T-Mobile to acquire more 700MHz spectrum in New Mexico, Texas, Minnesota among others


This week, it’s been revealed that T-Mobile is involved in several new transactions to acquire yet more 700MHz spectrum in a number of new markets. The updated map above shows the markets where it holds spectrum in magenta, with other proposed acquisitions marked in different colors.

A deal with Frontier would see T-Mo add 700MHz spectrum in Rochester, NY, covering around 1.51 million POPs. Another transaction with Kurian would see low-band spectrum networks in the markets around Grand Forks and Fargo-Moorhead in North Dakota and Minnesota with 620,00 POPs covered.

Separate FCC filings also reveal that T-Mobile has agreed deals with McBride Spectrum Partners and David Miller (an individual spectrum holder) for transactions covering 2.91 million and 903,000 POPs respectively. The McBride transaction is for spectrum in the Pennsylvania counties of Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Greene, Indiana, Lawrence, Washington and Westmorland. The Miller transaction is for markets in New Mexico and Texas.

With all the most recent transactions added to the previously revealed A-block deals with Actel and I-700 A Block LLC, there’s a total of 13.45 million POPs covered. T-Mobile is working quickly to acquire as much A-block spectrum as possible to gets its low frequency airwaves live in as many markets as possible. And it doesn’t end there. Two major auctions are coming up. One in November, and another major auction next year.

Source: Fierce Wireless 1, 2

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  • Matt

    The auction in November doesn’t have any low band spectrum though, correct?

    • Andrew Finkenbinder

      No, all AWS (1700s and 2100s).

      • Jay Holm

        Hey, more spectrum is still more spectrum! Hopefully more and more markets will get 20×20 Wideband LTE instead of just 15×15.

        • Daniel

          Or 5×5 like Charleston, SC…

    • taron19119

      No all the A block is owned by someone

    • DDLAR

      There’s an auction next year with low band spectrum. It will be all be in the 600Mhz band. T-Mobile is expected to participate aggressively in that auction.

  • jay_max

    The Fierce Wireless article is already out of date. :-) TMO has also now agreed to purchase additional 700mhz spectrum covering northern Nevada, north eastern California and all of Alaska.

    • Jay J. Blanco

      Wow tmobile is making big moves. This is awesome. Tmobile will be able to launch a national network

    • Hoops

      The article that can previously wrote that was about 700mhz has a current map if you follow the link and refresh it. That map has all the updated areas including all of Alaska . Hurray Tmobile

      • Hoops


      • John

        Where’s this link you speak of

        • Hoops

          https://sites (dot)google (dot)com/site/cellularbinder/t-mobile-700a-spectrum
          Again it was in the previous posting from earlier this week.

    • Cam Fas

      We need it on southern Nevada Mainly Las Vegas and Henderson

      • CalicoKJ

        We’ll take some in ID too…

      • jay_max

        They need it everywhere, including rural states if they ever want to be a serious competitor to AT&T and Verizon. That’s why I’m very pleased to see TMO buying spectrum in places like North Dakota, Montana, Alaska.

        • Jay Holm

          Yeah, I can’t wait to see what Tmo’s customer base looks like by 2018 or so!!! Next couple years sure are going to be interesting in the wireless industry!!!

    • Mike Palomba

      Wow all of Alaska! That’s good for T-Mobile because if I’m not mistaken there are only two carriers in Alaska, AT&T and a smaller carrier. T-Mobile being the most consumer friendly carrier there, half the state would probably switch lol

  • taron19119

    T-mobile is close to having 300 million pops of 700mz bands 12

    • viztor

      Well, if that is true, they haven’t published that information and it musta been kept secret. Based on public info, they have 158 + 8.7 + 9 million pops so far.

      • Jay Holm

        Hopefully they’ll reach 200m pops by the end of the year. I’m just glad ALL of Ct and most of New England is covered.

  • fee

    so looks like New Orleans will never have great T-Mobile coverage/signal penetration at this rate :/

    • John Johnson

      They keep buying more and more spectrum.

      So yeah, obviously, at this rate, they’ll never have new spectrum…/s

      Didn’t bother to quite think that one through, did ya?

      • fee

        yes, i literally thought something about this article indicated my city would FOREVER be excluded from any advantageous future spectrum acquisitions by T-Mobile, exactly right…I definitely DEFINITELY am not just a customer thats anxiously awaiting the name of his city to show up so he can finally get decent coverage from T-Mobile & after seeing another list that it wasn’t on began to feel as if it would never materialize & left a comment reflecting said disappointment in a overstated manner…that couldn’t be the case. Thank YOU John Johnson, the internet is a safer place with your enlightening replies, and I am a better person for having been graced with your wit.

    • superg05

      what are you talking about this whole map the different colors represent spectrum purchased from different companies that whole state is green what are you talking about

  • Ky

    Damn, no love for San Diego County??

    • F123D

      Seriously. I’m jealous of the rest of California.

  • Deadeye37

    Get some of that magenta color in Utah!

  • Cam Fas

    Yet again none in Nevada mainly Las Vegas and Henderson =( hopefully they get some out this way it would be exciting for it too get in place by the time the Iphone 6s and 6sPlus arrive

    • dtam

      I don’t think the iphones support LTE Band 12

      • John

        Yes, the Iphone 6 and 6 Plus are not band 12 compatible. However, Cam is talking about next year when the 6S and 6S Plus arrive they should most likely have band 12 support. That’s why he refered to the S version of those phones.

        • dtam

          ah, didn’t see the “S”

        • jefski

          Nothing against your theory but who says they will be call “6s and 6s plus”? What difference does it make? Apple doesnt wanna tarnish its brand. IE:bendable phone! Lol

        • John

          There has been 9 total reported cases of the iPhone 6 Plus bending. Out of the 10 million Iphone 6/6 Plus iphones that sold this past week. It has been mentioned that those 9 cases of the phones bending were the 6+. That happen because those people put the phone into their tight pocket of their tight pants,sat down,bent down, or did some kind of strenuous activity with the phone in their pants pocket. I have had my iPhone 6 Plus for a few days and haven’t had my phone bend on me.

          Well if they follow the same pattern as before ie IPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6+ etc… Than most like 6S and 6S+ are to follow

    • dunkinchris

      On howard forums

      “And we have another:
      Triad 700 has sold its four licenses to T-Mobile covering Alaska, Erie PA, Salisbury DE-MD-VA, and Reno/northern NV along with the Eastern side of the Sierra Nevada’s in CA..
      FCC application

      heres the link to an updated map.


    • Roger Sales

      Las Vegas, San Diego and Phoenix are only a matter of time before they get sold to T-Mobile I think. Probably holding out for more money.

      • Cam Fas

        Hopefully you’re rights about that it would be great in las vegas

      • gentleman559

        Las Vegas has excellent T-Mobile service. I never had a problem when I lived there.

    • taron19119

      The fcc has a use it or lose it and time is running out so t-mobile is getting band 12 cheap because of that and more people will have no choice but Sale it or use it

    • jefski

      Vegas was the 1st city to get wide band lte! Relax, let them keep doing their thing, eventually it will get there.Tmo wants to have a coverage map like VZ and Att.Their doing a phenomenon job in under 2 years! Nobody can complain or compare to that.they also have the newest tower technology, thats why its easy for them to switch out to lte soo quickly!

  • Mike

    How long do these usually take to go live? Or what are the steps if that is too vague? I’m in the Indiana territory they are getting.

    • JamesG

      Most should go live in the next few months

      • Baxter DeBerry

        Especially the areas tmo has already

  • guest

    Good news for Colorado, except that the Channel 51 issue carves a big hole out of that in the Denver area. Does anyone know the status of Channel 51 resolution in Denver?

    • Roger Sales

      It’s possible that its been already in the process of being cleared, we don’t know which markets T-Mobile struck early deals with. either way it’s only another year before they HAVE to vacate the band, deal or no deal.

    • If my town is an example, the stations licensed to operate on channel 51 have requested the reassignment to another channel. In this particular case, a couple of months ago.

    • Jared Wolfe

      I live in Denver and I have no ideas when they plan to shut down Ch. 51. It’s to my understanding that the FCC is allowing them operate on that frequency until the middle of next year. Other way it can’t come soon enough. Our state is gonna be awesome when this goes live.

      • kalel33

        It will be if they build out the towers. I have to travel all around Southern Colorado(Lamar, Leadville, Gunnison, Limon, Alma, etc) and it’s 99% roaming. Nice to have the spectrum but now they need the towers.

  • pda96

    Well, let’s get them band 12 compatible phones rolling here, TMO !!

    • jefski

      Its just like when they rolled out LTE.they only had 2 phones when it happened, then BAM! It will be the same way

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Xperia z3 soon!

  • KingCobra

    Man, ready to see them make a purchase in NC.

  • Roger Sales

    In my opinion this is why T-Mobile is already #3, They’re making big visible moves.

    Sprint, where you at with Spark? “We’re working on it”

  • Aurizen

    This is why I’m waiting to upgrade! when T-mobile gets their network to an ideal level I’ll upgrade to a phone that fully supports upgraded network.

    • taron19119

      Like a phone that has band 12

      • Aurizen

        Yup! and whatever upgrades t-mobile gets after the spectrum auction.

        • taron19119

          Then your never going to get a new phone

        • Aurizen

          why do you say that? that have band 12 compatible phones already, in another year or so they’ll have more compatible phones.

        • taron19119

          Because u need a new phone for band 12and once aws 3 auction happens you need a new phone for that and in 2016 you need a new phone for 600 action

        • Aurizen

          well I can wait another 2 years its no problem really, I originally planned to get a phone then which is fine.

        • Adrayven

          Thats why I didn’t hesitate to get the 6+ even though it didn’t have band 12. Band 12 won’t be fully active for almost a year, or longer and I can wait.

          It’s like computers; get what fits your needs now. If you keep waiting for the next best thing, you’ll never actually do it.

  • Marvin Arnold

    Lets stop worrying about Florida or California. They have enough spectrum. Their’s plenty of other places on the map that have next to nothing (2G). We pay our bills just like everyone else and are apart of what makes TMO what it is. If we all jumped ship, TMO would be the size of US Cellular and the German’s would run faster than they did in ’45!

    • gmo8492

      Florida and California are very densely populated, so it makes sense that T-Mobile wants to protect its bread and butter. I’m rooting for T-Mobile to cover everyone they can.

  • Zander

    For the love of man! Still no Iowa love

    • YABD

      I will pray for you and Iowa in my church. I know God will send you 700Mhz, LTE, VoLTE and fast speeds before Thanksgiving. Amen.

      • Zander

        I hope your God can make that come true!

    • Danny Lewis

      Hey now. Check the map again… It looks like Osceola County will be bathed in beautiful 700Mhz spectrum.

      • Zander

        Is that the county way up there by Minnesota? I wish I still lived in Minnesota lol. To bad I live in Polk county, lol.

  • Alex Zapata

    Spleesh! TMO is going crazy for that A-block!

  • sushimane

    im happy that tmobile is expanding getting to places that they never been. im hopping they have enough money for the 600mhz auction next year lol.

    • Jay Holm

      I’m sure their working on a plan to get the funds.

  • daniel

    Hopefully they buy Continuum 700’s spectrum.

    • superg05

      i already saw that

      • daniel

        Really? That’s awesome. Where?

        • superg05

          no im sorry i guess it was century link but where did i see that name? its bugging me im going to finish looking through tmobiles filing they have been so busy in the last 4 months so many filings so many microwave i guess rural gonna get alot of love soon

      • daniel

        I just checked the list again and didn’t see anything about continuum 700. I bet T-Mo will buy it tho.

  • hoops

    https://sites (dot)google (dot)com/site/cellularbinder/t-mobile-700a-spectrum
    Updated map at that site for those interested.

  • Luis Espinal

    Ok everyone. ..I don’t know what this means for band work in Westchester county…but today I had LTE on my Galaxy Avant and Edge (usually) on my Tmo Note 3 inside my job in Scarsdale NY…mind you its an old brick building. Did not check what band I was on for the avant…but if anyone is having the same I’m hoping it has something to do with band 12. The only reason I was freaking out with joy was because I got an update on my avant today…no official word on whether band 12 was activated, so I don’t wanna jump to conclusion! I’m only at the location once a week, so I’ll wait for next week to check my bands on both phones. AVANT iS MY WORK and note 3 is ny personal, both on Tmo.

    • Jay J. Blanco

      When you are in the location. Go to your dailer and dial *#0026#* screen shot it.

      • guest

        how do you know what band with note 3

        • Jay J. Blanco

          Same thing I posted above *#0026#*

    • Michael

      You can also download the “LTE discovery” app which shows which band the phone is connected to.

  • kev2684

    still no news about continuum 700

    • daniel

      I bet they will buy it. I don’t think Continuum is even doing anything with the spectrum so they should be willing to sell. It covers 14.2 million POPs.

    • daniel

      And I know from personal experience that T-Mo really needs low band spectrum in the Jacksonville suburbs which Continuum covers.

      • kev2684

        I know. I switched to cricket because of their spotty coverage in Jacksonville. this market is spectrum rich with 50mhz AWS and I think another 50mhz PCS. they have deployed 2×20 AWS in some areas but as soon as you enter an area with a lot of trees (which is majority of it) you get no service. I don’t think backhaul is in place yet since I still peaked around 35 down before I left for cricket despite the spectrum allocation. worked well in the freeway, useless both at home and at work. unacceptable for a city this big.

        • daniel


  • NorCalOffspring

    Sweet! I live in Grand Forks, ND and this is what we need! AT&T and Verizon monopolize the ND market and Sprint barely has 3G in Grand Forks.

    • Chad Dalton

      I wish they would install LTE in Fargo already…during the summer months we always stay in Fargo, on our way to Canada!

  • Giovanni

    Is T-Mobile trying to match ATT or Verizon coverage wise??

    • Rick

      I believe they are Gio!! I think they’re planning on launching LTE nationwide on PCS and maybe AWS 3 if they can purchase some. Also they will buy 700 a block and potentially some 600 mhz to at least match what Verizon currently has with their configuration. If they can purchase enough low band spectrum to match current Verizon (not future). You will see a mass exodus of customers from ATT and Verizon. Tmobile can probably handle 10 or 20 more million new customers with no issues, you will then see Verizon and ATT really panic. But because they are such large company’s they will not respond as quickly. It will be a very interesting few years.

      • daniel

        Looking forward to that day.

      • NorCalOffspring

        T-Mobile will rack up a lot of debt, but for good reasons! :) ….and will pay off in the end !

        • Paul Garrison

          I hope so.

        • mingkee

          Once they got 10-20 million more customers and collect good amount of revenue, they will.

  • Shreddie88

    Can Maine please get a network upgrade at some point! We have nothing but Edge or roaming on att or verizon. We have only have 4G in one city and no LTE in the whole state.

    • daniel

      If DT would pull out their check book.

    • Julian C. Taborda

      actually I think there is a blip of lte in portland on Sensorly! I vacation right across the border in Conway, New Hampshire and its the same story there. Ancient unusable edge that barely even works for phone calls

  • Archon

    And still — no love for Iowa….

    • Terry

      It appears there is one county on the map with the Majenta Color on it.

  • Paul Garrison

    If T-mobile can get east of the Mississippi River covered then the customer growth will help fund more expansion. California and most of Texas is just about blanketed.

  • krym73

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 &Note Edge Fanatics, The Note 4 will be available for display at your local Best Buy store, and the Note Edge will be in display in select Best Buy stores. I post this because the Apple shill will not speak or post about this like other previous previews of upcoming non apple handsets, and if you have any doubts call your local Best Buy store to confirm.

    • neospade44

      I’m going to go out on a limb here and say your a hard core Samsung fan…your post is in all Tmonews articles.

      • krym73

        Just trying to spread the word out because i know the phone won’t be out for another 3 weeks and there’s many ppl that want to check it out, to decide whether to pre order or if the Edge is a better choice. Can’t rely on Cam to report much outside of the Apple walls, this page is mostly now turning into iTmoNews

        • kev2684

          unfair assessment. there are no articles about it because there are no press releases to cover or no issues about t-mobile related pre-orders unlike what happened with the iphone. and like you said, it won’t be out for weeks. no buzz, no posts. no device to review, no comparisons will be made. tech channels on YouTube haven’t even had their hands on either of the devices. why blame an unofficial tmo blog for the lack of articles surrounding nothing?

  • HothTron

    Coverage in Montana would be really freaking nice…

    • Michael

      At least the west side of Montana is covered.

      • HothTron

        Uh, I live there, no its not, not by T-Mobile

    • Tim

      That can only happen if they sign agreements with members of the cca. Its possible Sprint signed with 27 of the cca this yr and, will gain coverage in Montana.

  • Danny Lewis

    I wish they could get more of that down into Kentucky. I want to go back to T-Mo! :(

  • Wow..I’m in one of those counties in Texas where they’re buying spectrum around us.Geez..Theyre loosing tons of money because they have no foot print in the booming EagleFord Shale region. Way to go T-Mobile. I really didn’t wanna sign another contract with ATT.

  • TmoJohnstownCustomer

    Glad to see McBride Spectrum covering Pittsburgh will soon be in T-Mo’s hands. However, I am anxiously waiting for news about Cavalier’s holdings. They have a fair amount of geography, especially in the Eastern half of the US. Most importantly for me is it would fill in the giant hole in the middle of PA and covers my area. T-Mobile hasn’t deployed their AWS here yet. If they could deploy both at once in the near future it would be awesome. If anyone has heard anything about Cavalier, please let me know.

  • Cam Fas

    I think in less then two years not only will they have about the same coverage as att and Verizon with lte but going to a wide band lte nation wide with volte and newer lte tech and the head start with wifi calling they will become the clear choice

  • Ares2890

    Does anyone know any info on Cavalier Wireless? If T mobile could acquire their licenses that would cover huge gaps like all of New York, big chunks in South and North Carolina, Kentucky, Florida, and Pennsylvania. It is would really help T mobile better control the east coast region. I can only hope capital region and upstate New York get stronger service. I believe in you t mobile or I wouldn’t have switched from Verizon.

  • mingkee

    This is good T-Mobile can penetrate deeper in NYC where band 2 and 4 can’t reach.
    Currently I have hard hard time getting reception inside VA Medical Center in Poly Place, Brooklyn, and Grand Central downstairs.

  • johnediii

    How about a little love for Michigan? If T-Mobile already owns that spectrum here, why don’t they light it all up? I have GPRS only at my house right now, but the town that I live less than 2 miles from has full LTE with great speed. I live about 15 miles from Grand Rapids and a lot of my travel is in and around there so I’m fine there. But if you go a couple miles East of my house, there is nothing.

    • Justin Merithew

      Even if they did light it up now, there’s only a couple phones out currently that can actually use it. The Note 4 and the Z3 seem almost guaranteed to support Band 12 though

  • Justin Merithew

    At this point they have 700A spectrum in a lot of areas. Has their been any indication as to when this will start getting deployed? I live in NH, and this would make a massive difference. My fiance has been trying to get me to jump on her AT&T plan, but if T-Mobile improves my area soon I may be able to convince her to jump on my plan instead.