T-Mobile Confirms HTC HD7 NoDo Update Arriving

While we had pretty good to suspect that HTC HD7 owners would start seeing the much anticipated NoDo update begin arriving today, T-Mobile has gone and confirmed it via Twitter. With a  set of instructions that details a two-part update every HD7 owner should take of this update as it brings about a laundry list of improvements to the Windows Phone 7 platform. Remember the update will take between 20 – 50 minutes to complete. Stop reading, go get this update now!


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  • Sami9169

    what OS version will the update have?

    • Nik


  • Mike

    Just got 7008 update. Does not look like copy/paste is in this release. Also just lost a couple gigs of storage space.

  • guest

    WOW big ass obnoxious VERIZON ad. David must be getting a FAT CHECK to keep us all around so he can market Verizon to us.
    Actually David that is a good move on your part!
    Nicely played sir!

    • Dude, Google pics the ads and they don’t determine it based on the nature of the site. They run ads that cover the wireless market and that’s it. I don’t select them. While frustrating, Verizon ads are part of the Google rotation because this website is classified as a site that covers mobile news.

    • Bratty

      If you knew exactly how little those annoying popup ads paid, you would not use the words “fat check”.

  • wm7user

    just got the first update but nothing is showing up for the second part???????

  • Dwhitaker0

    ooooooo i just got it!

  • Dwhitaker0

    i got the first update and literally nothing happened. wtfffff? where is this second* update..?

  • Ms.Carmen Diva

    I got both updates back to back and an already great phone has been made even greater :)
    Much faster and I am literally copy and pasting just because i can now haha

  • Youngt82

    Ok great news for the Htc Hd7 users but for the love of God T-Mobile when is the myTouch 3G Slide receiving our froyo 2.2 update?!?!?!?!?!?! Its going on 11 months already and soon to be our 1 year anniversary since the phone’s been released come on now david or somebody from twitter or fb let us hear some good news please please please!!!! Lol :p:D

    • Turdnugget0420

      Little thing called root and custom rom and you can fix urself

      • Youngt82

        Lol yeah i know i know but it sounds to confusing and complicated to root :( and this is why they take so long to update phones because android is open source and they know we can just root it instead of waiting but I just don’t trust doing it myself man ugh :(

        • Anonymous

          I’ve never rooted an android phone, but I’m a firm believer that if you read enough and follow directions, you can do anything. That’s why I can cook: Recipes.

          But there are applications released specifically for rooting your android device with one click. Easy – or so I would imagine. Just make sure you READ first, and THEN follow directions. You can do it!

  • RayLebron

    I got the first part of the update (7.0(7008)). When I press the update option in Zune it gives a message telling me that my phone is up to date. Does somebody knows if there’s something I got to manually do to get the second part of the update? Thanks in advance.

    • Gg

      i called a tech support from tmobile. and they said it can take up to two weeks to get a pop up notification for the newer update or step two.

      • I really appreciate you taking the time to reply. Thank you very much!

  • That’s a reasonably bad news!!..

  • Does anyone know if this update will be available for MAC. The phone says update available but when I connect to the computer it says no update available.

  • Fujikicker

    I just tried this method: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1015131
    It’s currently updating.

    Flushing, NY
    T-Mobile HTC HD7

    I can’t believe it worked, after a few tries and timing of the “Checking for Updates…”, I finally got it to work. Woot~!

    • B Webb

      I tried this method as well and it works!!!! Updating here in Seattle T-Mobile

    • LOOK AT THIS^^^^^^^^^

      It works!! and if you’re not on wifi just disable your NIC/ethernet @ the same time they tell you to kill wifi, thats how I did it. Its all about timing! THANKS to Fujikicker for the link!!

  • Oskar

    Thanks for the info Fujikicker it worked great after a couple of tries, I was able to update my HD7 for T-Mobile in Los Angeles!!

    • Eflo86

      im in los angeles and i still only recieved that first update….how long after the first one did it take the the second part of the update to get to your T-Mobile HD7 in Los Angeles?

  • curbnoise

    Woo Hoo! NoDo! Got Feb update yesterday and lo and behold NoDo today!

  • NoDo, got it on my HD7 with no preblems at all

  • D4w92k

    Are there 2 seperate lists for the 2 updates? or just 1?…. I got the first update yesterday…. now i am waiting for the 2nd one…..

  • Lblsean

    Still No NoDo Dallas,TX

    • Gg

      i talked to a tmobile tech she said it could take up to two weeks for the second update. south texas

  • The T-mobile USA HD2/WP7 will have a NoDo update also, thanks to DFT, check out this Youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oH_x22NY6Yk …… DFT does it again…!



    Its really easy, just follow instructions. If you’re on a wired connection, just disable you’re NIC/ethernet the time they say to kill wifi. Its safe, thats how I did it. Thanks again for Fujikicker.

    • Angry wp7 owner

      thanks a lot man

    • Strata 06

      thank you!

  • Just got 7008 update. Does not look like copy/paste is in this release. Also just lost a couple gigs of storage space.

  • Angry wp7 owner

    Truly frustrated received the feb update 3 days ago and still no NODO ive grown very impatient im losing all faith in Microsoft I can see this happening all over again for Mango

  • Frescopascual

    I just tried Ian Guider’s suggestion and it worked. I’m here in Houston, if that matters.

    • Gg

      with hd7 right? i am in south texas and no update yet. ill be trying this asap.

  • Leevb90

    Still no NoDo in Dallas TX

  • Worddc

    anyone having trouble charging their HD7 after the nodo update?

  • A Lewis4711

    just got NoDo update for my hd7 today and it works great im now able to send pic messages and copy paste wrks great