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The 3G March Continues


T-Mobile must be working fast and furious as the year winds down and they try to make good on their promise of 200 million customers covered by 3G goodness. Currently sitting at 187 million, the announcement of Cary, Fayetteville and Wilmington, NC will bring that total up a little more. Not to be forgotten of course is Tulsa, OK who after a false alarm yesterday has gotten the official green light today. Sound off below … [read full article]

T-Mobile Is Tooting Its Own Horn For HSPA+

What appears to be an internal newsletter is currently being circulated to T-Mobile employees—a little self promotion regarding HSPA+. Mainly a cheerleader letter patting them on the back for recent testing results regarding HSPA+ services by two prominent tech bloggers, there is also a little dig at Clear. As hoped for, the test results came back quite favorably considering current market offerings and continue to increase the excitement and possibility of what faster data … [read full article]

AT&T Thinks Rollover Beats Unlimited, #ATTFAIL

In an effort to draw some attention away from the persistent rumors regarding the Google Phone/Nexus One, AT&T has given us a real prize. According to this internal doc, Rollover is a better value for customers than unlimited minutes. Let that marinate for a second… rollover minutes are better than unlimited. AT&T = fail. Also begging discussion is the M2M calling community of 81 million vs. 31 million. While that’s certainly a difference of more than … [read full article]

T-mobile 3G Exclusively on Nexus One

Number of hits for the Nexus One.

Number of Hits of the Nexus One Are you sick of the Nexus One yet?  I’m not, so here we go again.  Localytics, a mobile applications analytics service, has found that the Nexus One has been in use since November 25th, with a huge increase in use around December 11th (when they handed them to employees and started this snowball effect of leaks).  The FCC documents lead us to believe that this will work on … [read full article]

Is This The Nexus One Packaging?

It’s really saying something about how much we love phones if the picture of a retail box for the Google Phone aka Nexus One gets us all in a tizzy. I guess we can’t hide from the truth as newly founded website; has uncovered and posted what is reported to be shots of the Nexus One packaging. That’s pretty much all we have right now but these folks claim to have a Nexus One … [read full article]

Some More 3G For Breakfast Today?

Update: Tulsa looked to be a false alarm, Grand Rapids you are golden! While the Google Phone may be the dominant story in the days to come, let us not forget that there are other happenings in the Magenta world. Ask the folks in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Tulsa, Oklahoma who have stormed my inbox this morning with reports of active 3G service. No word yet as to whether these are official launches so the … [read full article]

Nexus One Images Keep On Coming

Information regarding the Google Phone is coming out at a steady pace now and we can’t help but continue this run with a few more pics! Nothing astoundingly new here but at this point we’re just going to continue drooling wondering what this phone has in store for Android and more specifically, T-Mobile. A few more images of the boot screen, lock screen and the app menu might make today go by a little easier … [read full article]

T-Mobile, Are You Listening?

Hi, I’m Nicole aka @c0z, the Associate Editor of AndroidGuys. I’ve also been the Copy Editor of Tmonews for a while now, but that’s all behind the scenes stuff. I finally decided to post something, I hope you don’t hate it! :) Please note: These opinions are mine and don’t reflect the opinions of Tmone–no wait, they actually do–so here we go… Oh T-Mobile, you have so many loyal fans. This … [read full article]

Going to be Live Tonight!

Hey loyal Tmonews fans! Tonight I will be joining the live podcast once again, around 11 PM EST. Guess what we’ll be discussing? Yes, that’s right, the Google Phone! So stop by, join the chat, and discuss this giant news with us! The podcast starts around 10:30PM EST, but I will be joining later into the show. Be there! Follow the link below: Link to Podcast