Apple Now Selling Unlocked iPhone 4’s, No AWS Bands In Sight

Early this morning Apple announced the availability of the iPhone 4 Unlocked edition. It’s a big development from yesterday when this was all just rumor and many never expected Apple to actually consider releasing the iPhone 4 unlocked in the United States. Well it’s available but it’s not coming cheap with the 16GB version going for $649.00 and the 32GB edition going for $749.00. You have your choice between black or white and it’s completely unlocked. For those of us in T-Mobile land this doesn’t change the fact that the iPhone 4 will give us anything other than EDGE bands as the phone only comes with AT&T compatible 3G frequencies. Still, if you’re like me the data speeds are a trade off for using iPhone on the Magenta network. It’s not always the most acceptable tradeoff but it’s the price you pay for unlocked freedom.

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