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Before I started physically pressing keys to type this, I didn’t think it would be as hard as it is. But very sadly, my time with TmoNews (and PhoneDog Media) is coming to an end. I wanted to give you advance notice that June 30th is officially my last day writing about all things T-Mobile US.

When I first took over TmoNews back in November 2013, I had no idea what I was doing. In fact, I was daunted by the prospect of trying to fit in to the shoes of David Beren, the site’s founder and former editor-in-chief. Having worked closely with him before, I felt a huge sense of pressure to try and keep the site running the best I could and learn about T-Mobile as fast as possible. Before he left he was my direct manager, and rarely did a day go by where I wasn’t speaking with him and getting his advice and critique on my work.

I have to say, it’s been one of the toughest challenges I’ve taken on so far. I’ve spent many nights being up until the early hours on the phone to sources, or accepting calls from T-Mobile. I’ve had many months of nervously checking all my details to make sure I didn’t assume anything, or get anything wrong. I had to research all kinds of information to be sure I was as clued up as I could be on the carrier I had no experience of. Thanks to you – the readers, commenters and sources of TmoNews – and your collective genius, that task was made easier. I’ve never had a blogging experience more nerve-wrecking or exhilarating. It’s been fantastic.

Like many of you, I was surprised when I was asked to do it. But I took it on because I like challenges. And this has been an awesome challenge. More importantly, I’ve loved being part of the community here. David built up an incredible group of commenters and email contacts who love sharing, talking and – sometimes – complaining about all things Magenta. And for the most part, I’ve felt welcomed by you in to that community. You’re not shy to tell me when I get things wrong, encourage me or give me insights I maybe didn’t have before. You guys are what have made TmoNews work over my time here.

It’s said so often in the media that it’s almost a cliché, but, without you I wouldn’t have had this opportunity. I’m very thankful to all of you. I’m also thankful to T-Mobile for being available to explain and clarify issues for our readers (their customers).

There are always things I wish I’d done better. That’s just part of any job and improving in any capacity. But I thank you for taking time to read my articles and engaging with me in the comments. This time has meant a lot to me, as have some of you who I’ve got to know pretty well over the past year or so.

TmoNews will continue on with the same focus on bringing you all the important updates, leaks and rumors, but it will have to do so without me. If you want to stay in touch, feel free to follow me or shout at me on Twitter where I am now: @CamBunton. In the mean time, I have a couple of weeks left to keep you up to date on all things T-Mo. So feel free to chat in the comments. I’ll still be around online.

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