Now that T-Mobile’s JUMP! on Demand is here, are you switching? [Poll]

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Yesterday saw the official launch of T-Mobile’s latest Uncarrier phase. As part 1 of #UncarrierAmped, T-Mo decided to give its JUMP! upgrades program a huge revamp. Rather than charge customers monthly for the right to upgrade when they liked, they decided to change it in to a more flexible phone lease program. Now, you’ll pay one monthly rental fee for a new smartphone and then – when you want to change for a new device – you can bring it back and swap it for another smartphone. You can do this up to three times each year.

With the new JUMP! on Demand now being live, I’d like to gather your opinions and decisions on it. Have you, or will you be changing from an existing JUMP! program, are you a new customer or will you be sticking with what you have? Besides, I couldn’t let my time here at TmoNews come to an end without publishing one last poll.

Find out all you need to know about JUMP! on Demand in our in-depth post covering all the ins and outs of T-Mobile’s latest program.

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  • I already have the phone I want, but I don’t see the Nexus line or Sony line on there. So probably wouldn’t until those things do.

    • Allen Alberto Enriquez

      Yes I agree with you brain a. Calderon, they need to have that in motion!

    • skywalkr2

      Yep. I am on original Jump, but I would never switch phone again until I have someone comparable to the size of the Nexus 6.

  • Jeffrey Wang

    Lots of hells…

    • Adrayven

      Yes, with gilded cadge included.

  • Miguelito

    Has anyone ever had the thought of T-Mobile offering three Jump programs available as options. Rather than new customers being forced into the newest one.

    • thepanttherlady

      I don’t know about the 2nd generation of JUMP! but the original is no longer offered. Only those that were grandfathered in have it.

      • mbarnett13

        JUMP 2 is still available and still offered. No one is being forced to do anything and all options are on the table. You just have to decide which option is best for you.

  • Dark enV

    Me personally no, I have my plan set up the way I want where I own my phone and I upgrade every year and pay the phone off very quickly. For others on my plan, yes this is good for them

  • besweeet

    An option of “no — I purchased my device full/outright” would be nice :).

    • 21stNow

      I was about to post the same thing, except I wanted to put a four-letter word at the beginning. ;)

    • JE_25

      This poll was referring to those currently on JUMP, not those who don’t have it.
      “Have you, or will you be changing from an existing JUMP! program”

      • besweeet

        I see. It would’ve been an interesting option, I suppose.

      • 21stNow

        The full question is: “Have you, or will you be changing from an existing JUMP! program, are
        you a new customer or will you be sticking with what you have?”

        The last part seems to be aimed at existing customers that aren’t on the JUMP! programs already.

  • Jonathan Michael

    My only issue is it seems like you cannot pay off the phone early without the 18 months being done. Someone mentioned that it’s in the contract although from what it seems like reading their site that is contradicted a bit. So that has me torn on whether I want to join or not.

  • beyondthetech

    Could anyone give me clarification on why someone *wouldn’t* want to JUMP! on this new program? Isn’t it basically the same as the 24-month EIP but an 18-month payment plan, and if you do want to keep it, just pay the remaining balance at the 18th month, which equates to the full price anyway? Is anyone losing a tax break or feel like it’s not theirs just because it’s a “lease?”

    • Jonathan Michael

      The only issue I have is if something happened and you needed to leave T-Mo then you’d have to pay the lease and return the phone. You rly shouldn’t have to pay the remainder of a lease when they have the phone back and are able to sell it without losing much equity. Now if I was able to buy the phone right then when I was leaving then maybe I’d feel differently. But seems like you’re not able to pay it off early.

    • 21stNow

      I have several reasons:

      1. I wouldn’t want to risk the fees that could be charged at the time of the end of the lease. The water damage indicator is too easy to activate, especially over 18 months.
      2. I like T-Mobile for the no-commitment feel. This is a commitment in the worst way.
      3. I want to own my phones from day one, not ~500 days from now.
      4. I fail to see the advantage to me, the consumer, of this program.
      5. I buy anywhere from 4-7 phones a year across different carriers and unlocked. I doubt that I would even want three phones in one year solely from T-Mobile.
      6. I don’t like monthly equipment fees.

    • krm

      I read somewhere that you won’t be able to do ship direct with the new JUMP! plan which means you won’t be able to pre-order phones and you will have to wait until stores actually have your phone in stock. This won’t work if you want to be an early iPhone adopter.

    • Chris

      I just like owning the phone. I haven’t had any of the JUMP programs. I’m usually careful with my phone. But if I do break it, I have $10 per month that I’ve saved from not paying JUMP to basically add to phone payment (if I break it). If I don’t break the phone and I want a new phone after two years of EIP (if I have any). Then I would just have $240 extra to put as a down payment on the new phone.

      I used to switch phones a lot – before JUMP was announced. But then Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG have all gotten better on upgrading their devices. There are still improvements on their end but it’s not as bad as before. And the quality has also improved. Therefore, there’s really no need to JUMP phones unless you broke it for whatever reason.

      Basically, if you want to own the phone and are careful enough, just EIP it or buy it outright. Will save you the $10 a month.

    • Adam

      This iPhone 6 promo does sound like a good deal. I am curious what the actual lease states, as the residual. Since $164 is based on the list price of $27 per month.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Since I got jump 1st generation I never even jumped before lol

    • kbiel

      It depends on your goals whether you wasted your money. If, like me, you want to upgrade to the latest technology constantly, then Jump v1 saves you tons of money since you plan on shelling out for a new phone at least once a year. So I really only pay for 1/4 of the phone by jumping every 6 months, but I never get rid of phone payments and I pay an extra $3 a month (I was buying the $7/month insurance any way). On the other hand, if you don’t mind using an older phone and wish to save money, then the Jump program (any version) does not really affect you.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        I can’t wait till I’m done with college so I can jump every 6 months

      • beyondthetech

        I’m on JUMP! v1 and I’m paying 10USD a month. Apple’s annual product cycle has me upgrading once every 10-12 months, and I’ve upgraded religiously every year. If I stuck with the original JUMP!, I’m wasting 120USD a year (or 24USD if you just want to count the 8USD/month for the insurance) versus this new JUMP! on Demand program. Also, my iPhones are always fully screen-protected and cased, so I’ve never dropped or water-damaged, let alone scratched them. Given all of that, is there any reason why should I be sticking with the old JUMP over this one?

        • kbiel

          I don’t see why you would. Since Apple phones are on the roster for the new Jump program and, as you stated, new phones come out less often than the 6 month minimum. It makes sense for me because I use Android phones and new flagship devices come out like clockwork in March and September.

    • Phil

      No money wasted.
      The J1 10.00 monthly charge is basically insurance & YOU OWN YOUR PHONE.
      You can jump or sell it on Craigslist etc for device pay off & will have a little extra money in pocket..
      With that money you can pay tax for new J1 device

      • Jay J. Blanco

        So true

  • Whiskers

    I’m on Jump #1 , so switching would not be good for me .
    Plus i don’t want to rent a phone , that’s as bad a car leasing deals .

    • jonzey231

      I love leasing my car. I can turn it back in and get a new one (for less money because I was upside down on my original trade-in) or I can buy it and start doing performance mods to it. Seems like a win in my book, at least in my case.

      • Whiskers

        Had a lease on a Chevy 1500 Silverado and at the end of the lease it was a nightmare turning it in .
        They hit you for anything that’s not perfect and then insult you on a buy price after you already paid 75% of the cost of the vehicle during the lease .
        Never again for me , i buy mine every since and i own it in 4 years and have blue book value when i want to sell it .

        • Frettfreak

          Leases on cars that don’t hold their value never work out much. Also, as a leasing vet..turning it in is ALWAYS a nightmare… You don’t have to turn it in though. You can “trade” in a lease just like any other car and they will pay it off. Just like any other car

        • Whiskers

          Your paying all that money for the bank and car dealers benefit , Why would you want to keep throwing money away and gain nothing .
          At least when you buy it you have something to show for all the money you spent on it and you have something you can sell .

        • arias415

          Having a “new” car constantly is what you are gaining. It comes at a cost but a leasing vet values having the latest models and tech over any savings attributed to owning a car. Both ways have there benefit, owning is almost always less expensive and leasing allows variety and potentially more luxurious vehicles.

    • PC_Tool

      Jump! is renting…unless you choose not to use Jump!, in which case you’re throwing away $10 a month.


      • Phil

        Jump 1 is ownership.
        10.00 throwaway is basically insurance/Look out security software & also allowing you a upgrade if you find unhappiness with device.
        That would be 10.00 well spent.

        • PC_Tool

          Yeah, no.

          You can “own” it on any of the Jump plans, for the exact same cost. (less on JoD, since even with insurance it’s $2 less a month)

          So if someone is going to call one of them a “rental” plan, then by their own definition, all of them are or they are being highly disingenuous.

        • Phil

          Buddy if your leasing chances are you will never own due to balloon payment & worse your locked in for 18 months which starts over on device upgrade.
          As far as 2.00 – Jod savings = 36.00 you can buy 1 mid grade protective case for 3 of your device upgrades

          With Jump 1 your taking an interest free loan with a upgrade option no 18 month lock easier to sell device with little extra in pocket paying tax on upgrade

        • PC_Tool

          Wow – you guys must really love rationalizing…

          J1 is the same as JoD in terms of “ownership”. The only differences in the plans is the term of payments, cost of plan, and number of upgrade opportunities. (J1 you pay of over 24 months, JoD you pay off over 18 and cover the rest at the end.

          On both plans, for “ownership”, you pay the exact same amount, minus the $2 a month on the JoD plan if you go with T-Mo’s Insurance.

          On neither plan are you “locked in” – you can pay off at any time on either or trade up (twice on J1, three times on J2).

          Don’t get me wrong, either is fine depending on your goals. Ownership, however, is not a reasonably defensible argument for or against either.

        • Phil

          Tool When you walk out of store you sign a contract on device.
          Jump 1 is financing purchased device walking out door with sim unlock policy kick in after 90 day.

          Jod is LEASE T-mobile still owns phone locked in for 18 months No sim unlock unless you purchase phone.
          Yes your able to pay off lease to own but back end balloon makes it not such a great investment which you agree with.

          Ive already touched base on how that 2.00 so called “saving” works for those perticapating in Jod in previous comment.

        • PC_Tool

          If you cannot walk away without paying another dime – you don’t own it.

          How you pay for it until it is finally “yours”, and what benefits granted to you prior to ownership do not change the simple fact that you own *nothing* until it is completely paid off.

          Regardless of J1 or JoD. That is the point I was attempting to get across to the OP. The rest is irrelevant.

        • Phil

          Come on Tool your reaching but hey I do like your fight lol

        • PC_Tool

          Which of the above statements are a “reach”?

          I can’t tell if you define ownership differently than the rest of the world, or if you are hung up on something else…

        • Phil

          Financing own.
          Fully own paid in full.
          lease don’t own a thing.

          Financing own Example:
          On Jump 1 after 90 days unlock is issued.
          6 months into Jump 1 service starts sucking or relocating to area TM doesn’t cover well.
          On Jump 1 cancel T service , take unlocked device to AT&T etc keep making payments until paid in full.

          With Jod cancel service return device paying 12 months of payments or pay off device with heavy balloon payment.

          What plan would you want to be on?

        • PC_Tool

          Why do you keep….what I want?…you don’t…*brain explodes*

          It doesn’t matter which plan I want.

          Anything regarding sim-unlock or my own personal preference is irrelevant to the question of ownership – which is the only point I was arguing with OP. Why do you keep trying to make this about something other than ownership?

          I get that you feel J1 is better because you feel you can do more with it earlier. Consider that point made. I understand the concept. I get it. It is still irrelevant.

          Answer this question as simply and concisely as you possibly can:
          Do you own your device faster, or by paying less, on J1 than you do on JoD?

        • Phil

          J1 is finance own out the door while Jod is lease zero ownership.

          Walk in store sign whatever plan pay in full next day no difference .
          Ive never disputed that.
          Its when your months into plans J1 is the best choice for full ownership which Ive went over many times.

          Jod provides zero ownership & ties lease into service.
          You dump service 6 months down the road you must return device & pay 12 months of payment or 18 month balloon to fully own.
          Jods not built for full ownership so when you say there’s no diffrence your sadly mistaking

        • PC_Tool

          One more simple question (try not to make 2 paragraphs out of this one):

          What is the price difference to fully own a device on J1 vs. JoD?

        • Phil

          36.00 – 42.00
          With that $$ Jod subscriber can buy protective case for 1 of their jumps.
          Major saving lol

        • PC_Tool

          Without the Jump fee/Insurance?

        • Phil

          Sorry cant help you not worth answering
          3 phones in 18 month with no insurance is nuts I’m sure you would agree?
          Those on Jod choosing not to buy will loose money.

        • PC_Tool

          I would most definitely agree.

          …but (surprise!) that’s not the point.

          Cost difference (device-only) to own a device on either plan, regardless of time-served: Nothing.

          Time requirement to full device ownership on either plan: None.

          Personally, I believe the whole idea is ridiculous. Anyone looking to own outright is not even considering an EIP-style plan.

        • Phil

          Well so much for
          “Jump! is renting…unless you choose not to use Jump!, in which case you’re throwing away $10 a month”

        • PC_Tool

          Wow… That was pretty clever (if you are purposefully trying to misunderstand my posts to make a point – and if you have to do that…is the point really worth making?)

          Last try:

          If you are on Jump! and you use it only to have the “more better” at any given time, yes; you are effectively renting. For this person, JoD gives them the greater opportunity to have the “more better” whenever they want.

          if you are using Jump! and plan on never upgrading and simply want to pay it off so you can “own” it, yes; you are throwing money away ($2 a month if you need insurance, $10 a month if you do not) unless you are on JoD – at which point “owning” it costs no more than the cost of the device.

          If you want to buy a device outright, you would pay in full, or use EIP. Jump! at that point (any of them) makes little sense. (oh, and you get your sim-unlock @ 40 days now, last I read)

          The only time Jump would make sense for someone who wants to “own” their device is if they are unsure of what device they want and desire the ability to swap them out until they find the right one. JoD gives them the greatest opportunity for this for the lowest cost. (I swear: if you so much as mention “balloon payment”, I’m done. If 1/4 the cost of the device is such a huge issue – “which Jump! plan is better” is hardly your biggest problem.)

          OP claimed J1 was “owning” and JoD was renting. It’s idiocy. They are both “renting” if you use the Jump! opportunities, and are both “owning” if you choose to pay it off. (Read: it’s not one or the other – claiming one is renting and the other is owning is disingenuous at worst, ignorance at best.)

        • Phil

          Doing the copy/past quote on funked GS5 screen was cleaver
          Man it took me 10 tries lol

          Your comment is all over the place so Lets go over basics ,

          Jump 1 – Loan provided by TM you take part ownership out the door provided unlock after 90 days.
          Jod Lease – TM fully owns device play out 18 month terms tied into service.
          Renting- You never obtain ownership.
          Rent to Own – None of the Above.

          Jump 1 10.00 fee – Insurance , Lookout Premium security software & jump freedom.
          We both agree 8.00 of 10.00 is money well spent but your hung up on 2.00.
          For Jump 1 owners that extra 2.00 provides premium security software check it out really good stuff.

          Jod users don’t have to pay 10.00 to play.
          We both agree not taking on 8.00 insurance is stupid.
          2.00 saved buys them protective case for one Jod jump

          Ok that pretty much sums it up so Whats the better deal ,
          It depends on what user wants which we’ve touched on in are long conversion

      • Whiskers

        But only $2 of the $10 monthly fee is for my jump #1 program .
        The other $8 of it is for the phone insurance , so the $2/month is not much for an option to jump IF i want to jump.
        Of course Jump #2 sucks and i would’nt blame anyone from wanting to get off that program .

        • PC_Tool


          I’ve not seen this level of self-delusion in quite some time.

          JoD is exactly the same as J1 but you can actually “own” your device faster without paying the extra $2 ($10 if you forego insurance)

          The big difference (and likely what you’re actually complaining about instead of some ridiculous “rental” argument) is the higher payment at the end of the 18 month term (vs keeping the lower payments for the full 24 months).

          That would be a logical/rational reason to prefer J1 over JoD. (Unless you actually planned on jumping at any time).

        • whiskers

          Self delusion , nice try.

  • Phil

    Simply said – Hell, no! – JUMP version 1 grandfathered customer and never changing.
    Jod has to many unknowns with many future changes that customers will have NO control over. Top that off being stuck in 18 month lease = bad outcomes.
    Those taking Jod leap I wish you luck.

  • Zach Mauch

    um… where is the “No, I always buy outright and always will.” option. It’s cheaper and always will be.

  • Brian Austin

    Wish I would have had the chance to join Jump 1 as that is the best deal no matter what – switched from VZW just a little too late. No way in hell I’m doing Jump 2, pretty much a rip off when it comes to down it. I usually sell my phone on swappa, pay off EIP, and switch to different phone but that takes a lot of steps so in short: yes, I will be switching to JOD once I can sell my G3!

    • Alex Danaci

      how can you sell on swappa before paying off your EIP?

      • gmo8492

        Well the whole point is that anyone that has a T-Mobile simcard (unless if its not unlock) can still use a phone on EIP. Once you get the cash the original owner pays it off and everyone moves on. But some shady people just take the cash never pay off the phone and it gets blacklisted a few months later. Its risky and people usually don’t want to disclose the phone is on EIP for a quick sale.

        • Alex Danaci

          hmm i see. i always thought Swappa did not allow it. Thats why going with EIP and selling on craigslist gets really troublesome.

        • gmo8492

          My friend still sells on craiglist, he mostly asks them to meet up in a police station where they can make a deal.

        • Alex Danaci

          True. i usually meet them up at a Tmobile store. they hand me the cash, i pay off the EIP infront of the with a receipt. However, swappa would definitely be much easier.

        • thepanttherlady

          It’s the buyer that gets screwed from buying on Craigslist from a shady seller. Buy a phone that gets reported lost or stolen (or the account holder doesn’t pay their bill) and you find yourself with a blacklisted paperweight.

        • gmo8492

          That’s why buyers should treat the transaction like if they were interviewing someone. Ask questions and reasons why they no longer want the phone. When it gets right down to it ask for a receipt to see if the device was paid off before hand. Going to a store seems like a better solution to verify if the phone has been paid off like Alex suggested.

        • thepanttherlady

          Problem doesn’t just exist for phones purchased via EIP. The way the blacklist database is currently used provides buyers with absolutely no protection. I can sell you a device today that is free and clear of any payments and report it lost or stolen tomorrow. You’re screwed.

        • gmo8492

          You’re absolutely right, I’ve been through a similar situation before and it has happen to people in the past. But this is not the case for most people who buy a phone from someone else. We really can’t let the fear of something bad happening dictate the way we purchase items. If we get burned we get burned, it just makes us more self aware and makes us smarter shoppers.

        • thepanttherlady

          That’s one way of looking at it. I, on the other hand, prefer to be a smarter shopper before being burned and no longer purchase used phones.

        • thepanttherlady

          Except doesn’t Swappa explicitly state you cannot sell a phone currently on EIP? I thought they verified the IMEI#?

        • gmo8492

          I’m not very familiar with swappa policy, but this is common place for places like eBay and craiglist. I’m always wary of buying a phone from there unless it explicitly states that the phone is factory unlocked and non-carrier affiliated.

        • Alex Danaci

          Here is what swappa says:

          Not allowed:
          Devices with an outstanding EIP balance (money owed to carrier).

        • Swappa goes through a *lot* of steps, not least of which is IMEI verification. We sold an S4 on it about 6 months ago. I was surprised at the diligence they put into the process.

        • thepanttherlady

          I’ve only sold one device on there. Was a very smooth transaction.

        • Alex Danaci

          Here is what swappa says:

          Not allowed:
          Devices with an outstanding EIP balance (money owed to carrier).

        • gmo8492

          I was speaking in general and not particularly about swappa which I’m sure people can still get away with some things if they wanted to, refer to my other post.

        • Phil

          I feel shady sales will be even worse with JOD unfortunately .

          I’m Jump 1 My 1st device with TM was LG G2.
          I put 200.00 down , used it for 4 months , sold it on craiglist met buyer at store did payoff making extra 100.00 from sale then picked up S5.
          With jod on the market that will be harder to pull off thanks to abusers……& there will many

  • Richard Darrington

    I’m interested but the rep in the store said I have to pay off my current phone in full first before joining, which I owe a bit on. I guess this is good for new customers, I was super excited about it til that hit me

  • TBN27

    Just no to all types of “Jump” I buy my phones to last me and not to get the lat at and the greatest. Then when I am ready, I will buy the phone out right or use EIP to obtain a new one when my current one no longer suits my needs or is at the end of its useful life.

  • Rob H.

    I already owned my own phone(N5) before Jump ever announced. Plus I’m on MetroPCS so. If T-Mobile offered the Idol3 5.5″ I’d be interested.

    • steveb944

      Considering the low price of the Alcatel, I don’t expect it to be part of On Demand. It’s superphones with superprices.

  • Adam

    I picked EIP in the vote, but recently I (really my kids) have been buying last year’s model off eBay. I know people that constantly buy new phones, but keep their old ones as a backup (really too lazy to sell). For those people Jump on Demand will be much better than having a drawer full of old phones. Stopping the phone collectors will put downward price pressure on the used market, giving people like me even better deals. Thanks T-Mobile.

  • Trevnerdio

    Thanks for everything, Cam, you will be missed :)

    On the topic of the article, I am kind of torn. For now, there’s nothing I’d really like upgrading to, even though I’m a full 8 months in to owning the Note Edge. I’d like to upgrade, but nothing’s really catching my eye. Maybe the new Nexus? Hope they make it great.

  • Ryan

    I went to the store today to sign up for jump on demand and found it makes no sense. The lease price is the same as eip. Except once you have paid off 75% of your phone you turn it in and start all over. Normal leases factor in a discount since the company will be receiving the product with some value intact.

    • Fabian Cortez

      I think the “extra” that you’re paying for, which is the same as EIP, is the three times a year upgrade.

    • Adam

      There are two factors that make Jump on Demand expensive. One, phones have very low residual value. Two, T-Mobile would not be doing this if it was not more profitable than customer purchases.

    • taxandspend

      Or you pay off the remaining 6 months and keep it. I think that’s the difference. You have to come up with 6 months worth to keep it after 18 months, or you have to turn it in.

    • Stone Cold

      In the end it will still be the full price if you by the phone at the end of the 18 months.

  • Jesslyn Hendrix

    My pattern has been to update once a year. And since I’ve fallen in love with vanilla Android in the form of the Nexus 5, 6 and/or 9, that practice will probably continue. The new Jump plan is for the customer with a bit of cash in their pocket and the desire to ALWAYS have the latest. Since I’m grandfathered into the 1st Jump plan, that is all I need.

    • JJCommonSense

      Im like you, on the Jump 1.0 plan… but in. All honesty its cheaper for you to do the new jump because then you dont have to pay taxes on the full price of the phone when u get it. So i see no reason not to switch to the new jump when its time for your next upgrade.

      • jp

        Yes you do. You ALWAYS have to pay taxes on the full price, unless you’re getting trade-in credit. But if you JUMP, they pay off the balance of the installments on your first phone.

        • JJCommonSense

          Actually, you dont. Its in the text that you dont pay the taxes up front.. u pay taxes monthly with your lease.. but if you’re only keeping the phone for 1 year youre still not paying the same amount of taxes that u would have paid with the regular jump eip. Read the press release

        • donnybee

          Actually, I don’t think you pay equipment taxes with your lease payments. The reason you don’t pay sales tax when you get the phone is because you didn’t buy the phone. You are paying to borrow it. The minute you purchase the device, whether upfront or in installments, you pay sales tax on the selling price. So when you go to buy the phone after 18 months, you’re going to pay sales tax. But I imagine it will be much lower due to the new low price.

        • donnybee

          The tax is a sales tax. If you aren’t being sold the device, you aren’t paying sales tax. If you pay to rent it, that’s still the property of T-Mo, and therefore, not subject to sales tax until a purchase of the device is made.

    • Stone Cold

      I am like you upgrade once a year no need for the new jump.

  • YABD

    Maybe in the future I will switch to the new jump.

  • Corpus Frisky

    Jump On Demand is in-store only. Stores aren’t stocking 128GByte versions of iPhones. So how do I jump to that model? What am I missing? That’s the only upgrade I want to do right now because my 64GB version is maxed out.

    • platinumer

      Stores now have the option to place a special order to be shipped to the store with a week or two to process these transactions.

  • Hiro

    I’ve got Jump 1 and am contemplating it. I mean the whole reason for getting Jump is to trade in your phone and upgrade, and you can buy the phone for the regular cost at any point anyway.

    The biggest loss is the insurance… $8 extra puts you almost right back to JUMP cost. We shall see when the new iPhone comes out


      Exactly what I said the whole idea of the JUMP plan is to trade in your phone. You never really own the phone anyway since you are still making payments so why pay more for a device you plan to turn in anyway? With the Jump on demand plan you don’t pay the taxes or any activation. You also have the option to upgrade more often. The only thing I see as a “loss” vs the original JUMP is no lookout protection. You actually save $2 a month off the original jump keeping the insurance (which I think is mandatory with the cost of smart phones). If you plan to never pay off your phone and upgrade at least 1 time a year this plan is the way to go.

  • benben

    The only deal here is no deal
    The want you to pay 24.99 a month for 18 mouth just like you buying it so you pay 100 $ every 4 month if you want switch you have to sign new lease

    • NardVa

      If you don’t plan on switching phones often, then the plan it would not be smart to sign up for On Demand.

      • benben

        You cant charge full price to lease
        there’s something wrong with this concept

        • JayMo86

          It’s not full price. The total of 18 monthly payments total to less than the full retail price of the device. Now if you decide to buy device using he “purchase option” you’ll pay the difference between the original retail price and your total monthly lease payments

  • Chris

    I have the jump 1.0 . I just talk to a sales rep. They told me on the new jump on demand, the description part of your plan online under the new jump will show LEASE . You cant sell it or keep it if you wanted too. The original jump 1.0 let u sell it on craigslist and pay off your eip. I rather pay the extra $2 a month , than seeing lease all over billing description.

    • NardVa

      You can buy the phone out right under the lease agreement and keep the phone. It’s not mandatory you give the phone up.

      • Chris

        The description part of the jump on demand. You must return your phone.

        • Phil

          No you can buy phone but that balloon payment will scare you away.
          Then theres accessory’s used with device ,Good luck selling them

        • NardVa

          T-Mobile confirmed at the end of 18 months you can return the phone or buy it.

        • Chris

          Sorry, i just read it over. U have the option to buy it .AFTER 18 months lease agreement.

    • steven berson

      Also remember your payment term is 18 month. So if you purchase a $700 phone tax added to the lease $45 = $745. With a 18 month term you pay $41.38 + 8 (if you add insurance) TOTAL= 49.38 per month. With Jump 1 its $700, 24 month term = $29.16 + 10 jump = $39.16 (45$ taxes / by 24 month term) = $1.87 month. TOTAL = $41.03. The new jump is more expensive.

      • JayMo86

        This is incorrect. They do not factor in taxes when paying off the lease plan. Taxes are only added when deciding to purchase the device at the end of your term. Plus, the $8 insurance is optional(although quite risky not having it). So if you honestly see yourself keeping your “high end” phone for more than 18 months, then this is not for you. Otherwise its not so bad

        • steven berson

          Are you sure? I thought the same thing until was told by 2 reps that you don’t pay the taxes upfront however when you get the phone its added to the lease cost which you pay monthly. If you upgrade 1 to 2 times jump 1 is a better option, however if you need more upgrades, or don’t need insurance then this new jump is the way to go. In addition you are limited to which device you can get with this new plan. Honestly jump 1 is a better deal.

        • JayMo86

          I am positive. I am also a rep. But I do agree, Jump 1.0 is the better deal IMO. But being that it is a grandfathered feature, JOD is the
          best option currently available. Lease payments are actually the same as EIP payments. I originally thought otherwise…It is true that devices are currently limited, but the hope is that they will include future devices going forward. Had a customer today who was bummed out that they couldn’t use JOD for a Note 4 since it wasn’t offered as one of the devices

        • YoYo123

          The Note 4 IS one of the devices…

        • JayMo86

          Any confirmation of such?

        • elite2291

          yes its on the t-mobile website

        • JayMo86

          Website may be in error…(It usually is) Had a customer who specifically tried to do so wit the Note 4. Ended up settling for regular S6

        • steven berson

          Ill take your word for it. Every time i call 611 i get a different answer from a different rep and its getting frustrating! Note 4 is not available with the new plan? Thats just silly. Im currently using it and its the best phone out to this date (my opinion). This is my biggest fear that they limit to which phone you can switch to. Previous jump plans have no restrictions.

      • alex

        I rather pay a bit more and get three brand new phones a year without headache of reselling phones. Living a luxury life :)

        • steven berson

          Well if your on jump 2 i would probably sign of for jump on demand. However if your grandfathered in jump 1 it makes sense to keep it, pay less and upgrade twice a year. With all the jump plans you just return it to tmobile no need to resell it. 3 upgrades a year is too much for me. Not enough good phones each year to upgrade 3 time a year. I usually just get the top android phone for 6 months and the iPhone for the last 6 month. Enjoy the luxury life =p

      • TaylorW86

        I am a rep, and Steven Bersen is incorrect. With JUMP on demand you do not pay for the full cost of the phone under your lease agreement. For instance, if you get the iPhone 6+ under the program you are only leasing around 550 dollars, which means that your payments are $550/18 and the cost to purchase your phone at the end of the lease will be $200. The same goes for the other 4 “Super phones”, the leased amount is about 3/4 the total cost of the phone, with the remaining 1/4 being the purchase price.

        • steven berson

          I apologize if Im incorrect. Im just stating what 2 reps told me. Every time I call in I get a different answer. When is the tax due? If you decide to buy the phone or added into the lease?

        • Lease Re-set

          Taylorw86, rep, please elaborate in greater detail about the lease being extended (re-set) each time you upgrade by 12 months per a retail representative…on the Jump on Demand Program!

  • None of the above: I’m neither in JUMP nor in EIP. I only buy what I can afford outright.

    • arias415

      Why would you pay in full when it’s an intrest free loan. That’s free money that could be working for you?

      • Ray

        What if down the road you get into financial trouble? That $20-30 can make a difference.
        Personally I like the feeling of something being paid off. It’s like a cut. Paying outright hurts, but as it heal, you no longer have to worry about it. Pay and forget.

      • Evidently, you are mathematically challenged.

      • Stone Cold

        You are still paying all the fees and it is still full price if you buy the phone at the end of the lease.

      • See what I would use solely as convenience to switch phones between the year or so. I would save up the amount for the smartphone I want, use Jump 3.0, deduct the payments per month of what I saved up, and then trade in and upgrade when I want to, and use the money I have already saved up to pay off the payments, so I don’t have to worry about it. I see it as convenience. Though it’s easy to sell smartphone on Swappa and sites of the such, it can be a hassle having to even do that process. Especially considering the deteriorating value of your smartphone that goes down hill so quickly upon release.

    • ssjchaseutley

      I own the Galaxy S4. Even with no Lollipop, the phone does more than enough for my purposes. I think anything more than this is far too extravagant for my tastes. I could be in the majority in this sentiment.

  • Joshua Johnston

    I was planning on getting my line and my partner’s line upgraded to this from the BYOD Nexus 5’s we had so we could get onto some Band 12 action, but that got slightly derailed by the #phoneshame campaign on Twitter where I was given a Galaxy S6 Edge for free by @TMobile. So.. I guess I’m waiting on one phone for this plan instead of two. :D

  • n8erman

    So let’s say I’m willing to pay $30/mo for the luxury of getting a new phone ever 4 months or so. Isn’t that really what we’re talking about here? In the end, I “own” nothing, but I can always give them the keys and drive out with a new car. Right? Am I missing something?

    • steveb944

      It’s the same $30 you would pay on EIP. At the end of 18 months the payments you made will be applied to the purchase if you’d like, also you can pay it off early and own the device.

      Depending on your credit you won’t have any up front costs, but with the car you’ll have a lot of fees show up vs the phone having no fees.

      • archerian

        anyone who signs up for JOD does so for the luxury of changing devices ever so often. Each time they move to a new device the lease gets reset. What are the chances that someone who signed up to upgrade so often keeps the same phone for 18 months and then buys a 2 year old used phone outright?

        Upfront costs depend not only on credit but phone ‘trim’ so to speak. The ones with higher storage have down payment regardless from what I hear.

        • steveb944

          anyone who signs up for JOD does so for the luxury of changing devices ever so often.
          Not necessarily. You could just want a device to use on the network and not worry about it ever getting old.

          What are the chances that someone who signed up to upgrade so often keeps the same phone for 18 months and then buys a 2 year old used phone outright?
          It’s the same as EIP because you’re ‘financing’ that device for two years, you’ll finish paying off when it’s old. I don’t see JOD as an upgrade program solely, it’s don’t worry about old devices program.

    • Dennis Harker Jr

      N8erman… Youre not missing anything. I was at my local TMo store first thing Sun. I picked up the G4… Come October, the Note 5 is an option. Its actually easier than leasing a car in the fact that with a car lease…. You are LOCKED into a car you may hate.
      I’ve been with TMo for almost 5 years… I think this is a great opportunity for tech heads like me that always want New.
      Just my 2 cents.

  • The Odd-one-Out of the Group

    I guess, I am the Odd-one-Out of the group. I decided to go with the Jump-Demand leasing option and today, I got the IPhone 6 plus. Due to an awesome T-mobile Associate, it was a very positive experience and straight-forward process without any hiccups! However, given some of the comments, I will revisit the numbers….

    • neospade44

      That deductible though (supposing you got the $8 insurance). A store sales representative told me the deductible would be about $240 for an iPhone 6! (compared to $150-$175 on the Jump 2.0).

      • THXULTRA

        If you get the insurance the deductible is the same as the regular JUMP plan it is the same insurance. If you don’t get the insurance and you damage the phone a cracked screen is $250, water damage is $250 and Device doesn’t power on is $250 they also add up so if you have a water damaged phone that doesn’t power up it is $500 och… Better off buying the phone at that point or better have the insurance.

      • The Odd-one-One of the Group

        Yes, correct…However, after reading other comments, especially Archerian, I returned the device. The lease is extended (re-set) each time you upgrade…And the sales person fail to mention those fine But important details!

    • archerian

      Is there a remorse period for the lease?

      • The Odd-one-Out of the Group

        Yes, 14 days…And based on your insightful comments on another TmoNews discussion (re-set of lease each time you upgrade), I returned the device!

  • nycplayboy78

    I am on JUMP! 1.0 and I buy my phones OUTRIGHT for my line and then on my shared plan line I do the upgrade and then like 6 months later pay it off with no problems at all and I have my JUMP! powers yet once again….This JUMP! 2.0 is very confusing…SIGH….

  • Jeremytallman

    Just called my local store and picked their brains. The Zero Down, no Taxes, Fees, etc. up front is Typical Slick, Misleading Advertising, as usual. It is ONLY Zero Down if you go with the base model of a given phone (Example: iPhone 6 Plus – 16GB – $0 Down; 64GB $99 Down; 128GB $199 – Then Monthly Lease Payment of 28.50. They also give you a $12 dollar monthly credit if you are trading in a phone.) Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is same as above, without the bill credit for trad in and $31.66 a month.

    So really no different, other than being back end loaded to encourage upgrading and turning in phones, so that T-Mobile can play the lucrative used market. You still have to get insurance; but the options here open up to Squaretrade, etc.

    Also, if you want lower end phones for the kiddos, Jump on Demand is not an option.

    Anyone found different information than this?


      I got a iphone 6 plus 64gig with no money down. They are also giving a $12/month credit if you trade in your old phone. Plan makes sense if you are going to trade your phone in at least once a year because payments are also lower. You only pay for part of the phone since you are leasing it. There is a big payment at the end of 18 months if you want to keep the phone that covers the remaining cost of the phone so if you decide to buy the phone you are only paying what the phone costs like a eip.

      • JJCommonSense

        That could vary depending on the local tax laws… Here in Crook County Killanois, we get taxed on EVERYTHING! LOL. I work in the mobile department at a retail store and when we sign people up for the Sprint leasing program, there’s taxes added to the monthly payment. You can lease an iphone 6 for $20 a month but on the lease agreement it’ll show $21.80 per month (including 9% sales tax). Now at the end of the lease, u can pay the $200 to keep the phone-I dont know if thats taxed or not.

      • jtothada

        ok how did you get iphone 6 plus 64gb at 0 down? they tried to charge me $100

        • THXULTRA

          Strange they didn’t charge me anything maybe you should try a different store. I did have to trade my old phone in.

  • Mark McCoskey

    Still using my Galaxy Note 2. Don’t see a phone being offered that I like. Would love to see a US release of the Huawei MediaPad X2.

    • MatthewPDX

      Not the Note 4?

      • Mark McCoskey

        The Note 4 is 0.2″ larger than the Note 2, whereas the X2 is a 7″ smartphone. Since I read more than talk, and I only want 1 device, a 7″ smartphone would be perfect for me.

        • PMB01

          There’s no such thing as a 7″ smartphone; that’s called a tablet.

  • Brandon

    I’m debating on it, I have the original JUMP and just got the Nexus 6 back in February and I haven’t seen any recent phones that I’ve even considered ditching the Nexus for, although it would save me $24/year (yea I know that’s barely anything) and I get to upgrade to 3 phones per year instead of 2. The no upfront costs is pretty nice, when I used my first JUMP on the Note 3 it cost me $200 up front!

    • elite2291

      you would still have to give an upfront because you are not well-qualified.

    • Randall Lind

      If you pay on time for 12 months you get the same $0. So are you saying no taxes up front?

  • AS118

    I like owning my phone, and T-mobile never has the phones I really want anyway (like the Moto X or the Xperia Z3 Compact) so I think I’ll just stick with my current jump and pay my phone off.

    It’s not like the G2 isn’t still a beast of a phone anyways.

    • Cruise Guy

      Was the G2 upgraded to Edge yet? :)

  • Edgardo A. Soto Rodriguez

    What if you damage the phone, how that is going g to work with their cheap insurance.. You will have to get a chunck of money to fix a phone is not yours, they should just give you another one right way becuse you are paying for insurance foraphone is not yours.. That would make a difference If the phone is not mine I expect to get another one at no cost if is broken or damage.

    • Genecio

      That’s tantamount to you leasing your a car then damaging it and feeling that you should be held responsible for the damages. Unless you pay for insurance you’re on the hook.

  • Georgios Renieris

    I would switch to that if there was 3 phones a year I wanted For now I like jump the way it is for me with the EIP

  • Im an Iphone user on the first jump program.. for me it makes no sense

  • D_Wall__

    If i have the Nexus 6 and have original Jump 1 program not eligible for upgrade until Oct. What would be my best option? I am a Nexus lover but what else could be better? Should i stick to my twice a year upgrade? Lowering my bill a few bucks kind of makes since. My GF is on Jump 2 and could use a new iphone.

  • Cam’s Last Day…

    Cam, simply said, it has been our (readers) pleasure to have you as the Managing Editor. Understanding family priorities, we honor your decision, however, you will be missed. Much Success, always…

  • archerian

    already the in store reps have started interpreting Jump! On Demand in different ways… a lot of headaches and unwitting signups for sure based on wrong reading of the rules.

    Keep it simple T-mobile. Outright purchase or simple installments. Leave the phone selling and upgrade to the people who want to upgrade every 4 months to them, less complications and quite frankly they get better choices. But yes, you brought it upon yourself with Contract Freedom – no more ball and chains unless its some new convoluted versions of lease and lease to own. Playing in the after market for phones is profitable, but it attracts more sub-prime customers that bring added risk.

  • charles stoner

    I’m a tmobile customer I have the jump 1 program I went there the first day the new jump came out went to trade my phone in they said it had to be paid off if I wanted to get in the new jump they said if was trading a phone in from a different wireless provider it would be ok and they said I could only get an I phone

    • elite2291

      If you want to do the iphone promo then you trade in a device other than that you are eligible for gs6, edge, note 4 and g4 as well.

  • Eric Butler


  • NardVa

    We need one more breaking story Cam before you go.

  • emcdonald75

    T-Mobile has one upped Sprint again. Sprint has a new leasing program, which is $20 for the phone if the GBs on the phone are 16 or equivalent, such as iPhone 6 16GB, and $60 for an unlimited voice, text and data plan. Here is the kicker. The new All-In Sprint Plan limits video streaming to 600Kbps. Can Sprint do this? Isn’t this against the new FCC rules for throttling if a carrier is advertising the sale of an unlimited plan?

    • Cruise Guy

      Actually its 50 for all you can eat on Sprint. $60 for all phones, but $50 for the Iphone 6 or 6 plus if you purchase, lease, or Bring your Own. Interesting.

      • emcdonald75

        I was referring to Sprint’s new All In plan, not the old $50 leasing plan. I read a news story this morning in which Sprint’s CEO Marcelo Claure says that Sprint will no longer throttle video speeds after the backlash from the public. Yeah for speaking out and being heard!!!!

    • Dylan Aarhus

      Yes you are correct if a data plan is truly unlimited they can not throttle at all

  • JTrip

    Does it hurt when you “Jump”? From the goofy picture above it looks like it hurts.

  • Corpus Frisky

    Since Jump on Demand is an in-store only offer, and since stores don’t carry the higher memory capacity devices like the 128GB iPhone 6, it seems there is no way for me to use JoD to get from my current 64GB iPhone to a 128GB one. Am I missing something?

    • mueller794

      Nope. You are correct. I don’t know why anyone would join jump on demand at this point unless you are fine with a limited choice of phones and storage options.

    • platinumer

      Stores now have the option to place a special order to be shipped to the store to process these transactions.

  • Barry G

    Tmobile had the audacity to tell me my iPhone 6 in great condition is worth only in $100 Trade in. I can’t see anybody benefitiing from the plan anymore at all until something is changed

    • Hilarious

      Yes, it is Hilarious LOL, LOL, LOL…

    • Precision Steam Roller


      Well.. Actually… Because T-Mobile is issuing you a phone, and then sells that obligation to Wallstreet Bankers, (it’s called “Securitization” and something like a home mortgatge)… It’s not surprising.

      Wallstreet bankers who live in New York, near by Trump Hotel, live in very expensive condominiums, and Bankers also have very discerning palates. Filet Mignon every night isn’t cheap.

  • skywalkr2

    So my understanding was you could switch from Jump 2 to jump on demand when you were eligible for upgrade. The store says no. Says you have to pay FULL EIP before you can switch.

  • Still on the first “Jump” program and sticking with it… all these dumb changes… F’ That..

  • VegasSmitty

    I’m Jumping to Verizon!

  • Nope. I’m not going to go on jump. I’ll stay where I am or (possibly) join SCORE!.

  • Lease or Not to Lease

    It appears T-mobile took a page out of their old play book on contracts, I was told by representative (retail store) the lease is extended (re-set) each time you upgrade. So, it keeps you locked in…Yes, I know you can cancel and pay the penalties… which reminds me of the old contracts ETF,etc…

  • You can use Jump on Demand and Score! together right?

    • John Michael Guerra

      I’d like to do this. Have you found out if this is possible?

      • It is, according to T-Mobile whom I spoke with the other day.

        • John Michael Guerra

          Just an FYI: I tried and it can’t be done :( They added Score to my line and then when trying to add Jump on Demand, it came up with an error saying Jump on demand can not be combined with Jump, Jump2, or Score. Sad day :(

        • I’m gonna have to check that out because that’s a lie (whomever told you that) according to their website, it clearly states you can use both Jump and Score. I have the PDF file of it where it states you can have both, unless they changed the terms and conditions.

        • John Michael Guerra

          Yeah it sucks for sure. I really wanted both Jump on Demand and Score! So I just signed up for JoD – hopefully they keep giving incentives for JoD. If not, I will probably sign up for Score after JoD lease ends.

          PS: on the JoD promo they have for the iPhone 6, you can trade in any smartphone. So I went on Craigslist and bought some ancient androids for $10 each. They just have to power on, no water damage, and no cracked screen.

        • They did say that you can have a EIP (Equipment installment plan) without jump though, and use that in conjunction with Score! They always said you can try to trade in your smartphone to the T-Mobile store. So that’s the option I’ll take EIP, and Score!

        • But, I’m glad you were able to find an option that works best for you, with such a great deal.

        • I spoke to them. What they said is, when I got that document, that was the original jump. That and Score can be used together. But Jump on Demand and Score can’t be used together, which sucks.
          If anything, they should’ve added that as a Uncarrier amped moved, because to me, that’s uncarrier like. I guess at least paying $10 gets me insurance tho *sigh*

  • AmyRArchibald


  • Randall Lind

    I am on Jump 1 and Samsung comes out once a year with a new phone so I don’t see the need for on demand. I think all I need to do and pay half to jump anyway so I can get a phone every 6 months if I wanted

  • Philip

    I just buy my new phone and sell the old one. I do this every year.

  • Chris

    Yes, an iPhone 6, but only because of the $200 credit for trading in an old Moto G that I paid $150 for last year that has essentially $0 value. But normally I wouldn’t.

  • Ralph

    Here’s the problem with Jump, in all its flavors, as I found out. Remember you’re paying some exorbitant amount of money every month…. 40 bucks minimum… usually closer to 50 if you buy a high end phone…. that’s the EIP payment plus the 10 dollar jump fee. Once you decide to get off this ridiculous treadmill, you have only two options: 1) buy the phone you currently use or 2) buy a new cheaper phone just so you can end the madness. Basically, I misunderstood the part about leaving. You can’t leave without buying somehting: either your current phone or a new cheaper phone. It’s like the Hotel California: you can check out, but you can never leave.

  • Rob

    I’ll keep Jump 1… This lease program is basically a contract. EIP if I leave T-Mobile, I have to pay off the rest of the phone balance. This is an 18 month lease that resets every time you get a new phone… Thanks but no thanks. And T-Mobile has horrible trade in rates. At least I know with JUMP I am having my whole balance wiped and I am leaving with a new phone on a new EIP