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New York Attorney General To Perform “Thorough” Review Of Proposed AT&T T-Mobile Merger

The anti AT&T T-Mobile merger crowd just found a another hopeful ally in the form of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Promising to perform a “thorough review” of the proposed deal, Schneiderman wants to ensure that all New Yorkers will have the opportunity to choose between numerous wireless carriers.

“Affordable wireless service and technology, including smart phones and next generation handheld devices, are the bridge to the digital broadband future,” Schneiderman said today in an e- mailed statement. “We want to ensure all New Yorkers benefit from these important innovations that improve lives.”

Schneiderman also expresses a concern for those New Yorkers who have T-Mobile service as a “low-cost option,” and the impact this deal may have on them. While we can’t say the Attorney General will oppose the deal outright, we hope that the level of concern being expressed in various forms of government will at the very least, lead to a very tough road for AT&T to push this through.


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