T-Mobile now includes AppleCare+ with JUMP! and Premium Device Protection plans


UPDATE: T-Mobile has officially announced the addition of AppleCare to its Premium Device Protection services.


ORIGINAL: In addition to rolling out new prepaid plans, T-Mobile recently made a tweak to some of its device protection plans.

T-Mobile’s Premium Device Protection and JUMP! with Premium Device Protection plans now include AppleCare+ at no additional cost. T-Mo confirmed the change today, meaning that customers paying $12 per month for JUMP! or Premium Device Protection can get AppleCare+ for their iPhone or iPad.

Here’s what you get with the AppleCare+ included with JUMP! and PDP:

  • 24/7 priority access to AppleCare’s award-winning technical support via chat or phone
  • Low service fees such as $29 for iPhone screen damage
  • $0 for battery service
  • Apple-certified repair or replacement at Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers
  • Hardware service with genuine Apple parts
  • Software support for iOS, iCloud, and Apple-branded iOS apps
  • Hardware repairs and service backed by Apple

AppleCare+ is great to have if you’ve got an iPhone or iPad, so its addition to JUMP! and PDP make them much more attractive to T-Mobile customers. Not only are you getting the same insurance that T-Mo has offered for awhile now, but you’re also getting access to Apple support and repairs at no extra charge. By itself, AppleCare+ costs $129.

Some customers have already had T-Mobile switch them to these new JUMP! and PDP offerings with AppleCare+ included, so you may want to reach out to T-Mo if you’d like to be enrolled. T-Mobile says that if you’ve upgraded to a new Apple device within the last 60 days, you’re eligible for AppleCare+ coverage.

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Source: T-Mobile

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  • rex2745

    Would this work on jump on demand? Im currently paying the $12 insurance with jump on demand do I just call and tell them that I want apple care on my device?

    • Corey Jalette

      They offer the same insurance for all. Doesn’t matter what upgrade plan you’re on, jump includes it, jump on demand its optional.

    • (J²)

      Log into your account and see if it’s included. If not, you may need to have them switch your plan.

      I was paying $10 and for $2 extra dollars, I get Apple Care + Plus and Lookout Premium.

    • Allen Alberto Enriquez

      It’s available for JOD I just did mine make sure they don’t switch your plan. Enjoy! I love apple services exeptentual.

  • Looking at the math, AppleCare+ protects your iPhone for two years for $129, which breaks down to $5.38 x 24 months. The new JUMP! protection is $6.62 more per month at $12 x 24, costing $288 at the end of the same timeframe, but includes Lookout coverage and loss for $159 more.

    It should be noted that if you pay your monthly wireless bill with a credit card, some of these banks automatically offer “cellular telephone protection.” Wells Fargo, for instance, offers $600 per incident with a $25 deductible, and it covers up to four smartphones for theft (but not loss) as well as accidental damage.

    • Dummy Up Meathead

      Or, there is Upsie.

      • Allen Alberto Enriquez

        Great find I’ve been looking for something like this for over 10 years such is over finally! Thanks for giving information about this.

      • NDWolfwood09

        Or Square Trade with coupons!

    • Jesus Rosales

      Can you give me more info on the Wells Fargo protection please.

      • Critic4U

        From Wells Fargo website >> Pay your monthly cellular telephone bill with your eligible Wells Fargo Consumer Credit Card and you’ll get up to $600 protection (subject to a $25 deductible).

        Coverage may include up to four cell phones as listed on your wireless cell phone bill. The cellular telephone is protected against damage or theft, however coverage does not include cell phones that are lost.

        Note: Call your cellular provider (or log on to their website) and request to set up automatic payments. Setting up automatic payments is not required to qualify for this cellular telephone protection benefit; however, you need to pay your monthly cellular telephone bill with your eligible Wells Fargo Consumer Credit Card to get up to $600 protection.

        Cellular Telephone Protection can reimburse the eligible Wells Fargo Consumer credit card cardholder for damage to or theft of a cellular wireless telephone. Eligible Cellular Wireless Telephones are limited to the primary line and up to the first three additional lines as listed on your provider’s monthly statement. Cellular Telephone Protection is subject to a $25 deductible per claim and a maximum of 2 claims per 12 month period. The maximum benefit limit is $600 per occurrence and $1,200 per 12 month period. You will receive no more than the value of the original phone or a replacement phone with similar features and functionality, less a $25 deductible. This benefit does not cover cellular telephones that are lost. This protection is only available when cell phone bills are paid from your Wells Fargo Consumer Credit Card. The coverage does not apply if the cell phone bill is paid from a Wells Fargo Debit Card, Wells Fargo Business Credit Card, or from the card that is linked to a Line of Credit. Coverage does not apply to cell phones that are rented, borrowed, or received as part of a pre-paid plan. Electronic failure or issues related to the software of the device are not covered. Cellular telephone protection coverage begins the first day of the calendar month following your first cellular telephone billing on your Wells Fargo Consumer Credit Card, and remains in effect when you continue to charge your total monthly cellular telephone bill to your Wells Fargo Consumer Credit Card. This protection may not be equivalent to or better than other applicable coverage you may have presently or in the future, such as your homeowner’s or automobile insurance policies, or through a plan provided through the seller of the telephone. For complete coverage benefits and exclusions regarding this protection call 1-866-804-4770, 24 hours a day, seven days a week

        • Fan_Posting

          Awesome, thank you for sharing the above information, very detail. I contacted Wells Fargo directly. I think it is a great option for my Tmobile cellular telephone coverage and above all, savings. Thanks!

        • chill

          Anyone have experience with making a claim on this policy? If it is easy, then this needs to be the headline.

        • Allen Alberto Enriquez

          Thanks for this awesome info!

      • (J²)

        Let’s say you have the 128GB iPhone 7, with tax, that’s a little more than $800 which leaves you with a gap in coverage. Plus, you are paying $25, which means your only covered for $575 in the example provided “Critic4U”.

        That means, your still on the hook for several hundred more dollars.

        Please also keep in mind, the process may be lengthier and may have you phone-less for a week or longer.

        Typically with unaffiliated insurance programs you have to:

        1) Provide proof of purchase
        2) Ship your phone to them (if it’s damaged)
        3) Wait until the company receives it, determines if it can be repaired or needs to be replaced.
        4) Wait for a claims adjuster to approve it and the payment amount. Keep in mind, that you may either be given market value or the actual paid value. Many insurance companies will find a way to reimburse you less than you paid.

        While you may love your bank, these claims are processed through a 3rd party completely separate of your bank.

  • Philip

    Silly. Just take care of your phone and save the $144 annual toward another new phone.

    I take care of my phone + I get good resell value + save that $144 toward another new phone too.


    • Cellphone Chris

      For some this isn’t optional – See my comment regarding state law for handset protection when leasing.

      • Corey Jalette

        For most it is though, there’s only maybe one or two states other than CT that it’s required in. I always found that odd lol

    • Tony Chen

      Peple will steal your iphone 7 every chance you get.

  • Cellphone Chris

    Nice addition – State law where I live (Connecticut) requires handset protection when leasing. Since I’m forced to pay for insurance, anything that adds value is a plus.

  • Panzer

    Woah very nice. Meanwhile on Android I still have to pay $175 for a cracked screen.

  • Britt Wright

    I am still on TMO Simple Choice plan and I only pay $10 a month for handset protection. I am assuming that this isn’t the “premium” but I don’t seen an option in My T-Mobile to add the premium.

  • Sonny Lion

    I had to use that today and just wanted to let everyone know that you have to file a claim with asurion insurance apple and tmobile will direct you to them.

  • Allen Alberto Enriquez

    Now I can jump on demand with joy as I won’t hang on to cel phones long enough to make insurance worth while! I think this is more catered towards people that jump a lot other wise I think some maybe better off paying in full the best seller for me is upfront and Apple care + as they have provide outstanding services throughout a long period since 12 years plus in the making nothing I have seen can out beat their spectacular performance in overall for the blind, death of hearing, disability etc.! I have work along side blind death of hearing and completely challenged physically but their mouth function at the most it shocked me what technology did back over 13 year ago however Apple has come way further then I expect an tablet or a iPhone can do I only imagine the greatest things yet to come! Way to go Apple/Tmobile!

    • Mike

      So what you have jump on demand . You’re still responsible for damaged and lost/stolen phones. If you have a premium device period on JOD or financing it’s best to have insurance. Next time you decide to jump and if the phone isn’t in mint condition T-Mobile can deny your Jump and charge you full price/remaining balance for your current phone.

      • Allen Alberto Enriquez