John Legere gets a “BatBerry” for his birthday


Yesterday was John Legere’s birthday, which you’ll undoubtedly already know if you’ve been following his tweets. The ever-popular outspoken CEO seemingly got a bazillion birthday tweets, a few cakes, a huge card and a batphone. But today, waiting for him back in his Seattle office was something a little special sent over by John Chen, BlackBerry’s CEO.

T-Mobile and BlackBerry only recently made amends after a public fall-out last year. But Chen sent out a special edition BlackBerry Classic, with a magenta Batman symbol on the back.

Although the packaging is the “standard VIP” box sent to those BlackBerry deem worthy, the phone with the logo on the back – I believe – is a one-of-a-kind.

Sadly, I was too busy yesterday recovering from a migraine on a day I should have been celebrating my 10th anniversary. So, it’s a day late, but, happy birthday John. Hope you enjoy your “BatBerry” and all the cake.

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  • orlando duran

    This guy is the coolest

  • thepanttherlady

    That is awesome!!! :)

    Glad you’re feeling better, Cam and Happy Anniversary to you!

    • El_Chuletas

      You are a hot

      • eanfoso

        dude what the hell, this is a technology blog, not a site to objectify women.

        • El_Chuletas

          You are right, my apologies to you and hottie!

    • Goat

      You seem to have a lot of fans :O

    • Cam Bunton

      Thanks Lisa!

  • DStudio

    Happy Anniversary!

    I hope there was no correlation between your migraine and the 10th Anniversary, because in my case there was. :’-(

  • TheRealStory556

    JL is the man. i would like to see his firearms collection, i bet it’s epic

  • archerian

    Let’s hope for another $200 off BB promo..

    • eanfoso

      No kidding, I still have a few that I scammed t mobile out of thousands of dollars, god I miss that promo!

      • Entitlement This

        And it’s people like you who ruin it for the rest of us.

        Find any way possible to find a loophole and exploit the sh!t out of it until the train comes to a slamming halt.

        I bet you’re one of those who uses their unlimited mobile broadband plan to tether 100’s of GB of data (using FoxFi, rooting your device, etc) to replace your home connection because hey, it says unlimited high-speed data, there are no limits. Why should T-Mobile tell me how I can use my data I pay for? Right?

        God, the Entitlement Crisis of this country is absurd.

        • Verizonthunder

          You thought that was bad. .. there are people who still think they are entitled to free high end phones because they believe that’s what the phones worth or claim to be a long standing customer (I laughed at that one). My coworker is so cheap she rather suffer with a Samsung Galaxy light that has been giving her problems than buy a pre-owned ZteZmax for $101 on tmobile website. … let’s just say she does not have many friends because of her cheap ways.

        • Bklynman

          That $101.price is not for current customers,it is for new ones only,the price for pre-owned Z-Max,is $149.00,current customers,unless they lower the price since last time I check the prices.

        • Verizonthunder

          This is an old article and sale was over for a few days now… stick to responding to current topics

        • eanfoso

          hahaha I actually don’t have T-Mobile anymore, I got the 500$ credit from cricket along with “free phones” after mail-in-rebate which then I sold since well I already had some from T-Mobile, but no don’t worry man I never even went above 10 Gb of data, most I ever used was 30 Gb and that was on a crazy summer that I was at “work” but way too bored, so I knocked out what I could from Dr Who, but don’t worry, I do that to the likes of at&t and Verizon too, if I can find a legal loophole you bet I’m going to exploit it, I’m barely starting to make a living on my own so yeah I’m going to use whatever I can legally do to save money and stay afloat, and if you were wondering yes I’m the guy that also pays for most of his groceries with coupons (most of which I have to buy anyway but still end up saving money). And you might wonder “a living on his own even though he has 5 lines?” yes that’s from friends and family who pitch to me so that I pay, but don’t worry I still strive to pass the savings to all of us even though I do everything to minimize the costs. what can I say? Engineers rule!

        • archerian

          It really was no loophole – the deal was bring any working BB and get $200 any phone. If the phone you bought didn’t cost $200, you would get the balance as account credit. There was no limit per line, so why would people not take advantage of this? I wouldn’t call it entitlement when an offer was designed such. The BB kept by T-mobile would most probably be sold in international markets, so it’s not like it was a total bath for them.

        • Entitlement This

          There is a difference between taking advantage of an offer and exploiting an offer. Again, the loophole was no line limit for the trade.

          That is why there are so many terms, conditions, warnings, and cautions on products and services today.

          People need to be told exactly who, what, where, when, and why in plain, black and white language nowadays because of scammers and due to the degradation of societies “moral compass” and what is “right” and “wrong”.

          Just because something can technically be done does not mean it is ethically or morally correct.

        • archerian

          the loophole was no line limit for the trade

          The offer actually said “Bring your BB device, as many as you have, old and in your storage as long as it works and get $200 credit” .. so the offer should have accounted for multiple devices per line. More technically, it was via the T-mobile device recycle program where each device had a set price. It was very low for most devices but while this offer was running, any BB device got a $200 recycle price.

        • Entitlement This

          Again, just because it technically CAN be done DOES NOT mean it is morally or ethically correct.

          Yes, it was a great deal and people should have taken advantage of the deal – however, there is a gray area in the details. You could, technically, turn in as many BB as you owned (or stole, bought on Craigslist, etc) and get a $200 credit.

          Why do you think the costs of products and services are so high? Why do you think unlimited high-speed data increased from $20 to $30? Why do you think T-Mobile “re-aligned” how they calculate taxes and fees and the Federal Universal Service Fund?

          Scammers and those who exploit the system hurt us all.

      • Honesty is stilll Golden…

        Simply said, Sick, Sick…you are Very sick!

      • vinnyjr


  • shamatuu

    BB is so dead

    • Verizonthunder

      Any new operating systems that return to tmobile should be welcomed. Now tmobile offers four operating systems to choose.

      • AS118

        I agree. I’ve been looking forward to possibly jumping to a Blackberry device in the future. I cold really use a physical keyboard.

      • Oliver Jackson

        I’m glad BB is back with TMo.I still hold a soft spot for them since the Tour and the Torch

      • shamatuu

        Yea but there are phones to choose than BB. So it doesn’t stand out

  • gmo8492

    Why didn’t you mention that Marcelo Claure wished John a happy birthday as well. I thought that was pretty epic too.

  • Tmosince2003

    All my sympathy as a fellow migraineur. Glad you are better.