Can Someone Please Tell Me Where The HTC Sensation 4G Marketing Is?

There are a number of reasons why many think T-Mobile is on the chopping block to AT&T but I firmly believe one of the key failures of T-Mobile in recent memory has been marketing. Now let me preface this by saying I fully understand T-Mobile doesn’t have a Verizon-sized budget for marketing and we aren’t going to get DROID-like commercials and I’m ok with that. I do however want one commercial, just ONE for the HTC Sensation 4G BEFORE it’s released. I want it from T-Mobile, not HTC and I want them to say it loud and proud that they finally have a 4.3″ Android phone.

What gives T-Mobile? Why has marketing always been a sore spot in our discussions? What is it that makes you give money to Charles Barkley and teach him to use a Sidekick and then seemingly ignore one of the most anticipated phones in recent memory. You won exclusive NBA marketing rights and yet you skip marketing any number of high profile handsets. It’s true we’ve seen marketing for the myTouch and “G” series line of phones as they are the exclusive lines of T-Mobile handsets. It’s great that you have marketed them but why just them as they are without argument not the only phones on T-Mobile worthy of marketing.

Some would say that word of mouth is enough to sell this phone? I would like to challenge that assertion and ask if T-Mobile’s marketing team believes that? Viral marketing is a tremendous asset in the tech space these days and we wouldn’t ignore its impact on sales but it’s not enough. The general consumer, the average consumer who have left T-Mobile in droves for high profile handsets on other carriers need to know T-Mobile has something that competes. Not only does it compete but it’s considered one of the top Android phones on the market today. Where is that message T-Mobile? Why aren’t you screaming that from the roof tops?

I love Magenta, I obviously do since I have but a lack of proper marketing has always angered me about T-Mobile and I don’t enjoy pointing out the company’s shortcomings . I want to lift them up and scream to the world the advantages they offer and the great things they carry. Except why should I do that when the company won’t do it on its own?

For T-Mobile’s sales reps who are hoping this device brings the customers back they have little hope customers will even know about the device outside of the tech blog world. Give me a one page ad in the newspaper, thirty second radio spot or Carly holding the phone on national TV and doing a dance. Something, anything that let’s people know the phone exists and not AFTER it’s already on store shelves. Build up the anticipation, get the customer base excited and do something other than letting some kid rap about a Sidekick 4G.

I beg of you T-Mobile in what is possibly your final months to do something about the marketing and give the Sensation 4G the kind of presence it deserves.

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