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Report: T-Mobile Giving Away Free Line for Limited Time Only

It looks like T-Mobile is giving customers a chance to add a free line once again. A similar offer was made back in March but has since ended. And now, a leaked document reveals that the Un-carrier is running this offer once again.  As reported by The Mobile Report, T-Mobile will be giving out free lines today until tomorrow, June 29, 2023. The document reveals that … [read full article]

Report: T-Mobile has a free line offer for pre-selected grandfathered accounts

T-Mobile customers on existing grandfathered plans are getting some good news.  As shared by The Mobile Report, select customers on such plans may soon be eligible for a 100% free line. This offer is exclusively for currently grandfathered plans like the following: Essentials Simple Choice Magenta ONE  Unfortunately, the offer comes with a caveat. In order to get the free line, you will need to … [read full article]

Report: T-Mobile running a retention offer as revealed by internal document

T-Mobile is giving away a one-time retention credit to customers who plan to cancel their lines.  This was earlier revealed by The Mobile Report, who got their hands on an internal document detailing the retention promo. As mentioned by the site, customers can get a $10 bill credit per month for six months once they decide not to cancel their line and continue being a … [read full article]

T-Mobile’s newest Line On Us offer has a glitch

Earlier this week, T-Mobile rolled out a new “Line On Us” promotion that limited the free offer to a select number of prequalified customers. When the new offer was reported, it was said to only be available to Magenta Max customers who had no other free lines of service on their account. But when the terms and conditions of the offer were officially unveiled, a glitch seems … [read full article]

Report: T-Mobile’s new offer is available to select (small) number of customers only

T-Mobile is getting ready to roll out a new offer tomorrow, March 9.  As revealed by The Mobile Report (formerly The T-Mo Report), the Un-carrier will be offering a “special free line” of service to select customers. The offer has not yet been publicly announced, yet its details have been revealed through a leaked document shared to the publication.  Apparently, T-Mobile plans to … [read full article]

T-Mobile currently offering Motorola Edge 2022 for trade-ins

T-Mobile has an ongoing trade-in deal for customers using a low end device. For a limited time period, the Un-carrier is giving away a free Motorola Edge 2022 to customers who trade-in an eligible device. And the good news is that there is a long list of eligible devices for this offer.  This was shared today by The T-Mo Report, who received an internal documentation that outlined the … [read full article]

T-Mobile unveils 2022 holiday offers that lets you save up to $1000

T-Mobile has something exciting lined up for its customers. The Un-carrier revealed that they are welcoming the holidays early by giving up to $1000 savings for the whole family. This offer comes in the form of free 5G devices.  Starting Thursday, November 17th, T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile customers can enjoy the following offers: For Samsung fans: New and existing T-Mobile customers – including small businesses – can get $800 off any of the latest [read full article]