Get a T-Mobile LG G Pad tablet for free from tomorrow

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We heard a few days back that T-Mobile might be working on a special promotion for its latest budget Android tablet. We hadn’t received any confirmation or specifics on the deal, but assumed it was going to be something like the free tablet offer from a couple of months back. Turns out our guess was correct.

T-Mobile has sent flyers to its retail locations to promote the free tablet offer (bottom of this post). The headline: “Get Dad the new LG Tablet On Us with a new data plan.” Although it doesn’t say so in the big, bold font, a communication has been sent out to prepare retail staff of the upcoming deal.

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New and existing postpaid customers who activate/update to a 1GB or higher mobile internet plan will qualify for the promotion. Customers will be required to sign up using EIP to pay for their LG G Pad and – just like the previous Alcatel offer – will have their $9.99 installment refunded every month for two years. If the customer cancels the line or downgrades to an ineligible plan, they will have to pay the rest of their EIP balance.

This free tablet promotion will go live on June 17th (tomorrow) and run for a limited time. We’ve been told that it will only be available until Father’s Day, but that’s not written in concrete anywhere, so it’s subject to change.



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  • Family Plan User

    Weird Q. If one has a family plan, can this be considered one of the lines on said plan? Guessing not, but who knows.

    • Sparkyowns

      Its not consider a voice line, only a tablet line

    • Tablet line

      FYI, it is not considered a voice line but a tablet line. Currently, I have two (2) tablets lines in additional to my voice lines…

  • Chris

    I have 4 unlimited lines and 4 tablets now at 250MB for life. So I would upgrade one of those plans to matching data which is eaither 5GB or 7GB now to match tethering and would pay $10 a month extra?

    • TMoRSA

      Data Match is 10 bucks, yes. But the matched data is your voice line data, not your tethering. So if you have 3GB on the line you’ll have 3GB on that tablet. 5GB, then 5GB on the tablet. If a voice line has unlimited then the tablet gets 5GB as the match only goes up to 5GB.

      • Realest Ever

        I was told by the store that the data match would be 7 gigs for unlimited data customers.

    • williejackbrainer

      Good to know. I may look into getting one. Been wanting a Tablet for awhile now.

  • mingkee

    I will get it as I have $10 5GB datamatch with my calling plan.

  • Android_God

    Uuuuuh pass

  • Mark McCoskey

    I might take a look at it. Thinking of going data/tablet/GV/Hangouts only as my daily driver, but I think 7″ might be a better fit for me.

    • Mark McCoskey

      Their $40 5GB plan should fit me well.

      • Dean

        Or the $10/mo DataMatch plan for up to 5GB?

    • Michael Tran

      Do you see where it says which LG g pad? I couldn’t find confirmation

      Never mind I see it now. thanks

  • Luis Espinal

    can this be done in store only, or can it be done online or via phone?

  • Anyone know how much it will cost at full price? Thanks.

    • Cam Bunton

      $9.99 over 24 months – $239.76

      • Yes but the upfront price is what I’m looking for, without doing this promo. But thanks.

        • john

          its $0 down so just the taxes of $240 so about $22

        • Source please?

        • Josh

          I work for tmobile it will be 40$ the taxes of the 240 plus the 15 sim starter kit

        • That doesn’t mean anything. Unless you can provide a pricing sheet…you too are just guessing. I know how to add, so the pricing people keep saying is a guess. You don’t have official pricing do you? Probably not…

        • Fhritp

          Calm down. Do your math. The last free tab promo gave an exact dollar amount each month in bill credits equaling the price of the tablet. You don’t need a source to figure out this no-brainer.

        • Right? its even on the T-Mobile website for crying out loud. Problem is that we can’t post links in these comments. Or else it needs approval.

        • orlando duran

          Read the god damn webpage. It is 9.99 for eip, but they credit you back the eip every month, all you pay for is the data match to your voice plan. The most this charge is $10

        • Rob916

          I was only charged $16 and some change

        • Full price is about $240 like the other comments, it’s $0 up front when paying with a payment of $9.99 for 24 months.

        • Source?

        • T-Mobile Website! what more proof do you need?

        • Check T-Mobile’s Website. If you don’t believe us.

        • Cam Bunton

          The upfront price is always the same as the EIP full price, since it’s a 0% finance plan. You’ll pay $239.76 if you want to buy it outright.

  • John Doe Re Mi Fa So La Ti Doe

    ok so honestly how much is this going to cost me in services?

    • John Doe Re Mi Fa So La Ti Doe

      I have the unlimited everything plan for 3 lines

      • john

        it will be $10/month for match your data and you will have 5gb for your tablet.

        • besweeet

          So the tablet is essentially free after 24 months. Just have to pay $10/mo. for the data portion of it (minimum of 5GB)?

  • justanormalguy13

    So, I already have a hotspot with 3 gb. If I go upgrade, will I get this deal? Or does it need to be a new line?

    • 2wilight

      this deal is with upgrades or new lines

  • Irfan

    confusion , if i have unlimited calling ,data , and when if i get this i have to buy 1gb for tab data and that tab would be free

    • 2wilight

      it will be $10/month for match your data and you would get 5gb for your tablet and yes the tablet would be free

    • Jalisa Minton

      I got 2 new phones tonight and am going back tomorrow 2 get my 2 free tablets

  • rand Poke

    I like everything about the tablet except for the resolution. I can’t go back to 1280×800 even for only 10$ a month.

    This is like a big FU to dad. I would spank my son if I got this. :)

    • no2apple

      Me too but will get just because it’s free and can put in car as a dedicated GPS and hotspot…

      • mingkee

        It’s still OK for watching videos.
        Keep in mind that LG supports wmv and flv.

        • orlando duran

          Its the OS that supports the media files, not tge manufacturer

  • Chris

    Just got back from the store. Out the door cost was around $17 for the sales tax. I did not need to pay for the SIM card since it was an upgrade on an existing line. What I did need to do was convert my 250MB plan to a Match Your Data plan AND backdate it a few days because the EIP application would not proceed with the plan being changed with today’s date. It took them a while at the store to figure that out.
    The match Your Data at least for the 2 for $100 Unlimited is still just 5GB. I guess we will see next month if I get the $9.99 bill credit.

    • JBLmobileG1

      Is it the LG G Pad 8 inch or 7 inch and do you know what size sdcard it can go up to?

    • Kernschatten

      Any first impressions about the tablet?

      • Chris

        Ran out on a break at lunch so I haven’t played with it too much. I can post back later tonight with some impressions and if anyone has specifics post them below and I can try to answer them.

        • Kernschatten

          I’m getting ready to head over during lunch to pick one up also.

        • JBLmobileG1

          Chris, do you know what size the internal ram is… 1gb or 2gb? Also do you know what size micro sdcard it can handle. Like 32gb… 64gb… or 128gb? Thanks for your replys.

        • Chris Adams

          1 GB RAM, 16 GB internal, looks like maxes out at 32 GB SD card support, haven’t tried any thing bigger though.

          First impressions are that if you already are paying $10 a month for match your data and don’t plan on changing that in the next two years get this tablet. The screen is decent, the size is good, it doesn’t feel cheap and it’s fairly fast. I put the sd card back in my old device so this is just running wifi right now. It streams video just fine, sound isn’t horrible and it plays your basic games and browses well.

        • Orlando G.

          LGs website says this about the memory. “Support up to 128 GB”

        • mingkee

          I put in 64GB and the card just works.

        • williejackbrainer

          I would like to know what your overall opinion of it is once you had some time to messing around with it. I’ve been searching for a tablet for a while now. I just haven’t found the right tablet for me.

      • Verizonthunder

        It’s nice i have been using the stylist pen that comes built in. Alittle sluggish but for free and data match its worth it but hurry they only had two at my nearest T-Mobile store very limited quantities


    So if I have the Unlimited Simple Choice Grandfathered plan for $70… If I were to add this, it would only cost me $10 per month and I’d have 5GB of data on the tablet? Also, being that I still qualify for a 15% discount through my work, would I get a discount off the $10 every month? I know they credit back th $10 a month for the actual tablet for 24months in order to make it free. Anyone who has this tablet, is it the LG G Pad with the 8 inch screen or 7 inch andbdo you know what size sdcard it can accept? Thanks in advance for any response!

    • Chris

      It’s the 8 inch model and they use a micro-sim. As far as getting the discount off the $10, I can’t say, I have always had the on demand with 250MB for $10 and then get the $10 credit back on my other tablet lines. I’m not going to worry over $1.50 though so if I get it, I get it.

  • Will

    Went to B&M. Ask for the LG. Told me they can order it online for me. I told them that I will try another store. Then they told me they have 1 in stock. New Sim card is inside the package. I already have new sim cards. Sales person took $15 off for the sim card(unable to remove $15 sim online this morning). Total 22.78 (10% tax in California) I have 7 voice lines each with free 2.5 Gb. Did the match your data. But showed up as 5 gb on the LG data line. Called 611 and they confirmed that it is 5 gb with $10 per month. Pretty good experience overall. LG feels pretty good in my hand.

  • mingkee

    I have almost got it….
    The first store (Broadway and Park Place). It was almost 1100 and the store didn’t have any.
    The second store (Madison Ave and 42nd). The sales told me I have to “recycle” (close and reopen) my data line, which has Data Match 5GB hotspot line, in order to get the deal. I am a bit confused why I have to recycle my data line?
    The only thing I hate the tablet is the screen is too warm for my taste (only around 4000-4500k) and I have to find out how to root it.

  • The One & Only

    Remember your credit must be good to take advantage of this deal. Otherwise, it’s truly not worth it.

    • Magenta

      The tablet is paid for either way. If you have bad credit and put more down, your eip payments will reduce but the $9.99 credit keeps coming. So whether you pay more down or $0 down, the tablet is still free

  • AS118

    Well, this tablet has an IPS screen, unlike the last one, so I feel like it’s more worth it.

  • Calvin Nop

    I got it today and i think its a good deal. $10 for unlimited with 5gb high speed data, unlimited music streaming, international text and data from match your data. Youre pretty much financing the tablet $10×24=240 which is the price of the tablet. I like the usb peripheral on the top, i can stick usb storage sticks in the tablet . not a high end tablet but it’s an upgrade from my iPad 2

    • mingkee

      The speed isn’t the top tier (around 10k quadrant), but it doesn’t have much lag.
      The battery seems to be good, and the speaker is loud.
      Wi-Fi reception is good.

  • Orlando G.

    Picked one up a couple of hours ago. One of my favorite features is Qpair. Basically my tablet turns into my phone with all my notifications coming thru it. Can you use it as a hotspot or GPS device. I also decided to pick up the case with keyboard as well. Feels like a mini laptop.

    Digging the stylus as well.

    Not a premium tablet but for the cost, I like it it a lot.

    • orlando duran

      Great tablet…..and great name :)

  • John

    If I have to add anything to my monthly bill, how is this free? Yes, I see TMO pays the $9.99 monthly for the tablet, but who pays the $$ for the data upgrade? Me?

    • JBLmobileG1

      If you were to win a car it would be free although you would be required to pay the taxes on it (no way around that right?). Same goes with this tablet. As for the data upgrade…. It seems fair. Its $10 which is actually a good deal if you ask me. The tablet offers hotspot, which if you have my plan, is $10 for 5GB of high speed data and its still unlimited afterwards. Nothing can touch that. Even most prepaid hotspots cost $50 just for 5GB of data. Back to the car scenario, you win the car but need to pay for the gas to drive it… that isn’t free but is needed to drive it. Same goes with the tablet…. you need the data in order to take advantage of its LTE capabilities and that is not free.
      I picked up this tablet and I must say it is pretty Awesome for what it offers and is well worth picking up even if you need to pay the $10 for the data plan. Still a steal IMO.

    • Cruise Guy

      There is another thought here. T-Mobile doesn’t believe tablets should be tied to your home wi-fi. A tablet is designed to be used anywhere. Sitting on the plane before you take off, while waiting at the mechanic, etc. Therefore, they are giving you the tablet free in exchange for you buying data for it. They want you to realize that a tablet should not be tied to the house. They also give everyone 200 MB of data for life which is good for simple things.

  • Asdf

    The CSR said that this promotion ends tonight and heads up

  • I would, but I only want Windows.