Apple Testing iPhone 4 For T-Mobile USA?

Is this? Could it be? Is it real? That’s right, the above images provided to BoyGeniusReport by famed iPhone hacker Chronic show that Apple is testing an iPhone 4 with T-Mobile compatible AWS frequencies. The internal model is N94 which references the N92 Verizon Wireless Model and the standard GSM model as N90. The actual iPhone pictured is running a test version of iOS as it includes internal apps such as Radar and Apple’s employee directory app. BGR points out that the proximity sensor on the above prototype looks different than that of the white retail model slated to come out later this month.

The obvious question here is, what happens to an upcoming iPhone 4 on T-Mobile USA now? Is Apple just testing the T-Mobile radio for integration in future iPhone devices or did this all happen prior to any news of an AT&T/T-Mobile merger.

The good news? It looks like in any case the iPhone 4 will find it’s way to T-Mobile customers in one way or another. Of course, it could be with the AT&T banner.

You can expect the entire tech blogosphere to keep an eye on this one!

Peep the whole gallery over at


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  • Anonymous

    Jailbroken. Please stop. Just stop.

    • You can’t be serious can you? Seriously? The source who brought this to BoyGenius would never pass off something like that.

      • rizzxx7

        why do you even argue with these people? You will probably never sway them even if you gave them the actual test phone

      • Chatterboxer12345

        David – these guys are smarter than you and all these other blogs are “idiots” too. See, these guys can easily fool BGR, TmoNews, MacRumors and other sites with a free app from cydia since none of you have a clue. Get with the program and acknowledge how dumb you are.
        //sarcasm end//

        • I love how so many of you are focused on the single screen that says T-Mobile and 3G. Thus far you have ignored the other 25 screen shots that show multiple debug screens, Apple-only programs etc etc that someone would have had to spend an incredible amount of time and energy to create with the sole purpose of fooling us lowly bloggers and naive readers.

        • Chatter

          Hope you saw the //sarcasm// tag on my post. Please don’t lump me in with these other guys!

        • Ah ok! Sorry, I wasn’t sure what the //sarcasm// tag was for! Me or them! So I just took responded knowing they’d look anyway!

        • Anonymous

          Lol David, I got your back. I have also heard this from a couple sources, not to mention its on Apple blogs across the web. And people still hate on them- when 85% of the time, their info is legit. You gotta love some of the ignorance and arrogance that comes from some of these people.

        • Anonymous

          … THESE PEOPLE ARE Fandroids. I see the fear in them already! LULZ. iPhone 4/5 will surpass Android for good. Thank you Apple & Steve Jobs.

        • Anonymous

          And you’re not a fanboy…..thanking steve jobs…..?

        • Anonymous

          A fan of AMAZING products. By the way… how come none of you morons answered my question…. What Android phone/device has sold more than the iphone 4?… heck, even the 3gs? LULZ. How is that Motorola Xoom selling? ROFLMAO. GTG now, Best Buy just called…. my ipad 2 is here!!!!

        • Anonymous

          so…. you admit that you are a hypocrite…. calling someone else a certain type of “fanboy” then recanting that by admitting that you are one as well…. so basically your previous statements should be looked at with the same redundancy….

          Ps…. in this particular thread you never asked any question until your response to me…..and to answer you question you can do a simple search, using any search provider you wish, and discover the answer yourself. No one actually even mentions the word Android until you bring it up…so please….please…. go get your Ipad 2, and STFU because trust me…. nobody really cares… unless you buying us one…. if so…. then yeah we’ll all be your friends..until then….. please go back until you hole where you can from lil troll.

          @David… hit me up sometime… i still visit your site but lately the comments on this site are becoming more and more akin to engdaget…. let me know if you need an extra moderator. Most of the people that I have referred to this site dont even read through the comments or try to post because they are just becoming ridiculous. Seriously this Android Vs iOS debate in getting on my last nerve… and I’m sure I’m not the only one!

        • Welcome to my world. I’ll email you.

        • Anonymous

          How the hell am i a hypocrite when I have a Nexus S (which im stuck with for 2 yrs) It’s a POS! Android is horrible…. slow and laggy. Can’t dl hd games, shuts off all the time, and I gotta dl a task killer, turn my wifi off, lower screen brightness to save battery? WTF!

          My ipod touch is amazing…. can’t wait til’ this (ip4/5) drops on T-MO. Imagine how many people are gonna dump their fragmented phone in order to get this sexxxxxxy baby! WHO CARES ABOUT 1.2. ghz processor (shyt is still slow as hell) HDMI, 4.3″ SCREEN…. THE HELL!?!?!?!? It’s a phuckin PHONE!!!!!!

          Typical Android moron fanboy…. ” do a simple search, etc, etc” There is a reason why 1 phone is dominating EVERY single Android device that is coming out. Sure, its out dated.. but people still want it! It must hurt you, huh? LOL. I PWNED the phuck out of every Fandroid moron in here.
          For your info…. just got my ipad 2. I’m using it as we speak/type. Jealous? Man, you should’ve seen all the people there waiting to get their hands on this baby. I told them about iPhone coming to T-Mobile and place erupted! A lot were saying: I CAN’T WAIT TO GET RID OF THIS 3-4 hr phone! ANDROID MARKET IS GARBAGE (WHICH I AGREE) WHY DO I HAVE TO ROOT MY PHONE IN ORDER TO GET THE LATEST UPDATES? LOL. I guess I’m not the only one, Fandroid troll.

          David, I love your site…. any news on new WP7 coming to T-Mo as well? What happened to the Mozart?!?!?! I can use that for work!

          P.S. This ipad 2 ROCKS!!!! CAN’T WAIT FOR THE iphone 4/5 coming our way!

        • Anonymous

          Really dude……really….you’ve just proved my point. Reread my post, slower….im going to let you go with that…. I prefer speaking with adults and play online games with children but since the PSN is down, imma go!

        • Anonymous

          Got a G2. Works really fast, no noticable lag. Battery lasts through the day just fine. If I do use my phone heavily during the day, I can get a charge from anyone who has a microUSB jack.

          iPhone is great at what it does. It sells great and has a very simple and clean UI. Does any one android device sell better than the iPhone? No. Does any other device makers make any phone running iOS? No.

          The beauty and weakness of Android is that you can have it on more than 1 device. I like my hardware keyboard and medium size form factor, so I choose the G2. My sister doesn’t have a lot of money and wanted an all touch device, so she got an Optimus T. My work got a Droid X for the 4.3″ inch screen. Yes they don’t function the same, but they each are a better fit for each person and their wants and needs.

          Both ways, I think having the iPhone 4/5 on T-mobile would be great. I wouldn’t get one (hardware keyboard aside, I like my emulators and widgets). My wife and other sister would.

        • Anonymous

          The G2 looks nice… too bad it’s made by HTC.

        • Tortionist

          I felt like you did,but I got the G2 for free when I added a line for my son. I rooted it and flashed the Gingermexfast ROM. There is no other phone that runs as smoothly and fast at 1.6 Ghz. The G2 on this ROM is like Optimus Prime on super steroids. I can’t wait for the Sensation to come out so I can root it and run it at 2 Ghz.

        • Anonymous

          LMAO. I love this. You sure owned that Android boy. I had a MT4G and it was garbage. Picked up a Nokia N8 and I’m cool with that until this [IPHONE 4] comes our way.

        • Tortionist

          Yes the I-phone sells the most, but Android is the number one operating system for smartphones in the U.S. Why is that? You are obviously not a fan of amazing products. With the I-phone you can’t change the user-interface, can’t put in a mass media card, can’t take out the battery, can’t delete music from it, unless plugged into a computer, have to deal with I-tunes, some of the worst software ever developed, have no DRM content free music, over 60% of your apps cost money, etc. That doesn’t sound amazing to me. With Android you can change the user-interface, use mass media cards, can delete music without the aid of a computer, have DRM content free music, over 60% of the apps are free, no i-tunes to deal with, and you can remove the battery from all Android phones To me, that sounds amazing. First generation Android(G1) was able to copy and paste. Th I-phone didn’t get copy and paste until 4th or 5th generation. Android is clearly better and does more. The IOS system is playing catch up. While the I-phone is nice and a good smartphone, there are better alternatives, like the G2, and many others.If I were you, i’d quit being a douche bag to people on here and learn the facts. Over 90% of what I put down is fact not opinion and I didn’t act like a douche bag, hence people might not agree with my opinions, but they can’t argue with the facts I presented. People will take you more seriously when you act like a mature adult and not some pre-pubescent, angst ridden teenager that knows about as much as my 2 year old son. Just some friendly advice.

        • It is the number one operating system in the US because there are millions of android phones cheaper than an iphone so people are more attracted to the price. Im not hating either, I enjoy both devices, heck I have a Galaxy S, but it is true that fragmentation is really bad and at least with the iPhone if you buy the two newest devices you can get the latest version of the OS (iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4).

    • Anonymous

      Tmobile can’t run on ATT’s 3G network meaning that needs a different radio, not a software thing.

      I doubt it’d be the iPhone 4 though. Would be kind of pointless with the iPhone 5 coming out soon.

      • Anonymous

        You can do anything with a jailbroken iPhone. You can change the banner to whatever you want it to say. The “3G” will always be there regardless.

        • No it won’t. I use an iPhone 4 on T-Mobile and I can assure you the 3G is NEVER there. You clearly don’t know the reputation of the source who provided this intel.

        • Anonymous

          You can use a jailbroken iPhone on AT&T and change the carrier name to T-Mobile, DavidMobile, anything you want. It’s called FakeCarrier. You can download it from Cydia.

        • That too.. Also slap on a faux label on the back and you have yourself a test device imposture.

        • Anonymous

          Exactly. The guy who had it jailbroke the device on AT&T, installed FakeCarrier from Cydia, changed the name from AT&T to T-Mobile. Of course it would say “3G” because it’s still really on AT&T’s network. The person just replaced “AT&T” with “T-Mobile”

        • Ok, you can keep your obvious skepticism. I trust in the notion that both Chronic who passed along this info to BGR wouldn’t provide a set of BS pictures like that just to dupe the entire tech blog and iPhone loving community. While that may mean little to you, as someone who deals in leaks and sources as a daily job requirement, I believe it.

        • Anonymous

          some people, such fanboys, might as well say RUMOR, or something to keep the trolls away

        • Anonymous

          One thing the people who are crying “fake” are failing to realize is, like you said there’s multiple screen shots. Plus its a white iphone which *if I’m not mistaken* hasn’t been released yet, so yea someone would have gone through a lot of trouble just to hype up some photoshop pics and fool a couple blog sites.

        • I can’t prove that its real just as easily as you can’t prove its fake. My point is I believe in the source who got these images enough to give them credence.

        • Bxcutie4life2001

          i trust u, when cnet was saying that the optimus 2x probably would never hit us markets ur site said it would and what happened now i have it

        • Dude, you are completely missing the point. I know that, I can send you a picture of mine right now which says “David.” However, a jailbroken and unlocked iPhone 4 on T-Mobile DOES NOT SAY “3G,” which you just said it does. It doesn’t. You can hack it to do so, but it doesn’t naturally.

        • David this could be a Euro model running on T-Mobile’s network overseas. They get the iPhone.

        • Nah, I trust where BGR got this intel that its a US phone.

        • Roger

          David you are an idiot.

        • Oh really? Do tell. Enlighten me with my idiocy.

        • Rage

          LMAO! ok ok roger are you saying you are smart?

        • tmoguy

          @MagentaUser I have a jailbroken and unlocked iPhone on tmo and have never, ever had 3G…it is always Edge!

        • Anonymous

          I’m using an unlock iPhone 4 and I just tried this. I can change my banner, but it still says edge.

      • MagentaUser is right, you can totally do this with a jailbroken iPhone. You can change the operator banner from AT&T to T-Mobile. Of course if you have AT&T 3G then it will show up as T-Mobile 3G. Despite all this, I think it’s legit. I don’t really care much.

        • It wouldn’t though. I don’t know how much you know about jailbreaking. You can change the operator banner but a T-Mobile sim card will not show “3G” without another hack. Otherwise it only shows EDGE. Needless to say you guys are still ignoring the other 25 pics which I agree don’t show a T-Mobile phone but someone would have to fake all of those shots.

        • Petey

          but how do we know that the iphone is using the t-mobile sim card…?

          I think what Jones is trying to say that… they can jailbreak and change the carrier banner to T-Mobile while still using an AT&T sim card in that case… it will show “T-Mobile” with AT&T “3G” logo…

        • Oreo

          I was thinking the same thing

  • remister

    “iPhone 4 with T-Mobile compatible AWS frequencies”
    Even if it was real, AT&T will get rid of our frequencies, T-Mobile’s, that is!

  • Petey

    If it’s true and Valid, then I no longer need to switch to any other carrier, and hopefully this helps t-mobile abit!

  • Anonymous

    I just traded my Galaxy S 4G for an unlock iPhone 4. And while I have loved android I gotta say that besides not having 3G, I’m enjoying the iPhone so far.

    • i have both the iphone 4 and galaxy s 4g and switch them regularly just to keep myself satisfied phone-sexually. but i must say, being on edge all the time on the iphone sucks. it’ll get to you. i’m on my galaxy more than my iphone by a lot.
      i’m gonna sell my i4 and stick with the galaxy.
      but if it’s going to work on tmobile/at&t’s new frequencies i might keep it around…

      • Anonymous

        I still have a MT4G and HD2 for backup. As far as the edge speeds, when I’m at home I’m on wifi. I found that while I’m at work tmo edge speeds are a Lil slower than my friends evo 4G, Hes always complaining about how slow his so called 4G phone is.

        When I’m out and about though I hardly use the phone for browsing, I check Facebook, do a couple a tweets and the speed doesn’t matter. I’m also using navigon for navigation and all maps are stored on the phone so I don’t need a fast connection

  • It is possible they could be announcing the iPhone 4 for T-Mobile at WWDC this year, since the new iPhone announcement supposedly isn’t scheduled to happen until later in the year.

  • mitchell

    I dont know why they are even trying to bring it to tmo when they might merge w/ at&t. Even if they dont, tmo doesn’t want that crap phone over here. We got much better phones then that!

  • S Ferman

    I was about to switch on wednesday for the white iphone now I dont know

  • Planets would blow up all over the galaxy if this is true, please let it be true (Mars is a dead planet anyways)..

    • Anonymous

      Why you hating on Mars?

      • Anonymous

        Because the mad scientist put a tittle on it therefore he has to follow the suit.

  • Asafswwe

    wish i found out a week ago wouldn’t have left

    • Oreo

      You still have a month to cancel service bruh

  • S Ferman

    Yea rite! T-mobile has shit phones. Mytouch really….?

    • Supergear

      Yeah mytouch 4g, G2x, sidekick 4g, galaxy s 4g are l crap phpnes. Moron

      • commonsense

        Not to mention the Sensation in about 6 weeks… which is superior to even the iphone5. thats right.

      • Anonymous

        Im a former tmo customer and now sprint evo user (switched because wife is 10+yr customer with deep discounts). And im here to say…yeah he’s an moron!. Tmo’s got an hell of an line-up with more to come.

    • Anonymous

      i used to think that and saw verizon line up when i was going to switch. t-moblie right now has the base phones.

      • Anonymous


    • 19fonzy

      Are you stupid t-mobile haas the best line-up of android phones to date with the htc sensation coming up it’s going to be even better

  • Anonymous

    What a waste a 3g phone what difference will this matter???

  • greg

    looks legit— my only reservation is that there have been SO many iPhone rumors and Philip Humm has been so straight-forward that T-Mobile has no iPhone plans.

    • Anonymous

      He also made us all believe that TMO was going to take a more aggressive stance in the US market to become more competitive (which they have recently), but DT turns around and decides to sell TMO USA. Some believe Humms purpose all along was to sell TMO USA……Based on the timing of the announcement, its hard to argue that point……Bottomline is, its hard to believe what ppl say….TMO has always kept things close to its chest….We also have to consider VZW, their Iphone and the politics that come along with it…….Would TMO be allowed to announce IPhone since VZW just got it?

  • Anonymous

  • Chatter

    The Verizon iPhone has AWS bands. This is likely a version with a sim card and firmware updated for testing purposes on TMo. Apple probably has a Sprint test phone out there too ready to go if/when needed. While this does not mean the iPhone is coming to Tmo, it is not a “fake” as some are claiming.

  • Niksalerno

    Ha. Hopefully this guy doesn’t have this test phone traced back to him and lose his job. Said it before though, this can only be good news regardless of whether we’re getting it now or they are planning for it later.

  • Yancyperrys

    I know this is real I had a tmobile rep confirm.

    • Mbregar13

      I always laugh at comments like this.


      A T-Mobile Rep

    • Anonymous

      i had Jesus confirm it and the easter bunny assured the source was good.

  • Artefact4art

    Dang! I’d figured something it for this summer. Then the merger. Then, I needed more cheaper mins and went pre-paid with 1500 min/$30 from a EMPlus/500/Unl text.

    T-Mo could really shake things up with the iPx as pre-paid! Or, EM+ even!

    In short, about time T-Mo.

    Oh, and David…ya da MAN!

  • even if this was true and the ip4 was coming to t-mobile, i still would not get one. in the year of duel vibrant/ip3g ownership, i have found that if it were not for 2 apps, i wouldn’t use any feature or app on the iphone at all. there is enough similar functionality of these apps that i really don’t miss the iphone at all. android’s popularity has given rise to some ported apps (not the ones i’m interested in as of yet) but i expect that will change in the next few years.

    now throw in the fact that it is still an apple product, software locked down and battery access-less, plus not a whole lot is going to be changing on the next version, meaning it will be more iphone 4s instead of iphone 5, and it makes me wonder why anyone is still interested in the iphone. whatever comes out of apple in the fall will be worse hardware wise to the best android handset, and that’s one of the main reasons i’m staying away.

    • Mopar6464

      Because some people just prefer IOS over android.
      And there is no way you would know what Apple is bringing to the Iphone 5 this fall.
      I bet it will be dual core with a 4″ screen and a lot faster.

    • Anonymous


  • Mbregar13

    This could mean what is implied, but it could also just be Apple testing a version for Canadian carrier Videotron. They use the same bands as T-Mobile USA, and Videotron exec said last year that the iPhone 4 was on their roadmap. Time will tell…

    • Mopar6464

      Or maybe Apple is testing this replacement phone for T-mobile customers for when the take over is complete we will have a compatable phone.

      • Mbregar13

        Doubt it. Any new phone purchases (on contract) that occur once the takeover is finalized will likely require a conversion to AT&Ts native network (if history has taught us anything). It is more likely that ‘if’ this in fact is going to launch with T-Mobile, that they had the deal in place prior to the AT&T/T-Mobile announcement. Maybe T-mobile even decided to let Verizon get the first crack at the iPhone 4, and instead worked out a deal for the first ‘white’ one.

        • Mopar6464

          No, what i’m saying is sign a 2 year upgrade on T-mobile just before the take over is official if T-Mobile does releas this i5 with AWS and AT&T radio specs in it.
          That way it’s a done deal just before AT&T rules and then they would have to honor your 2 year T-Mobile agreement and you will get a rate plan at half of what AT&T’s rate plans are for the same service.

  • Anonymous

    of course tmobile starts testing the iphone 4 as the iphone 5 is on the horizon…. lets hope this is just a test, and the iphone 5 is the outcome.

    • GinaDee

      All manufacturers can pump out multiple versions of the same phone using quad band and penta band chipsets. It’s not hard at all.

      A willingness to make an iP4 compatible with T-Mobile’s HSPA network would give some credence that they’d also make the iP5 as well. Remember every new customer T-Mobile gets so does AT&T. Win win for both parties.

  • D182tsb

    For all who think this is fake. The white iPhones havent been released yet so how would someone jailbreak it to show that

    • Petey

      the case could be swapped with a white one tho….

      • Anonymous

        lol a spray paint would fix that problem

  • HeLLkAt31

    who cares now, psssh, what a joke, how bout the i5!…

  • AT&T wants to use iphone to stop mass exodus on their cousin, but it won’t work.
    Let’s look at iphone on VZW and what happened.

    • Mopar6464

      But then your monthly bill will double in price to use the iphone on Verizons plan,why.
      If you love the IOS , why not lock in a cheap T-mobile rate plan just before the AT&T hammer falls .
      Lock in that grandfathered plan at half the cost of Verizons rate plan.

    • What happened? They sold 2.2 million of them. Matt, we’ve known each other for years and sometimes I really have to wonder where you come up with these “facts.”

    • Aneirin

      I completely agree with this comment. Here is my hypothesis:

      1. AT&T always opposed TMobile getting the IPhone.
      2. AT&T wants to keep a majority of the postpaid (and even prepaid) TMO users, NOT ONLY the spectrum.
      3. An easy way to tie TMobile users is to make them refresh their contracts for two years on an IPhone on the existing TMo bands.
      4. At that time when the contracts expire, AT&T can renew the TMO band IPhones to AT&T band IPhones.

      As a conclusion, they can, just by giving a lot of users on TMo what they want NOW, keep them AND get what THEY WANT in 3 years tops … they will migrate everyone to their bands and then use the freed up spectrum for expansion.

      Of course TMo would be willing to go for that play, baceuse they are winners on any scenario … if merger works, DT is interested in AT&T succeeding. If not, they will have the IPhone and a renewed faithfull user base.

      Everyone wins, GENIUS !!!

  • Anonymous

    can it be that they are testing t-mobile frequencies knowing that att will be getting them eventually?

  • If you’ve received the new T-mobile Asurion insurance change. In fine print it says “Iphone not eligible for coverage”. So im assuming it’s being planned. But who wants an Iphone anymore? I’d take a picture of the brochure but IDK how to upload it.

    • Mopar6464

      Ausurion Sucks anyways.
      What a complete rippoff when you have to call in to use them.
      For what they want you to pay for the deductable($150.00), many local repair shops can refurbish your iphone at half that cost.
      I’m still using one a iphone 2g phones on T-Mobile for one of my three lines. Trashed the screen and had it replaced by a local tech for $65.00 and it only took a 2 day turn around time.

      • Anonymous

        you might wana make sure you look whos fixing those screen, they usually use very cheap scratch prone screens

    • Mopar6464

      Lost my original HD2 and called Asurion and they would’nt even cover me.
      I then had to call T-Mobile CS and threaten to leave with all my 3 lines i’ve had with them for over 7 years before they gave my a in-house replacement warranty HD2.
      And guess what,i still had to pay $150.00 deductable.
      So why pay a monthly charge for Asurion coverage when they blow from the get go.

    • Petey

      capture it and send it via email to David!

      • Remind me what I am sending again?

        • Petey

          oh he want to take a picture of the brochure lol. Iono if it’s a general “fine print” or if it’s dedicated to tmobile insurance…

        • T T8471

          The asurion insurance has always said that.

        • Petey

          Oh ok, I don’t know much about this since I never got insurance on my phones. lol

  • trife

    Jizzed. In. My. Pants.

  • MT3GS

    Sorry, Apple – Too little, too late… Android + Sense is all I’ll ever need – My Sensation can’t come soon enough!

    • Mopar6464

      Since it wont have AT&T 3g specs , enjoy your paper weight after AT&T takes over at the end of the year.
      Or use it with edge service.

      • MT3GS

        Come on now, both you and I know that AT&T will not shut down 1700 3G until well after the Sensation’s lifecycle is done – We’re definitely still more than 3 years away from AT&T shutting down T-Mobile’s 3G network… So that argument is dead!

        • Anonymous

          where the hell are you getting these numbers from? why would they waste that much time ?

        • MT3GS

          Waste time!!!?? Are you serious!!!?? How many 3G shut downs have you been through recently. Please don’t speak about things you don’t know anything about whatsoever! Take a standard we don’t use in the US anymore – TDMA – It took AT&T about 3 years from the time they said they were going to discontinue the technology and migrate everyone to new phones, while the standard was actually in use for 10+ years. I suspect I’ve been around wireless networks longer than you’ve been alive.

        • Mopar6464

          You can’t judge everything from the past.
          This is a different world now days,you either keep up or be left behind and they know it.
          Verizon is building LTE at a quick rate and AT&T knows they have to move quickly now to catch up or there in bigger trouble.
          That’s why they want T-mobiles towers and all now so they can get back in the game against Verizon or it’s big trouble for them.

        • MT3GS

          I know – T-Mobile is roughly 40 million people strong – They simply can’t shut down a chunk of spectrum and merge folks onto new 3G devices just because they want to use that frequency to roll out LTE – I don’t know how reliable (or old) this is, but AT&T is/was sitting on a lot of 700 Mhz LTE chunks they bought from Qualcomm – so all this dog and pony show that they are telling the FCC they need to buy T-Mobile for their 1700Mhz to roll out LTE I pretty much think is a bunch of BS! What you will see is 3G/4G hybrids with 700Mhz LTE and T-Mo/ATT bands for 3G… And a dosage of 2G standards for GSM devices

        • Mopar6464

          Good points , guess we’ll have to wait and see.

        • Mopar6464

          Yea right , as soon as AT&T takes over they can do whatever they want with those towers.
          And they will expand to their liking not to T-mobile customers wishes.

        • Anonymous

          And how quickly do you think that can physically be completed? That’s they point.

      • Anonymous

        well the G2x bands dont actually work either from what iev been reading

        • AnonGuy

          And the g2x Jason a baggy browser. If this comes to t mobile ill have to get one. Wp7 is basically a feature phone ostensibly. Android is baggy as ship with poor battery life, and blackberries are cheap and haven’t figured out the joys of activesync. Ill have no choice but to get an iphone if this comes to t-mobile…

      • GinaDee

        And what would make you think it wouldn’t be compatible with both HSPA bands? From your last conversation with Steve Jobs perhaps?

        That’s what I thought talking out of your @ss w/o thinking.

        For all we know this could be a collaboration between AT&T, Apple and T-Mobile to reduce current churn and lock more T-Mobile subs onto postpaid contracts and could be another bridge device compatible with T-Mobile and AT&T HSPA networks so the handoff should be smoother.

        • Mopar6464

          You must have a woody for Steve Jobs or something but please leave me out of it.
          If we all really knew All the answers we would’nt be here posting now would we.

    • Youngt82

      Word thats what im saying lol cant wait for that Htc Sensation 4G:)

  • Going_home

    Get out Apple and your iclone.
    And get out AT&T too and dont come back !


  • Anonymous

    About time! Android is so freakin’ fragmented; I had enough!!!!!! Bring out the iPhone 4 on T-MO!

    • Anonymous

      troll elsewhere please. preferably your basement

      • Anonymous

        Why does EVERY Fandroid moron talk shiiit when people like & prefer the iPhone over Android? Face it, you’re “jealous”. I will be playing new HD games while you’ll be playing old PS1 titles on your phone.

        Talk to me when you can play RAGE, INFINITY BLADE, DEAD SPACE, STREET FIGHTER, and many others on your fragmented phone. Talk to me when you stop rooting your phone in order to catch the latest updates. ;) Go back to the dog house…..NOW!

        • 19fonzy

          You have to jailbreak your crappy ios in order to do things android can do it out of the box hahaha it makes me laugh when I see anyone with a jailbroken iphone with an android lock screen on it shows how much they love ios when they pretty much have to change everything to make it look like an iphone….oh and lets not forget the xperia play can your iphone run playstation games? Ha didnt think so

        • 19fonzy

          “make it look like an android*”

        • Anonymous

          So… you’re happy ’cause you’re gonna be playing “old” PS1 games? LULZ. Epic fail. Why in the world would I want to play 1995 games? WTF. Amazing.

        • 19fonzy

          Uhhh it’s psp games and sony is making mew games especially for the experia idk where you got the whole 1995 ps1 games? (someone is stupid)…. T-mobile g2x 9/10 and it’s really not about games?

        • Oreo

          Leave it alone all I see is a fanboy in denial about his OS of CHOICE! OK leave him be while we especially me will enjoy android(G2x). :)

        • Anonymous

          Is there something wrong with playing old games? Are you aware there is an entire market for retro gaming? Did you know PS3 has a whole digital storefront for PS1 games? Or are you just another internet cheerleader?

        • Anonymous

          Iphone 4 rating 9/10

          Androids have never received anything above 8! LOL… even with their 8,9,10,11,12,13 megapixel cameras, HDMI, 4″ screens…. etc etc. Shows that iPhone is a amazing piece of work! Thank you T-MOBILE, STEVE JOBS, AND APPLE! I LOVE YOU GUYS! DREAM COME TRUE!

        • Anonymous

          HD games? Yea? LOL I’ll be playing those games on my console where they belong, thanks.

    • Mmmmaxheadroom


  • did anyone else notice that once verizon got the iphone, they became more like att? They got ride of new any 2, and a bunch of other things i cant remember right now. To me the iphone only makes carriers worst. I mean it could be in my head, but im only calling it like i see it. I mean it would be possible to make the iphone pentaband, because there is talk that the next iphone will be a global phone (meaning both gsm and cdma.)

    • Petey

      I think the only way T-Mobile can gain so much subscribers is if they carry the iphone WITH the same rate plans that t-mobile is currently having… If they become to be like Verizon or AT&T… then I don’t think that will help them that much.

  • nerdlust

    I’m happy this phone is coming to tmobile. When my trusty 8900 broke my cousin gave me his cliq2 for a song. As much as I love my ipod touch I find that I rarely use it now that I have android. For me its just to late. I will check out the new blackberry when it comes out but for now its to late. Flash in browser as so next level.

  • Rodralex3

    it looks bigger

    • Black clothes make people look slimmer

    • Ricktrann

      That’s what she said…

      Lol if this is true then this year is going to be an EVEN MORE interesting year…

  • Anonymous

    iPhone 4 will be on 3 carriers now.. amazing. They sold 2+ million with Verizon. Imagine how many they will sell with T-Mobile? It will be the end of Android. iOS & Windows will be going head-to-head. My work phone will be a Windows, and my play phone will be an iPhone 4/5…. and my Nexus S will be a “ball” for my dog Spike. Thank you Apple & Steve Jobs! You guys ROCK!!!!

    • 19fonzy

      Lmao u made me laugh. “end of android” ? HAHAH GOOD ONE. Android ain’t going anywhere it is here to stay and dominate! Get out of here with that crappy outdated ios and windows 7? Ha browser doesn’t even flash epic fail!

      • Anonymous

        That crappy ios is still working well! 1 phone is dominating Android, which happens to be in 4 carriers… that doesn’t include Cricket, Virgin, etc. If the iphone was to go on ALL carriers.. it would be the END of Android and morons like you. My Nexus S is about to die (4 hrs of battery life….amazing) Damn, I gotta go charge it. I’ll be back in 3 HRS WHEN THIS POS fully charges. GREAT NEWS. I will be calling & texting all my friends about this amazing news. This should be all over the net! I will contact Engadget soon. Thanks David, you’re the hombre!

        • 19fonzy

          Had the hd7 ya its smooth but horrible os no apps,no widgets, browser is horrible, windows p7 is dead. android sold more than iphone clearly more people prefer android over ios

        • Fonzy

          Name 1 android phone that sold more then the iphone 4 then say that statement. If ios was free to phone makers like android is then it would be a different story.

        • Anonymous

          If this if that. It’s a fact that Android ate up the market share. What does any of it matter?

      • Anonymous

        Before my Nexus S dies…. I tried the HTC HD7…. it BLOWS my Nexus S out of the water!!!!!!! Smooth and responsive. No lag at all like my pos Nexus S. The Mango update looks amazing too. I can’t wait….
        When Nokia drops their WP7/8…. my god…. Android will be forgotten. Apple & Microsoft… The BEST! NOT FRAGMENTED & NO NEED TO ROOT in order to get the latest updates…. I………… (DEAD PHONE)

        • CapoLoko is ignorant

          You’re an idiot..lolz

        • CapoLoko is ignorant

          Also read comment below herb

        • Anonymous

          LULZ, and you’re my bytch. Keep ridin’ my nuts, ni99er! ;)

    • Petey

      Are you serious?… Window will probably end since they’re not as popular as Android or iOS. It’s more of Android and iOS going head to head if they come to t-mobile…

    • tmofan99

      I know ALOT of people who prefer Android over iOS. I, myself have a unlocked iPhone that I love. This is great news to me because I hate the speed of edge :(

  • the_truth

    Any fact to the rumor that the iphone tracks you and collects user info?

  • If T Mobile would have got the iPhone before they wouldn’t have to selling themselves, haha. Doesn’t matter to me, I don’t want an iPhone. I don’t see this effecting Android in any way, definitely not the end of Android. Android & iOS is who are gonna be duking it out. WP7 came too late, after people have already made up their mind

  • the day i get the iphone 4 with T-Mobile USA 3G Bands i’ll be celebrating it by blasting the song “Return of the Mac” by mark morrison while driving in slow motion at the walmart parking lot making a phone call on it.

  • the_truth

    And then the the Mighty Lord of Mac,Steve Jobs said unto AT&T—:There shall be no more of this Android–and it was so.”. And the sheep followed unto the land of clogged and slow ass network speeds.Amen.

  • Petey

    so the date of the picture capture was on April 14, yet it took more than a week for blogger to post these pics/topic?

  • Ghostman34

    @CapoLoko….just another idiot talking out of his A$$! Android will out do WM anyday and always will. iFone is just simply over rated and can’t do anything Android can do. Get off your iJunk already.

    • CapoLoko is ignorant :)

      I think he’s a fukin idiot.. He’s retarded.. It’s about preferences, not just his opinion.. He’s just expressing his opinion and acting as if he’s god or something that everything he says is correct and what goes.. I’d your a fan of android or a fan of apple it doesn’t matter. Maybe in one persons eyes one is better than the other but he jus went overboard and probably did cuz he has nothing better to do jus get a life and stop arguing that one thing is better than the other. You and idiot it’s about personal preferences. Just saying what I think and I ain’t guna keep wasting my time arguing with idiots like you peace and fuk w.e you gotta say bitch! Lolz

      • CapoLoko is ignorant

        “if you’re an apple fan or…….”

  • Dell Can Suck it!

    My wife wants an Iphone I am a happy HTC G2, BB8700, BB8330 BB 9700 user. My wife wants and I phone and I dont want to be an att customer. Get my wife an Iphone tmobile and break off this abusive relationship with ATT. ATT is the ugly cash wielding geek to your prom queen. Protect Carly and US customers.

    • Afterabme

      Verizon has the iPhone to

  • Lol

    Lol, my area code is 408 too. (:

  • Anonymous

    How do we not know that this isn’t on another T-Mobile? UK? Germany? Etc?

    • ppp4

      look at the number on the lockscreen it starts with a 1 dumbass

      • LMFAO


      • Anonymous

        I have to say you guys are pretty stupid, in all honesty. You don’t believe that it couldn’t have been someone who just edited the carrier text file? Jailbroken the phone? Took a picture of another T-Mobile iPhone device? No? Then you are all ignorant. Please think about the other reasons before posting, you dumbass, and realize that you actually don’t have the thought capacity to make the connection.
        But I’ve probably lost you already, this is far too many words. I shall simplify it-

        You’re an idiot. You don’t understand. Leave the comments to those who add to the discussion.
        Happy easter!

    • Drifter702

      Because they already sell the Iphone for Tmobile Europe.

  • Danny2

    Too late, i have unlocked mine with unlockiphone4k , they should have released the ihpone for all couriers at the same time..

  • sino8r

    Screw Apple… we don’t need the isheep bogging down our network like at&t. This probably b.s. anyways. Anyone could have jailbroken the phone and added a tmobile 3G header or more simply… its a UK or European tmobile iphone. Either way, the drama is hilarious! Keep us informed up, David :)

  • Iphone with T-mobile 3G+ would be the fastest iphone out there, Considering I can’t get more than 5 hours on any android powered battery phone with my usage and I can get over 10 on iphone . sounds like a winner for me

    • Anonymous

      5 hours haha you might want to try doing something during the day that doesn’t involve your phone.

  • Blountmant

    This, looks legitimate and it’d, not unlock , unless u work for Apple, and have, Apple connect , to unlock u iPhone.

  • Katemarie

    I would love to test out this phone not happy with mine right now

  • Anonymous

    I say bring it! This could be a way for tmo to grab a few (by few i mean many) new customers before the buyout goes thru. Despite Androids dominance in the market, the iphone is still in demand

  • Havoktek

    Seriously?………….No really Seriously………..
    Let me put some of you Trolls in check and enlighten the Hardcore TMO peep on here.
    Iphone 4, because you know that is what you’ll see. This is a test run to see if it can be done on TMO’s bands.
    Verizon will get it first because of the LTE setup,
    AT&T can’t handle the load, that’s why they want TMOUS…turnkey network ready to shine for less than if they built it themselves!
    AT&T gets to slap apple in their face by still having the Iphone, so it’s a catch 22
    Apple can spurn AT&T at the cost of TMOUS if the deal goes thru.
    Next, why would you downgrade yourself to an Iphone 4 from these entire hot phones TMO’s churnin’ out right now? ……User preference?….. Ok I’ll give you that
    End of Android………..please……..Google has a plan that’s 2 years if not more ahead of what we think.
    Android has already been competing on Verizon and AT&T against the Iphone.
    The real is “he who goes first sets the trends……..”Apple got that, no drama there, but it’s harder to maintain a lead against a hungry opponent . Fragmentation is a benefit, because it offers CHOICE!
    You’ll appreciate that when you don’t have any of it in an Iphone ecosystem. It’s just forcing lazy peeps to get educated and realize that their phone has moved beyond a toy. This isn’t your Nintendo DS people!
    Quit letting someone tell you that their stuff is what you need…………Grow up!
    Me personally I don’t care, I know what the Iphone is, I know IOS, big whoop, it’s just a polished up UNIX
    Core, no better than the LINUX derivative that Android is.
    And to put it into perspective when the economy gets to the point where the consumer purchasing can’t drive the market, they’ll be looking at the corporate structure.
    When the first phone to supplant RIM as a business preferred leader, then that’s your true “master”
    It’s a two legged race, Windows 7 phones are too late to the party although there” hungry” they are the victims of their own creation which is WMO6.5 Also the Nokia deal is going to end up dead in the water. All that Nokia love and they went with highest payer they might as well just become an end supplier of hardware, cause they just fished off Symbian themselves, instead of reinventing it.
    Pushing out Volume does not get you back in the game. I’ feel for them, because they don’t get it. They’re still trying to put a system OS into a mobile phone. All that development and the MS Corporation is just gonna kill that!

    Do it up Apple and come over here to MAGENTA, it’s all business anyways.
    My Vibrant will still rock dat A$$

    • who put this wall here?

      • Havoktek

        I did, every now and again I feel the need to chime in and drop some words on something.

  • alex

    as much as i hate the iphone this could help tmo get more customers which means bye bye ATT merger, or this can help stop it

    • Mopar6464

      DT does not want to be involved anymore in the US cell market.
      T-Mobile USA is done and will be sold no matter if they get the ipnone or not.
      Better AT&T than shitty Sprint.

      • Petey

        I would prefer Google to buy T-Mobile instead of AT&T or Sprint.

        • Mopar6464

          Could be a good idea if they offer other phones besides android OS.

  • Anonymous

    eyePhone spyphone,it tracks all users and sends data of what u do and where u are to apple.would u want that?

    • Mopar6464

      And you don’t think Google does’nt do it as well ?

  • Petey

    At first I believed that they’re testing for T-Mobile USA, but then again, the picture doesn’t justify if this is for T-Mobile USA, T-Mobile Europe. I having a feeling that someone is trying to play games.

    But, I hope this is true tho. Been waiting to get the iPhone. It be good to have diversity of phone selection for T-Mobile (Android, WP7, iOS), and surely I believe it will bring a lot of customer if we ever did get the iPhone. Wouldn’t it be great to have the iPhone with the $79.99 unlimited talk/text/data plan instead of paying less for the Verizon & AT&T. I think this be a good way to bring in customers. That’s just my opinion.

  • AintSo

    Why does this show a number for the battery level? Thought you had to install SBSettings or something on a jailbroken phone for that.

    • Mopar6464

      Even if i owned a iphone on AT&T service , i would unlock and jailbreak it right away.
      There is so much you can do with it after you do that.

      • Havoktek

        Ummmmm ……see ya!

    • All iPhone 3GS and 4’s have the option to show battery percentage level. I think they added it with iOS 4.0

  • I wonder if it will have UMA.

  • I wonder if it will have UMA?

  • Elbonix77

    Iphone would be great for the zombies that do whatever apple tells them to do! so it would be a great device to have @ tmo. but i wouldnt buy it over the LG GX2 or the HTC sensation matter of fact i rather have the new Sidekick but as for bringing more customers for the iphone im all for it ….one thing you cant take away from apple is they market their products better than most manufactures ……

    • Mopar6464

      Your oviously a loser who has never used an unlocked/jailbroken iphone for any certain amount of time to know what it can actually do.

      • Havoktek

        If jail-breaking it brings out the best, then it’s just as well in the same category as a rooted android phone.

        Nothing new, nothing special big whoop! Not a world shaking event, Next comment……

        • Mopar6464

          It would be on T-Mobile service.
          I’ll bet it would blow the sales of Android right out of the water.
          And that’s all that matters to cell companies , money.

        • Havoktek

          I disagree my friend, I believe that since Android has a head start on Magenta we are talking about Attrition warfare.
          Granted the sales would be nice, however there are too many factors going on in Magenta’s world to even consider that Android would be thwarted in the long haul.

          And don’t even think about first time activations or sales, that will peek quickly with the advent of the new Android phones coming plus the immanent arrival of the Iphone5 ver.

          Simply put, numbers beats the “ohhh it’s an Iphone” appeal

        • Mopar6464

          The long run , there is no long run with T-Mobile USA. There done and DT wants out.
          You do know there are many iphone users still using their iphones on T-mobile only getting edge and still prefer that to anything T-Mobile offers including Android.
          Like the or not , they are high demand.
          Sell the i5 on T-Mobile this fall and watch how many people sign contracts for it and AT&T will benifit from it because it will keep people from jumping ship to Verizon.
          Win,win,win situation for T-Mobile,Apple,and AT&T in the long run.

        • Havoktek

          My point exactly there is no long run! Duh?
          Sales would be minor in relation to what Verizon can do.
          They already got this planned out and tmo and at&t is the after thought .

        • Mopar6464

          But what your missing is the fact Tmo customers can now upgrade just before the take over with a new i5 , if they release it , and now enjoy a two year grandfathered plan on AT&T and half the cost of Verizon’s rate paln for the same phone.
          That means i would get $59.99/month unlimited for a year locked in plan.

        • Mopar6464

          ^^^I mean a Two year locked in grandfathered plan.^^^

        • Havoktek

          Thats wishful thinking cause thats what we want and not the reality .

  • tmofan99

    Probally won’t see it for another year because Apple won’t want to release it until they see if the FCC approves the AT&T / T-mobile deal. And who, the Verizon iPhone 5 is rumored to be a worldwide iPhone that works on CDMA and GSM carriers… Maybe they were testing T-mobile USA’s 3G to integrate it into the truely worldwide iPhone… Hmmmmm

  • Anonymous

    Oh Christ…

  • Maschwar77

    That’s fine. I think the HTC MyTouch 4G is superior to the iPhone in almost every way! I could care less about iPhone but, if it helps T-Mobile out, so be it!

    • Mopar6464

      The i5 will smoke that MyCrap right out of town if it’s released on T-mobile service.

      • Havoktek

        Look at all koolaid coming out of your ears……
        You want one so bad go get one, what you hanging ’round here for apple slice?

        • Mopar6464

          Take your meds before its to late.
          I already have a Iphone,HD7,HD2,and Had a Android.
          I still prefer the iphone IOS over all them.
          The only drawback right now is it’s on edge until AT&T completes the deal.
          But i have other phones if i need the speed only.

        • Havoktek

          Well that figures you were already behind the curve! Now wonder your jaded.
          Do some more research before you grab your next phone. It will save you some cash and keep you from trolling our forum.

        • Mopar6464

          Don’t know what curve you like but it aint going to be mine.
          Just because i like the iphone does’nt mean im a Fanboy and everything else is bad.
          I prefer IOS and WM over Android and that sickens you , oh well.
          I would much prefer an i5 on T-Mobile and stay that way but we both know T-Mobile USA is done and if i want to use a iphone in the future it’s going to be AT&T or Verizon.
          Well Verizon cost twice as much for the same use of that phone each month so i will stay with AT&T on a locked in grandfathered plan and pay $59.99/month for two years which will be half the cost .

          Oh and about research, done that already that’s why i sold the Android wanna-be IOS phones.
          Isnt it odd that Android damn near looks like IOS and the app department still sucks compared to what i can get on a jailbroken iphone.

        • Havoktek

          HA!!! stand firm about your convictions!

          I like that, love this forum Holla

        • Deff

          You are hallucinating. Seriously. Android isn’t a wannabe iOS. And if you think you are gonna be grandfathered into AT&T, don’t count on it. Here’s a few facts I can say about you, just by reading your comments.

          1. You’ve obviously never had an android, because you didn’t name the the model you had up there ^^ and you also said that android looks “damn near” iOS when they are COMPLETELY different. The only android OVERLAY that looks relatively near iOS is Touchwiz, which is Samsung.

          2. You haven’t done your research because you arn’t going to be grandfathered into AT&T’s network with an iPhone. If you don’t believe me, look at their website. They have a completely different plan called the “iPhone data plan” which is like $15 dollars more or something than their regular data plan.

          3. You are completely biased, and probably have never had an iPhone in the first place. You probably had an iPod touch, and love iOS. I’m not going to lie, iOS is smooth, fast, and very very efficient. I have an iPod touch as well, and I must say it truly is appealing if you want a user-friendly interface. That being said, Android is ideal for personalization, and it comes in many variations, so you don’t have only one choice for a phone.

          4. You are illiterate. Just saying, you spell it “doesn’t not does’nt”

          5. You haven’t even given android a chance, you ARE an Apple fanboy. Don’t hate on android, if you haven’t even had one. Seriously, its like people who have PS3s hating on the Halo series just because they don’t have an Xbox, and don’t really know what the game is like.

          P.S. When Apple comes out with an iPhone that is dual-core, with an 8 meg camera, HD recording, FLASH (and I mean Adobe), and a removable battery, let me know. Maybe then we can compare specs to an android.

          I understand your arguement, but seriously, while Apple did an amazing job creating an OS that runs smoothly and efficiently for the minimalistic specs that their phones carry, it cannot compare to Android. Overall, fanboys will be fanboys for apple, and people who hate apple, will choose another device. Me personally, if this actually DOES happen, it’ll be a tough decision whether or not to go with an iPhone, or with a much better spec-wise android. Ultimately it depends on how this T-Mobile/ AT&T merger goes through.

        • Havoktek

          Detailed and to the point!

        • Mopar6464

          Detailed with wrong information and only his point of view.

        • Havoktek

          Like yours isn’t? you don’t even own the freakin’ phone…Dude grow up and move on.

        • Mopar6464

          Damn , you are a true idiot.
          I have stated many times i own multiple phones and TWO iphones jackoff.
          Been with Tmo over 7+ years and i bet your the one who has never owned a iphone or even jaibroke one to see what one i capable of doing.

        • Havoktek

          Freakin’ idot i was rooting phones when you were eating mud and playing with legos!
          I been programming since you learned how to spell “Mopar”
          And I’ve been with TMO for over 12+ years D’bag!

        • Mopar6464

          You have no idea how old i am or how long i been jailbreaking iphones D’bag!
          So keep trying idiot , and learn how to read while your at it.

        • Mopar6464

          1. My cousin owns the MyCrapp and i would’nt own it for nothing,pathetic.

          2. That extra iphone fee is for a AT&T contract Idiot. I will be on a T-Mobile grandfathered contract that AT&T will have to honor when they take over until my contract ends in two years.

          3. As i already stated i own iphones unlocked/jailbroken. And i’m not going to lie either , Android will get a lot better i just prefer IOS.

          4. So i make some mistakes in my spelling, that DON’T make you perfect either.

          5.Maybe i have’nt given Android a full chance but i already stated i prefer IOS and did’nt say everything else sucks so that don’t make me a fanboy if i own Apple,WM,Blackberry,and HAD Android. It’s called choice bonehead.

          P.S. Who is the Fanboy now. All you talk about is comparing Android to Apple.
          All i said is i prefer IOS over the others out there so far.
          Maybe i will like Android in the future,maybe not.

        • Deff

          You are salty.

        • Loueradun

          Really? your comparing an iPhone 4 to a myTouch?

          “3. As i already stated i own iphones unlocked/jailbroken. And i’m not going to lie either , Android will get a lot better i just prefer IOS.”

          Android already has gotten much, much better since the myTouch. Why not go to a local T-Mobile store and try playing with a myTouch 4g, G2, or G2x before making any more stupid comments.

          “P.S. Who is the Fanboy now. All you talk about is comparing Android to Apple.
          All i said is i prefer IOS over the others out there so far.
          Maybe i will like Android in the future,maybe not.”

          The answer is you! you are comparing first gen android devices that were slow as all hell to current gen iPhones. I wonder what I would think about the iPhone if I compared the original 3g to my G2? It would probably be similar to what you are doing now.

          We are not trying to flame you, we just want you to take a step back and consider what you are saying.

          “5.Maybe i have’nt given Android a full chance” <- This is exactly what you have done. Then you came on here and started spouting your opinions when you have no idea what your talking about.

          An apple fanboy would generally be considered someone who claims apple makes superior products than anyone else (perhaps a legitimate claim), without even comparing the alternatives. You are doing exactly that… You can argue all you want, but it makes no sense claiming to not be a fanboy, when your posts indicate that is exactly what you are.

          When you have some solid reasons why the iPhone OS is better, feel free to come back and share, we're open to opinions, hell even David is an iPhone user, but I would in no way consider him a fanboy. In fact, if he didn't have a bunch of apps purchased with Apple, I wouldn't be surprised to see him hop over to the G2x, that really is a nice phone.

        • Mopar6464

          And i’m not trying to flame anyone else.
          All i’m saying and have been saying is i prefer IOS over Android and Deff wants to call me a Fanboy .
          Yea right , it’s called a choice.

          In America we have that right.

    • Stealth

      I agree. Full bluetooth that actually transfer files, the ability to play flash video without an add-on browser such as Skyfire, universal wifi-hotspot capability and Google maps navigation integration= Mytouch 4g superiority.

  • Anonymous

    personally i hate iphones, and apple products are for minions..testing iphone 4 mobile just makes me think they will pull the same card as with verizon and the “white iphone”. milk the phone as it nears the end of its life when it’ll be obsolete in 6 months. go apple! ha..right. i cant believe how naive people actually are to fall for apple’s gimmicks. losers. HTC/Samsung= WINNING!

    • Mopar6464

      Please take your meds.
      If they are Testing the i4 right now for a future T-mobile release,and then release the i5 this fall on T-Mobile , you will see a real increase of business sales and it wont be Andriod.
      People want the iphone and it is in more demand than any Android no matter what carrier it’s on.
      Over 2 million sales on Verizon and that’s for i4 with issues.
      Wait and see , if the i5 releases on T-Mobile , it will set records blowing Andriod,WM,Blackerry all together out of the water if it happens.

      • Havoktek

        Your delusional if you think the iphone5 will come on Magenta. Apple is no fool and they know that TMO is in a tight position now. The smart business move is to release it on Verizon and then drain those sales. Let Tmo and At&t work this crap out and then drop the phone on the winner halfway through the phone’s lifecycle.

        • Mopar6464

          AT&T will own T-Mobile soon and AT&T will get the i5 this fall as well as Verizon.
          Apple will benifit in all three ways,Verizon,AT&T and T-Mobile which will be property of AT&T soon.
          It’s all about sells and Apple is in a tight spot competing with Android and wants to sell as many iphones as they can to stay in the game.

        • Havoktek

          Apple knows the score, Art will eventually get it but not until they purchase tmo believe that.

        • Mopar6464

          We’ll see….

        • Havoktek

          Hey agree to disagree. Good stuff ‘eh?

        • Mopar6464


      • jazzmanmonty

        mopar you just qualified yourself as one of those minions. you just don’t we it. we don’t want iphones, because we don’t want teenie boppers streaming shit all day long on their iphones and eating up our bandwidth..hence the reason att needs to expand their network. its a physically beautiful phone, but the os, is shit, operated by a Nazi company that gives you no room for modifications. i hope the only record iphone sets for tmobile is that its the phone most people replace with android. but then we got people like you that say “but it syncs so will with my itunes!” ya so much easier than drop and drag hu? idiots.

      • Anonymous

        Android fan boys can’t take the heat. Come on Apple; drop this on TMo. I’ve been waiting for a long time. Great news

    • Quit your complaining dude. Not everyone wants Android. It isn’t the end all be all for the mobile wireless world. I can’t believe how naive you and your ridiculous comments are that insult everyone who doesn’t think Android is a deity. Give it a rest.

  • Geosch8

    Anyone think they are testing T-mobiles 3G for when AT&T makes it their 4g?

    • Anonymous

      Unlikely. The merger is at least a year away (if it goes through at all). By then there will likely be a new iPhone anyway.

      Either this really is for T-Mobile, or it’s for another AWS-based carrier — isn’t there a Canadian carrier that uses AWS?

  • Cool.

  • Guess I’m a minion and a teenie bopper and I like having a phone that is completely closed. Oh woe is me!

    • Aerofanbig

      I wonder how many people wanted to point that fact out lol (just saying, not name calling)

  • Petey

    Since there’s rumors that the white iphone is going be out on the 27th, I wonder if it has T-Mobile AWS.

  • Scoobyracing03

    I guess nobody streams data all day long on android. Clearly you are lost and clueless. go look on Some Android forums about people crying about their data getting capped. Or go see all the people wanting to know if Tmobile will charge them for tethering their android. In terms of Data the iPhone is no more a data hog than an Android phone. I came from AT&T with an iPhone to T-mobile, I would of kept the iPhone and used it on T-mobile except for not being able to get 3G speeds so I got a Vibrant. If the iPhone does come to T-mobile I’ll be in line to get 2 of them to replace my Vibrants. on AT&T on a heavy month I’d use about 2GB of data same as with my Vibrant on T-mobile.

  • 007

    I believe it when I see the phone at the tmobile store.

  • NardVa

    I can see Apple releasing the white Iphone 4 on T-Mobile. From a buisness stand point it would be a smart move on Apple’s part. They have a phone that is almost a year old that is being released again in a white version. The potential to get the most sales for a year old phone is with T-Mobile.

  • Anonymous
  • When the device is actually in a TMO store then I will believe it, though TMO US is the only division not to have the iPhone

  • Oce

    Ugh…How do we know that this isn’t for Tmobile Europe? I see nothing in the pictures or in the article that give clear indication that they are on Tmo US 3g network.

    • Same thing I’ve been saying…. lol

      • Moneyman

        Is the N94 prototype label used for tmobile services in europe? Like others are saying, it could be the worldwide version. Either way, it benefits consumers even if it does not make it to tmobile stores.

        • Petey

          Anybody can post a label and labeled as anything.

    • Zkjel

      How about the fact that it has a US phone number and the area code is for Cupertino?

  • Moneyman

    Opinions can’t be argued; get over the fact that some people want an iphone. Although, I do believe that Apple has many faithful customers that only own an “I” product because of the name. Every time I ask someone why do they want an iphone, 90 percent of the time they say “because its cool.” Some people who own the iphone are the easiest to sell on account that they don’t know android and when you explain to them to big difference, they prefer the latter. Not everyone knows how to jailbreak the iphone; less people know how to root an android. They are both very beneficial in the the sense that there are free apps on the iphone and android’s rooting can offer the same and more. I also love that the iphone runs smooth but I’ve seen the g2x and that runs a lot faster and with it being stock android it competes with the responsiveness of the navigation. Not all androids are better than the iphone.

  • Imagine Apple turned around and bought T-mobile..

    • Moneyman

      Lol that would be screwed up.

      • lol they now have the money to do that

    • DetroitTechnoFan

      So long as I could still use my Android phones on the service, cool! Apple Mobile, haha… I’ll take it over AT&T any day.

  • Moneyman

    Magenta apples lol

  • kuzco

    Why are they testing this? Duh….it works already. Jailbreak. Done. iPhone on T-Mobile…it’s worked for years…..

    • Mopar6464

      Until Now you would only get Edge service since the iphone does’nt have T-Mobile 3G (1700)bands in them.
      If this is all true and they release it on T-Mobile, you can get 3G speeds instead of Edge speeds.

  • Aerofanbig

    If this is real….too little, too late. I despise the iPhone, but I also acknowledge its one of the driving factors for DT’s view that Tmo is a failure. Had it come to Tmo early on, we wouldn’t be raging about a buy out now

  • Zelda

    maybe since the merger is about to pull through theyll start making phones that will work on att with 3g and 4g speeds.

  • Get ya sum-TGOD

    To all that keep saying “SOMEONE JUST CHANGED CARRIER NAME”….Did they just change the color of the phone at will too? Obviously the source has something, why not just change the carrier info on a black one???? So don’t knock it, besides why are ya’ll so angry about the news???? Damn, argue about this….Is the sky blue???? LMAO get a life nerds!

  • Even though the official white colored iPhone is come out any day now, there has been an original white shell available for purchase since day one ;)

    Head over to and look up the white iPhone case. A lot of Apple people have swapped out their born black iPhones to be white. Just another angle of thinking… ;)

    I still call foul and i’m both an Apple/Android lover & hard user. <- So no bias BS here.

    CNET's write up of how to make your black iPhone white

    • Get ya sum-TGOD

      Touche’….I can respect that, didn’t know about a white kit being on the market

  • Guest

    If this is true, my guess is that we will see LTE and its game over. Once the folks get a taste of 14D TMOs puny 3 will be a joke.

    David is right. The iphone on ATT is at 1.5 on standard 3G. I am an Android fanboy but I can also read. IF we get the iphone, its all over but the screaming. I will trade in my PC for a MAC.

    To quote the immortal Hendrix

    Bend over rover and let Jimmy take over

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a fan of the Iphone, but I’m not gonna knock it anymore either. To each his/her own. But these above images look a lot like what this site is claiming to be a leaked image of the iphone 5

  • Mopar6464

    A minion because i prefer IOS.
    Who is the idiot now , Android Fanboy.

  • To those bitching about Apple being “the OS,” read:

    Nielsen: Android overtakes iOS in desirability, sales in the US

    • macm37

      Despite this individual’s preference, when it comes to comparing Unix and Unix-like OS’es such as iOS vs Linux OS such as Android {remember that it’s built on top of a Linux Kernel}, Unix and Unix-like OS have the advantage in the corporate setting in categories such as corporate multi-tasking. Looking at a few websites while doing a Google search on the comparison of these 2 OS’es will confirm that. Corporations are the main target for products such as smartphones and tablets; being able to attract the consumer base is an added bonus. Unix and Unix-like OS’es don’t have much trouble dual-booting and running Linux at native speed. With the Unix-like QNX OS that RIM recently bought being able to run Android 2.3 apps, Google may turn to them for survival, because in the end, if Blackberry markets themselves right, the smartphone and tablet OS war will come down to iOS vs. QNX OS.

    • Cell Phone Guy

       …dude they dont sale android phones, they give them for free. Just go to any phone carrier retail store and all you’ll see is big posters saying “Get your free Android Phone today!!!”.

  • Mac

    i doubt t-mobile would carry the iPhone because of it’s TV commercial disses against it not having 4G capabilities.. then again look who their merging with ;D

    • JDe

      The most T-mobile is saying is that the Iphone 4 isn’t 4G which is true. Verizon dissed the Iphone in about every droid commercial and they got it. T-mobile is dissing the network that the Iphone runs on, not the Iphone itself. It actually seems like they’re saying “hey Iphone come over here.” instead of “Iphone can’t do this and that and blah blah.”

    • i think verizon did that too, they even got sued (i.e. “theres a MAP for that”)

  • i think apple is going to wait until the fall for this:
    1. the iphone could be announced along with its siblings, iTouch, iPods
    2. networks are changing, but not as fast as apple would like. if at&t ends up merging with t-mobile, apple wants a t-mobile ready iphone, but that would be most likely if there is going to be 2 iphones (CDMA and GSM)
    3. they are still working on it to make it a phone that would really be worth it. the iPhone 4 was released 3 times (at&t release, verizon release, white iPhone release), so apple really wants to rub in the iphone 4 is really worth it to get people on contracts for them to switch over to the iphone 5 when they see its BRAND NEW features.
    that’s the conclusion i’ve come to after reading so much articles as a t-mobile customer who anxiously awaits the announcement of a t-mobile iPhone

  • Popim79624

    I have a unlocked I phone 3GS now, I love it.  I hope they come out with the I phone 4 jail broken.  I think they will wait also @ Noel. Let`s see if the merger happens. 

  • Anonymous

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  • Sim

    This could just be an image of an iPhone on UK T-Mobile???