John Legere gets a “BatBerry” for his birthday


Yesterday was John Legere’s birthday, which you’ll undoubtedly already know if you’ve been following his tweets. The ever-popular outspoken CEO seemingly got a bazillion birthday tweets, a few cakes, a huge card and a batphone. But today, waiting for him back in his Seattle office was something a little special sent over by John Chen, BlackBerry’s CEO.

T-Mobile and BlackBerry only recently made amends after a public fall-out last year. But Chen sent out a special edition BlackBerry Classic, with a magenta Batman symbol on the back.

Although the packaging is the “standard VIP” box sent to those BlackBerry deem worthy, the phone with the logo on the back – I believe – is a one-of-a-kind.

Sadly, I was too busy yesterday recovering from a migraine on a day I should have been celebrating my 10th anniversary. So, it’s a day late, but, happy birthday John. Hope you enjoy your “BatBerry” and all the cake.

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