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webConnect Promo Cometh!

Update: We’ve gotten solid tips that this plan will start April 23rd and run for an unknown period! T-Mobile is going to bring some savings to the T-Mobile faithful starting in the next few days with some awesome savings on the webConnect rate plans.  The limited time promotion brings no more domestic overage charges!  I don’t know about you guys but 5GB is really pushing it some months so I’m happy to see the word “overage” … [read full article]

webConnect Rocket Officially Announced, Available March 14th

T-Mobile has officially announced (again) the availability of the webConnect Rocket, its first HSPA+ data connect card.  Available starting March 14th, the webConnect Rocket will run $99.  Along with the announcement of their very first HSPA+ data card, T-Mobile has revised their webConnect data plans.  Customers can now choose between an Even More webConnect data plan, which requires a life sentence two-year contract, and get 5GB for $60 per month or 200MB for $30 per … [read full article]

Dell Netbook Continues To Peek Out From The Curtain

Following our previous news of a Dell netbook headed to T-Mobile, we now have some fresh news!  We have confirmed the upcoming Dell netbook as the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 as our ninjas have scored us some details. According to our sources, Magenta is launching several tier 3 (high-end) devices this March/April.  In order to prepare for these launches, T-Mobile stores will receive provisioned SIM cards for each of the new devices.  These devices include the … [read full article]

HTC HD2 Dropping With Goodies, Webconnect Rockets In

Having hinted last week that the HTC HD2 would come with something unexpected, this morning T-Mobile announced the HTC HD2 would come packed with an entertainment bonanza. Like Blockbuster On Demand for downloading movies on the device or Barnes and Noble downloadable e-reader content and last but definitely not least, Transformers and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen included on the microSD card. Any phone that comes with both Transformers movies is a must buy for … [read full article]

It’s Friday And Here Are Some Things I Missed

Well its Friday Tmonews readers, and this week is going to close out well for T-mobile lovers, especially those in the Android camp. Your serving of Donut is underway, bringing with it a host of enhancements to the Android experience. With Android in mind, the Cliq pricing brought a flurry of traffic this week as the next big thing in magentaville came down at a disappointingly high $199.99. For some reason T-mobile is just in … [read full article]

WebConnect Promo Plans In The House

T-Mobile has yet to make deep inroads in the 3G market considering the lateness of their network. However, they are, in this instance, trying to undercut the competition starting with a price cut of $10 on their webConnect data plans. With a smaller 3G footprint, we’ve long discussed T-mobile’s need for a competitive advantage over its larger rivals and undercutting their data connect plans is a great place to start. The webConnect customer can often be a … [read full article]

Webconnect Launches Today


As originally thought, as originally detailed, T-mobile’s first entrance into the data broadband data card world launched this morning. Webconnect, starting at $99.99 for a 1 year contract and as show above, $49.99 for a 2 year contract will offer you up to 5GB of 3G speeds per month for $59.99. Priced right in line with the competition, this is T-mobile’s first data card release to  take advantage of their 3G network and first … [read full article]

More Webconnect Details


Having already confirmed the existence of the webconnect 3G T-mobile data card that is forthcoming later this month, we no longer need to rumor monger and can bring some solid pricing information to the table. First and foremost the $59.99 monthly pricing stands at a 5GB monthly allowance including unlimited hotspot access. Usage above and beyond the 5GB monthly allowance will be allocated at $.20MB and voice usage will be totally barred. Sticking the sim-card from … [read full article]