its the ONLY scenario, where TMobile will benefit and so will TMobile customers.

    If the deal goes through, I will consider a Sprint worldphone and if they don’t have one, then will I consider Verizon. In either case, it has to be Android. All others are off the menu.

    ATT is not an option for me under absolutely no circumstance. Just refuse to do business with them.

  • Derrickps3

    i wish we had 10 phone carriers to choose from

    • TM97

      Tell the federal government to quit blocking spectrum from public use.

  • TM97

    Seriously, what do you think will happen if the deal were cancelled?

    T-Mobile would end its service, and the pieces would be sold separately to different companies. DT is giving up on T-mobile USA, there is simply 0 way for this company to make it without spectrum, and there isn’t enough money for the spectrum it needs for 4G LTE.

    • Mbregar13

      I really don’t think this will be the case. First of all, if this deal goes away T-Mobile stands to gain not only $3B from AT&T in the breakup clause, but also gets free spectrum from AT&T as well. How much spectrum we don’t know, but I’m sure its at least a worthwhile amount. They would also have an additional $3B to spend on spectrum, so I don’t think they will just walk. Aside from that, it really doesn’t appear that DT was ‘shopping’ T-Mobile to potential bidders… I mean, if they were I really don’t think they would have snagged twice its worth ($39B for a ~$20B company). It certainly appears they were simply presented an offer from AT&T that they couldn’t refuse.

    • Techio

      If the deal ends, T-Mobile USA will get 3 billion and spectrum as compensation. They could use that 3 billion and make a bid at clear’ for the extra spectrum they are looking to sell. Clear needs more funding since Sprint and other investing companies are not going to contribute more money. So actually T-Mobile could benefit in a big way.

      • Jayyoung05

        What you don’t know is that if it doesn’t go through the 3 billion that they will get is still not enough to pay off DT debts in Europe that’s why DT is selling T-mobile US. So T-mobile will still be on the chopping block.

        • Anonymous

          I wish t-mobile would become independent

    • Re check your sources.

  • Does anyone know the process ATT would have to go through to turn Tmobiles hspa+ into their Future LTE…how long would that take?

    • C C

      not going to happen. ATT is going to abandon HSPA+ in favor of LTE, and probably not even LTE-A yet. Knowing how far behind ATT is in the 4G world then we can wait until 2068 for decent 4G lol

      • Did not quite answer my question, but seeing as rolling out lte would take a few years even after a possible merger, does it not make sense to retain Tmobiles HSPA+ in the meantime?

        • I bring up these questions because at least for me i wanna get the most out of whatever cell phone I have by then, and I am pretty sure that is one of the biggest issues. Im in PR so I don’t have the luxury of turning to Verizon and Sprint Coverage is garbage in my area.

      • You are missing the point, I am trying to help everyone realize ….It’s impossible to immediately roll out LTE as soon as the switch starts, FFS even a simple 3g rollout takes a hell alot of time.

    • Techguy

      yeah. I do. And no, HSPA+ is not going to be abandoned. What has to happen is this.

      Step 1. AT&T studies the acquired HSPA+ sites and decides which ones will increase their footprint and/or provide the best return on investment.

      Step 2. Many T-Mobile GSM sites (those colocated with AT&T sites) will be turned down to free up 1900Mhz spectrum.

      Step 3. Those former T-Mobile HSPA+ sites that AT&T keeps, will undergo a frequency change from AWS spectrum (what you call HSPA+ spectrum) and switch to the 1900Mhz spectrum vacated from the GSM sites.

      This is likely a minimum of 2 years away in AT&T’s best case scenario. With the FCC fight ahead of them, it is probably closer to 4 years away. Some phones, such as the Vibrant, will be able to be used even after all this takes place. For other phones, expect to see AT&T offer phone trade in deals for contract renewals or something of that nature.

  • Youngt82

    Sounds good and positive since im a native new yorker :) And yeah we need Chuck Schumer in this fight as well!

  • Big Deal, one AG!!! They have no power or say other than using the simpleminded media for muckraking. How many other mergers,buyouts and takeovers have happened in the last 10 years lets say in the Telecom Industry??? Plenty and not a peep. Voicestream buys Omni??? Cellularone bought by Alltel, Alltel bought by Verizon, AirTouch becomes Verizon,SBC and Bell South become Cingular. Cingular buys ATT, then back to ATT, and on and on. Sour milk and grapes by babies. DOJ approved DT’s purchase of VS in 2001, no problem. Biches being Biches. Spelling intensional.

  • Dewey Cox

    Will we still want T-Mobile if this deal does not go through? That’s like taking someone back who left you for another then came back when it didn’t work out.
    The money and spectrum that they will get will not change the fact that they are a burden on DT. Face it, we are and will remain # 4. It is too late in the game to change that. I really do not see another iPhone( game changing) device that can catapult us into the top 3.They had chances when it was still possible to do so.
    If this is a calculated gamble by DT to get the money and spectrum, I think that it will back fire on them in a big way. I wanted to stay with them as they were.Now, I look at them in a different light.They will sell me off to the highest bidder. I will now go with whomever gives me the best deal. Loyalty is a two way street.
    If this falls apart, it will happen again with different players. I would rather have the bandage ripped off quickly rather than slowly.

    • H8stylist

      like it or not this is how business works. even more profitable businesses will sell off if the price is right. if you make emotional business decisions you are setting yourself up to fail. same way if you decide to leave tmobile cause you felt wronged by this. in the end will tmobile get sold? more than likely. however, you need to make decisions on what’s best for you and your family, not based upon business decisions that haven’t even affected you yet.

  • thoughtfull

    Obama wants centralized government. That is why this will pass. Bull crap turn to china BS. look at health plan and other unfocused actions he takes with making puppets of our generation.

    • Auser72

      Obama is a puppet like every other president that preceded him. Stop looking at politicians and follow the money trail to the source. The only way to make a real change is to deal with causes and not the symptoms.