T-Mobile rolls out new prepaid plans


T-Mobile today unleashed a few new prepaid rate plans.

There are two new Simply Prepaid plans that include unlimited talk, text, and data, with either 4GB or 6GB of 4G LTE data. Pricing for these plans is set at $45 or $55 per month, respectively.

These new plans also include Wi-Fi Calling, mobile hotspot, Music Unlimited for streaming music that doesn’t count against your data usage, and Data Maximizer for optimizing your streaming video to 480p to use less data. Add-ons include Mexico and Canada usage for $5 per month and Stateside International Calling, which offers unlimited calling to landlines in more than 70 countries and unlimited calling and texting to mobile numbers in more than 30 countries, for $15 per month.

Another new prepaid plan that’s now available is the T-Mobile One Prepaid plan. Priced at $75 per month, it includes unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data, as well as Wi-Fi Calling and unlimited 3G mobile hotspot.

Other features of T-Mobile One Prepaid include coverage in Mexico and Canada, 200MB of domestic data roaming, Music Unlimited, and Data Maximizer. Add-ons include the aforementioned Stateside International Calling feature for $15 per month and HD Video passes, which get you unlimited HD video streaming for 24 hours at a price of $3 each.

T-Mobile says that it’s no longer offering its Simple Choice prepaid plans to new customers, but that existing customers on those plans can stay on them if they’d like. Also of note is that while T-Mobile is still advertising its $30 plan that includes 100 minutes, unlimited text, and unlimited data with 5GB of LTE data, T-Mo tells me that it is no longer selling that plan to customers.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • saimin

    $30/month 5GB plan is the best value T-Mobile plan for most people. Who really needs unlimited talk time these days?

    • Wolverinexmen9

      I had this plan once upon a time. That’s funny that you say that about unlimited talk because there are people that say the same thing about unlimited text because we have all these IM and soical media apps to chat on so who needs unlimited text? I say the same about unlimited data on a cell phone. As many people use their phones as their personal computers, I think unless you travel a lot, unlimited data at home from WiFi is the best because these unlimited data plans still cap you off at some point. So who needs unlimited data? And you would be surprised how many people still use the phone to talk with. A lot faster to tell a long story with instead of texting it all out.

      • ɳḁụkỏføx

        WiFi calling doesn’t count towards the 100 minutes. I make my long calls at home, like it’s a landline

    • Sharti24

      Plus you can use the vonage app for unlimited outgoing calls ;)

    • CaliMark

      A lot of People. But only the ones who work for a living. They actually need to use the phone to talk on. I know right? What a concept.

      • zeth006

        I don’t use my personal phone for work. If you own your own business and use your own personal phone number for your business, I can understand. But if you’re working for someone else like most, you either just have an office phone or an employer issued phone.

        In other words, it’s possible to still be on the $30 plan and gainfully employed without being a condescending douche.

        • Loco Mole

          Not everyone work on site. That’s not hard to imagine. Telecommuting, workers on the go, etc.

        • zeth006

          Yeah. Even then, the few people I know who telecommute or are on the road a lot get company issued phones. This is generally the preferred option. I don’t think anyone in the know would willingly allow their company to install administrative software on their personal phones. That’s just asking for trouble.

      • neice

        What kind of work would require you to use your personal phone for business?? Even if you owned your own company I would think you would be wise enough to get a seperate business line…

        • XgudwilX

          Being a realtor I cant get off my effin phone. But its cool.

        • Adam

          I have two numbers going to a single phone. I write off half the bill. Having two physical phones would be a pain and more costly.

        • neice

          That is so smart smh tgis man at my work actually carries 2 phones. 1 a company provided phone and his personal phone I wonder id this is an option for him

        • marque2

          How do you do two phone numbers to a single phone? Do you use call forwarding. TMo told me this could not be done

        • Adam

          I use Google Apps for business, but a free Google voice account should also work. Create a Google account, then port your second number into voice for that account. When placing an outgoing call, you can choose which number will show up on the receiver’s caller ID. The only downside to Google, is it will show the city name instead of business name if the receiver has CNAME service. I keep the voicemails separate, so if someone calls me, they get a different greeting depending on which number the caller use.

        • CaliMark

          Real Estate Sales for one. Entrepreneurs don’t always need a business phone or want to pay for another line for that matter.

      • ɳḁụkỏføx

        “but only the ones that talk for a living” FTFY just finished my 50 hour work week and I’ve used 8 mins of talk in the last month

        • CaliMark

          You obviously don’t own your own business but many others do and don’t need data so much as an actual phone to talk to people.

        • G_uest

          According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, just 10% of American workers are self employed and that percentage has been trending down for the past two decades. Thus, the vast, vast majority of people who work for a living don’t own their own businesses and don’t need a cell phone to talk to people. And if they do, the phone and/or the service is generally supplied by their employer.

    • neice

      Your right, I have five lines on my account I think we might use 5hours a month combined

    • Loco Mole

      Just because you don’t need unlimited talk, doesn’t mean others don’t. There are MANY who unfortunately have to spend a significant amount of time on the phone for work (or for other purpose).

      Not saying the $30 5GB is bad or this new prepaid is good. Just don’t generalize everyone’s need, is all.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Just a few years ago, we paid $50 for true unlimited data. Smh.

  • XgudwilX

    At an amazing 8mbps max.

    • Dakota_Offspring

      Where does it say 8mbps max?

  • Wow so with these plans, you don’t get Binge On anymore. You get Data Maximizer instead which is what MetroPCS uses.

    • coakl

      They got rid of Binge-On and capped the tether/hotspot speed at 3G (256 kbps or 512 kbps?), to discourage people from using the phone’s connection in place of home broadband.
      Under the old plans, people got 2, 6, or 10 GB of Netflix HD (turning the Binge-On off), then unlimited Netflix SD for the rest of the billing period (activate Binge-On) . Now you get neither. All of the traffic counts against your cap, and the tether speed isn’t even good enough for consistent Netflix SD. Even the HD passes on the unlimited plan won’t help…it doesn’t apply to tether/hotspot.

      And when your tethering uses up the ‘high-speed’ allotment (4GB/6GB) at 3G speeds, the tethering drops off to 2G speeds (128 kbps). To really punish anyone who thought they could save a few bucks pretending their phone is a cable modem.

  • titi64

    The hotspot is not limited to 3G speed as stated in the article. T-Mobile updated this earlier this year (because of Verizon). Hotspot is in 4G LTE but limited to 10GB.

    • Corey Jalette

      Yes, it is. Lol they upgraded the postpaid plans to include 10gb let tethering. Not prepaid. Atleast not yet.

      Just checked the T-Mobile website and it states unlimited 3G tethering only. And that is for this new 75 T-Mobile one prepaid plan. No tethering included. And no auto pay option to make it 70$.

      • titi64

        Sorry you’re right!

  • Dave

    Alex, it looks like T-Mobile stopped advertising the $30 plan? Your link now goes to TM prepaid plans page.

  • dm33

    Am I missing something. Isn’t this way more expensive than AT&T’s prepaid plans?

    $45 for 4GB on Tmobile vs.
    $40 for 6GB on AT&T (after $5 autopay discount)

  • Brian the populist.

    75 a month for unlimited data??