T-Mobile wants to give you a free tablet, from November 21st

ALcatel onetouch

T-Mobile announced just a short while ago that it’s kicking off a special offer in the run up to Black Friday, and plans to give customers the chance to grab a free tablet. Existing customers get Early Access and can get the free Alcatel OneTouch Pop 7 from November 21st. Other customers can grab one from November 22nd.

It’s a good job they did just announce it, because we were seconds away from leaking the heck out of this thing…

To get the tablet for $0 down and $0 per month (plus sales tax), you need to activate a postpaid Mobile Internet plan of 1GB or higher. That’s $20 per month for the Mobile Internet plan, unless you’re an existing phone subscriber, in which case you get $10 discount on your data-only plan.

“At T-Mobile, we are unrelenting in our drive to give customers more,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “This tablet deal is our way of saying thank you.  Thank you for joining the Un-carrier revolution and making T-Mobile the fastest growing wireless company in the U.S.”

To be eligible for Early Access on November 21st, existing customers need to ensure that they:

  • Are EIP eligible
  • Purchase an Alcatel OneTouch Pop 7
  • Upgrade or activate on a 1GB or higher postpaid Mobile Internet line

If you’re wondering why you need to be EIP eligible, it’s because you are still technically signing up for an EIP. T-Mobile just refunds you the monthly installments. Customers who sign up will see a $7 EIP charge on their bill, which gets credited back to them every month for up to 24 months.  The device would normally cost $168 full retail cost, and could make a great stocking stuffer for Christmas.

Possibly the only catch? In the fine print: If you cancel wireless service, remaining tablet balance of up to $168 becomes due.” Personally, I don’t see it as being a sinister clause. It’s a simple way of T-Mobile ensuring that you continue to pay the monthly plan fee for your data. So, although the tablet is free, it’s only free if you stick with the plan for the full 24 months. 

Any of you going to pick one up on Friday?

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Rob
  • Thomas Su

    So they make like $120 from data.

    • Hurlamania


      • Hurlamania

        $480 of you’re not a phone customer…

        • SunnyRivers


          Just because….

        • Fabian Cortez


        • JBrowne1012


    • UMA_Fan

      But lose $168 on the tablet

      • Thomas Su

        I was talking about how much they make overall by making the tablet.

  • Verizonthunder

    Its not a bad deal and if you currently have t-mobile service they will match the data up to 5gb of data for ten bucks a month (note: positive you can still get this just call customer service)

  • AxelCloris

    I’d be all over a new tablet if they were discounting an iPad Mini, similar to how they handled the previous promotion (Father’s day?) where the LTE version was the same price as the wifi.

  • Fabian Cortez

    So it looks like T-Mobile is playing the Verizon tablet game.

    I wonder if they’ll include these numbers in their quarterly report.

    • KingCobra

      Of course. All the carriers are using things like this to pad the subscriber numbers each quarter. Most adds Verizon and AT&T have been getting are made up more of tablets than phones. T-Mobile definitely is trying to get in on the fun.

      • Serge

        Gotta pass Sprint by the end of the year no matter what.

  • T-Mobile

    Isn’t this the thing Uncarrier was supposed to destroy?

  • UMA_Fan

    Push to inch past Sprint in subscriber count by end of year?

  • besweeet

    So it’s a minimum of $10 per month, and you can think of the [up to] $168 as an ETF for backing out within 24 months. Technically not “free.” Not a bad deal if that’s a particular tablet you’d like.

    • Cruise Guy

      But, if you keep it for 24 months, then it was technically “free” or equivalent to a $7 per month data discount. ( $168/24 months=$7 discount)

      • besweeet

        I wonder if you can drop down to the free tablet data plan after that 24 months.

  • steveb944

    I wouldn’t even take that thing for ‘free’.

    • Dee KTee

      To some people, this is a damn good deal. Even if it is a lower quality tablet, it’s still a tablet, that is going to cost them NOTHING, in addition to adding an extra line for $10.00 per month. Now who’s the stupid one now?

      • maanshu

        trust me there are many ..

      • steveb944

        Nothing is better than something sometimes. You do know we have hotspot available on our carrier of choice…for FREE.

        You’ll end up paying at least $240 for this hunk of junk, when you could have paid it off much earlier. And considering how bloated and slow the hardware will be it won’t even matter that you’re getting the extra data.

        Still feel it it’s a bright idea? Go ahead and embrace the mistake of not paying a little extra, or in this case probably less.

        • Matt

          Have you actually used the device? I have. Except for the fact that the screen isn’t 1080p, the device is snappy and responsive.

        • Prod1702

          I work for T-Mo and sell these every day. The tablet is a POS. I have had problem ask why it costs what it costs then they turn it on and see the screen and are like oh i see why.

        • Cruise Guy

          Steve. You are a bit confused. Whether you call it a piece of junk or not, we all must pay either $20 or $10 depending on your plan to hook up a tablet if you want to be able to roam past a wi-fi hotspot. If you simply want a free WiFi tablet, then this is not the deal for you.

          Still, bring your I-pad, Nexus 7, Nexus 9, or any other tablet to T-Mobile and try to hook it up to 4G data and it will cost you $10 per month, (or $20), and you will still be paying for your tablet on your own. This deal may be a subsidy, but in the end it still is better than just paying for the data yourself.

          Here is another thought. Lets say you have your own 4G Ipad Air 2 on T-Mobile and you already need the data plan so you aren’t tied to your house. Go in, get the so called free tablet, pop the sim into your Ipad, and give the so called free table to your son who can just use it over a wifi connection. You are still paying the same amount that you would have for your Ipad, and now your son gets a free tablet, albeit a basic one. Just don’t cancel in 2 years, and your son’s tablet will truly be free. Then put your sim with the free 200 MB for life into his tablet, and at least he will have a little data when away from home to check email, etc.

        • steveb944

          I see your point in the end, especially in your iPad scenario with multiple mobile data hardware at home. Thanks.

        • 1ceTr0n

          Do shut up…

        • steveb944

          Likewise with your of oh so constructive feedback.

          Back on topic, and to further the topic… Heard the radio ad today, you have to pay taxes up front.

  • Jack Mehoff

    I’d rather they offer the 2012 Nexus 7 LTE instead of this P.O.S.

  • maanshu

    What type of business model is this ?

    • bob90210

      Razor and blades business model.

      • maanshu

        i agree.

  • Scott

    T-Mobile is growing old fast. Sold all my TMUS stock today. Not confident the growth will continue. Very high restocking fees compared to the big guys, Raising sim card fee to $15.00 next month. Higher sales price for products. Now this deal in which you are paying $240.00 in data fees for a 7″ tablet that is not the best. How many people actually need data on a tablet, when you can hotspot from your phone. I suspect the uncarrier will be raising monthly fees soon.

    • Goatee

      The books on the back-end aren’t that great from what I heard. I thought about purchasing the stock but didn’t due to this.

      • maanshu

        Collapsing of the company will only give the other 2 guys advantage to hike the market again. We will be looking at paying Per MB soon. 10 MB for $10

  • TB

    It’s not really “giving away” if you have to signup for a service plan. This is no different than price drops that are routinely offered by all carriers on various handsets and tablets. Heck, even Sprint was “giving away” Galaxy Tab 3, and I’m sure most folks would agree that that’s a more popular tablet/brand in the general public’s eyes.

    • Rdaex

      Yes, but Sprint was giving it away, with a $350 ETF, as well as $15 minimum plan per month

      • TB

        So what’s your point? Both carriers are charging ETFs in line with what the tablets are worth. That’s hardly what I call “uncarrier”.

        • Rdaex

          Ah ok. 710$ for a galaxy tab3 = 168$ for a pop7.. Got it.

        • TB

          If the Tab 3 price you quoted is correct, that just makes Sprint look better as one can potentially get a $710 tablet for about $350 after paying ETF plus first month’s service fees. The Alcatel OneTouch Pop 7 costscosts just about 170, so T-Mobile isn’t really giving it away for a loss. Or for free, as the article claims.

        • J.J.

          Early termination “fee” as in a set charge no matter how much you paid up front or how long you had device. In the event of cancelation Tmo simply wants you to pay the remaining balance owed on the device. If other carriers were like tmo if you canceled at 23 months you would only owe one months payment instead of a set fee of $350 or more. There is a difference

        • TB

          Don’t know where you are getting your information from but ETFs are not flat either – they keep shrinking the longer you keep service within the 24 month period. $350 is the highest you will pay, and that it’s of you cancel service within the first month.

  • nerdlust

    This is a great deal for the right person. I personally would like a nice discount on a higher end tablet. But for some people who just watch videos and post to Facebook and Google plus this could be a great deal.

  • techdude

    If it’s anything like Verizon’s Ellipsis 7, stay far far away. They usually cut corners like low internal storage, underpowered processor, and subpar screen. It may be sufficient for people who simply have a couple apps and check their email but the “free” device is almost always outdated before its even sold. A year into contract or payments on data you’ll want to upgrade and realize full price is your only option.

  • Brian Perez

    Nice of them to do this. People should be grateful but, instead they ask for more more and more instead of being happy that they have a carrier that’s actually trying to make customers happy you can’t always get your way but hey if you want something you know what you should do buy it and quit whining

  • 21stNow

    This looks like a two-year contract. T-Mobile has officially lost the Un-Carrier distinction for me.

    • PHL

      This is no more of a two-year contract than the EIP option for purchasing phones. Nothing more. Nothing less. It’s not a bad deal. Maybe not a great one, but many people are going to purchase a tablet and pay $10 a month anyway.

      • 21stNow

        It’s different from the normal EIP for purchasing phones because the price of the phone doesn’t change based on whether or not you maintain service with T-Mobile in the same way that this tablet does. The Note 4 costs $749 whether you keep service for two years or if you leave T-Mobile after a year; the remaining balance becomes due for the Note 4 immediately instead of over time.

        With the tablet promotion, the tablet is free if you maintain service for two years, but costs money if you don’t maintain service for two years. That is different from what has been occurring with EIP in the recent past. To put this another way, I can’t go into T-Mobile and “pay” upfront to get this tablet for free. I could, however, walk in to T-Mobile and pay $749 for the Note 4 upfront. There is no difference in the EIP price and the upfront price. The lack of service commitment does not increase the price on the Note 4; it does increase the price on the Alcatel tablet.

        While T-Mobile can play with the semantics, this turns this tablet promotion into an effective service contract. I don’t sign contracts with T-Mobile, whether for service or financing terms. Though I am eligible for EIP, my lack of desire for a contract with T-Mobile makes me ineligible for this tablet promotion.

        • PHL

          It might be semantics, but you’re not going to find any company to give you a free tablet with no strings attached. You’re more than welcome to pay full price for the tablet at any time, just like you do for your phones, and you would not have to enter into any agreement.

  • YoCuz


    • Mister Gumby

      Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

  • Mike

    I was able to pickup an iPad mini on Craigslist for $225. I’ve had an amazon tablet and low-end tablet neither compare to iPad. Free may good but if free doesn’t work well – What’s the point?

    • Art Faucett

      Apples and oranges. Hmm, free vs 225 DOLLARS. Friggen Apple sheep sure are amusing, and spelling challenged to boot. Here, let me help.

      and “a” low end tablet. (that’s a period). Free may “be” good, (comma) but if it doesn’t work, what’s the point. English. Learn it

      • KingCobra

        His poor grammar doesn’t change the fact that’s it’s a low-end and also low quality tablet. That’s just a fact.

        I suppose it’s decent for watching a few Youtube videos or posting on Facebook. Not much else.

        • Prod1702

          100% agree. This Tablet they are giving away for free is because it is a POS tablet and free is the only way to get people to take them

    • J.J.

      Tru it appears to be a poor tablet

  • VG

    This is very concerning. As others have remarked, this is the same subsidy and contract model that T-Mobile claimed to abolish. $0 down with an ETF if you don’t keep the service contract for 24 months. Definitely a step backwards for T-Mobile. Hope these “deals” don’t start appearing for phones.

    • hit_the_lights

      And you sir are overreacting

      • VG

        Tell me how this isn’t a typical “discounted device with 24-month service contract” used by Verizon, AT&T, etc?

        • Jay

          The tablet is free providing you keep the service, otherwise you have to pay for the tablet, its not an etf. Also, the traditional subsidy model is based on higher monthly rates to cover the cost of the device. T-mobile’s already reduced their rates when they removed the subsidy model. I think the only issue here, is that this company will open themselves up to this type of “typical carrier” customer feedback since the normal consumer isnt really that invested into keeping up with wireless telecom news, and honestly, who would? This is a dangerous move, perception is everything in this industry. As VG proves this point.

        • J.J.

          Because in the event you do cancel you are just paying the balance of the tablet you agreed to buy ($168 or less since they are crediting you $7per month). Not a set amount ($350 or higher etf) which you get charged even if you cancel at 23 months with att or vz.(I’m not a tmo employee lol)

      • VG foe da Win

        I dont normally agree with VG but this is absolutely correct and hypocritical…

        This tablet is garbage…..the terms are garbage….

    • JBrowne1012

      Well I actually do hope this type of deal goes back towards phones it is too dang expensive to pay all of this extra money for a phone on top of svc charges…. You would still save money if you didn’t have a EIP just this brings back traditional options

      • TB

        Lol, that would mean winding up the uncarrier campaign and going back to being a traditional carrier for T-Mobile.

        Flagship phones will cost what they cost, maybe folks should stick to phones they can afford.
        Separating device and service pricing works best if one buys a cheaper phone and keeps it until it breaks. Too many people in this country have gotten addicted to living beyond their means.

        • PHL

          I agree about buying a cheaper phone. I’ve got a Galaxy Light, and it serves my needs very adequately. Sure, I’d love a phone with a bigger screen and more RAM, but I prefer to save the ~15-20 dollars per month, PER LINE, that a higher-end phone would cost me.

        • TB

          That’s great. If only more people used common sense like you did.

      • Mitt Hukster Jr.

        Maybe you should switch to an Obama phone if these devices are nearing prices that are outside of your current means? You don’t have to be dirt poor either to qualify. Just half broke, like you sound.

        Seriously, have you considered spending what you cab afford and not beyond it Jerome?

    • CRT24

      How exactly is paying a fair price in full if you don’t maintain the data plan an ETF??

      • VG

        Verizon’s ETF is just a financial term that hides its true function: to reimburse the carrier for the cost of the device in case the customer decides to cancel the contract prematurely. Whether you call it an ETF or “paying off the balance of the device”, the net effect is the same. In T-Mobile’s case, I’m being asked to pay $240 (or $480) plus taxes and fees over a 24-month period in order to get a “free” tablet worth $168. Verizon asks that a customer pay $50 or more per month for 24 months in order to get a “free” iPhone 5c worth $450. The numbers may be different, but the end result is the same: the customer must fulfill a 24-month service contract in order to get the initial device for “free”. The wording is different, but the end result is identical.

      • TB

        What do you think an ETF is, if not a way for the carrier to recover fair cost of the equipment they gave to you at a discounted rate?

        • PHL

          The ETF and the EIP both serve the same purpose. I’m just pointing out that the EIP has better terms than the ETF because the cancellation “penalty” shrinks quicker with the EIP than with the ETF.

          edit: This was really meant to respond to VG

      • PHL

        I agree with CRT24. One key difference between an ETF and an EIP pay-off is that the EIP balances are pro-rated on a straight-line basis.

        Not sure about AT&T, but Verizon’s ETFs are significantly weighted towards the end of the term. Thus, 12 months into a 2-year VZ contract, you may still owe ~75% of your ETF. In fact, VZ’s latest phone ETF’s don’t even begin to decline until the 8th month of the contract. And even then, they only decline by $10/month for the next 10 months. So, after 18 months, you still owe $250 of the $350 ETF.

        I’d take the EIP any day. More transparency, and a much fairer proration policy.

    • Cruise Guy

      I would agree with you as well. It goes back to the “way it was” with contracts, however, in the end, its still a better deal than buying the tablet for $168, and paying $20 per month (or $10 if you have a plan) for the same amount of data. So, yes, its old fashioned and back to the old way, but if you cancel early, you really lose nothing more than paying for the device early, and if you don’t cancel, then you got a decent deal. — Another way to look at it is 168/24=$7, or if you stay with the plan for two years, its a $7 discount per month on the monthly plan.

    • sammy

      Don’t know this for sure, but it could be that tmobile is testing this model (subsidized device for each active month of service and pay balance of canceling before 2 years) and watching for the integration, customer reaction etc. This could be just the beginning. Of this is the case, it’s a great way to get their feet wet on this concept.

    • Manny

      … People find a way to complaining about anything. Don’t buy the tablet if you don’t want it. It’s free to buy it and free to not buy it, and if you want out the “contract’ buy the tablet outright. Gimme gimme gimme.

    • not contact

      I don’t think it’s the same as the subsidy contract model. Here it’s the same EIP concept that they have now. Before, you would get the device free, but end up paying for it embedded in the price of your plan over 2 years. Here the service price has not been inflated to recoup the cost of the device. You just pay the service cost plain and simple.

  • JBrowne1012

    Indirect way of saying free w/ a 2 year contract. If they could do this w/ maybe an iPad that would be sweet

    • superg05

      would be to many people trying to run off with them without paying

  • Jane Seymour

    So is this an lte tablet or wifi only?

    • NOYB

      Wi-fi and HSPA+. No LTE.

  • UnCarrier is Dead

    Who said UnCarrier was dead???
    It was I!

    What drives me nuts is the comments on TmoNews is like 75% TMobile employees now which wasn’t the case years back.

    Is TMobile using this site as a customer training for new employees’s or something??

    • TechHog

      I think you’re jumping the gun. I doubt that this will become a regular thing.

  • Paul

    Will T-Mobile still buy a termination fee on this promotion??

    • TMO Guru

      Yes up to 10 lines on one account

  • UnCarrier is Cricket??

    “Personally, I don’t see it as being a sinister clause”

    What integrity!!!

    Lipstick on a pig? but how does that work if you holding the lipstick and have became the pig?

    This is contract subsidized tablet….plain and simple

    • Manny

  • Cruise Guy

    So, T-Mobile has sort of brought back the contract again for
    this FREE tablet, but you know what? That’s okay.

    First of all, there is nothing ever that is free. Obama Care
    is not free. Everyone must pay for it in the end. The money for the program
    does not grow on trees. And tablets are never free, or are they?

    While this stinks of an old fashioned contract, I’m really
    quite okay with it. If you currently have an I-Pad or Nexus or any other tablet
    on T-mobile’s 1GB LTE plan, you pay $10 (or $20 if you don’t have other
    service) per month. That’s really quite
    a fair deal. I currently pay $10 per
    month for 1GB on T-Mobile that I use while I am on the road.

    If you don’t need wireless, and Wi-Fi data is sufficient for
    you, then this is not a deal. But if you consume LTE data, and rely on it, it’s
    a great deal. In the end, if you really
    do stay for 24 months, you truly did get a free tablet, or you could call it a
    $7 per month discount. ($168/24 months=$7 monthly discount on data.) Or, if you truly paid $168 for it upfront,
    then paid your $240 for 24 months of data, you just paid $3 per month for your
    data. Not a bad deal. $3 per month for 1 gig of data with free
    international data and free international texting from that tablet. Cool deal.

    Here is another thought. If you currently have your Ipad or
    Nexus 7 attached to T-Mobile’s $10 per month plan and don’t plan to leave for a
    few years, try this: Get this free
    tablet and activate it. Then move that
    sim into your regular tablet and cancel your original tablet plan. You now are
    paying the same amount on your Ipad, and got a free tablet to boot. (just don’t
    cancel for 24 months). Give that “free tablet” to your child, or use it
    somewhere else on wifi and throw one of the 200 MB free data for life sims in
    in for light use on the road and you are all set.

    It may smell of a contract, but stay for 2 years and it
    becomes a decent deal.

    • Really

      What TMobile store you work for?

    • Allen Enriquez

      Wow thanks Cruise Guy! I am glad you did the math! comcast + Verizon offered me $650.00 to jump ship, $150.00 each phone, but with a bill of $170.00 for iphone 6 plus, sony xperia z3v 2 lines, and sony xperia z2 1 tablet I pay now with TMUS $130.00 for 2 lines, 1 tablet.

  • Ashok Patel

    Isn’t the $10 credit for postpaid going to end jan 2015?

    • TMO Guru

      Yes Jan 2nd 2015

      • Ashok Patel

        This might work in my favor. I currently have a nexus 7 with 2 SIM. After I run out of data on one SIM I switch it out the second one. So I was getting 2GB for free. Since the free promotion is ending, I’ll get this and match my phone data 3GB for $10. And end up with a high end clock for free.

  • Chris

    Just to clarify,

    This tablet is going to be 100% free :). As stated above, you will see a monthly credit of $7 on your bill. If this was a 2 year contract or subsidy believe me you would not see a credit on your bill. The great news is T-mobile has a new tablet promotion for only $10 they will match your phone data up to 5gb. So come Black Friday you will have a new “Truely free” tablet with data for $10. Sounds pretty good to me.

    The current $10 free 1gb will be ending on 1/2/2015 and then will go up to $20. So I would advise you to go grab the new $10 match your phone data up to 5gb before that offer is gone.

    • Chris

      Sorry. Come the 21st!! Not Black Friday ;). That’s crazy awesome

    • TMO Guru

      FYI the 10.00 free 1gb plan is discontinued for new tablet lines so the 10.00 match up to 5gb is the least expensive option

    • Allen Enriquez

      so if i have 2 phone lines and a tablet ipad air and this new tablet how much would I be paying if you don’t me asking chris or anyone for this matter i have i guess 2 days to decide!?

      • Chris

        Hi Allen, if you want to add a Mobile Broad Band line so you can get the free tablet. All it would cost you is the tax of the tablet ( here in Washington $15) and the current $10 sim starter card. After the initial upfront cost you then will only have a $10 increase to your bill which is for the MBB data And not the price for the tablet since T-Mobile will be paying for that. One thing you can do if you already have a MBB is put your current line in an “on demand” state which makes the old line free and take the SIM card from your new Pop 7 tablet into your iPad! That way your bill doesn’t go up at all and you might get more data and he tablet for free! Depending on how much data you have on your phone.

        • Allen Enriquez

          Sweet thanks so much! That’s the best free information i received all month!

    • Nick

      Chris, the match the data promo is over. Don’t advertise it.

    • Mindsunwound

      I dunno how I could get by with only 5gb of data, I use more than that each month just with the Netflix app on my phone. Unless they offer unlimited data packages for tablets i see no incentive to get a tablet rather than a phablet.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    If this was a 4glte tablet I’ll be the first in line. 3G is so limited in my state

    • Chris

      The ALCATEL ONETOUCH® POP™ 7 combines an enjoyable tablet experience at an affordable price. Easily enjoy reading books, watching movies, and playing games with a powerful 1.3 GHz dual-core processor and a spacious 7” display. Connect at home or on the go with the tablet’s slim design, and use the built-in Wi-Fi capabilities and 4G connectivity.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        On GSM arena it says it’s 3G/HSPA

        • Jay J. Blanco

          yeah im confused lol but its still a good deal

      • Jay J. Blanco

        On GSM arena it says its only 3g/hspa

        • TechHog

          Why did you repeat yourself 3 hours later?

        • Jay J. Blanco

          My bad I was sleepy and my browser didn’t update

    • james

      Its 4g

      • Jay J. Blanco

        OK thanks

  • capnfatpants

    There’s a lot of anger in here about this being a contract plan like the days of old? This isn’t an ETF that they are charging, it’s the price of the tablet (which is cheap). It’s the same with their phones. If you do the monthly installments, then cancel service, you’re obligated the remaining price of the phone. People, sometimes, it’s OK to be happy.

    • a@a.uu

      For me this looks like data plan discount equal to the tablet price. You are getting discount up front, so if you are cancelling service – company wants to get back some money.

  • TK

    This is a POS tablet that you can get a similar one for about $50. Go ahead and pay $120 or $240 instead and get it for “free”.

    • Chris

      This is most likely targeted to the people who are either planning on switching to T-mobile or just getting their first post-paid lines. You know, they still need promotions to attract new customers.

  • Nick Gonzalez

    Damn. I thought it was a Nexus 9 at first glance. Almost dropped my bagel.

    • Remo Williams

      [Removed by Mod as inappropriate]
      Anyway, are there any reviews on this tablet? Is it LTE capable? Lol it doesn’t look like an N9 but can’t be too shabby a piece of technology if it’s made by Alcatel. They are the Apple of France.

    • Allen Enriquez

      This is the funniest thing i heard all morning, thanks nick you made my day!

  • Dan


  • izzybrexx

    I was reading a reciew n its actually 3g

  • vinnyjr

    Great Deal.

  • Luis Espinal

    Major issues trying 2 get eip on Alcatel Pop tabs! System in Bridgeport CT Tmobile store won’t let them make an eip in the tabs…they can only take bill payments÷ been here since 10 minutes before 10 am opening!

  • james

    16 bucks for tax 10 dim card 10 dollars 5th data just got one. Called in got one.

  • james

    Its 4g checked double checked

  • Debbie

    Just returned from the Tmobile store and did not bring one of the “free” tablets home. Ask questions!! This “free” tablet will cost you $10.00 a month for up to 5gb of data. You will walk out of the store with your “free” tablet $43.00 poorer…tax, sim card, activation fee…Then, should you decide that it is not right for you and return the tablet within the 14 day period, you pay a $50.00 restocking fee, so you pay them $7.00 to take it back! Ask questions!

    • james

      It cost me title of 26.87 out the door

    • Jay J. Blanco

      i already have a tablet and its paid for so i can just upgrade and save a-lot of money. and i already have a plan

    • JE_25

      Where do you get $43? It’s $10 for the sim start kit(which is basically the activation fee, which they don’t have) and then $13-18 for tax.

    • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

      You should probably ask someone how to do math

    • NR552

      I paid the tax (less than $15), no sim card fee, and no activation fee. So far, the thing is ok, but not 4G that’s for sure. Only get 2-3 meg down, 2-3 meg up. Weak camera, and the screen has some narrow viewing angles.

  • jay

    I paid $15.12 total tax for this free tablet i dont know why would anyone pay more.

    • Jay J. Blanco

      from tmobile?

    • Allen Enriquez

      what about the sim card if I may ask jay?

  • Bklynman

    Chris if you get this,since you seem to know about this pretty well,I have a mbb service with Tmo,I have 1gig on my phone,so if I upgrade my data to 2 glgs on my phone,I would get 2 gigs,for $3 -$7.00 credit I would get on my account for this tablet is that correct?Is this over on the 22? Or how long will Tmo be doing this for,only until the 22? Thanks or to anyone who can answer this.

  • Bklynman

    Wow,just check out Tmo site,for everyone who is putting this tablet down,Tmo ran out of stock. At least Tmo learn there lesson,from few yrs,ago when they had the Spring Board by
    Huawei,they over price them at over $300,got brand new one on Ebay,for less than for $140. plus shipping about 2 yrs ago. It is a great little tablet.I am sure it could run the newer os,without a problem.

    • Allen Enriquez

      Nice Bklynman Catch!
      it almost looks like the spec’s of Alcatel OneTouch POP 7, I was disappointed that I had to pay $6.99 + T .48 cents for shipping, and yes TMUS learned their lesson but not enough tablet inventory! sure i am super grateful it’s a free tablet but, really almost $8.00 just for shipping through their retail store?

  • Jay J. Blanco

    tmobile knows what they are doing with this profits are going to jump in 1Q 2015. Those mobile broadband plans are exspensive

    • JE_25

      I didn’t realize that paying $10 and they will match your highest data plan up to 5GB was so expensive. Where have I been? ;)

      • Jay J. Blanco

        Yeah but my school WiFi was down and I used all my data and bough 2 GB of data for 20 dollars. T-Mobile is making an extra 20 off me this month. Never again. Luckily the WiFi is working on my college campus again

  • Allen Enriquez

    I just bought my free Alcatel OneTouch Pop 7 tablet just like it said except I had to pay a deposit of $20.00, ship $6.99, tax $13.99, sim $10.00, $50.98. So far I see I can stick with it for a couple of months, now one of the questions i have is, should I can the jump program on it with the insurance, or just keep the jump program if possible I can’t really ask CS the question my order just took place just a couple hours ago. I am thinking my next tablet if t-mobile gets it, it would be sony xperia z3 to go with my ps4 and my sony smart tv.

  • Katta

    It is goofy as it gets. You pay 24 months $10 for each month $240 for the tablet.
    Buy for $168 and put sim card with 200MB free for life.

    • Allen Enriquez

      True, that it’s a $240 price tag, however I look at it like a climbing ladder. I just wanted to wait til t-mobile pays half of it for me, which is 12 month ish, then I jump, I have a second tablet chris one of the guys here said a good idea is to put my other tablet on demand and the other at regular account. Which really i don’t pay much beside the jump program. But the only down fault is that the Alcatel One Touch POP 7 is on backorder which so far the CS said it may take 2-3 business days…