Upcoming Deal: T-Mo offering free “memory upgrades” on Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge this weekend

Galaxy S6

Any customers looking to buy a Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge on T-Mobile might want to wait a few more days, until this weekend, when the carrier will be offering a free storage boost to all. 64GB storage models of both devices will cost the same as the usual price for the 32GB models from Saturday, May 23 until Monday, May 25. That’s an $80 saving.

Alex, from PhoneDog, wraps up the price differences nicely:

  • Galaxy S6 64GB before: $99.99 down and 24 payments of $27.50, $759.99 full retail
  • Galaxy S6 64GB after: $0 down and 24 payments of $28.33, $679.92 full retail
  • Galaxy S6 edge 64GB before: $99.99 down and 24 payments of$31.66, $859.83 full retail
  • Galaxy S6 edge 64GB after: $0 down and 24 payments of $32.49, $779.76 full retail

If you’re not interested in the 64GB models, you’ll be pleased to know that you can also save money on the 32GB one. Customers opting to buy the 32GB Galaxy S6/Edge can do so and get $50 back via Visa prepaid gift card. But, given the fact that Samsung opted to get rid of the option for expandable storage with the S6, this offer should prove popular.

Via: PhoneDog

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  • Joe

    Hmm not a bad deal but I still did a bit better by pre ordering my s6 as I use netflix so I end up saving $100 with that.

    • gmo8492

      My cousin just bought his S6 a few weeks ago, no Netflix deal and apparently no storage upgrade. He’s feeling pretty salty hearing about this.

      • mreveryphone

        Tell him to just change the date to the last day of the promotion on the questionnaire… Then he’ll have Netflix for a year…

        • D. Maki

          You’d think that would work but it doesn’t. They wanted me to actually upload my receipt to prove the date and phone’s purchase.

        • mreveryphone

          I was never asked to upload my receipt… I just put in the last date of the promotion and got the email stating welcome to Netflix!

    • Acdc1a

      How do you like the S6? I hate my S5 and the battery is allegedly worse on the S6…

      • Andrew Singleton

        battery is much worse. software and everything is the same. you’re paying for the housing if you upgrade.

        • Philz

          So true.
          S5 & Note 4 owners upgrading to S6 are losing big time.

        • Acdc1a

          Sounds like I’ll stick to the plan of jumping to something on the low end and then drop JUMP.

        • Philz

          I’m on original jump not going to let it go.
          As far as device upgrade it must be Samsung thanks to their excellent Milk music app I love.
          My future purchase plans are going to play out like this.
          Sell my weathered but in great shape S5 on craigslist for 400.00 then buy new one & Invest in Note 4 for future jump to Note 5 if worthy.
          If Note 5 plays out like S6 hmm I wont be jumping anytime soon fingers crossed S7 has SD card , Removable batt & Ip67 rating.

      • Joe

        Well it is a very fast phone amazing camera and the only software problem i’ve had is the Memory leak which is Android 5.0 problem. Know the battery side of things is nothing to get excited about. It does not suck as a lot of ppl say but its not good either its meh. With medium usage screen brightness set to 25% for 95% of the day and power saving mode on, WiFi on, LTE on, VoLTE off, and GPS off, it is able to make it from like 8:30AM to 11:00PM usually without much of a problem. Know remember I usually use WiFi 95% of the day and than 5% LTE. Up till 9:00PM I just check email, text, social networking, and a bit of YouTube which is about 2hr screen on time and it ends up going down to 50-30% by 9:00PM. After 9:00 I basically just stream HD YouTube on WiFi till I go to bed which is 12:00-1:00 but I need to plug it in by 11:00 usually. So a whole day average is 14hr (4hr screen on time). Now when I am out all day using only LTE with my brightness set at 50% doing a mix of thing I lose about 1hr of screen on time and probably only get average 13hr. I hope that Is a good summary of what you should expect.

      • Philz

        Enjoy a Video.
        Google – “Galaxy S6 vs. S5 vs. Note 4 vs. Note 3 SOT”

  • George

    Already a promotion and deal offer for S6? That too within 2 months? It looks like S6 is not selling well. That wont be surprising as T-mobile refuses to update galaxy phones. Also S6 became like iphone (no replaceable battery, no sd card slot) but with very poor updates. So now S6 is a really bad iphone.

    • Lol

    • Andrew Singleton

      promotions don’t mean a product is failing. there was a promotion before the phone even released. the s6 is the best initial selling galaxy of all time.

      • George

        OK. I hope it is true. How come there are no promotions after iphone is launched? S6 is not the highest. Both S4 and S65 sold more than S6.

        • Mike

          Are u slow? The s6 has only been out for one month so how can u compete total sales to the s4 and s5. Also the S6 is the best launch selling galaxy series phone to date so in a few more months the total sales will beat s4 and s5

        • George

          I sorry Mike for giving the wrong impression. S6 (normal and edge combined) got shipped 10 million units in 30 days. S5 and S4 took 25 and 27 days to achieve this feet. I posted the link from Forbes. But tmonews removed it.

        • Mike

          Even though the S6 doesn’t have a sd slot or removable battery the S6 is still Samsung best built phone to date.

        • George

          The worst part about 10M unit is Samsung claimed it rcvd 20M pre-orders before phone was released. Also 10M is shipped units, not sold.

          They could have designed with replaceable baluminum nack cover

        • Mike

          Samsung wanted to build a iPhone competitor and to get the luxury quality the removable back cover had to go.

        • MastarPete

          For as thin as these phones are getting a plastic back is the way to go because aluminum at the thickness that would be required can be very weak. I’ve had feature phones (Moto V635, Moto L7, Moto ZN300) that had aluminum backs and one had a decorative shield that covered the SD slot. When I inevitably dropped them the backs would get bent or dinged and after a while they wouldn’t go back on properly. Sure they “felt premium” but that’s not why I bought them, and I sure didn’t pay a premium for them. Plastic on the other hand can at least retain it’s shape.

        • Philz

          No need for metal back.
          Samsung could of went a tad thicker providing bigger battery & used leather back cover = Blackberry Bold 9900 leather quality.

          That would have been WIN!

        • Philz

          Those hypnotised by S6 need to wake up
          Sammy produces pretty device with high grade materials taking away key features = best built phone to date?
          I think not.
          If S6 takes good tumble much damage will occur compered to older device lineup.
          To prevent s6 damage case is needed taking away that pretty.

          The Only S6 positive is Camera.

        • Mike

          There was no way for Samsung to keep the S6 quality like it is with a removable battery and a sd slot . The S6 comes with cloud storage and everyone streams music anyway today.

        • Philz

          S6 Quality is the problem , It lacks true quality found in their past S line up,
          S6 Takes a good fall breaks easy & No Water / Dust Resistance.
          As far as cloud storage its great for users with consistent strong data connection & not data capped.
          That”s what…my guess 30% of users so SD card is a must for many.
          Samsung Removable battery set them apart from competition.
          No throw away phone & wall hugger.

          They could of kept the pretty with stronger build quality , added tad thickness allowing SD card , remove battery & ip67 rating.

          Bottom line
          Sammy took steps backwards to satisfy tech blogs & iphone lovers totally blowing off their true customer base.

      • George

        If you gave doubt about poor S6 sales, check this out from forbes


  • Abay Tadesse

    Is this going to be a web only deal, or will this only be available in store? Also, with the free shipping offer t-mobile has been running, is that only for new lines or is it also for people who are upgrading their phones, since they still want to charge me $8 for shipping and handling.

    • Andrew Singleton

      in-store too.

  • Android_God

    These sponsored ads that look like real articles are obnoxious!

    • Deadeye37

      I always wonder where they get the pictures from. The diabetes miracle picture and the weird ones that come up with the testosterone supplement always makes me ask “what is that in the picture?”

    • Rob

      Yeah every time I pull up this site, I see Blackberry ads posed as real articles. Honestly if that’s the kind of misleading advertisement that Phone Dog, and by extension, Tmonews wants to force on us I’ll find a new site.

  • Mr. Mister

    Guess Ill be returning Saturday. I bought my S5 Edge last night. This is a Bad Arse phone, I must admit. I got rid of my 6 Plus for it.

    • Mike

      Doesn’t T-Mobile charge a restocking free

      • Mr. Mister

        Yes, but since I work there I’ll get around that.

        • Retail Store Manager

          Good luck getting around your loss prevention manager…

        • gmo8492

          He obviously can do it and so can regular customers. I remember a few years ago I got a scratched Galaxy S2 out of the box and the Tmo rep was refusing to wave the restocking fee saying that it was my fault. Had to argue with him a little to call his district manager up so he can “approve” the return. If you stand your ground then you can get things done and if you work for the company that more power to you.

        • Mr. Mister

          Won’t be an issue. Have you heard about the 14 day rule?

  • nycplayboy78

    Cam any word on whether or not this is valid for the 128GB versions of the S6 and S6 Edge??!!

    • Golbez352

      Nope it isn’t, just 64 & 32gb models

  • Philz

    If S6 has SD card , Removable Battery , Great battery life & ip67 rating I would Jump my S5 for that oh Sooooooooo beautiful S6.
    For now I will Install S6 wallpaper galley on S5 save some $$

  • edfranco1

    add expandable sd memory slot and removal battery and I will trade up.

  • ssjchaseutley

    Tmobile : corporate greed. So they will shovel this deal to existing S4 users and not release Lollipop. Real classy since there were over 40 million sold.

    • Luck

      I will not buy s6 even if it is $100. I will buy nexus or G4 instead. I do not want to be cheated by tmo and samsung for third time (s3 and s4)

      • Why are you here then lol? If you hate them so much that is. Why follow and comment on all the good news from a promo?

        • Luck

          So that others will not do the same mistake as I did two times, hopefully.

        • tranceformer978

          Fool me once…

        • NinoBr0wn

          What exactly was the mistake?

    • Chris Meyers

      Give up the ghost son. The S4 is ancient. Time to upgrade that POS and stop whining about Lollipop on a phone two generations old.

    • JLV90

      Although contracts aren’t available at T-mobile anymore most phone manufacturers still want you to upgrade every 2 years thats why you won’t see a fast update on your two year old phone.

      • ssjchaseutley

        Verizon has released Lollipop to all S4 users 2 weeks ago.

        • NinoBr0wn

          Wow! A whole two weeks! That’s like..2 whole weeks ago. Yea T-Mobile is definitely cheating people.

        • ssjchaseutley

          Well, its been released everywhere else in the world for almost the entirety of the year. Sprint and Verizon are doing well by their customers by making the update available.

          Unfortunately, history suggests they are poised to repeat the SG3 fiasco.

        • kshow

          Don’t forget the SGN2 fiasco. Shipped with 4.1.1. Got update to 4.1.2. Then 4.3. That’s it. Everyone else got KitKat. Despite international rumors to update to lollipop, T-mo will likely not do anything.

      • Nerd_Baller

        Buy a Google phone if you want updates :D Bought the original Nexus 10 years ago, and it just got the latest Lollipop update

  • Yash

    Those who bought the S6 when it was first released are not eligible for this right? I bought the 64GB version.

    I received the Netflix one free year code and still haven’t used it. If anyone else can use it, I will sell for $60.

  • AussieB

    You can use Ebates for some extra cash back.

    and if you have a bank of America cash back credit card, check the deals page & activate a Tmobile deal for another $75 off

  • Toasted_Cracker

    So basically it brings the price down to about the same as Verizon. :P

    • gmo8492

      But in a sense people were paying not to have that ugly Verizon 4G LTE logo lazer etched on the back.

  • Philip

    I am want to get my aunty this phone by end of June. Is it a good time to get it?

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    dang so I cant snap a gold 128gb for the price of a 64gb

  • bummer .. wish existing owners could trade up/exchange for this.

  • Philz

    Great read!
    Hopefully iclone sales continue to suc.

  • Jesse

    Who gives a shit about SD card slot or or removable battery that should be the least important things on a smart phone. What are you trying to use your phone for as archives? A library? lolife if that is what’s stopping you Dr romantic buying a nice phone with great specs then something is wrong with you. Stop crying!

  • thepanttherlady

    I’m always amused at the people who feel their opinions should dictate what someone else desires or needs in a phone.

  • Vinnie

    This is only for new customers I’m sure. I tried to JUMP! upgrade to an S6 a few weeks ago and they told me it would be $249 down just to get the phone, yeah, no thank you

    • Angel Nieves

      T-Mobile charges sometimes a down-payment depending on the credit rating. I got it today 5/23/15 with Jump with $0 down.

  • AX

    SD card slot for expandable memory at no extra cost. Removable batery when the battery needs replacement.

  • Angel Nieves

    Got this offer this morning (Saturday) through JUMP! Got the 64 GB model for my wife. They even let me bundle the charging pad and case for $3/month.

    • Khalints

      Did you do it online or at the store? i’m getting mixed reports of it only being new customers and not through jump

      • Angel Nieves

        I did it at the store. They even had the signs for it. I’ve been a customer of T-mobile for over 2 years now. I have the JUMP feature and was eligible to upgrade by just paying the taxes and turning in the S5. The S6 feels great in the hand and light. If anyone was worried about having enough memory, this is the best time to buy it.

  • Angel Nieves

    I didn’t know that. Good idea.

  • It is ridiculous how much they charge JUST for some extra space… I loved Samsung until they got rid of the MicroSD card slot…

  • a MicroSD card slot to me is important. For most people 16GB is not enough but paying a ridiculous amount just for an extra 16 or 32GB amount of space is not worth it either… MicroSD cards are cheaper in the end… That’s why, if the Note 5 gets rid off it too, the Note 4 will be my last Samsung device…