T-Mo bringing back “Tablet on Us” offer for Valentine’s Day

ALcatel onetouch
During the holiday season, at the end of last year, T-Mobile kicked off a free tablet offer. Sign up to a qualifying mobile data plan and they give you a budget tablet for free. In this case it was the Alcatel OneTouch Pop 7. Today, T-Mobile is bringing back the offer for a limited time.

From February 12th through February 16th, you’ll be able to snag an Alcatel tablet for $0 down on a qualifying mobile internet service of 1GB or higher.

“Limited time offer; subject to change. Qualifying mobile internet service of 1GB or higher, credit check & EIP agreement req’d. $7 monthly payment applied as bill credit for 24 months with active service. If you cancel wireless service, remaining tablet balance of up to $168 becomes due”

Terms are pretty much identical to the offer from Q4. You sign up for the $7 per month EIP, but your monthly installments are refunded as bill credit each month. You just need to be sure you qualify for EIP and that you sign up for – or upgrade to – a 1GB (or higher) postpaid mobile internet plan.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Justsomecommentor

    Be prepared for a long wait. It took 3 weeks to get to me the last time they did this. The tablet itself is not great, but OK.

    • guy smartphoneington

      the stores are much better stocked this time around… my store alone has about 100 in stock

  • Philip

    Bring back the $10 for land/mobile oversea call for the family plan.

    • monkeybutts

      Bring back Wifi pricing for LTE tablets.

  • GreatNews

    They really stocked up with this stupid tablet and now they wanna get rid of it….

  • Steve Kompel

    This tablet is not worth being free, I got it last time sight unseen, and it was a huge mistake. The screen is just horrible, Made the wife nauseous. Had to fight to not have to pay the $75 restocking fee.

  • Phillip B.

    The tablet isn’t amazing but for being free, you really cant complain. Give it to a kid or for someone that doesn’t want all the jazz that 700 dollar tablets come with. You can’t really beat the offer.

    • guy smartphoneington

      its not the greatest device in the world… most store reps would readily admit that… but for the right customer its a great bargain. for grandma and grandpa who need web access or to keep the kids quiet in the backseat or the best way to take advantage of the free tablet is to get jump on it and pay it half way off as soon as possible to jump to a better tablet because even after jumping you still get the 7 dollar per month discount so basically you get a discount on a better tablet

      • bob90210

        Duct tape is much than a tablet with data. A $4 roll will last at least 6 months for 2 kids.

  • beyondthetech

    So basically you get a free tablet if you pay at least 10USD/month for service? I like the idea, but the tablet is as dated as it gets. Jelly Bean, dual core, no LTE, and weak battery. Hopefully they can discount the Galaxy Tab 4, I’d pay the difference to get its extra features.

    • Phillip B.

      So get the FREE tablet and then go and buy the Tab 4. Either way you got something for FREE. I just can’t see the downside to getting something for free. That’s like going to McDonald’s and complaining because you got free Medium Fries with your order instead of the Large ones. ITS FREAKIN FREE!

      • Ceefu

        Except that it has a $10/month service tied to it. So, not really free. You could also get a flip phone for “free” with a line of service. Doesn’t mean people are going to jump on it.

        • Phillip B.

          The 10 bucks service per line is going to be charged to you regardless if you get a 700 dollar tablet or a FREE tablet. So if you are contemplating getting a tablet that 10 dollar charge is there regardless.

        • Prod1702

          If you buy the Tablet out right it is $168. If you do this offer you are paying $240 over 24 months with a $10 service plan. So you are paying T-Mobile more in the long run.

        • CalicoKJ

          Except if you want service on that tablet you are going to have to pay the $240 regardless if you pay the $168 upfront or not.

        • guy smartphoneington

          correct you get a 408 dollar value for 240 over 2 years

        • skywalkr2

          Except most of us view the tablet at $0. For those that value it higher – to each their own.

        • Ordeith

          Or you will just tether and call it good.

        • IRIE4IPIEIR

          Didn’t you read that you get a $7 bill credit every month? So it’s $3 a month.

        • Ceefu

          Yes, to cover the EIP hardware cost of $7 a month. On top of the $10 service cost.

          “You sign up for the $7 per month EIP, but your monthly installments are refunded as bill credit each month.”

      • Ordeith

        When people give me free garbage I WILL complain about having to throw that crap away. Dispose of your own trash, don’t give it to me and call it a favor.

    • Dallas

      They did discount the tab4 from 399 to 299

  • oOoH Yippee! Nothing spectacular. Cheap shyt for cheap people!

    • Phillip B.

      Your getting something for Absolutely FREE, i don’t see why you would cry over something free. Give it to a homeless person, a child, a grandparent, look at porn on it, use it as fire wood, ITS FREE!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Prod1702

        Its not 100% free. The service is $10 a month at a min so over 24 months that is $240. the tablet is $168. So you are paying T-Mobile more money in the end for a POS Tablet.

        • Jwajid

          Sooooo we are going to cry about $3 a month? Most of us are paying $10 a month anyway for match data on a Ipad we got for christmas. No where does it says you HAVE to have new service. Upgrade a line that has data and BAM free tab.

        • TSON1

          Well, it wouldn’t be $3, it would be $17 ($10 for service, $7 for EIP) minus the $7 bill credit.

      • steve1026

        Do you see the word “free” and just stop reading?

  • Come on #JohnLegere, you can do better than this ya turd! I still like you, but you’re getting boring bruh!

  • Ordeith

    LOL They really value that tablet at $168?.. now THAT says a lot.

  • monkeybutts

    It doesn’t even have LTE, don’t give people this crap.

  • Mark McCoskey

    They should have at least made it the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0.

    • Darryl Scott

      Most people don’t know this, but the $7 rebate comes from Alcatel themselves.

  • skywalkr2

    Alcatel – What you give to someone you hate?

  • Carter Penfield

    If I buy a Galaxy Tab S instead on EIP, will they still credit $7 a month towards my bill? I know they won’t but it would be awesome if they did.

    • Darryl Scott

      Unfortunately, no. The deal is only on the Alcatel Pop 7.

  • Darrell Patterson

    I researched this tablet during the last offer and it’s a piece of crap. Plus you have to pay $20/month for a data plan.I bought a Nexus 7 & get 200 mb/month free for life
    .To me, this is a terrible deal, stay away from this tablet.

  • danielhep

    Do you have to have a new plan?