Rumors Says Unlocked iPhone 4’s Coming This Wednesday

Famed iPhone hacker @Chronic is claiming through his own blog @Chronicwire that this Wednesday will see the release of four unlocked iPhone 4 models. You read that right as these devices would be factory unlocked by the Apple mothership herself. If this rumor comes to fruition it’s a bold move for Apple who has resisted providing unlocked iPhone 4’s in the United States so far. Original rumors by @Chronic pegged the Wednesday release as new Macbook Air models but a second look by multiple websites lent credence to the belief that Apple is cooking up unlocked iPhone 4 models.

Of course there is absolutely no indication that these models will be anything other than the current model iPhone 4 with AT&T only 3G/4G bands but we can hope can’t we? Plenty of us (including yours truly) use the iPhone 4 even on EDGE because that’s simply our cup of tea so we would welcome this decision by Apple. We’ll just have to wait and see what’s what on Wednesday.


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