T-Mobile G2X Gingerbread Update Coming, Won’t Be A Long Wait

T-Mobile certainly dropped an Easter egg (no pun intended to those who celebrate today) when asked by a new G2X owner on Twitter regarding Gingerbread. As you can see in the above pic, T-Mobile stated Gingerbread will be coming “soon” and that you “won’t have to wait long.” Big words from the company and we hope that they and LG are prepared to make it happen “soon.” Of course, nobody knows what the T-Mobile definition of “soon” is but knowing as they do that someone would catch this tweet and spread it around, I’m hoping they are ready to impress us with a timetable.


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  • yeah?…. that is what they said about froyo coming to the mytouch slide last year lol

    • Havoktek

      AND…..the Vibrant…..Still waiting….me and XDA!

      • michael

        the vibrant got official 2.2

        • Havoktek

          That’s not Gingerbread Chief…..

        • Flyohmy

          when was gingerbread promised for the vibrant? :|

        • Havoktek
        • Anonymous

          I don’t see anywhere on that article that T-Mobile made a promise for Gingerbread. So don’t get mad at T-Mobile you don’t have 2.3. Hell other carriers just got the 2.2 update so T-Mobile is ahead of the curve when it comes to Samsung Galaxy S updates. Plus you act like that article was written last year. It was wrote on Friday. So cool your jets. Hell Samsung only released 2.2 back in February.

        • 19fonzy

          Yeah gingerbread was not even mentioned for the vibrant just the official first galaxy s I seen leeked gingerbread roms for that one not any of the u.s ones

        • Havoktek

          Plus all of you guys think TMO’s the gotta promise you something, Samsung develops the Android conversion to cover their phones. So when they say the Galaxy S that means ALL of them.
          Now when it comes TMO turn to update, it becomes a case of support vs. product longevity in relation to what is coming down the pipe.
          Dig it?

        • Havoktek

          Fist off, who said anyone’s mad? I don’t care if it is promised or not.
          However in this dog eat dog business, when you say publicize something stick to it.
          On the other end people think that they are owed an update….get over that.

          I’m just stating what was out there in response to what came before me, now don’t get all mushy in defense of Samsung, they don’t give a rat’s cheese about you. Development is aways ahead of what the PR department puts out. It’s just a matter of controlled release covering the Corporations bottom line.
          Dig it?

        • Anonymous

          All I am responding to is someone asked you when gingerbread was promised for the vibrant. You then posted some article in response to them. I was pointing out that no where in the article was Samsung promising anything. If you can show me an article or press release (not a blog or a rumor site) where Samsung Promised a 2.3 update here soon then we can discuss them not holding to their word.

          And no I am not some kind of Samsung Fanboy. I carry the HTC devices. I will be the first to say Samsung was slow getting the 2.2 update out. Whether or not they learned from that push back is yet to be seen.

          If faster updates are important to you then I would suggest your next phone purchase is one that comes with a vanilla stock android and not one with a custom UI.

        • Havoktek

          I know enough to purchase a phone no matter what the case is.
          You see either way I win and I love Samsung. I can do what I want with it.
          It is a know fact that gingerbread is being pushed out overseas. It’s only natural to believe that its coming here. Is not the Vibrant a Galaxy S phone?

          Don’t assume that because I chimed in I don’t know the score. I was responding to what was asked. You decided to take it further.
          I change ROMs like I change underwear. However everyone isn’t as adept.
          So forgive me if none else could not think beyond the written text. Blog or not, as if a press release would make a difference.

        • Anonymous

          Is this guy Bipolar or something?

        • MtnDew

          Then perhaps you should reply to a Gingerbread comment and not a froyo one…

        • Havoktek

          I did, so what’s the big deal?

  • Anonymous

    pass the vanilla!

  • Csanchez32

    It should be easy since it doesnt have any overlays just stock vanilla thats why the nexus one always gets te update first plus its googles first baby

  • Ginuwinlady

    What about the G2

  • Guest

    The T-Mobile definition of soon means anytime between now and the end of time.

    • Anonymous

      The MT3G was supposed to get Froyo “soon” as of November 2009, but it didn’t go OTA until late 2010. Hopefully “soon” is faster this time.

  • Steve

    I can’t wait to upgrade my G2 for HTC sensation I saw the Fhone in London…just amazing …screen is shocking bright…beast!

    • Anonymous

      Shockingly bright and shockingly resource intensive. As long as Blackberry continues to surpass all other smartphones in battery life 5 fold, it’ll continue to be a relevant device.

      • Havoktek

        +1 On the Battery life…dead on point.

      • Although they are loosing a lot of market share to android devices. IMO i think it will loose more market as android develops further. a lot of people i know have ditched BB for newer “resource intensive” devices. i think the main problem is the cheap low power batteries they put into these things. 1400mAh to power a dual core phone with samoled screen is ridiculus considering usage of course.

        • Well actually my dual-core in the battery area has performed better than my single core device, but true.. they need to start developing better batteries.. if not denser where they can keep thin profile while using a high rating battery.. Motorola knows what’s going on.. Atrix is same thickness (as G2x) and has a larger battery.

  • but does it make the 850/1900 bands useable?

    • Anonymous

      very unlikely Engadget is actually looking into it they have and article similar to this but it addresses the quad band issue

  • Anonymous

    “T-Mobile certainly dropped an Easter egg (no pun intended to those who celebrate today)”

    Makes no sense and you clearly don’t know what a pun is.

    • Easter Bunny

      @GeneralThade…no you idiot gorilla, YOU clearly don’t know what an Easter egg is. Get back in your cage!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t Care less, I’m rooted and will download Gingerbread whether they update or not. I am just pissed that T-Mobile lied to us about the 3G radio bands and no one from this website wants to address this issue. If this is the case I will send the phone back just for the sake of lying to their customers. I am just completely blown away no one wants to talk about this issue. It will not go away. T-Mo News, let’s talk about this very important issue.

    • JasonV

      Can you elaborate on the issue? I just ordered one.

      • The site lists At&t bands for 3G.. but when unlocked the G2x isn’t operating.

  • Anonymous

    Great news if the only 3g bands you need are T Mobiles. This phone only has TMO 3g bands. No euro 3g. No ATT 3g. For many of us who required those, this is a non issue since the device will be returned.

    I use GB on my Nexus One, and I like the Froyo UI better. There are performance improvements under the hood, however, that many if not all should appreciate. I suppose this is why reverting back to my Nexus will be so painless. It just works so well.

    • k-mack

      You keep saying that this doesn’t have the att bands but it does. Why are you just lying about it? I don’t get it. Check every single tech spec about this phone and you will see that it has the correct bands for both att and tmo. It also has europe and asia. Its basically a world phone, so to speak. In one article you comment something good about another phone, and then in an article about that phone, you diss it and say the other is better. Do you have multiple personalities?

  • Frigadroid

    That’s what samsung said! lol

  • Just get a Nexus S…and call it a day. You don’t really need a dual core phone, most just want one because someone says it cool or you have to have it. Get a Nexus S….its really really nice. LOL…oh, and it comes with ‘stock’ Gingerbread!!! Woohoo!

    • I wonder which one will get left behind first Nexus S vs G2x.

      • The Nexus S has been out for a while, and is selling very well. Sprint is about to get it as well, from what I read. So I don’t think they should be compared. Oh, and the G2x has Gingerbread already.

        • shimpy

          the G2x doesn’t have Gingerbread yet…I have one

        • shimpy

          the G2x doesn’t have Gingerbread yet…I have one

    • Auser72

      The nexus s is a nice phone, but dual core processors is not a gimmick or minor tweak. The newer apps will be optimized for dual core, and in the next 6-12mths there are going to be alot of apps that require dual core processors.

    • Chandy

      I had nexus s for 15 days and exchanged with g2x. G2X is far better and faster. If you play games try playing Dungeon defenders in nexus s.. you would exchange it. Also, 4g is lot more faster than 3g in nexus s.  

  • what about the optimus line? :(

  • what about the optimus line? :(

  • DagNabbitStopIt!!

    To any and all who continue to vent about whether or not the G2X would be able to work on AT&T 3G/4G bandwidths, I think it is a non issue, becauuuuuse…

    Before I bought mt G2X, I talked to an actual T-mo rep at Walmart about the very same issue. He stated that if the AT&T acquisition actually went through, that OTA updates would fly to any phones that needed to convert to any new bandwidths that T-Mo’s network might shift to.

    Summary?? The technical nightmare you are brewing in your mind is most likely a waste of your energy.

    Translation…stop pissing and moaning already!!

    • Tree Frogs

      Yeah, that’s simply not true. I hope you were being sarcastic because who actually thinks that anyone at Wal-Mart actually knows what he is talking about?

    • ivan

      And how will ota updates update bandwidth? Something that is hardware

    • Robkurtz

      Why are you getting advice from somebody at Wal-Mart? That was not a T-Mobile rep at Wal-Mart, those are all Wal-Mart employees. None of the people that sell cell phones at Wal-Mart are reps for any of the actual carriers. Thats like getting legal advice from an prisoner

    • EnvironMental

      The phone has the proper GSM bands, and an OTA would allow the PHONE part to connect to AFee&Fee’s phone service. However, if the phone does not have AFee&Fee’s UTMS 3g bands, and only t-mo’s, then no OTA in the known universe short of delivered from the hand of God will fix that. In that case your screaming fast 4g phone would work, just the phone and EDGE speed for data.

    • Kiladubz

      yeah…… do yourself a favor and don’t listen to ANYTHING ANYBODY @ walmart tells you….that dude was full of it and wanted to seem smart….which he isn’t. The bands are there for the G2x, but no other phone will be capable of using ATT’s 3G simply because the bands are not there. its ludicrous to think that a simply OTA would enable something that has to be hardwired into the phone.

  • @j_nathaniel

    It isn’t as big a deal as people make it out to be but the phone should have been released with Gingerbread in the first place.

  • Ash

    Engadget people are saying this G2X won’t work with ATT’s 3G, would you look into this?

  • Anonymous
  • I would like to get a G2X but waiting on decision of the merger with AT&T, I hate AT&T and will not get one if they merge…

    • Rafalla21

      no matter the merge this phone will transfer over to att. you are grandfather in get the 79.99 truly unlimited plan and if they do switch don’t worry you will be good trust me.

  • g2user


  • sgerson04

    you guys think this Gingerbread update will fix all the freezing and rebooting issues that the gx2 is having right now???

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think so…

    • Camille

      I’ve had a G2X since its release day and haven’t had this nor many of the other problems being reported. If you want the phone, get it. If you have problems, exchange or return it. In other words, not all of the phones are having this problem

      • Anonymous

        I hope its software I work with their tech support and about a fourth of my call are people having questions about the rebooting of their G2X. I had to call the store before they show up to swap it out and had an employee tell me they has 18 of them earlier that day but only got to sell 4 because the other 14 were given as replacements for various issue.

        Mine did it last night for the first time and I had mine since last tuesday. I’m thinking of returning it but I am going to wait for the last day possible that I have. I am hoping to see people with custom firmware not having a problem with the rebooting to know its not hardware.

  • Anonymous

    soon could be 2 month or 2 weeks is not clear

  • If any of you are debating whether to buy the G2x or not, check out my article about the device: http://hand-gadget.com/2011/04/23/t-mobile-g2x-with-google-by-lg/

  • Anonymous

    I have had the G2X since it was released and NEVER had a reboot or any issue for that matter. IMO it is the best device T-Mobile has ever launched to date. I have had them all.

    • How’s your battery life? I get 4 hours with heavy use. Got 6-8 with my Nexus one.

  • Cellularcrazy09

    Has anyone noticed that on the G2X whenever it switches to at&t’s network it doesn’t show the little “r” for roaming?

  • Mmartinez3723

    Dam it my G2x just rebooted..Didnt think it would happen to mine..

  • Mmartinez3723

    Gingerbread is needed Asap on G2x if not LG and tmobile going to lose money on this device

  • Anonymous

    There will be a lot of G2X’s being returned after reading this story:

    Read Tmobiles response. Its hardware, not software… Oopsy on Tmobiles Website for the false advertisement of features. We’re trying to update our website… Uhhh… does it take that much effort to update a webpage these days?

  • Phame

    Someone over at the Tmobile forums mentioned he was denied an exchange. He’s saying they told him it was because there will be an update in the next few days and if the phone was still having issues he can return it.

    Is the Tmobile rep just not wanting to exchange or return it? Or do they get memos from corporate about these sort of things for him to possibly know that kind of info?

  • Anonymous
  • Chico311

    Just got my g2x with 2.3.3 and its working great