Check out this awesome Interactive Map for up-to-date 700MHz information/speculation

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 14.06.34

A few months back, we published a link to an awesome interactive map which shows up to date information on all T-Mobile’s 700MHz efforts. And, with the most recent developments, I felt it right to share again. A lot has changed, and continues to change as new spectrum acquisitions are applied for and new antennas are activated.

As you click on various markets and icons you get information specific to that area. For instance, the antennas with red circles around them are protected TV channel 51 locations, where 700MHz can’t be used by T-Mobile. Antennas with green circles show areas where an application to relocate the channel has been submitted. 700MHz can’t be used in these locations by T-Mobile until the relocation has been completed. Purple antennas show were potential antennas have been spotified, but are awaiting verification.

Markets colored pink are those where T-Mobile owns the spectrum, the orange/brown markets are where T-Mobile has applied to purchase spectrum, but the deal is still pending.

I’ve attempted to embed the interactive map below, but, if it doesn’t work, head on over to the original map and view it in full screen on browser, it’s pretty fantastic.

It goes without saying that some information may be inaccurate, but it’s the best look at T-Mo’s 700MHz dealings we’ll get until we get official announcements from the carrier.

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  • Verizonthunder

    Perfect plan t-mobile purchase as much of the 700mhz and will soon be number three carrier in the USA.

    • Eric

      Number two if T-Mobile deploys across their entire 700 MHz areas.

      • RiskyBidThis

        They lag AT&T/Verizon by more than 50M customers. It would take a long time for T-Mobile to pass either of those two.

  • Raiterio Patterson

    North Carolina you suck. How can the protected channel 51 locations get unprotected? NC is a rural area as a whole & I’m not switching to AT&T.

    • Mark

      It looks to me like North Carolina has a separate issue: TMo doesn’t even own the block there, much like in Maine where it’s owned by US Cellular. Channel 51 interference doesn’t make any difference in NC if TMo doesn’t own the rights in the first place.

      • Raiterio Patterson

        Can T-Mobile buy the rights or spectrum from US Cellular?

    • KingCobra

      Cavalier Wireless owns the 700A around Charlotte, I believe US Cellular owns most of the rest so the channel 51 is irrelevant here as T-Mobile does not even own the spectrum nor are they rumored to be attempting to purchase it.

      • Raiterio Patterson

        Correction: T-Mobile you suck for not buying spectrum in NC & the FCC sucks as well

  • D_Wall__

    Orlando Area Channel 51 protected really? -__-

    • supersanborn

      And what’s the point of having that spectrum if the whole area is Channel 51 protected?

      • Bryan Pizzuti

        Because Channel 51 won’t be there forever, and as soon as it’s shut down, T-Mobile can flip the switch and turn on 700 MHz coverage.

        • nelagster

          Do these networks HAVE to eventually move off of channel 51? Is that required or just a “courtesy” thing?

        • RiskyBidThis

          Barring a court ruling to the contrary the FCC says they have to move.

      • Cam Bunton

        The FCC is in the process of making TV broadcasters relocate spectrum, so they’ll eventually have to move from Channel 51. Court cases planned for next year.

        • Gator5000e

          So, if I am reading this correctly, for the foreseeable future (a couple of years it seems), this 700 spectrum will be useless in Central Florida. So even if Apple adds the LTE chip set needed to access this spectrum (which I understand the iPhone 6 does not possess at this time), to the iPhone 6S or 7, those chips may still be unused here in Central Florida. Is this correct? I mean what is the earliest this spectrum could be available here in Central Florida?

    • Fabian Cortez

      That is correct.

      That station is owned by Trinity Broadcasting. You know, the good people down there at the Holy Land Experience over by Conroy and I4.

      They cram four channels into that 6 MHz they have.

      They need to vacate ASAP!

    • Cam Bunton

      I must be tired.. I read that comment as “Area 51, protected, really?” And was about to give a sarcastic response.. then realized my own folly. lol

    • donco

      we are obviously screwed in central fl

  • mreveryphone

    Let’s get KCMO up and going! We’re ready!

  • drklahn

    Chicago need some 700mhz love. C’mon Mr legere! Go get that spectrum from Leap!

    • TennesseeV

      Whatever station is on Channel 51 needs to move first. That’s the holdup in lighting up the Chicago market.

  • Cam Fas

    Las Vegas plz

  • Ryan

    And like a third of michigan is covered with Channel 51 BS.

  • Nathan S.

    Looks like we here in the Kansas City area might see some love in about 6-12 months if I am understanding the data correctly. Woot!

    • Chimphappyhour

      I hope so. Now to find a new phone that’ll support it. My two choices at the moment are Z3 and N6. Off to look to see if they will work or not.

      • Stone Cold

        Z3 is great for me.

        • Verizonthunder

          Hey got the Magnector X cables I did not notice a difference but much easier to connect for charging. Ordered a supported Qualcomm 2.0 rapid charger called Tenergy Turbo USB Universal. Ill let you know if the rapid charge works or not.

        • Stone Cold


        • Verizonthunder

          I like mine too. pictures are still great and paired with my new pebble steel works like magic. I just love the style and feel.

      • Verizonthunder

        I did a indept review on t-mobile website and fair one too. Sony Xperia Z3 is very good but the glass is fragile.

        • Chimphappyhour

          I’m hoping to find a N6 to test before deciding. I’m not too sure about Sony’s update record and so far my testing of the Z3’s camera has left me less than thrilled. (Tested next to a G3 and my Note 3… the Note 3 actually did better. O.o WTF are you doing Sony?!?)

        • Verizonthunder

          Did you read the reviews to compare notes? Also just doing quick photo demos in store will not merit patients for true testing. My boyfriend has the Lg G3 loves the phone with his vintage wallet case. Please I was not impressed with the note 3 or note 4. Sonys camera is very nice I have zero clue what you did but completely the opposite from your issue not alone either.

        • Chimphappyhour

          I’m pretty knowledgeable about photography and how cameras work. I took the same exact shot with the Note 3, G3 and Z3. Details easily rendered with the Note 3 were completely missing in the either two. Which means that for all the MP the other cameras might be touting, they’re having to do A LOT of software magic to get that “amazing” photo. Basically, they’re having to apply noise reduction with an extremely heavy hand to give us a presentable image. I’ve always suspected that 20MP is way too many for sensors this small. Not sure why the G3 is having such issues when it’s about the same as the Note 3. All I have to say is that I was sorely disappointed in the images out of the Z3.

        • Nathan S.

          Yeah, I was thinking about taking advantage of the Note 3 sale for Black Friday but I kind of want a N6 instead. There seems to be a track record of the Note 3 not doing well in regards to the loudness of the speaker and some buggyness with reception.

        • Chimphappyhour

          Reception isn’t too bad. I’d agree with the speaker but then again, I’m used to speakers sucking on cellphones. At this point though, if you’re anywhere near an area that’s supposed to get 700, I’d make sure your device is able to use it.

  • Nathan S.

    Looks like we here in the Kansas City area might see some love in about 6-12 months if I am understanding the data correctly. Woot!

  • paulied

    This was taken from the official cell binder regarding T-Mobiles 700MHz (The map below depicts T-Mobile’s current 700 MHz A block licenses (pink) and licenses pending FCC approval (orange shaded in blue boundaries). The red circles are TV channel 51 stations protected by the FCC order. A-block spectrum cannot be used in the red circles until the stations relocate to some other channels. T-Mobile can make deals with the stations to relocate them before the 600 MHz auction. Several deals have been announced (see updates below). Stations that are on track to be relocated have a green service contour around them. Relocation typically takes 6-12 months. After the 600 MHz auction all stations will free up the spectrum within 39 months. During the auction currently scheduled for mid-2015 early 2016 the stations will have three choices: exit the business, share a channel with some other station or relocate to some other free channel. In the first two cases the station must free channel 51 within 3 months after the end of the auction. In the third case (they choose relocation) the FCC will pick new channels for all stations and develop an individual relocation schedule for each station. The relocation will take 6-39 months. Read more about the 600 MHz auction and also see an FCC presentation to the broadcasters.) ****Those affected might not see this band until 2020, that is a pretty significant delay.

    • Jay Holm

      I don’t understand what excuse there is to take a whopping 39 months. Prices for the spectrum occupied by Ch51 should be significantly less than spectrum that is already vacated.

  • kev2684

    wait purple are potential antennas of T-Mo?? did they buy Continuum 700 already?!
    [screams internally]

    • Michael

      Purple antennas are potential channel 51 as antennas. They just haven’t been verified yet. The pink spots are where T-Mobile owns 700 while brown is where the transaction is pending for T-Mobile to purchase 700.

      • kev2684

        it says spotted antennas where t-mobile is adding the equipment not channel 51. there is no channel 51 in jacksonville.

        • Epic_Ninja420

          I cant wait for this to get lit up in Jacksonville, I already get better signal with my Z3 than my 5S but inside my apartment complex the signal is crap

        • kev2684

          i know i wanna switch back from cricket

    • Delusion_FTL

      Well, the issue is that we don’t know if they picked up Continuum yet. Due to the current auction for AWS the carriers by law cannot announce any other spectrum deals to the public. We may not have any more announcements until a bit after the auction ends.
      If that is really a site and not just someone thinking or hoping they saw one, it’s a good bet that they have already bought out Continuum.

      • Ryan Carnes Ofs

        When does the auction end?

        • Delusion_FTL

          “the auction will continue until there are no more bids or waivers in any
          single round. Verizon and AT&T are predicted to get the lion’s
          share of the spectrum.”

          I think it’s going to mostly be VZW. I’m not sure AT&T is too hot on AWS, but we’ll see.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Columbia, SC is Clear for 700mhz Interference yayy!

    • JP

      But the outskirts of Lexington County aren’t

      • Jay J. Blanco


  • James

    Looks like Memphis will never get 700mhz. It’s licensed to C-Spire and we have channel 51 taken up. SMH

  • ParisWilponCOO

    So a big chunk of a heavily populated NJ corridor between NYC and Philly is blocked so the 3 or 4 people in the area who don’t have cable and actually watch PBS can get Sesame Street?

    • Cam Bunton

      Everybody loves Sesame Street. ;-)

      • ParisWilponCOO

        To paraphrase Marie Antoinette- “Let them get DISH!”

    • jump

      This sounds like me. I’m from south jersey. We don’t have any high speed broadband because Verizon doesn’t want lay fiber optics in my area. Sadly t mobile has a weak signal where I live but in town the speeds are pretty decent. I preferred watching Arthur

  • nycplayboy78

    Hey what does this mean?

    Washington-Baltimore, DC-MD-VA-WV-PA

    Available for deployment except for the red zones.

    I am from NYC but I live and work in DC…So does that mean DC and NYC will have the 700MHz deployed or will it be delayed?

    • Delusion_FTL

      DC already has 700mhz sites installed and there is no channel 51 issue so they may go live next month with it in DC. NYC needs to have channel 51 moved before they can go live.

      Remember you need to have a band 12 device in order to use the 700mhz sites.

      • nycplayboy78

        Thank you Delusion and I do have the Galaxy Note Edge…WooHoo…

  • yourname

    T-Mobile buys a bunch of 700 spectrum specifically to enhance building penetration in urban areas, but will not be able to use it in NYC, Boston, LA, and San Francisco for 5 years.

    Brilliant strategy.

    • VG

      One of the reasons, but not the only one. The more important reason is that the 700Mhz signals travels much farther, thus being able to provide signal coverage in suburban areas and rural areas which currently have limited or no T-Mobile service.

      That being said, I have my doubts that NYC will have any Band 12 signal in the next year or two, and I’ve grown tired of waiting. Looking into Cricket Wireless and Consumer Cellular now as potential, low-cost options in order to get AT&T signal. I love some of the perks T-Mobile has (WiFi Calling and service when outside the U.S.), but I need my cell phones to work with cellular signals once I enter a building or leave an urban area.

      • hit_the_lights

        Have fun living without unlimited data

        • Melissa Cardenas

          Im with him I rather have limited data but have something that works deep in buildings and once i leave the city. .so far tmobile hasnt been able to provide that as of 2014 while other carriers do..

        • Maximus

          Not everyone sits on their phone all day watching videos and listening to music. It’s called working. And a lot of people have WiFi at work.

        • hit_the_lights

          I don’t do that either but I still prefer to use my phone the easy way it should be. What an idiot?

        • 1ceTr0n

          Go to another carrier then. Bye bye

    • Jay Holm

      Really? 5 years?

      • VG

        Could be. I haven’t heard anything about WNJN In New Jersey relocating, so I doubt T-Mobile will be able to turn on Band 12 in the NYC area until 2018 at the earliest.

        • tmobull

          what happens in 2018?

  • gmo8492

    Channel 51 is complete and utter garbage in LA I hope they get rid of it soon, such a waste.

  • PK

    I can’t wait to use this spectrum in Maryland once the equipment is activated! Oh wait, apple effed all in the A and didn’t incldue that band amongst all the other bands. Guess its a wait for the S model.

    • Jay Holm

      You choose to get the fruit phone.

      • matt

        the iPhone 6 has 20 channels… the iPhone 5s has about 13.
        the next best thing is the google nexus 5 and its cousin, the dreaded amazon fire phone. none of those have channel 12

        the nexus 6 has band 12. but its not even out yet
        the note 4 has channel 12. but it only has 9 channels like the amazon fire phone

        stop buying amazon fire phone wanna bees and buy a real amazon fire phone

      • PK

        Fruit phone ey. I chose the platform I have been using for years, I have years vested into ios and jumping to some bloatwared android is not in my plans. Just dissapointed on the lack of band 12, but hey thats majority of phones these days. Guess thats what JUMP is for anyway so all in all just gotta be patient.

  • Jay Holm

    Part of NY & Mass have really red big circles that look like it comes into Ct, so I’m wondering if Ct is effected by Ch51 still being active in Ct???

    • hit_the_lights

      If either ch51 can be picked up in ct then T-mobile can’t establish there

  • Cam Bunton

    Incidentally, we’ve added a new permanent page with this map embedded on our home page, so you can get access to it easily and immediately when you visit TmoNews. Cool, right?

    • gsm1900

      It would be a lot cooler if you gave credit to the website that you took this information from.

    • FullAttribution

      Please credit danrant and link back to cellularbinder which is his site (and includes more than just a 700Mhz map). I don’t know if he would ask for that or not, but he has put a lot of work into it and there is no link to it on the map.

      You can find it by searching for “tmobile 700A spectrum”. Thanks Cam.

      • nycplayboy78

        DanRant’s site is AWESOME…Cam please link to it from TMONews :)

    • Tundralex

      Does anyone know when Albuquerque NM will get this spectrum? I have an iphone 6 plus and for some reason it does not have this band? Should I sell it and buy a note 4? Or wait till iphone possibly releases an update? Or a new phone? Is this a hardware issue or a software issue? It shows LTE but is still as slow as edge? Any reason why?

  • Cliff

    That means central Florida won’t even get 700mz :( uggghhh

    • Joseph M.

      Not necessarily. T-Mobile is still in the midst of its buying spree for 700A. It depends on what’s for sale next.

  • Dave Slater

    Is it likely that we will get 700 mhz service in Albany Ny area?

  • Edgar

    There is something I don’t understand. Does the antena in Puerto Rico means that T-Mobile actually owns 700mhz in Puerto Rico?
    If so they need to relocate in order tu be able to use it.

    • RiskyBidThis

      No, it means that there is a station on channel 51 so if they did own the 700A there they would need to have it relocate to a different channel before it could be used.

      • Edgar

        Thanks for the info.

  • Jay Holm

    I just checked, looks like the only place in Ct that has Ch51 is in New Haven, other than that, the entire state looks to be free of Ch51, so hopefully 700mhz Band 12 will come to Fairfield County, and Hartford County.

  • Melissa Cardenas

    Wish they did something with coverage in montana as of 2014 everytime i go visit my sis my tmobile phones mines and moms is on AT&T and even tho my G3 displays 3G data is at edge speeds. And i know for a fact atts data speeds are much faster there since my sis has att but for some reason tmobile when roaming on att data works but they throttle the speed real bad cant even load fb or check email.

    • RiskyBidThis

      Montana isn’t high on most carriers’ lists of places to expand or upgrade service. The good news if they do have spectrum there now and it’s use it or lose it. They need to provide 35% coverage in BEA146 (Missoula, MT) by the end of 2016 or forfeit the license.

      It is possible that they could ask for an extension, but that doesn’t mean the FCC would have to grant it.

  • Logan S

    Where is the credit????
    To whom do we owe the thanks for this useful map? I’m sure someone put a lot of work putting it together.

    • JamesG

      The link to the source is above the interactive map

    • enkay1

      /u/danrant on Reddit

  • Pretty excited to see Cincinnati as one of the five cities in line to get 700 megahertz turned on. I wonder how long it takes them to get it turned on once they have clearance?

    • Bori

      Well assuming the equipment is up by the time CH51 is off the air, it shouldn’t be long. T-mobile is known for being pretty quick. Right now I am counting on the PCS spectrum they’ll be getting from Grain Management first half of next year, it will help us a lot here.

  • KingLouisTheGreat

    I live in Fresno, CA. Is there any damn hope that we will see 700mhz on the 99 freeway? Come on T-Mobile why you no love California? :(

    • RiskyBidThis

      They like California just fine given that a lot of the reason for buying MetroPCS was its spectrum in CA (along with NY, TX, FL). Same story for the 700A spectrum.

      Service hasn’t launched yet on 700A, but you’ve got a better shot than many at getting it given Fresno’s large population and lack of channel 51 interference.

      • jeffwhisperinthewind

        they like bay area and southern cali, but just not enough love for central cali ;(

      • dontsh00tmesanta

        exactly no chan51 here

    • KingCobra

      It looks like the 700A covers almost the entire state of California. I’d say they have plenty of love for you guys.

    • JamesG

      Its not Tmobiles fault, they have to wait for Channel 51 to move

  • Abe_The_Babe

    Anyone know the timeline for Los Angeles? I know they have that channel 51 issue there with KXLA, but will it be available in a few months or a few years?

  • Wake Up T-Mobile!! That Section in Texas that your missing? Its the Eagle Ford Shale Area!!! The Largest Economic Development area in Texas!! Thousands of jobs and people and your missing out!!. Even Sprint has a foot print in the area. But not T-Mobile,heck no, “lets give the people in that area GPRS data speeds..”..Its freaking retarded. Way to lead from behind. T-Mobile Morons…

    • Ehh

      You’ll get over it assuming all the pollution (or the truck traffic) doesn’t kill you first.

      • Yeah, The well Flares are a lovely hue of

      • David Firebaugh

        Omg go climb in a cave!!!

        • Meh

          The entire Midland-Odessa CSA has all of 295,000 people living in it. Lets be generous and say that has jumped to 350,000 (temporarily – much like the Ranger oil boom).

          McLennan County alone has 235,000 people living in it and it’s one-third the size despite hardly being an urban area itself.

          Even if you throw out Martin County the Midland-Odessa CSA would still be twice as large geographically with well under twice as many people and unlike McLennan County, T-Mobile doesn’t own any sub-Ghz spectrum there (and Infrastructure Networks doesn’t want to sell).

          One tires of people in rural as heck places griping because T-Mobile doesn’t act like they’re the center of the universe.

        • Meh

          Oh and BTW, they DO offer LTE coverage in Midland, Odessa, and most every other Texas city of note.

          Probably the biggest place that they don’t is Victoria and that’s just based off of Sensorly info, so they may have it there now too. Your complaint is essentially that they aren’t offering LTE at oil fields. They have plenty of bigger priorities.

    • JamesG

      Tmobile is catering to the masses first

    • David Firebaugh

      I second that. I work down there from time to time and hate going there because NO T-MOBILE expect on the interstates. I. E. I-35. It would be so nice.

  • jp


  • Walter Gordon

    Is there a mailing list for when towers go live or a place to suggest towers? We’d be killing up here if we had better coverage.

  • 1ceTr0n

    Wonder how long it will take for that coverage in Montana to be active and what the bandwith is

  • Irfan

    one of the worse T Mobile coverage zone is The nation Capital washing dc , on the road it is good but inside buildings i cant use word “poor” because its None , 700MHZ will help to bring T mobile power to the Nation Capital but time will tell how much T Mobile serious about Washington DC …

  • Chase Culpepper

    So I see that T-Mobile has owns the 700Mhz spectrum in the whole Houston, TX area. I am in need of a new phone, does that mean I should only be looking at Band 12 supported phones or even though they already own the spectrum, it still won’t be active for quite some time so it’s not needed?

    • Nerd_Baller

      It depends, if you need a phone then definitely only go for band 12 phones. If your phone is relatively new, I’d wait as the prices will come down especially by the time you would get good use from band 12. Good luck :D

      • Chase Culpepper

        Well the screen on my S4 is cracked all over the place and I’m not really a big fan of the phone to begin with so I’d like to get it replaced sooner rather then later. The Nexus 6 and Note 4 would be my only options then right? Any ideas when the band 12 goes active?

        • Nerd_Baller

          I would wait for uncarrier 8.0 where I believe they are going to announce a lot regarding their new spectrum. There are a few areas that are reporting band 12 functioning, and Houston has no barriers.

          What don’t you like about the s4?

        • Nerd_Baller

          What area are you in?

        • Chase Culpepper

          Richmond /Katy area

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Firebaugh, CA gettgin closer to fresno !