T-Mobile BlackBerry Classic getting update from today

Des Smith, the ever-popular T-Mobile product guru announced last night that the carrier’s BlackBerry Classic is about to get its first software update. T-Mo will start rolling out BlackBerry OS from today, June 17. If you’re one of the few who has the device, be sure to check your settings for a software update.

OS comes with a handful of small-ish improvements. BlackBerry Protect is being update to include Device Antitheft. It more than likely comes with some performance improvements too. But they’re so minor, they haven’t even made it to T-Mobile’s software versions support page.

The BlackBerry Classic famously returned the Canadian tech company’s products to T-Mobile store shelves for the first time since the two companies had a public fallout last year. BlackBerry weren’t happy with the way T-Mo was targeting its customers with iPhone promotions. In response, T-Mobile offered them a chance to trade-in any old BlackBerry and reward them for it. Thankfully, now, the two companies have put that behind them. BlackBerry and T-Mobile are on good terms, and John Chen event sent John Legere a customized BlackBerry Classic for his birthday.

Let us know if you spot anything interesting in the software update.

Thanks, Alex

Source: T-Mobile, Twitter (askdes)
Via: CrackBerry

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  • kingRidiculous

    T-Mo just needs to brin WiFi Calling to the Classic! WFC is a big differentiator for T-Mo!

    • AJ

      Absolutely agree! The sad thing is that the T-Mobile Classic device is getting this .798 update, but doesn’t look like those who bought an unlocked version directly from Blackberry are getting it today (at least mine hasn’t yet). And I am not sure why WFC is not available for the Classic. My understanding is there was a TMO app that allowed WFC for the early BB10 devices. I have expressed my input to the executive branch of T-Mobile. Hopefully WFC will be sooner rather than later.

  • Ryan

    No update for any previous generation T-Mobile BlackBerrys?