T-Mobile Cellspot Routers and Signal Boosters not available in store today [Update: Clarification]


We’ve received information from sources that T-Mobile’s plan to make both the new Personal Cellspot Router and LTE Signal Booster available today hasn’t come to fruition. Instead, retail staff are being advised – tentatively – that POS enhancements and system updates will be pushed on Friday, September 26. It could be later than that, but that’s the day they’re aiming for.

Each account – we’re told – can have 2 CellSpot devices. Particularly helpful if customers have coverage challenges at both home and work. As you probably know, there are two devices branded with T-Mobile’s “Personal Cellspot” moniker. One is the ASUS-made wireless router that optimizes the wireless connection for Wi-Fi calls and texts. (It’s essentially the ASUS RT-AC68U router with some proprietary technology baked in.) The other is an LTE Signal Booster.

Both router and signal booster have the same $25 deposit requirement for postpaid customers. There’s no monthly fee, and the device must be returned if service is terminated. For those looking to buy one – because they’re on prepaid or non credit-checked accounts – the LTE Signal Booster will cost $289, which may seem like a lot, but is far less than Nextivity’s direct price of $575. As we know, prepaid customers can buy the Wi-Fi Router for $99. [Check the Updates below. You won’t be able to buy the Signal Booster at all, it seems. That information is incorrect] 

Oddly, it seems that postpaid customers won’t have the option to buy either device from T-Mobile. The retail systems will only allow them to rent for free, with a deposit.

So who gets which device? Staff are trained to make recommendations based on specific criteria. Top of the list is Wi-Fi calling capable handsets. If you have one, they’ll push you towards the ASUS-made Personal Cellspot router, unless you don’t have a fast broadband service at home or work. CellSpot Signal Boosters that use a weak LTE signal and boost it within your home will only be offered to customers who don’t have a Wi-Fi calling capable handset, or those without a fast broadband connection.

As always, let us know if and when you receive them. And if you manage to grab one from a store.

UPDATE: T-Mobile got in touch to clarify a few things, officially:

1)      Customers can still go into a store (or call care) can get a Personal CellSpot shipped directly to their house without the $25 deposit. So while you can’t go pick one up at a retail location, you can get it sent to you.

2)      While we absolutely make exceptions, customers can get one Personal CellSpot per account.

3)      We don’t sell the LTE Booster.  Customers who can benefit from one can get it, of course, at no extra cost, but if you want to buy one outright for list price, you have to go to Nextivity.

Looks then, like the LTE Booster will be subject to exactly the same conditions as previous devices. They’re an option for customers with low LTE signal at home, and who can’t benefit from Wi-Fi calling.


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  • Dark enV

    This is getting ridiculous. I just left the store after trying to get one and she had it right in front of me but found out she couldn’t give it to me today.

    • mroser86

      Had the same issue..2different stores…they have them but can’t figure out how to check them out…I’ve been with tmo for 10 years…when i called about it they were rude and disrespectful..idea been ridiculous

      • chantie

        it’s not that they can’t figure out how to check them out its that there currently isn’t a way to check them out until the system update is done.

        • mroser86

          An issue they should have resolved..they new about the issue before today…you can go on and if they are having issues when you want to upgrade your phone they can do it manually…if customer care can issue them then the stores should be able to do it manually

  • Curtis Frazier

    I have one of each coming. Router is estimated for the 30th, booster estimated for the 3rd. At first I was told only one device, I would have to buy the other. After a little pushing, I’m getting both sent without a deposit on either. Router for home, booster for work.

    • f1ip

      Lucky!, i’ll try to call them again and order the booster to add to the router I already ordered.

  • Dark enV

    I’m curious now, I was under the impression that we could purchase the router for $99 after we’ve reached the limit on the account. I have 7 people on my plan currently, possibly adding an 8th and 9th soon, not all of us live together and the router would be awesome for some of us to have. I was going to get the signal booster for one house, and 3 of the routers for the other 3. So I’d assume I could get all of that for $200 out of pocket just for the other 2 routers. Am I wrong?

    • f1ip

      you can actually use any router you currently have to connect a phone with Wifi-Calling ability. But if you do need a new router that has good performance and price, then get the Asus router from Tmo.

      • Dark enV

        Oh yeah I know I can use any wifi connection, we need new routers either way and if they improve our calls at the same time it’s a win win plus this router is pretty stellar

  • CalicoKJ

    So what happens if we have both kinds of phones? I have 4 smartphones
    with wi-fi capability, and one that does not, (and it will NOT be
    upgraded until the teen can figure out how to quit breaking electronic
    devices or pay for the smartphone herself). I have the current 3G cel-fi
    booster, and upgrading that’s not an option since it was pushing it to
    get the 1 bar of 3G service at my house (closest LTE signal is about 10
    miles away…literally). I’ve seen multiple reports that they are making
    current cel-fi customers return that booster to get a router.

    No, I haven’t tried yet. Yes, I will be trying this weekend. I just wanted to see what types of experiences others have had.

    • Chad D

      I had an old cel-fi and was able to order a new LTE unit. No mention of exchange. Mine is several years old, so it may have depreciated enough.

  • Bowen9284

    I was just told yesterday by customer care that I could only have one device. Either a signal booster or the router. Mind you this woman told me I had 3GB to share when I told her I wanted to order the Asus personal cellspot. Plus she said I wouldn’t be sent the cellspot until I returned the signal booster.

  • f1ip

    I was told that if you already have one of the devices (eg. Cell Spot Wifi Router), then T-mobile will not give you another device for free. This was as of last Friday when I spoke to them. My Wifi Router is still in processing, but have a UPS shipping label for Next day air, since Monday, but apparently hasn’t been shipped yet.
    They told me that I can do return on the Wifi Router, then buy it outright, for $99. Then order the Signal Booster, as it retails about $500. But T-mobile will give you a coupon code for $50 off to purchase it from the manufacturer.

  • Marvin Arnold

    I’ve received the 4g signal booster in the mail without any issues. I wonder why the WiFi router seems to be a problem?

    • Dark enV

      yeah I just received my booster as well, not sure what’s up with the router either.

  • Willie D

    You can have both on the same account, but only one can be ordered and sent at a time. So once you receive one, you contact back and order the second one.

  • NSA Bob

    Any chance software was added to router to monitor our phone or internet usage/data?

  • Dooky Jones

    Are the wifi calls transmitted as encrypted voip?

  • sushimane

    question about the cellspot router i can buy it for 99? im on value plan

    • mingkee

      You should be able to get one for free.

      • sushimane

        Oh OK I thought u would have to be simple choice and have a WiFi compatible device. But if I could get a cellspot router for free I might want to jump on it lol.

  • sticksabuser

    Already got mine

  • at52

    I called T-Mobile customer care yesterday and I was transferred to Technical Support and they were able to order an LTE Signal Booster for free (no deposit or shipping) in less than 10 minutes. It’s expected to arrive on 10/2. I asked to order a Personal CellSpot router and I was told that I can only have one LTE Signal Booster or one Personal CellSpot router per account. I called back and spoke to another CSR and she attempted to process the order for a Personal CellSpot, but she kept getting errors. She talked to her supervisor and the supervisor said it’s a free router or free booster per account. I think I will wait and order the free router after I receive my booster?

    • Chad D

      I went to a store, but had the same experience. I had ordered an LTE booster by phone, then went to the store to get a wifi router. Was told only 1 device per account.

    • mingkee

      I was told the same thing. For this time, I get router because one of them (setup as access point) died and need a new router.
      Asus router (AC68U) is much better than N56U in terms of speed and reception.
      About LTE booster, I have plan to buy Wilson one which supports both band 2 and 4 HSPA and LTE.

    • archerian

      adding a cellspot router adds the SB flag to your account, so having one might make it impossible to order another. The SB flag is added even if its a router and not for a Signal Booster alone. I have heard of cases where CSR temporarily takes off the SB flag, orders the other device and adds it back on.

  • taxandspend

    “Looks then, like the LTE Booster will be subject to exactly the same conditions as previous devices. They’re an option for customers with low LTE signal at home, and who can’t benefit from Wi-Fi calling.”

    Do they even have LTE phones without WIFI calling?

    • Chad D

      Nexus 5.

    • mingkee

      Some unlocked Sony models have band 4 HSPA and LTE.

    • steveb944

      Everyone that does BYOD.


      Oneplus One

    • Zach Guithues

      any phone with custom aosp rom installed instead of stock based.

      i can’t wait till the wifi-calling gets ported to AOSP again. It was awesome back in the ics days.

  • Pumped I got mine – ordered through CS on the 17th, and got it 20th with standard shipping! – Major upgrade over my Buffalo router, which was great!

    just for fun: http://ameilius.com/video/Introducing-Apple-Bend

  • cyrusfox

    I just got the Cel-Fi DUO (590N203-001-10) by calling customer care. Already have a solid AC router and wifi calling on the current device mix has been a disappointment(Lumia 521 and the LG L90). Customer care were super nice and shipping and deposit was waived for me. I got lucky calling at the fervor I guess. I am surprised I am getting the new repeater/signal booster model. I was expecting the old one(RS2). High Five t-mobile, maybe now I can text without leaving my phone on the window sill to send and receive. Eventually this area will get Band 12, but this will be an awesome bandaid till then, I look forward to getting new phones after band 12 has been rolled out to take advantage of of t-mobiles investment in the network.

    Side note, the booster will work on 3g signals, so LTE not necessary, neither of my phones have it. From the manufacturer:
    All you need is one bar to get five.
    All you need is one place in your home or office that gets one usable bar of T-Mobile 3G, 4G, or LTE coverage. Just a little bit of 3G, 4G, or LTE signal strength and our revolutionary new Cel-Fi will bring you blazing fast downloads, smooth video, surfing, and improved voice coverage. T-Mobile: 4G LTE, 4G HSPA+, and 3G dual band (AWS, 1.9GHz: 3GPP band 2 & band 4).

    I am Excited to play with it!!! You can’t beat free

  • Daniel James

    I received my LTE Signal Booster today! I am fairly pleased with the results. My LTE connection is rock solid now and I’ve noticed a significant increase in the speed of not only my Data but messaging and calling. Everything is excellent. Just an FYI the signal booster is about 3.50 Ibs if you see it on UPS; there’s been a bit of a mix up with multiple packages appearing on an order (well for me). Best of luck to many and hope you guys receive yours soon!

  • sidekicker89

    So ONLY Simple Choice customers can get the personal cell spot and not people on old Value Plans, correct?

    • mike

      Incorrect. I am on the old Value plan and I got a router.

      • sidekicker89

        Did you have to pay the $25?

  • p1800nut

    This was not handled well, especially given all the hype at the Uncarrier announcement. it sounds like everyone is getting different messages. In my case, I got the LTE Signal Booster and was charged shipping, whereas a number of people say they were not. ($7, big deal, but why can’t they do this consistently.) Unlike what Cam said, I was not encouraged to get the router even though I have WFC-capable phones–I simply asked for the booster and got it. And I thought Legere said pretty clearly that additional routers could be purchased for $99; maybe that’s still the case, but it doesn’t seem very clear.

    • Anonymouse

      i’m no longer surprised. they screwed up the pre-orders for iphone, what more with this router! so much for being a mobile internet company! lol

  • I was able to pick mine up at the t-mobile store today. After I was told that the one I ordered from Customer Care had no delivery date.

  • sidekicker89

    So today is the last day of my billing cycle and we used 14GB this month! I only pay $84.01 a month for THREE lines! Two of the three lines have a 2GB high speed data plan and both of those lines combined used 14GB!! Damn I love T-Mobile!!

    • JJCommonSense

      Gotta love music streaming!!

      • sidekicker89

        Actually my plan is a Value Plan so I don’t have unlimited Music streaming. I still tried though, I had to wait for it to load lol. I still used 14GB though THROTTLED! that’s crazy!

  • J.J.

    I’m passing on either. I get solid lte everywhere in my house (unlimited), My current router works fine, i don’t use wifi calling at home, and I’m too lazy to reauthorize the 7 devices currently hooked to my router for a higher quality one. But I’m sure this is a God send to the folks with bad coverage at home/work. Good work tmo. Next…get that edge to lte done for when i travel and I’m set.

    • FYI… if you make the SSID and pass on a new router the same as the old, you won’t have to reauthenticate devices :)

      • Jay

        still do…

        • John Johnson

          Not sure what bizzaro security you’re using, but No; most people won’t have to re-authorize anything.

          WPA2-AES: My Chromecast, all 5 of our phones, 5 laptops, and two tablets needed no intervention. They just worked.

        • Zach Guithues

          As long as the other settings are the same, you won’t have to re-authenticate. (WPA vs WPA2, TKIP vs AES, etc…)

        • mingkee

          Actually, you just “copycat” the Wi-Fi settings (including WPA settings and passwords) to the new router and you DO NOT have to do anything on the client devices.

      • J.J.


      • Carl

        Agreed…I go through routers like the old lady goes through shoes…this works.

    • mingkee

      It took me about 30 minutes to migrate the settings from old RT-N56U to the new router (it has a lot of settings). After that, there’s NO CHANGE at all on other devices.
      BTW, the router is worth to upgrade if you go to this route, but the box clearly states the router is property of T-Mobile, and you have to return it if you’re no longer using it.

      • TechnoRealz

        @mingkee – so you only configured the router – assuming same as prior router settings (SSID, PW, etc.) & let your peripherals re-authenticate the signal automatically using their prior settings?

        • mingkee

          Moreover, handoffs between this router and other access points is painless.
          All you need is to “copycat” the Wi-Fi settings to your new router.

    • Bonedatt

      Use the same SSID and password of your old router and you shouldn’t have to reconfigure any client(device) that previously connected to that particular SSID. I have multiple devices – four android phones, an Apple TV, chromecast, an all-in-one Windows PC, an iPad, Samsung Blu ray player, HP photosmart wireless printer and a Nintendo Wii. None of them had to be reconfigured. Personally, I don’t care too much for Wi-Fi calling except during international travel but I got the cellspot router because it’s a huge upgrade from my trusty10 years old Motorola router☺.

      • J.J.

        thx again. someone else mentioned that. i was not aware before. thx

  • kevin

    After spending 30 min on the phone with the Tech Support Rep, she finally agreed to ship the LTE Signal Booster to me at no charge. ETA is 10-3-2014. I hope this time the UPS guy won’t drop it off at my neighbor’s house like last time. Crossing my fingers.

    • bruce

      leave a sticky note on the door with directions

    • Danial

      They will tell you that time as maximum, they told me I would receive it by 9/29 but I got it by 9/23 ( order was on 9/20 )

      • Medion

        Same here. They told me 9/30, got it 9/24.

  • Philip

    I have the RT-N66U. I put Tomato on it. This is the best router in the world with great range. But you need to put Tomato on it.

    • Zach Guithues

      can confirm. The N66U is a MONTSTER!

    • Carl

      Whose Tomato? Shibby?

  • :)

    The Cellspot Router is phenominal. I have a 45mbps connection, and with the at&t NVG589 I barely saw 20mbps over wifi. Hooked up the cellspot last night and I consistently get 35-40mbps. Very happy with it.

  • Danial

    I ordered mine (4G Signal Booster) a few days ago and received it on Thursday.

    They are pretty cool. there is a few good thing and bad thing about them.

    Good, They are increase your signal and you don’t need to have wifi or not, and it’s look like you standing next to antenna (you will have full bar)

    Bad, It’s a little bit hard to get them to work, cause if you have a small house like me, it’s hard to put space between them, cause the more space between them, you get more coverage and better signal, and also those people are near to the signal repeater get better signal than those are close to signal receiver.

    My room is at second floor and I put the receiver in my room and the repeater in the basement. Before that we wouldn’t get any good signal in the basement, not I have a full bar in the basement and in my room that I had 1 bar LTE, now I have 2 bar LTE.

    So consider that if you have a really small home, you may have a little bit hard time to find a good spot for them that they can cover your home.

  • JamesG

    I ordered mine early morning on the 17th and still haven’t received it! Mine stuck in backorder but other people who ordered at a later date received it. Such BS

    • Danial

      Yeah, that kind of weird, maybe your oder messed up, try to contact them again, because I order mine like 20th and received it really fast without any problem at all.

      • JamesG

        Ive contacted them many times and they just say wait…

    • mrkygeek

      Same here, ordered early morning on 17th, on 22nd went on backorder, no eta right now. Thinking about going to a store near by to see if I can pock up one instead of waiting to be shipped.

      • Kevin Greene

        Check order status again. Last night I checked it and it said backorded but also said shipped. You can also check ups, http://wwwapps.ups.com/WebTracking/track , hit track by reference, use primary account phone number as reference number, enter your zip code, hit track. It will probably pop up 2 ups numbers. This is because they upgraded it to next day from ground.

    • VG

      I also ordered a router via phone on 9/17 with an expected delivery date of 9/26. Received a text message from T-Mobile today stating the order has shipped along with a UPS tracking number. I plugged the tracking # into the UPS web site and no package comes up. Meanwhile, the T-Mobile order status page still says “backordered” along with the message “Order Shipped”.

      I have no idea if and when I’ll get this router.

    • Jeremy Turnley

      Same deal here. I just now got my ship notice, but at this point I will believe it when it shows up – this will be the FOURTH tracking number I have gotten from them, with the other three never got past “label has been printed” status. This one came in a text, and the last three were in email, so hopefully it actually is going to ship this time.

    • TrueCopy

      Hang in there. I ordered mine on the 17th, was supposed to deliver 9/29. Tuesday AM it switched to backorder… but it came UPS on Wednesday. Site still says backorder.

  • erdingerchamp66

    I got one, a personal cellspot signal booster, in the mail yesterday. Ordered it earlier this week. Works fine, no issues.

  • bbm

    http://www.cel-fi.com/t-mobile/ $575!?!?!?! Ill be renting.

  • Medion

    I go the signal booster lat night and installed it. I want to make two points here.

    Regarding the eligibility, we do have one WiFi-Calling capable device (iPhone 5s), and they didn’t try ot push me away from the signal booster. However, if they had, I would have told them that when we enable WiFi calling on my wife iPhone, the battery drains at a rate of 20%+ in standby, and we cannot make or receive calls/texts. This may or may not be an issue with my current router, but I’m waiting on more impressions from T-Mobile iPhone owners.

    The second thing is that I upgraded from the prior Cel-Fi signal booster. Even though nether of our phones support VoLTE yet, I was hoping for better range as the signal booster, even when at an 8 or 9 (9 being the max range) would only give good coverage to the room that it was in and moderate coverage to the immediately adjacent rooms only. The new one has a “4” in range at the same distance, so we were able to move it further away to where it would get a “6.” The older model would disconnect at this range. Now the ENTIRE house has LTE coverage. We’ll know over the next few days if the HSPA+ coverage is also boosted, but so far early results look promising.

    • Vincent

      iphone 5s is not wifi-calling capable device. iphone 6 is.

      • Medion

        Incorrect. WiFi calling was added to the iPhone 5s with iOS 8.

        Supported phones right now are:
        -iPhone 6 Plus
        -iPhone 6
        -iPhone 5s
        -iPhone 5c

  • EmeryE100

    I ordered, via Customer Care (611), the WiFi Cell spot on 9/22 and was told that I would get it on the 29th. They wanted to charge me express shipping, which I declined. Well, today I got an email and text mag that it was shipped. I tracked it and it was shipped next day air and I should get it later today.

  • Jaramie Black

    I got my WiFi Cell spot about 2 hours ago and I couldnt get it to work. I have to send it back to T-Mobile. I’ll just stick with my Apple Airport Express. The ASUS was nice, but man was it a pain in the ass to get anything to work.

    • Mike Palomba

      I got mine and its great. You should just get another. I honestly think this router would blow the Airport Express out of the water

    • laurnzo

      The router blows my AirPort Extreme out from the charts. I think you lost out by sending it back. Set up is actually very easy. Connect the Asus to your cable modem and connect your airport into the Asus. Go on your computer and open airport utility and the Asus setup automatically pops up. Change router name if you want, password and you are set. First time getting 101.44Mbps download speed on my home wireless. Average 65Mbps on my AirPort Extreme and my neighbor downstairs can now tap into my wifi which she couldn’t with the AirPort Extreme on both 2.4 and 5.0GHz

  • JayDee917

    Called around to a few T-Mobile stores yesterday to see who had it in stock, and found only one store within 15 miles had them. Once I got to the store they realized they had no way of selling it to me (supposedly) so they would have to ship it to my house.

    Basically, all they did was call customer care for me and had me talk to them over the phone to order it. I did have to pay the $25 deposit fee. The entire process took about a hour and half at the T-Mobile store, which is unacceptable for what should be a simple transaction.

    I received an email that my order has been confirmed, but I have no shipped notification and my order number doesn’t pull anything up on the ‘check order’ page.

    T-Mobile needs to get their sh!t together on this.

    • Kevin Greene

      No offense, but if you had your shit together you would have checked this site and comments first. Heck the last line of the first paragraph of this article said the earliest stores would be able to give them is Friday the 26th due to their (supposedly (yes I am being snarky)) POS updates.
      People have had differing times for the process some less than 10 min… I had 20 min. others an hour. I guess it all depends on the rep.
      As for the deposit, I personally would call back to see if I could get it waived due to going to the store (who should have told you they couldn’t sell it yet, maybe thats why the others said they didnt have it.) and being on the phone for over an hour.
      When I called, the rep told me when my estimated delivery date was. The last eta I saw on comments was 10/3.

    • Danial

      I don’t know how exactly you did it, but most of us didn’t had these problems.
      I called it from my school and it took me less than 15 minutes to ask them I need a Signal Booster and they just read the Term and I accept it and done, the representative also send me the order number on my cell number right before discount and it was really fast and without any hassle.

      • JayDee917

        Apparently I’m having a lot of issues with T-Mobile that most people don’t have. I believe I just live near a horribly managed store, when I bought my iPhone 6 I was told I was required to buy the Jump plan and purchase a case in order to buy a phone with an EIP plan. Not just that, I was also charged 2x for each sim I opened up(total of $80 for 4 sims), which I brought up while buying the phone but they reassured me it was impossible to be charged twice for a sim with the same number. I since went in and they refunded the extra money for the sims.

        Stay away from the Eastvale, CA T-Mobile store if possible.

        • Danial

          All of stores are like that, it’s not just store near you, try to do your stuff online and in call or chat, I got IPhone 6 for another part of family online with jump and it just took 2 days to come and easy to use and no extra charge.

  • Big Poppa Pump

    I was able to order my router today. They didn’t charge me the deposit or shipping. I actually tried last night but their systems were down. So the rep took my info and called me back today to complete the order. This went much more smoothly than the iPhone order that’s for sure.

  • Jsun

    Mine finally came in today! Ordered on the 17th then I tried to cancel that order yesterday because i figure that i would just get it at the store since it was back ordered online. Luckily they couldn’t cancel it either. Then this morning i get a text from tmo that it shipped so i checked UPS and said it was out for delivery. Now i gotta tell my local tmo store rep to cancel that router that they are holding for me. Apparently, I’m the only guy who came in and saw about the router in that store and they have plenty in stock that they can’t sell yet.

  • Madmac9

    I ordered the router today 09/25 through 611 and I was charged zero shipping charge and no deposit fee. Wasn’t a fight for that or anything no questions asked. Estimated delivery date is 10/06. T-mobile rocks! Order this router!!

  • Ryan Chapman

    Got mine yesterday, no deposit or shipping charges, and had it setup in 10 minutes, has great coverage in my house, much better than my last router

  • nokiabrock

    Received my 4G LTE cell spot today. Setup went very smoothly, but the unit causes my Sony Xperia Google Play edition to constantly reboot. I ended up disconnecting it And reboxing it. I never did get to try it on any of my other four lines because of the havoc it was causing on my Sony Z Ultra that I use as my daily driver

  • Mike Palomba

    Just got mine today and this thing is amazing. In terms of speed its the same as the Netgear but it has loads of feats. The printershare works better then it did on my net gear. This router also gives you a DDNS if you have cameras or anything like that. Im getting about 110 MBS download on wireless and I pay for 100 MBS so this router is great!

  • Rocket Scientist

    Exceptions for having more than one device? How about NO. I’ve been trying to get someone to understand my situation for days, and that isn’t happening. “You can only have one signal booster per account, our system won’t even let the device be ordered” and since they have classified a WIFI ROUTER as a “cellular signal booster” then they won’t do anything since I have a 3g/4g ACTUAL booster already for one of the three properties I own.


    • Daniel

      You own 3 properties and can’t afford to purchase one? Plus the cellspot is essentially just a WIFI ROUTER as you put it… Don’t you have wifi there?

      • Rocket Scientist

        While I have wifi, the problem is that they aren’t even offering the ability to pay for the thing. They said I can only have one per account and the system won’t even let them place the order.

        Would I pay for one of these routers? Sure, it is a $200 router, and I could directly connect my Samsung hotspot via USB to it… But they tell me that the system won’t let them / me order it and the webpage just redirected back to the accessories home page when doing a direct search for the thing.

        Yes, I’m trying.

        • Travis Tabbal

          As of today, 9/26, I was told they are not allowed to sell the routers right now. Which was annoying as I wanted an LTE booster and they required me to send back the router before they would do it. I offered to purchase the device, as I do want one, but that was not allowed. So back it went.

          I’ll probably buy one in store when they get that all sorted out.

    • qpinto

      tell them that you need the lte booster for work and the wifi router for home. that way you get 2 devices. seemed to work for me quickly and the rep had no fuss regarding ordering it at all

  • Daniel

    So I got lucky I guess. Mine got next day delivery even though i didn’t pay for it. Requested ground, it says ground in the order on T-mobiles website… But I have it already.

  • Cam Fas

    Looks like I will get mine today I didnt request overnight shipping but they are giving it too me I suppose the last week made them decide to upgrade everything for people

  • Joseph Torres

    My store had them in stock. :)

  • mrpickem

    Mine was delivered yesterday. :D

  • Mojo

    Mine still says ready for UPS after being ordered in the 21st. Wonder if I will ever receive it.

    • Mojo

      Update: looks like it will be here on Monday the 29th. Awesome. Thanks T-Mobile!

  • hack400

    Ordered (Wi-Fi Router) on the 17th, 9AM EST. I just received a shipping text from T-Mo having already received two prior UPS Shipping (UPS My Choice) notices that never came to anything. Guess mine will be here Monday…

  • Carl

    The article states you can have two cellspot devices? Did TM recently change that or is the article incorrect? I am in the process of switching out my 4G cel-fi to the LTE cel-fi which is being delivered today. When I asked about the router, they said you could only have one device per account.

    • Carl

      Ahhh…just saw the update: “While we absolutely make exceptions, customers can get one Personal CellSpot per account.”

  • IamTwone

    Ordered mines on mon. No charge expected delivery Oct. 1st got a email n text out for delivery yesterday morning. they shipped it overnight. So u know there update is kind of late might not get notified till the day its delivered. Havent hooked it up but kinda regret buying a ac66u earlier this yr.

  • motox

    Those of you getting the signal booster. Do you notice any lte data speed improve? I got my yesterday, the signal showed improvement, but Lte data speed seem the same .

    • Daniel James

      I’ve set mine up a couple days ago. Since then, we’ve noticed our messages sending quicker, calls connecting quicker on IPhone 5s’s and a Note II. However, speed tests that I’ve performed via SpeedTest, OpenSignal and RootMetrics show me not even getting a MB of upload nor download. T-Mobile called me and asked if I was happy overall. I’ve explained and he said “That isn’t right at all, you’re down the street from the T-Mobile LTE Tower.” He took some questions from me and put in a ticket for some techs to look at the tower near me in 2-3 business days. Hopefully they find something wrong and fix.

    • JamesG

      LTE Signal does not equate to faster download speeds, it never has. You can receive the same speed with 1 bar and 5 bars

  • krym73

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 &Note Edge Fanatics, The Note 4 will be available for display at your local Best Buy store, and the Note Edge will be in display in select Best Buy stores. I post this because the Apple shill will not speak or post about this like other previous previews of upcoming non apple handsets, & if you have any doubts call your local BestBuy store to confirm.

  • PHL

    Anyone test this to see if you can send/receive MMS messages over Wifi with the router?

    I’m not sure if this affects all phones or just the Samsung Galaxy Lights that I have.

    • OZ

      MMS has never worked for me under Wi-Fi Calling. I have just received the new router and will try. But I bet this is a T-Mobile limitation.

  • Cam Fas

    this router is awesome I got mine today set up took 10 minutes but my previous router was giving me 80mbs this router im pulling down 125mbs consistantly and faster

  • kevev

    For those wanting technical specs on the LTE CelFi device:


    Ordered mine yesterday. The current delivery ETA is 1.5 weeks.

  • Sonic

    Ordered on the Sep 22nd. Supposed to ship on October 1. Shipped yesterday Sep 25th. Arrived today. T-mobile comes through!

  • kekel1123

    I got the signal booster before but those are quite big and consist of 2 units . This one is better. I want to get this one. Do I still qualify? I am willing to return the one I have and exchange it with this new one. The one I currently have let me get one more signal/bar on my Iphone 5 inside my home Better than the usual 1 bar.

    • Carl

      You do understand that the cell spot LTE cel-fi signal booster and the cellspot router are two entirely different devices performing two entirely different functions correct?

  • kekel1123

    I chatted with Tmo rep online today and they told me that the price is still $25 plus shipping charges.

    • BBC

      Ordered mine over the phone and didn’t get charged a deposit.

      • kekel1123

        I was told via Twitter that the waived $25 was only until Thurs but I saw other people posting here that they get it free even after today.so confusing…..

  • qpinto

    i got my celfi router today. great device thus far and its rapidly fast. I convinced tmobile to send me a Celfi LTE booster as well. I cant wait for that to reach my home so i can be covered everywhere. eventually ill flash the stock firmware over the router and just buy the thing outright from tmobile.

    hello to crazy coverage over the entire house !

    • david c

      dont know if you should try to flash stock firmware as device has slightly modified hardware.

  • Darwinski

    Received mine today. Ordered in-store last Saturday. Shipped overnight via UPS. I have to say, I am impressed with the coverage/range on this router. Signal now reaches my bedroom on the other side of the house.. Something that all other access points have been unable to do including enterprise grade equipment. Impressive.

  • neospade44

    This Personal Cellspot router gave me an additional average of 6 mbsp download in every room. That’s average, max was 11 mbps!

    • BBC

      Router is capable of well over 100-200+mbps in every room of a small-medium sized house.

  • Chad Dalton

    got mine today, so excited to finally have it. my old belkin router wasn’t strong enough…my ipad kept disconnecting when i was upstairs. Hope this issue no longer exist with my new cellspot router. set up ofcourse was a breeze, first text i sent, took about a minute to finally send…now text are going through instantly.

    originally i should have received this on Sept 30th…i ordered on the 19th.

    • neospade44

      Belkin routers aren’t that great. I had a cheap $30 one that kept disconnecting constantly. I borrowed an $80 Belkin and it was great, but this Asus router is in an entirely different league.

      • ronjon400

        i file belkin and linksys in the same folder

  • JayDee917

    Ordered mine on Wednesday the 24th, where I was told it would be shipped overnight to my house. On Friday the 26th it still isn’t here. When I call the order status number it says the order is still being processed.

    • Darwinski

      JayDee917: Sign up for a My UPS account. You’ll likely receive a tracking number earlier from UPS than you will from T-Mobile.

      • JayDee917

        I called an hour ago, they told me they “believe” it is on back order and that their system doesn’t say when it will be available but that they “think” it should be 3-5 days. They atleast refunded the $25 I paid for overnight shipping.

  • 2j

    Wish I could get both the booster and this. ;(

    • JamesG

      You can, but you have to pay $99 for the router and its yours to keep

      • Luke

        How? I was just in the store and told this wasn’t possible.

  • gsh

    I went to the T Mobile store today and picked up one in person and was not charged a deposit. It was easy to hook up and get started.

  • Gardo

    Got mine in the mail, I ordered it at the store on the first day that it was supposed to go on sale, I didn’t get charged anything and got it today through Ups. Looks awesome thank you T-Mobile!!!

  • jdrtech

    just hooked it up, really surpasses my netgear r6300ac router, very good quality build, this will be my primary router for sure!!, thank you tmobile

  • ronjon400

    i had a Asus 68u that i bought…..when i seen Uncarrier 7.0, I knew what
    i was gonna do.I eBay’d mine (last night) for $175 and i received the
    T-Mobile one promptly on the 24th. I backed up my router settings from
    my original and passed them on to my T-Mobile one.
    Beautiful! everything works as promised, never skipped a beat.
    ~all fee’s were waived too :)

    • mingkee

      I should have just passed the settings from N56u, but I don’t think it will work, so I just copycat the settings and it took around 30 minutes (most of them are port forwarding and firewall rules).

  • Kaien_San

    I just ordered my LTE booster three days ago. On my tmobile account its showing the cellspot router listed as the device that is being shipped. I called a tmobile rep to confirm this and they said that the LTE booster was no longer going to be coming in and that the company combined the LTE boosting tech into the new router. Can someone clarify this for me, im not sure if its true or not about the new tech.

    • VG

      Probably some confusion on the CSR’s part since both new devices carry the name “CellSpot”, but the router and the LTE signal booster are two separate devices. The router does not have any LTE signal boosting capabilities; it is an excellent router with built-in quality of service for Wi-Fi calls, but is definitely not an LTE signal booster.

  • Guest

    Got mine working, and I returned my 1 year old $100 dollars BELKIN to costco

  • lzc753

    mine is already working and return to costco my 1 year old Belkin worth $100

  • AJ

    So I’ve got a question and I hope someone can help me out. I got my tmo router the other day and everything seems to be working fine. However I was messing with the settings today and I noticed I cannot seem to connect to the 5GHz option on my phone or xbox/ps4, just the 2.4. But I can on my computer and I noticed the 5ghz one is way faster. So how come my other devices are not detecting the 5 ghz?

    • Daniel James


    • jdrtech

      i suggest you you log into the router using your web browser and type cellspot.router go to administrator and select Restore/Save/Upload setting and click on restore to factory default, that should bring back original setting out of the box.

      • AJ

        thanks ill give that a try.

    • JamesG

      Not every wifi device can detect the 5ghz band. I can connect to the 5ghz band on my Dell precision m4700, Xperia z1s, Iphone 5s, Ipad 4. My ps3 and MSI laptop can only connect to the 2.4ghz band.

  • Guest

    Comcast has a WMM issue that slows network speed on some LinkSys routers. Does anyone have the CellSpot or an Asus RT-AC68u that can confirm this is not an issue with Asus routers?

  • Joshua Kelley

    I went into a TMO store today to ask about the router, and was told there’s a $6.99 monthly fee. They called and verified from their end. This doesn’t sound right, from everything else I’m reading….

    • david c

      they are wrong. it should be free or with a 25 usd deposit

  • Benj

    placed my order, will be arrive on Oct 7 and i dont have to pay the $25 deposit fee

  • No

    I just received mine and it is NOT described correctly on T-Mobile’s website. It is advertised as: “it’s like a -T-Mobile tower, right in your home!” I took that to mean that it provided cellular network (4g, etc) in your home via your existing Internet connection. It does not. Anyone thinking that this device will improve your cellular service is mistaken. The T-Mobile representative on the phone was mistaken, as well. I asked, very specifically, if this device provided cellular signal. I also made it clear that my phone (Nexus 5) does not support wi-fi calling, just to be sure that there was no confusion. She told me in no uncertain terms that the device DOES provide cellular signal. Once again, if you are reading this, understand that it does not. I was finally sent to “tech support” and they clarified that the customer service representative was just wrong, misinformed, whatever. This device is nothing more than a wi-fi router, so T-Mobile’s description of it is very misleading.

    • JamesG

      Ive never understood that advertisement either, what we they thinking?

  • Yasser

    Mine stolen after delievery :( UPS came at 4:30 PM I was home by 5:20 PM it was stolen already :( that’s sucks I was really excited…

    • Darwinski

      Stolen.. ALREADY?

  • BillSmitty

    Got my cell booster today, plugged in, and definitely helps with the service that was almost non-existent in our house. My Moto X gets 4-ish bars of 4G and the better half gets 2-ish bars of LTE on her iphone 5 now. It was also raining and overcast, so I’m betting service will be even better on a normal, clear day. The 2 units are a tad bulky, but great to finally have decent service in the house.

  • skittle

    Got the WiFi Cellspot Router last Friday and set it up the next day. Definately easier to get going than my last router. It has allowed me to run some 5Ghz capable devices like my Galaxy S4 and my main computer away from the higher traffic 2.4Ghz band. A plus that is not mentioned much is the ability to turn off the blue flashing lights. Nice if you find the lights to be a distraction. So far happy with this nice perk.

  • DaveTexan

    I got the Wifi Cellspot last Thursday and it seems to have eliminated the drop call issues while Wifi-calling. I’m currently using 2.4Ghz band (same as home phone.) because test shows it can reach a longer distance. Not sure if I should use 5Ghz instead for better performance.

    • Adam

      Lower Frequency=better distance, bends around/penetrates
      Higher Frequency=less interference/higher speed
      The better distance is the main reason for LTE band 12 adoption.

    • david c

      unless you live in a building with a ton of wifi routers and you get interference, stick with 2.4 ghz band. Better coverage.

  • VG

    Got my CellSpot router and installed it with minimal changes to the settings (just renamed the SSIDs). I tried WiFi Calling while streaming NetFlix, and the person on the other end said my voice was choppy. Are there other settings I need to turn on and configure in order to give priority to WiFi calls? I noticed the QOS setting on the router was turned off by default (located under the Traffic Manager tab in the router settings), do I need to turn this on and plug in the upload and download speeds of my internet connection? Anything else?

    • RS

      I received the CellSpot router and had the same problem through WiFi Calling. I could hear the other person fine , however, the other party mentioned that the voice was choppy. I am returning the router device and placed a new order for signal booster. They confirmed that these devices cannot be returned to T-Mobile store but, waived the return fee of $20 on CellSpot router.Other difference I found was – they had waived deposit fee on CellSpot but they did not waive a $25 deposit on the signal booster.

      • VG

        Exactly what happened to me: I could hear the other person just fine. I subsequently turned on the QOS and punched in the upload and download speeds of my internet connection. Not sure if this will take care of the issue.

        It is not clear if there are other settings I need to enable or modify. Anybody else have any more info on this?

  • PS33 New Parent

    Carl…please help. I am thinking about switching from ATT to Tmobile. I am also trying to cancel my cable modem Internet….and so I can be on Tmobile for everything. I would like to use Tmobile cellular broadband device to plug in a VOIP phone. Does Tmobile sell any broadband hotspot that would connect with VOIP phones? Also, would it help if I connected that braodband hotspot to this WiFi Cellspot so that my VOIP voice calls would get priority on the network? I am trying to cancel my cable modem Internet….and just be on Tmobile for everything. I live in Manhattan where Tmobile has good coverage.

    • Carl


      • PS33 New Parent


        • david c

          almost all new phones are capable of sharing and setting up their own hot spot. not sure if thats what you are meaning by if tmo sell any broad hotspot.

  • PS33 New Parent

    Cam…please help….

    I am thinking about switching from ATT to Tmobile. I am also trying to cancel my cable modem Internet….and so I can be on Tmobile for everything. I would like to use Tmobile cellular broadband device to plug in a VOIP phone. Does Tmobile sell any broadband hotspot that would connect with VOIP phones? Also, would it help if I connected that braodband hotspot to this WiFi Cellspot so that my VOIP voice calls would get priority on the network? I am trying to cancel my cable modem Internet….and just be on Tmobile for everything. I live in Manhattan where Tmobile has good coverage.

    • Darwinki

      What kind of VOIP phone are you looking at? You could always install dd-wrt on a wireless router and configure it as a wireless bridge to a T-Mobile hotspot. Then you can plug ethernet into the router.

      • PS33 New Parent

        I have a Polycom IP 501. So you are suggesting: T-mobile hotspot to a dd-wrt wireless router to a VOIP phone. Do you think the hotspot would provide enough bandwidth to support a very good VOIP connection. I live in Manhattan and get 5 bars of service. I could get a booster just in case bandwidth is not always optimum. Would this setup work??

    • f1ip

      Since you just need VOIP, why make it complicated? Just get a new line with Unlimited Voice and text and use that as secondary phone.

      This product is NOT for you if you are going to cancel your broadband Internet connection. There’s no point on getting a Cellular Hotspot if you are only using it for Voip calls.

  • Chad Dalton

    My signal reaches all the way to my mailbox…. I guess about 500 feet from my router…this thing rocks!

    • Joey Soloo

      Who’s your internet provider?

      • Chad Dalton

        Local ISP….

  • kenyee

    any prepaid customers get one? I keep getting the line that they’re not handling prepaid customers yet when calling in to t-mobile or visiting a store :-P

    • Tom

      I have the same problem. When they go to checkout, they’re telling me a button is grayed out and they can’t continue with the transaction. =/

  • Chris

    Can anyone connect to 5GHz wfi on LG G3?

    • The Dude

      Yes, what we did was create a password for the 2.4Ghz and a different
      one for the 5Ghz. We also had to change the channel selection for each
      frequency, And poof all devices that are able to connect to 5Ghz do.

  • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

    Went in to the store to order mine yesterday. The stores have them in stock (mine had 4), but still cannot give them out. They ordered one for me and overnighted it for free with no deposit.

  • Chad Dalton

    I’m having an issue connecting to some web pages and loading YouTube videos…not sure what’s going on! I’m connected to the 2.4 ghz band

  • hopejjj

    I’m moving to a location that supposedly only has 2g service. Will the signal booster help or no?

    • kevin

      usually you have to have an LTE signal to boost in order to benefit from it. You CAN use wifi calling however. Near the end of the year, TMobile is working to have their entire network switched from 2g up to LTE so that should solve your problem soon enough… for my area as well!

  • Annie

    I went into the store closest to my house, and the clerks were not interested in selling the router or booster. I have been with T-Mobile (prepaid) for almost five years. I have an iPhone 6 Plus, so it is capable of wifi calling. According to their coverage check, I have “Excellent” coverage at my house. That is simply not the case. Since I’ve been with them, there is not a day that goes by where I can have a completed call without it dropping. I switched from Verizon, simply for the cost benefits; But it is no longer worth it if I can’t complete a call, dial out after only one attempt, or have people call me (while I’m at home in Suburban Las Vegas) and have them not tell me they’ve tried calling me before and received a message saying I was out of the calling area. I have one bar at all times. I understand that since I’m prepaid, the promotion does not apply. However, I was willing to pay full retail price just to see if I could stay with T-Mobile and the clerks said they were not allowed to sell them. What kind of business plan is that??? I guess I’ll have to take my business elsewhere.

  • george joseph

    i have a asus t mobile wireless router which i connected everything correctly and worked fine for 2 days. Then my credit card processing machine stop working. Machine says “comm serv error”. But my wireless and internet are working fine. Any one have any suggestions please.

  • steveb944

    Just to add my 2¢. I had the Personal CellSpot/Signal Booster, and my devices kept dropping in and out of the network. Hopefully others had better luck with it, but with the Cellspot showing perfect signal, my phones wouldn’t.

    I’ve ordered a router instead, and even though only half my devices will work (no Wi-Fi calling) it’s better than none.