Android 5.0 Lollipop update for T-Mobile HTC One (M8) landing on Monday, Feb. 9


Good news HTC One (M8) owners, the T-Mobile variant is about to get an update to the sweetest version of Android yet. T-Mo has received the technical approval necessary for the Android 5.0 Lollipop rollout, and it will begin showing up OTA on Monday, February 9th. Just two days away.

Mo Versi, the manufacturer’s VP of product management confirmed it on his Twitter account last night:

So if you have an HTC One (M8), start looking for software updates in a couple of days. As you’d expect, the T-Mo version of the phone will run Sense UI 6 on top of Android 5.0.

As always, let us know how the update goes and what improvements – besides aesthetic – you notice on your devices.

Source: Mo Versi (Twitter)
H/T: Android Authority

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  • Clippers FANactic

    Can someone please explain to me in Layman’s terms; why are older phones getting the update first?

    • Cam Bunton

      It is HTC’s newest flagship…

      • Clippers FANactic

        And what about my Note 4?

        • FreydNot

          Note 4 is a Samsung device. This is an HTC device. Go ask Samsung when they will push out an update.

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        • bryck

          Not anytime soon.

    • Austin

      Cause Samsung doesn’t give one single crap about their customers.

      • HumorPrint

        I think I will be leaving Samsung.. Their updates always lag

        • kalel33

          Historically, Samsung updates their phones better than any other manufacturer. HTC, Sony, and LG were the culprits for abandoning phones within a year of release.

        • TylerCameron

          Remember the Galaxy Note II?
          My Note II was on 4.1 when 4.2 was out. It was on 4.1 when 4.3 was out. Samsung took over a YEAR to update that phone! Also they used to do some BS by forcing you to do Kies for updates. I have friends who have S2’s on 4.0 because Kies is such a pain to use.

        • kalel33

          You mean the Note 2 that was updated all the way to Android 4.4? According to Samsungs own site, you don’t have to use Kies to update it. You can do the update over WIFI.

          Name me one manufacturer that made a phone in 2012 and updated their phones to Android 4.4. It sure wasn’t HTC, with their HTC One S getting updated to 4.1. How about Sony’s Experia S. Nope, they were Android 4.1. How about LG? Nope, the LG Optimus G was at 4.1.

          Every other manufacturer was 2 versions behind Samsung.

      • Sean

        I think it takes Samsung longer because they have to update the million bloatware apps that come preinstalled and then they have to update the carrier bloat. I wish Samsung would do what HTC did by putting all their Galaxy apps in the Play Store where they could be updated without updating the entire OS. But I guess that’s asking too much of Samsung lol.

        • itguy08

          Funny, cause the Verizon GS5 stated getting Lollipop earlier this week.

          Come On T-Mobile, Release it. It’s absurd we even have to go though this carrier BS in the first place!

        • monkeybutts

          I heard the Lollipop update on the verizon gs5 is buggy as heck.

        • itguy08

          Doesn’t surprise me. Android is buggy as heck and I say that as an owner of a GS5.

        • UMA_Fan

          Only way to truly avoid that on Android is to get a Nexus

        • superg05

          i know it was shocking Verizon and sprint are usually the last

          twitter : @JohnLegere

  • Android_God

    I bet the S5 isn’t too far behind so hopefully the Note 4 comes quickly after that! WOO HOO!

    • 9to5Slavery

      Hope doesn’t exist

  • none

    When’s the 1st gen moto x

    • randian

      I’m waiting for that one too.

      • 9to5Slavery

        I’m not

  • 9to5Slavery

    what about this phone and that phone and this phone?

  • Simon Belmont

    I really wouldn’t be surprised if the M7’s dropped sometime next week, too. They’re both on the same development stage on HTC’s update status page, now.

    Sprint’s M8 and M7 dropped only a few days apart. It could happen.

  • joe

    Man…I hope this upgrade to lollipop have volte.

    • UMA_Fan

      I’m thinking they will deliberately out VoLTE since it’s one of the very few Tmoble LTE phones that doesn’t support LTE on 1900mhz.

    • taxandspend

      I also wanted VoLTE, but I’d rather get band 2 LTE support. I think VoLTE needs the bugs worked out – my wife’s Samsung phone has it, and there are lots of dropped calls with great signal. I’m guessing it’s when it switches towers. I turned LTE data off on her phone so that it wouldn’t do VoLTE and the dropped calls are gone.

  • Tailor00

    I really hope the Note 4’s update is not too far ahead.

    • eAbyss

      Samsung’s TouchWiz is going to severely slow down any updates you get.

  • mik

    What does OS5 do/have that 4.4 doesn’t?

    • kalel33

      That’s way to much to type out. Just do what everyone else does and Google it. Try “android 5.0 difference 4.4”

      • chriz

        Most prominently: Worse battery life, no ‘silent’ mode, and slower interface that refreshes your phone often. <— Nexus 5 user

        • kalel33

          Hmmm, my friend has the Nexus 5 and the battery life has been better since the update. Maybe different apps are affected, which could drain the battery more.

        • Kidney_Thief

          In my experience, the version of Google Play Services you have affects your battery life considerably more than your OS version.
          Also, silent mode is coming back in 5.1 and the memory leak bug has been fixed as well.

        • monkeybutts

          Did you wipe your phone prior to updating to lollipop? Most people who have issues did not wipe

        • eAbyss

          Most people I’ve talked to have no trouble with it on the N5. You probably need to do a factory data reset.

          Silent mode (unneeded by 99% of users) is making a comeback in 5.1.

        • TylerCameron

          Silent mode shouldn’t be an option anyway. I hate it when I have a friend who uses silent. Then I’ll be waitin potentially hours before I get a reply from them!

    • Actually, no single “must have” new feature. New look and feel called “Material Design”. Performance / battery tweaks, though I’ve yet to see anything conclusive on how much longer or faster any particular device runs with it.

      • TylerCameron

        The new UI IS a must-have feature!

  • GreatNews

    Any news regarding the update for the LG G3

    • kr

      I got it OTA and refuse to install it. It ruined my nexus 7

      • eAbyss

        It’s not the OS, it’s the device. Runs great for almost everyone on the Nexus 7, the rest just need a factory data reset.

        • John

          Not true, I did the factory reset, its still bad. They had to come out with a new version and its still horrible for the nexus 7. Poor battery and lagging, not a fan of the new interface either.

        • taxandspend

          2012 Nexus 7 or 2013 Nexus 7?

        • John

          was the 2012, it was running just fine before I updated to Lollipop so why wouldn’t I blame that? 2012 and most 2013 users were going nuts with the 5.0 release.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          The 2012 Nexus 7 is just a lousy device. The flash memory is toast after a few years of constant use, it seems. So don’t blame that on Lollipop; it’s the device.

          The 2013 is a different story, though. Much, much better.

      • mrpickem

        My Nexus 7 LTE runs so much better after 5.01 update last week. Loving it!

  • Nick

    Where is my Note 4 Lillipop update?

    • eAbyss

      Most likely still a little ways off do to added bloat (TouchWiz) by Samsung.

    • Apparently it’s with Occulus getting tweaked for Galaxy Gear VR.

    • Not happening Anytime soon, because Samsung…..

  • JMF_mobile

    Looking forward to it being pushed to first gen moto x but ok with waiting for more bugs to be ironed out. Happy with KitKat 4.4 in the meantime.

  • taxandspend

    Anyone get the update yet? It’s 8:45am Eastern time, and I don’t have it yet.

    • dude

      Nothing here

    • Ares

      No update still and it is 9:35 am eastern

    • Tim Work

      Nothing at 10:30 est

  • Mike

    Patiently waiting for the upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy s4

    • You’re in the Wrong thread man. Not sure if you read the title, but this Update is for the htc 0ne M8.

  • Jimmy James

    Where dey at doe? 10:11 EST. you tube com/watch?v=LvKkZhhnuFk

  • Jimmy James

    Where dey at doe? 10:11 EST. you tube com/watch?v=LvKkZhhnuFk

  • douglas futrell

    Its 10:30am in Texas and I havent been prompted for the update yet.

  • Pete Nguyen

    It’s 12:30pm est, still don’t have it yet…I’m afraid bandwidth are full.

    • douglas futrell

      id doubt that to be honest, especially since this was to be a staggered releases throughout the day. But you would think at this time of day the update would be seen and reported on more widely.

  • Waiting . . .

    Halfway through the day and still no update =[ I’m the words of Chris Burman “C’mon Man!” Anyone got it yet?

  • Bogdan96

    1 pm in Virginia. No update, yet.

  • Bryan

    noon in Minnesota, no update here either. Did anyone get an update yet?

  • Jimmy James

    No one be havin dis. Imma call a shareholders meetin! Who dis mo versi dude?

  • Pete Nguyen

    According to htc website, it’s at stage 4-complete. I hope they roll them out today.

    • Bluberry Biscuit

      Two hours ago it was at Stage 3, so hopefully this is good news? 1:15PM in Florida and nothing yet.

      • Pete

        It’s good to see theyre making progress

  • Jimmy James

    Dis ain’t right. Peeps best be tellin us our bacon be ready but it still be on da hog.

  • Guest

    HTC standin fo Hatin T-Mobile Customers.

  • Paul


  • Pete Nguyen

    3pm EST , still no updates.

  • douglas futrell

    3:00pm CST and still nothing. Are we sure HTC and TMo were pushing out the OTA of 5.0 Today, or will it be Feb 9 or 2016? I cant tell anymore with these slow update cycles.

  • Chris Carnage

    1 pm , anyone get anything yet

  • Bryan

    3pm Central Time…. nuthin

  • Waiting . . .

    This is getting ridiculous, It’s 4 o clock. The ROM isnt downloadable (which should be done first at midnight of release day IMO and it hasnt been pushed yet. What are they waiting for!?

    • douglas futrell

      thats what I am curious about too. I have been sitting on this site for a few hours checking to see if anyone has had a push to their phone. So far we all share the same sentiment.

    • Pete Nguyen

      Maybe it’s being upload from taiwan. Lol

  • Jimmy James

    Are they shipping this from Taiwan on a USB stick?

    • Pete Nguyen

      I’m afraid so

    • Robert H.

      @disqus_0GjWT6DTs7:disqus @disqus_LGLSNojjJ0:disqus Or 153 floppies…..

  • bcsteene

    Is it going to be next monday?

  • Jeff

    Tmobile support site shows it will start February 10th.

    • douglas futrell

      So Moversi put out a statement that said it would be out today and tmo is saying tomorrow. So all of us have been waiting on this update all day, and tmobile couldnt come out and correct the prior statement. I have been hitting “CHECK NOW” each hour on the hour in hopes to see it!

    • Bogdan96

      The link says it’s available now and that the push notification for the update starts on Friday

  • Danielk

    Looks like it’s been pushed to tomorrow.

  • Justin Merithew

    Anybody have any luck yet? I keep checking for updates every 15 minutes or so and haven’t gotten anything yet.

    • Waiting . . .

      Same here and nothing >:l

    • jpatt123

      Nothing yet, I think it will be tomorrow then, one more day guys

    • Johnny Dwyer

      Did you get the update yet?

      • Justin Merithew

        Nope, you?

  • JustOne
  • Pete Nguyen

    I hope its 12am

    • Pete

      Then i guess ill have 5h30m to go. Awesome!

      • taxandspend

        But it could be Pacific time since they’re based there.

  • Johnny Dwyer

    8:30 pm EST and still NO update!

  • Robert H.

    So, it was in fact delivered to T-mobile on Monday. But now if it is delayed any longer, we can be mad at T-mo and not HTC.

    “Software versions & updates: HTC One (M8)
    Created by tmo_johnr on Mar 11, 2014 8:13 PM. Last modified by tmo_tim on Feb 9, 2015 2:24 PM.
    Learn how to check the software version and see official versions for the HTC One (M8). Find out more on this page:
    Beginning February 10, the HTC One (M8) received a software update to 4.20.531.4. This update provides:”

  • Guest

    1:19am eastern time just got the update downloading now

  • Guest

    downloading now…

  • Devin P

    Just received update.. DL now as well

  • Waiting . . .

    Downloading Now! Got it 10 mins ago!

  • Chris Carnage

    Update now

    • ragumaster

      anything different ?

  • Chris Carnage

    It’s out

  • Raymond Guerrero Jr

    Did anyone else’s phone get hot while updating? Never done that before while updating, thought it was strange.

    • Ummm…. Phones tend to do that when the Screen is on and in use…. **sigh** In 0ther News, the sky gets Bright when the Sun is 0ut!! **Panic**

    • taxandspend

      It got a little warm, but I think that’s because it takes 30 minutes, and the display is full brightness.

    • Pete

      I think thats normal because its running at max speed and brightness.

  • Chiilguy

    Did the update and there seems to be no problems… Very smooth

  • Johnny Dwyer

    No way did I think my M8 could get snappier , but it did!

    • Yeah my M8 was already Speedy, but somehow it seems even more now.

  • TM101

    I try to download and I get a message saying the software is corrupted..

    • Pete

      Maybe ur wifi not stable, have u try again?

  • Joshua Miller

    When will the note 4 get the update I’m so tired of waiting

  • Got the Update for my M8 at 6am, and it’s Tremendous. No noticeable bugs, yet.

  • Pete

    Got it at 7am EST. Its 5.0.1, the battery percentage and clock gotten smaller. I set the lock screen to show more details… Can’t set it to show Less Details, can somebody help me?

  • Vulgar Mozart

    Anyone noticing their battery draining faster since the update?

    • Jennifer Hill

      I have noticed a battery change. Never had a battery problem until this update. My girlfriend has the same phone, same issue.

      • Vulgar Mozart

        Yeah, I’m convinced there’s a leak somewhere. Who do we notify? HTC? TMO? Not sure what’s causing the drain.

        • AaronMN

          I have also noticed the faster battery drain. This was a known issue in 5.0.x releases of Lollipop. Google was fixing in version 5.1.

        • Vulgar Mozart

          I did send an email to HTC but I look forward to the 5.1 update.

        • Marcie

          Did you hear back yet? My phone drains way faster too. I have to charge it halfway through the day now if I want to use it at night. I also have a square with a symbol that looks like a double n up by the wireless symbol on the notification bar up top.

        • Vulgar Mozart

          No reply and not sure to expect one.

          I did see an article online yesterday where someone tested the battery on Lollipop on the Nexus 5, M8, and something else. Apparently, per this test, M8 had a better battery and the Nexus worse. I tend to disagree. Wonder if it’s the TMO variant that’s the problem. Everyone with a problem needs to contact HTC.

    • Pete Nguyen

      How full was your battery before starting the update? Are you update while plugged in?
      Mine drain somewhat the same as before, i did notice its good at Deep Sleep.

      • Vulgar Mozart

        It was 100%, first thing I did in the morning. It was still plugged in during the upgrade.
        But I am certain it is draining faster. You do get to know your phone after a year and it’s not holding a charge like it did the last 9 or so months.

        • Pete Nguyen

          So was mine, but I unplugged it right before the update. After the update it dropped to ~88%. Yes, you’re right about after a year it will not hold the charge as if it was new. I usually charge all the way to 100% then unplug.

        • Vulgar Mozart

          My M8 held a charge last week before Lollipop as well as it did on day one. Always loved it’s staying power. With Lollipop, I want to roll back.

        • Pete Nguyen

          Well i guess we’ll be getting the 5.0.2 soon.

  • Destiny LaBoy

    My phone is lagging horribly after update. I don’t know what to do.

  • ericjdev

    Still don’t have it, my wife does – same phone, same contract.

  • brendanhohoho

    Elegant style, raw power, and sophisticated features make the HTC One M8 an excellent smartphone choice for anyone but the most exacting photographer.