T-Mobile adds more 5G, boosts 4G LTE capacity in Miami ahead of Super Bowl LIV


Super Bowl LIV is happening in Miami on February 2nd, and so the city is going to have a lot of visitors over the next couple of weeks. T-Mobile is getting ready by beefing up its 5G and 4G LTE networks there.

T-Mobile has just deployed millimeter wave-based 5G in parts of Miami, including places like Bayfront Park and at Hard Rock Stadium where the big game is being played. Customers with a phone that supports mmWave-based 5G (the Galaxy S10 5G) can expect to find the coverage in the lower bowl, parking lot, and main entrances of the stadium.

Also available in Miami is low-band 5G. The coverage actually launched there last month, but T-Mo touts that its 600MHz 5G covers “nearly the entire greater Miami area”, so T-Mobile customers with a OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren or Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G should have no trouble finding a 5G signal.

Of course, it shouldn’t be just 5G customers that get network improvements. T-Mo has also more than doubled the 4G LTE capacity at Hard Rock Stadium and has also boosted capacity at venues around Miami where crowds will be the biggest. That includes Miami Beach Convention Center, Bayfront Park, Miami Beach, and Miami and Fort Lauderdale airports.

Best of all is that T-Mobile says that almost all of these upgrades are permanent, so folks who live in Miami and future visitors will benefit from them, too.

Super Bowl LIV will bring a lot of people to Miami, and many of them are going to be sharing photos and videos of their trip, streaming video, and more while they’re there. With these network upgrades, T-Mobile is hoping to ensure that these customers still have a good experience sharing and uploading despite the crowds that’ll all be doing the same thing.

Are you going to Super Bowl LIV in Miami?

Source: T-Mobile

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  • mreveryphone

    I’m from Kansas City so I’ll definitely be there and will put my Note 10+ 5G through it’s paces and see how good the 5G is down there. Go CHIEFS! #CHIEFSKINGDOM

    • O. L. Jackson

      Welcome to Miami to my backyard..GO NINERS

      • mreveryphone

        Thanks! But Go CHIEFS!

  • Willie D

    They’re touting 5G like its something special to be had. Okay the 600Mhz spectrum is a “sliver” spectrum, meaning its capacity is already maxed out and while its 5G NR, it’s going to be slower than LTE no matter how you slice it. As for mmWave, TMo only has so much of it and that’s the real speedy, capacity rich spectrum we all need and want. Basically by TMo doing 600Mhz customers are going to wonder why this was even deployed at all and it will reaffirm the thought everyone has that TMo is slow and has a shoddy network. Just slapping 5G doesnt make it worthwhile unless you can actually back it up. Essentially TMo is relying on 5G hype but will deliver 3G like speeds. Lame.

    • Trevnerdio

      While the congestion will definitely be real in terms of backhaul, the actual radio equipment will be far less stressed on 5G since so many more people will be on 4G…at least in theory. Could see about equivalent speeds, but I won’t go as far as saying that 600MHz 5G will be faster than 1700/1900/2100 LTE.

      • Willie D

        My point here is TMo is trying to sell “5G” but leaving out the part that the network is going to perform slower than all other 5G options existing. It’s very much like claiming they have high speed data but it’s only EDGE vs UMTS which every other GSM carrier has. Marketing hype other than the reality is an issue for me.

        • Trevnerdio

          They’re doing the opposite of what they used to though lol not actually using 4G tech, but calling it 4G. This time they are using the tech, just not the backhaul haha