Get a T-Mobile LG G Pad tablet for free from tomorrow

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We heard a few days back that T-Mobile might be working on a special promotion for its latest budget Android tablet. We hadn’t received any confirmation or specifics on the deal, but assumed it was going to be something like the free tablet offer from a couple of months back. Turns out our guess was correct.

T-Mobile has sent flyers to its retail locations to promote the free tablet offer (bottom of this post). The headline: “Get Dad the new LG Tablet On Us with a new data plan.” Although it doesn’t say so in the big, bold font, a communication has been sent out to prepare retail staff of the upcoming deal.

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New and existing postpaid customers who activate/update to a 1GB or higher mobile internet plan will qualify for the promotion. Customers will be required to sign up using EIP to pay for their LG G Pad and – just like the previous Alcatel offer – will have their $9.99 installment refunded every month for two years. If the customer cancels the line or downgrades to an ineligible plan, they will have to pay the rest of their EIP balance.

This free tablet promotion will go live on June 17th (tomorrow) and run for a limited time. We’ve been told that it will only be available until Father’s Day, but that’s not written in concrete anywhere, so it’s subject to change.



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