Android 5.0 Lollipop update for T-Mobile’s HTC One (M8) is here, at long last!


A day later than planned, T-Mobile has finally pushed the software update for its HTC One (M8) users. That’s right, Android 5.0 Lollipop is here! The update was pushed today, and should be available to download on to your device over-the-air.

The update is around 630MB in size and features – along with Android 5.0 – New Lollipop UI style lock screen and notifications with enhanced privacy features. If you haven’t yet received the notification to download it, check Settings>About>Software update and check for new updates. You should find it sat there.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 14.30.47

Having used Android 5.0 on my Moto X for a little while now, it’s almost got to the point where I can’t live without it. It’s undoubtedly the most beautiful and responsive version of Android to date, and is pulling me away from my iPhone 6.

What do you make of it? Are you a Lollipop fan?

Sources: T-Mobile, @AlexMendoza8

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  • taxandspend

    It looks nice. I wish they had included VoLTE. But the OS update is very nice.

    • Pete

      I don’t think theres a toggle for that.

    • Kenneth Warner

      I do believe they added that with a previous update, I have VoLTE on my galaxy s5

      • taxandspend

        Not on the M8 :(

  • It’s here, and it’s Tremendous! No noticeable bugs yet….

  • brwnsg

    Am I the only one not seeing some of the features listed? Like a notification if someone calls while I’m playing a game or watching a video. Do I hve to activate that and if so how?

    • Eric Stengrevics

      Yes, and I’m not getting any heads up notifications while the screen is on. Where is this feature???

  • Nick

    Wish I had kept my HTC One M8 and not switched to Note 4. Looks like there are long delays before Note 4 get its update. Sigh :(

    • souggie

      Me too Nick, me too.

      • Nick

        It is sad that Samsung is just soooooo behind other carriers to push Lollipop to it’s flagship phones. I think I will never buy any Samsung phones, this is the last one I will have and will switch to HTC, LG, or Moto

        • Nick

          Further, I actually have Cyanogenmod (CM) 12 on my Note 4 but I switched back to stock Rom because CM 12 does not have Wifi Calling app and I need Wifi Calling app for my calls and text because I do not have good coverage in my apartment.

        • souggie

          Yeah, don’t get me wrong, I love my note 4, but I think I should’ve kept my HTC one m8, or got a 64GB nexus 6

        • Nick

          Actually Note 4 is good but I think I made a mistake keeping it cuz I loved HTC One M8, well I can’t wait for HTC One M9 and I will sell my Note 4

        • souggie

          The m9 should be a beast. I may end up selling my note 4 and getting that or a nexus 6.

        • Nick

          I did not like Nexus 6, it is just very expensive and the quality looks cheap to me. Htc One looks premier compared to Nexus 6

        • souggie

          It does, but if I’m going to have the best hardware and software configuration, it’s worth it IMO. But yes the m8 is more premium in terms of materials

        • souggie

          Or a one plus phone

        • Nick

          Yeah I tried my friend’s One Plus One but same thing, I need wifi calling app because of not so good coverage at my place so any unlocked phone is no good for me (Though Tmobile was able to add wifi calling app on Nexus 6 so that might change with other unlocked phones because of Lollipop update)

      • CamWishesHeHada635

        No regrets with my Nokia 635 – unlocked and unleashed!!!!! -grrrrrrrrroooooowwwwwl-


    Love it!!!
    Lollipop sweet as can be installed it this morning!

  • Rorison Meadows

    Where is the Lollipop update for the S5?!?!?!

    • mike

      I’m thinking the s4 will get it first like it got 4.4.4 then the note 3 then the note 4 and after every s5 on earth has android 6.0 we will get 4.4.4 or 5.0.

  • Brenda Hatch

    Any word on when it’s coming for the M7?

    • Aaron

      The M7 said it was updated a few days ago.

      • Eric

        Only on Sprint. Not T-Mobile. Should be soon.

  • benny

    More than 2 months behind than Moto X (2nd gen). That’s why I hate any kind of customizations like Sense, Touchwiz.

    • Nick

      I think you are right. Moto or One Plus One is the best I think. I am stuck with Note 4, no love of lollipop for me.

      • Android_God

        Stuck with the Note 4? Poor guy.

    • Eric

      I actually really like Sense. I think it’s beautiful. Touchwiz, however, is awful.


        Didn’t like either my launcher runs much smoother.

        • Eric Stengrevics

          Well with Lollipop, Sense could not be more smooth. It’s amazing actually.

  • Jimmy James

    Definitely smoother experience. No issues with freezing and is super
    fast opening apps. Was having the issue with Google Play Services and had to
    download the latest, which was probably due to me manually updating it
    before. Also had to enable Settings -> Security -> Trust Agents
    -> enable Smart Lock, as Smart Lock was not showing in my menu.

  • calgrav24

    Did anyone else notice that WiFi calling on the m8 now supports HD voice. It was just normal voice before

    • Jimmy James

      How can you tell?

      • calgrav24

        I’m not sure if there’s any way to tell specifically on the screen but your voice quality should be greatly improved if you’re calling somebody else on T Mobile with HD Voice with it. Normally there would be an HD symbol in the corner for the GS5 but Don’t think it tells you on the m8. my wife is the one that has the m8 and I noticed a huge improvement in voice quality on her end when speaking after the update.

        • Zach B.

          While using HD voice, there’ll be an HD icon on the bottom right of the callers picture while on an active call.

        • calgrav24

          Generally that’s the case but for some reason when I’m on WiFi calling it doesn’t seem to ever say HD voice on the phone that is using WiFi but it will for the one on cellular. I don’t know if that’s the case for everyone else but that has been my experience anyways.

    • taxandspend

      It was HD voice before as well. I’d see that icon. And I’d also see it when the other end of the conversation was on wifi calling.

    • Nick

      Wifi Calls on my Samsung Note 4 sounds a lot clearer (HD Voice) compared to LTE calls, even callers on the other end praise the clarity of calls on Wifi Calling. Also, if a T-mobile customers call your phone, you get HD icon on your phone screen.

  • Joe

    I’m having trouble with chrome after the lollipop update. I don’t have an overview button! Is there any reason for this/way to get one?

    • Zach B.

      If I’m understanding correctly, I believe you’re looking for the new merge tabs and apps option in settings. Its the second option. Lolipop defaults it to the recent apps button, unchecking this will revert it back.

  • Andrew N

    Just putting it out there but is anyone having issues with their network connection after update? I had 4G in my house and after update seemed to not have it anyone only 3G

    • Zach B.

      I noticed this at work today, I normally get 4G inside, but today it was dropping to 2G or no signal at all. Outside and elsewhere (so far) it connected to LTE normally.

    • Eric Stengrevics

      In my house I’m sitting in my bed where I used to get like 2 bars of LTE……its at 2 bars of 2G right now……not too happy about it.
      I love everything else about the update. A lot. But worried about this issue.

      • taxandspend

        I don’t think this included a baseband update (unfortunately), so it was probably a random thing as you mentioned.

    • Perry S

      I have noticed the same thing at my house. where I had LTE before now I have 3G only.

  • Kristi Brown

    Ok, I have a question, and any feedback would be greatly appreciated! I have the Galaxy S5 on T-Mobile. So, obviously I have yet to receive the update to lolipop, but I have been reading every post I can find to make sure that once I do get the update, I am prepared to make the transition easy and make the most out of the new OS! The one thing that I keep seeing is the suggestion to do a factory reset after the update in order to prevent and/or remedy any possible issues. My question is this, I have done a full backup of my device through Kies, so, once I do the factory reset, would it be advantageous for me to use that backup, or, might that just re-install any elements that may have caused problems, thereby rendering the whole factory reset, useless? Obviously, I would like to be able to just use my kies backup to get back my apps and such that the reset deleted, but if that is going to cause the reset to be essentially useless, then it will definitely be worth the extra effort to rebuild my apps and such from scratch! Any recommendations on this matter would be greatly appreciated!! Thank You!

    • superg05

      Samsung is not releasing this version there releasing the one with the bug fixes 5.0.1 being first and flawed is not always best

    • Eric Stengrevics

      Gonna say right now I did no backup, no reset, no cleaning whatsoever on my HTC one before installing lollipop and I have no issues. So its up to you.

      • taxandspend

        Neither did I. It’s not like Google and HTC are recommending that either. And if Samsung doesn’t, then why do it? I’d say that if you upgrade and experience massive battery drain or something odd like that, then do a reset, because it’s most likely due to a buggy app that doesn’t work properly in the updated OS.

  • Jessica

    My new update is so glitchy. I can’t even write a text with out it freezing up. And it keeps crashing all my apps I want to open.

    • Eric Stengrevics

      That doesn’t sound right. If I were you I would do a factory reset. Mine runs smoother than ever, so something isn’t right.

    • Dasia

      I had a problem with my texting as well. At one point, I couldn’t even get the keyboard to open up. I had to restart my phone a couple times and the texting is still not running smoothly

    • Mastermind26

      Sounds like you have to delete some of the left-over installation files.
      A good clean and it should be buttery smooth. Don’t go for the factory reset unless you have backed up all your important stuff.

  • skinybone

    Still have not received the update anybody else here as well? I was rooted a while back but i went back to stock using an RUU of the latest firmware before lollipop so im not sure if that had anything to do with it.

  • JayInCA

    I installed the update at 3:00 am on Tuesday (yesterday) and everything about the phone is faster. The multitasking screen with the flip tiles took about ten seconds to get used to, but I’m loving how it keeps track of everything I’ve been browsing through. The new lock screen is cool too and the notifications are a lot more attractively presented. So far I think it’s a well thought update with lots of great features. Feels like I have a new phone again.

    • taxandspend

      I can’t figure out how to clear them (multitasking tiles) all at once. You used to be able to hit the X.

      • Dasia

        I wasn’t a huge fan of those tiles so I just changed the setting back to the original screen and that was the only way i can clear them all at once.

  • Carlos Eduardo Lopez

    WTF where is the 5.0 update for the galaxy s5 t-mobile better push it out quick

    • Mike

      We are still a few months out from that im feeling.

      • Carlos Eduardo Lopez

        That sucks… Verizon and sprint owners are already enjoying 5.0 why is t-mobile taking there sweet ass time

        • Mike

          That I cant answer but even Samsung thinks we should be on a higher build number they have our S5 as 4.4.4 released in Nov 14 yet we still sit as 4.4.2 I have never had a phone that almost a year later is still on the same build it launched with. That is sad either on Samsung’s side or t-mobiles but I’m thinking its the latter.

        • Carlos Eduardo Lopez

          Damn… more than likely its t-mobile. I hope Samsung pushes enough to make t-mobile update then soon.. Samsung did say they were pushing the carriers to roll out 5.0 fast

        • Mike

          Unless t-mobile is waiting for 5.1 but that means months more waiting I know there are a few issues but they are not wide spread my friends s5 on Verizon is flawless after a reset and lollipop on my nexus 9 doesn’t seem to be affected by any memory leak issues runs smooth and fast. If it’s not out by the end of February I will be floored we can only hope and endlessly click software update haha.

        • Carlos Eduardo Lopez

          Wow that would be torture they are barely making 5.0.1 and barely talking about 5.0.2 my co-workers Verizon gs5 is also working flawlessly and also says that like advertised the battery is much improved. I’m waiting for it cuz I hope it fixes a few lagging issues and random system crashes after a white glitch – like screen. It hasn’t done it lately but it was doing it quite a lot. The lagging is still present and specially when I use multi window, sometimes it’s bad enough that it makes the phone go back to home screen and restart TouchWiz… I guess all I can do is keep obsessively pressing software update like you said lol.

        • Mike

          The only issues I’ve had with my s5 is data inconsistency but I have a feeling that was t-mobile updating towers in the area as I don’t really see the data stalling like it was although I do find a lot of websites force close the built in browser. I like you are just pissed off as to why we must be left in the dark about these. But my backup plan is the S6 hopefully that is 5.1 when it launches in April.

    • Daniel Mettler

      Supposedly it starts roll out tmro

      • Carlos Eduardo Lopez

        Yup downloading as I write this up hopefully it’s good I’ve heard some horror stories from some friends and some forums I hope mine don’t turn as bad if it does I can always factory restore

  • Mike

    I lost faith in T-Mobile after we never got 4.4.4 even Samsung’s support page for the t-mo s5 says it runs 4.4.4 since 11/2014 well it does not. Sad to say but I think my first taste of galaxy lollipop will be on the s6 while the s5 sits in 4.4.2 limbo.

    • patrick2525

      The OEM (Samsung) provides the updates, not the service provider (T-Mobile).

      • Mike

        I know that and Samsung website states we got 4.4.4 with the last update in nov 14 but t-mobile still has us on 4.4.2.

        • Jacob

          most carriers actually added the security packs into 4.4.2 they just didnt label it 4.4.4. so your being a too picky. besides 4.4.2 and 4.4.4 dont have hardly anything cosmetically different.

    • Josh

      The Tmobile Update just posted today.

  • Damon

    Is the new update containing any modifications for the camera,did they add the features that the HTC desire eye camera has ?
    Please tell me cause I want an information about this point as fast as possible

  • henry

    Does anyone seem to know what is the difference between the 2 M8 Modes that show up the camara options?? When you can choose, “Pan 360, Zoe, Selfie” there is two that say M8. I have clicked on both and dont see a difference

  • c b

    anyone else missing their music app lock screen control widget? i have absolutely NO clue how to get this back. swiping, clicking, and trying to adjust settings has produced zero results, and i miss being able to skip songs in my car without having to unlock it every.single.time.

    • CarlMaloneHere

      This has been killing me too…

  • charity

    Since the update there’s a little symbol in my notification bar that doesn’t go away and I can’t figure out what it relates to. It kinda looks Luke the letter N in a box. It’s driving me nuts! Thanks!

    • Henry

      That is symbol for “NFC”. Go to “Setting and under Wirless Networks and Click where it says “More” and turn off NFC. It must have turned on with the update.

      • charity

        Thank you Henry! I’ll do that.

      • charity

        It worked and now I see what it means. Thanks again!

  • billy

    I got a question, Since I updated the software why doesn’t my notifications appear when the phone is in lock screen? My messaging app, whatsapp, viber, Instagram, etc. does not show up. The only thing that pops up is the notification light. Is other people experiencing this after updating the software?

    • zjames

      The same thing is happening to me. Also, I keep getting a notification that Google Play services need to be updated, but there is no update.

  • RJ

    Anyone having issues with Bluetooth? My misfit flash would easily sync prior to update, now I have to turn off and turn on Bluetooth a few times before it will sync, or restart my M8 for it to sync.

  • YABD

    To keep android updated it is hard task for manufacturers and carriers. We have have to be patient due to a variety of phones and different configuration.

    • Boogle

      Well don’t try to fix wheels that ain’t broken then!!!

  • fred

    The sounds all fucked up on app besides music with this update

  • Mel

    When paired with my Ford Explorer, the text messages no longer play. Voice is fine, just no text messages.
    I’m not a fan of the new method to close all active apps. Prior version allowed you to close all at once in one move. If you can do that now, I don’t see it.

    • disco

      You can.

      Press the button bottom right hand side and it brings up all active apps.

      Press the settings button at top right.

      Press layout

      Select grid!!

  • Carlos Eduardo Lopez

    So anyone who upgrades their s5 to lollipop let me know how it works it has downloaded but I’m thinking long and hard(no pun intended) about pressing the upgrade button after some horror stories that I hear from forums and friends

    • mommyc

      Don’t do it! It sucks!

  • Tina Cota

    Since the update, apps crash a bunch- at random. Zoodles & Google Play Services, to be specific. During Candy Crush, I’ve noticed white flickers in my screen. I’ll look more closely next time b/c it is probably just the app.

  • Theresa

    I have had problems with in app calls(trying to call a phone number from a web page or maps) – I have also had problems with slow internet – grrr

  • Anand_kingbiceps

    Im not getting lollypop update why ??? I live in uae .

    • Boogle

      I wouldn’t install it of you do

  • Christina LaFiura

    Is there any way to delete the lollipop update? I hate it!! My phone (M8) keeps freezing, force closing apps, and lags like crazy. But the worst is the keyboard. I used to be able to go back to a word if I noticed I spelled it wrong and then alternatives would come up, now when I go back and click on a word nothing comes up I have to delete the word and spell it again. I’ve looked at all the keyboard options, does anyone know what to do?!?

    • Tina Cota

      No way to roll back updates.

    • Tina Cota

      That’s another flaw the update has had with the keyboard. Sometimes it won’t come up at all & you have to restart your phone (if you clear data, it’ll reset the settings & words you’ve added to the dictionary).

    • Sudhi

      Remove the updates of htc for view, scribble and htc service pack from your all apps … Your hanging problem will be solved forever

    • Sudhi

      Correction :Remove the updates of htc dot view, scribble and htc service pack from your all apps … Your hanging problem will be solved forever

      • Boogle

        Do you have to do that per app including ordinary texting and voice calls and either or does that have to be done per app or is there a geographical way of doing it?

      • Christina LaFiura

        Ok, i have done all of that and restarted my phone, and it does the same thing. I went through all my apps and cleared the cache and on some of them ideleted the data, but nothing helped and ireally don’t want to factory reset my phone. Any other suggestions?

      • Christina LaFiura

        Under “apps” there is system ui lollipop, do you know what would happen if I disable or stop that?

  • Boogle

    I agree with Christina … It’s become tiresome and has made me think that if this is progress in 2 months time at upgrade unchanging to IPhone … Also to add to her grumps my keyboard will suddenly freeze as it suddenly decides that I’m over pressing for a number or icon etc… But it so lags and … The whole thing so lags .Access to photo app in a hurry is painful as well and the opportunity has been missed by the time it is working :(… There are a few good bits and improvements but the cons outweigh the pro’s massively … Basically my phone has turned into the equivalent of a 64mb computer on dial up … They need to do a bug fix quickly or I’m off to Apple in May!!

  • Mobile service center

    I find htc service center in Chennai for update, they buy some amount for updating lollipop. Is there any option for self updating of android lollipop 5.0.

  • Andrew Phillip King

    My partner owns an HTC One M8 and recently updated to Lollipop. Scrolling sideways is entirely broken (making websites like Yahoo unnavigable). The browser crashes frequently. I’ll send one text from my iPhone and the HTC One will receive the same text multiple times (up to seven repeat messages). T-Mobile has been no help in fixing the phone or issues related to the upgrade. I am disappointed that T-Mobile has not held itself responsible for a broken update. If anyone from T-Mobile is reading this who can make it right, let me know: otherwise this could be the last T-Mobile phone we buy.

    • Timothy Jacquez

      I currently have the M8, and while I haven’t experienced the scrolling issue, the texting one I experience quite a bit. It also gets really hot when doing anything even mildly taxing, like say having more than one window in chrome open, or playing a game. I’m pretty pissed off as I feel they effectively broke my phone with their “update”.

  • TiCo

    T-Mobile cannot just poop out an update. This has to be done with HTC, as well, & go through a process on both ends. Do your part as a consumer & alert HTC to the problem– their FB page & ask for help. You’re not the only one having problems since Lollipop.

  • TiCo

    Here’s an illustration to explain how this works..

  • TiCo