T-Mobile added 7 million customers in 2019


T-Mobile plans to announce its full Q4 2019 results in February, but the carrier couldn’t wait until then to share some of the details.

T-Mobile added 1.9 million customers in the fourth quarter of 2019, including 1.3 million postpaid subscribers and 77,000 prepaid customers. This makes Q4 2019 the 27th straight quarter that T-Mobile added more than 1 million customers.

Looking at the full year of 2019, T-Mo added 7.0 million customers, which marks the sixth year in a row that T-Mo has added more than 5 million customers. That total includes 4.5 million postpaid and 339,000 prepaidsubscribers.

T-Mobile had 86.0 million customers at the end of 2019.

Today’s announcement also included some details on T-Mo’s churn rates for Q4 2019. Postpaid phone churn was 1.01% for the quarter, which is up 2 basis points year over year but is near the Q4 record low. Meanwhile, prepaid churn finished at 3.97% for the quarter, which is down 2 basis points year over year.

We’ve known for awhile now that T-Mobile has been enjoying some strong growth in recent years because the company has been adding at least 1 million new customers for 27 straight quarters. Still, it’s a big deal that T-Mo has added more than 5 million new subscribers for six straight years and finished 2019 with 86 million customers. That’s nearly double the amount that T-Mobile had at the end of 2013 (46.7 million), which was John Legere’s first full year in charge.

T-Mobile hasn’t given us an exact date for its full Q4 2019 earnings release. In the past couple of years, the full Q4 results have been released on February 7th and 8th, so we could get the full Q4 2019 results in around one month. Stay tuned.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Garblicks

    Wow 86 million customers? I remember when it was just under 40 million and and was hemorrhaging customers by the day. This was before AT&T reported takeover. John has been the best thing to happen to this company. I’ma miss his leadership.

  • VanceDuke

    How many of these are actual new lines, and how many are dummy lines added just so someone could get the free phone deal? These lines are still generating revenue, but these are juked numbers. As an investor you have to be a little worried in that breakdown.

    • Francisco Peña

      all of them do it…

      But Sprint’s BOGOs are different. Back Out Get Out deals to leave Sprint.

    • tmo_repatl

      You are correct sir. Most of these “new” customers are just current customers adding “free” phones/tablets and paying for the lines of service. 2 years of paying for that service is required or else the remaining balance of the device becomes due. I’ve explained to customers countless times that T-Mobile will not give you anything free unless you pay for the NEW line of service.

  • Robert Roll

    they need to do away with the have to add a line to do the BOGO and just go to a one BOGO every two years per account if you have 2 lines or if you have 4 lines you can do two BOGOs

  • Sharti24

    I just looked this up and didn’t know AT&T has the most wireless customers in the US at 162.3 million. Followed by Verizon at 118.7 million and Sprint at 54.5 million. Where did Att get all these “new” customers from, Firstnet?

    • Jay Holm

      Your comment shows exactly why there shouldn’t be any debate regarding the Tmo/Sprint merger….ATT & Vzn don’t feel they have any competition….this country, for the most part, has a duo-opoly (however it’s spelled)… those two companies need competition.

      Personally, I believe most people are brainwashed by marketing! I have been with T-Mobile for nearly 7yrs, and am pretty happy with service…

      • Francisco Peña


        I’m pretty happy too. Left Verizon to save $60 a month for 2 lines. Now I have 3 unlimited lines (TMO upgraded my SC ones including one which was the free Magenta Thursday deal) for $85, not including any phone JOD charges. So I can deal with any flaws in coverage…

        • Jay Holm

          I just think Americans are influenced too easily when it comes to marketing, that is why those two companies are so huge.

          By and large, the biggest reason I became a customer with T-Mobile is they don’t play games with data, and unlimited data like the other carriers do. Smartphones cost $600-$900+ frinkin dollars, I intent to actually use something I pay for.

        • Acdc1a

          Those companies are so large because of mergers. It has nothing to do with marketing. Churn is low because people are generally happy with their carrier and will pay whatever the cost is. When they add a line they don’t even think about shopping around.

        • riverhorse

          And / or they get a corporate discount / their employer pays for their service.

      • riverhorse

        Although, we’re starting to see signs of them having to directly compete also against the prepaid plans / mvno’s.
        Verizon now has Visible S25 unlimited & unthrottled— albeit no frills and without direct CS.
        And this competitive pressure will only intensify with low orbit internet – all we will need on a phone is the barebones unlimited calls / texts, and then pull the data from a satellite provider’s home or business internet plan.

    • Kaulana1989

      They are including customers from Mexico

      • Harry Ballsak

        Yep 18 million there. Also includes customers like first responders and with FirstNet you’d expect at&t to be leading that. Also 1 person can be counted as more than one customer. a person with a phone and tablet liens would be considered 2 customers.

    • slybacon

      My Chevy truck’s LTE connection is through AT&T. Although I don’t subscribe to it anymore, there are millions of GM vehicles on the roads that can connect to AT&T’s LTE network, and I’m sure many do.

      • dcmanryan

        I bet less than 10% of those that have it connect to it. You’d have to be an idiot to pay the outrageous rates when you can just use a hotspot from your phone for no extra or a lot cheaper than the Wi-Fi connection through your cars built in means.

        • slybacon

          10% might be low. They had a deal a couple of months ago that dropped the price from $25 to $15 a month for unlimited data. $15 a month for unlimited data on up to 7 devices, who wouldn’t?! Many families with WiFi tablets would eat that alive.

        • dcmanryan

          That is a good price. My 2017 Cherokee for unlimited 3G is $49.99 a month through Uconnect. I assumed all other plans were priced similar.

        • slybacon

          Oh wow. That’s expensive.

        • riverhorse

          It’s called Connected Car, right now $20 plus taxes and fees. Like slybacon says, it’s truly unlimited and unthrottled with lots of simultaneous connections allowed.
          This is such a good deal, that I’m cutting one of my phone lines to pay for this.
          I’m actually porting all the lines out. One will go to Visible(Verizon prepaid with much better and cheaper phone selection than Metro) Unlimited $25. All the other ones are getting ported to free voip apps installed on that phone and in Metro tablet Unlimited $10.
          For under $60 monthly(need to verify Metro does not require a separate phone plan to accompany that tablet plan) I’ll have beaucoup multiple unlimited call/text lines plus unlimited & unthrottled 4G & internet from each of the top 3 cellular carriers.

          Hopefully no more stranded without signal, no more searching for (usually unreliable) wifi… while paying overall less money than before.

          Next project is figuring out something similar for unlimited TV.

          But that’s it. That’s all that’s needed… until the day low orbit satellite internet and 5G become widespread and robust-which won’t be this year or next.

  • Brandon

    I remember when T-Mobile had 30 million customers, and the service was only usable in city areas. They have come a LONG way.

    • Brian

      Yeah, I have been with them since the Voicestream days and they were regional. That’s 21 years and counting.

    • mikeZo6

      Yeah also Voicestream days ! yes they have…

  • Al Beto O

    I have been with Tmobile 17 years I have 7 lines and 4 new phones at $220. After that phones paid off $180 with taxes and the kickback feature +2 dlls for Netflix.

  • Vinny

    Those are stunning numbers. My service is FANTASTIC, couldn’t ask for better, my download & upload speeds at home are very fast, as I travel around the Boston area my speeds are impressive. T-Mobile’s Customer Service couldn’t be better, THANK YOU T-MOBILE, THANK YOU JOHN LEGERE‼️