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T-Mobile reports full Q4 and 2019 results, says it was 6th straight year with 5M+ new customers

One month after teasing its Q4 2019 earnings, T-Mobile today unveiled its complete report for the final quarter of last year. T-Mobile added 1.86 million customers in the fourth quarter of 2019, bringing it up to a total of 86.0 million customers. That marks the 27th straight quarter that T-Mobile added more than 1 million customers. Of that 1.9 … [read full article]

T-Mobile says Q3 2019 was its 26th straight quarter with more than 1 million new customers

T-Mobile’s Q3 2019 numbers are in. T-Mobile reports that it added 1.7 million new customers in the third quarter of 2019, making it the 26th straight quarter that T-Mo has added more than 1 million new subscribers. Of that 1.7 million, there were 1.1 million branded postpaid net additions and 62,000 branded prepaid net additions, with that latter figure up 27,000 year-over-year. At the end of Q3 2019, T-Mobile had a total of 84.2 million customers. The … [read full article]

T-Mobile upgrades hundreds of cell sites with additional low-band LTE coverage

Two weeks after its last round of low-band LTE upgrades, T-Mobile has confirmed that more low-band LTE improvements have been made to its network. T-Mo says that hundreds of cell sites across the country have gotten low-band LTE coverage upgrades over the last two weeks. These upgrades typically include both 600MHz and 700MHz spectrum. The latest cities to get improved low-band LTE coverage from T-Mobile … [read full article]

T-Mobile says it’s made hundreds of low-band LTE upgrades in the past two weeks

T-Mobile regularly deploys low-band LTE upgrades to its network, and today the carrier has confirmed that another batch of upgrades was recently made. Hundreds of low-band LTE upgrades have been deployed across the country, T-Mobile announced today. The upgrades were performed over the last two weeks. These low-band LTE upgrades include both 600MHz and 700MHz spectrum. This time around, T-Mobile has made … [read full article]

T-Mobile deploys low-band LTE upgrades in hundreds of cities

It’s only been a little over a week since T-Mobile last announced a round of low-band LTE upgrades, but today the carrier confirmed that more upgrades have been made. T-Mobile has deployed low-band LTE upgrades to hundreds of cities. Some of those cities include Phoenix, AZ; Spokane, WA; Green Bay, WI; Austin, TX; Great Barrington, MA; and Nashville, TN. Low-band LTE upgrades typically include 600MHz and 700MHz spectrum. … [read full article]