First 700MHz sites live in Long Island, as deal with Frontier for more spectrum is approved


Rumor has it, that the first 700MHz spectrum sites are already going live. Although a lot of what we hear is hearsay, we have strong reason to believe that one site has been switched on in Riverhead, New York (Long Island). Milan03 on Reddit submitted a post on the popular forum last week, and we’ve been in discussion with him for the past few days. When the post went live, the site was yet to be activated. Now we’ve had confirmation that it is switched on.

If you live in the area, and you’re familiar with Service Mode on the Samsung Galaxy range of devices, you should be able to confirm that the site is indeed live, providing you have a band 12 compatible phone. So if you have a Galaxy Note 4, and you know your way around the Service Mode, let us know if you can get it to show up on your device.

If the information is accurate, T-Mobile is aiming for around “a dozen sites this year in Eastern Nassau to Montauk area.

In a sort-of related update, there’s more 700MHz acquisition news to digest this morning. A little while back, you may be remember the carrier applying to purchase spectrum from a company named Frontier in the Rochester, NY market. A deal which could bring T-Mobile’s low-band wavelengths to an area covering 1.51 million people. Yesterday, that deal was approved and is now showing as “accepted”. This is in addition to the approved I-700 and Actel deals, which were “consummated” last week.

Sources: Reddit, FCC

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