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T-Mobile migrating customers to new JUMP!! 2.0 program

T-Mobile will soon be releasing a new JUMP! 2.0 program that will put an end to the original JUMP! 1.0 program. If you can recall, the latter has been around for several years already. The transition also brings about some unappealing changes. When T-Mo first launched the JUMP! program, it gave its customers an opportunity to upgrade their device up to two times in one year. In 2016, this program was revised to limit the upgrade cycle. … [read full article]

T-Mobile will no longer accept device leasing on Sprint plans

T-Mobile is setting another important deadline this month.  According to a document shared by this report, T-Mobile will no longer allow new device leases  to Sprint plan customers. The document says that this will start tomorrow, August 17th. As explained in the document, this is T-Mobile’s way to streamline policies across the network to “provide a consistent customer experience.” The new decision will affect Activations, Add-A-Lines, … [read full article]

T-Mobile now includes AppleCare+ with JUMP! and Premium Device Protection plans

UPDATE: T-Mobile has officially announced the addition of AppleCare to its Premium Device Protection services.   ORIGINAL: In addition to rolling out new prepaid plans, T-Mobile recently made a tweak to some of its device protection plans. T-Mobile’s Premium Device Protection and JUMP! with Premium Device Protection plans now include AppleCare+ at no additional … [read full article]

Uncarrier Amped beginning with a revamped JUMP! plan

Just a few seconds ago, John Legere tweeted out the first in today’s announcements. Or rather, teased at an announcement before then going on to explain. At time of beginning this post, he hadn’t yet said anything specific except that JUMP! is getting a revamp. This post is developing, I’ll keep adding information as I wade through it. UPDATE: T-Mobile has updated its [read full article]