LG Mystery Dual-Screen Handset Uncovered In The Wild

Sometimes there are phones just hanging out in the wild right in front of our faces and we don’t know anything about them. Mr. Blurrycam isn’t anywhere near these images taken front and center at a party organized by Orange in the UK. The folks from Kineto Wireless were on hand at the party and you might them as the creators of the Wi-Fi calling app on Android. They brought this unknown LG device to the party along with a handful of unseen others. According to the folks at Pocket-lint the LG rep dropped the name “Flip II” which just so happens to appear on the T-Mobile 2011 roadmap that leaked back in May.

The possibility also exists that we are looking at the LG Maxx Q, another name that appeared on the leaked roadmap. We’re questioning that Android 1.6 wallpaper which begs the question, is this just a older prototype that never made it to store shelves? Hopefully we’ll find out soon as that smaller second screen is very very intriguing.


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