T-Mobile’s new 4G LTE Signal Booster revealed [unboxing video]

T-Mobile’s product guru, Des Smith (aka @askdes) has officially shown off the brand new Cel-Fi made LTE Signal Booster. Like the Asus router, it comes with the Personal Cellspot branding. As we’d already discovered, the new Signal Booster comes with a more attractive design than its 3G/4G predecessors. Granted, it’s still a black plastic box, but at least it’s been given a splash of colour with the trademarked Magenta livery

The latest signal booster is something we’ve come across before. As explained in the video, you need at least 1 bar of LTE at your home somewhere to make use of the LTE Signal Booster, 2 bars is preferable. That said, if you have a fast internet connection, your best bet is to grab one of the new ASUS CellSpot routers. That is – of course – unless you have a non Wi-Fi Calling device.


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