T-Mobile to raise SIM Starter Kit price to $15


Along with yesterday’s news that T-Mobile has changed its credit class requirements for EIP, we’ve been informed of another way the company is attempting to improve its revenues. While the EIP change was to ensure that really low credit customers couldn’t sign up to an EIP unless they’ve been with the company as a subscriber for three years. Today’s information is all about short-term income improvements.

One of our trusted sources has told us that T-Mobile is going to raise the price of the SIM Starter Kit by $5. Taking it up to $15. This change will be pushed through on December 3rd, if our information is accurate.

As many of you already know, when you buy a new phone from T-Mobile, a SIM Starter pack is normally added to your order at checkout along with a one-off charge of $10. This 50% price increase may seem like a small change on an individual purchase basis. But, when you add up the millions of transactions each quarter, it makes for a healthy nest egg.

As with any rumor, plans could change. I know it’s happened in the past, on more than one occasion. But, the carrier has – for most of this year – been coming up with new strategies for improving revenue, without breaking its Uncannier moves. These include the new $80 Simple Choice tier, the new JUMP! terms which only allow upgrades once 50% of the EIP has been paid off and the abolition of corporate discount plans.


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  • Alex Zapata

    And queue the complaints……

    • Alex Nicimpip

      Yeah because charging $5 more than the previous price of $10 for a sim card that cost TMobile less than a dollar to buy is good company business practice and should be embraced /sarcasm

  • BOOM!

  • Willie D

    So my question is this… TMobile will swap out defective SIM cards free. If one already has a working SIM to move from an old device to an upgrade, would they still have to pay $15? If so, do they get to keep the unactivated SIM that came with the new device, or is it waived if they give it up?

    • TS50

      Sim starter kits are only charged on new lines. Not upgrades.

      • Guest

        I usually stick them in the box anyway unless I forget or the customer has a brand new SIM. I also don’t charge customers for damaged SIMs, so there’s no real need for them to keep it.

      • I’ve switched back and forth between prepaid and Simple Choice and the SIM card cost was always waived at the store. This price is mostly a perfunctory fee, so I’m confused why increase it and why now. Aren’t things looking great, even jumping ahead of S, are they?

      • Rdaex

        ?! Quick view specifically pops up and reminds you to give the customer their sim back.

  • Oh man, and I needed one for the free 200mb tablet data.

    • monkeybutts

      Wait for a $0.01 sale on the prepaid site, they have them all the time.

  • Philz

    Wow lots of changes going on

  • Nurdface Gamerhandz

    its still not a $36 activation fee, so I’m ok with it.

  • William Burr Winans

    I’m assuming this is going on because Verizon made it more expensive to pay off the early terminal fees.

  • John

    Increasing from $10 to $15 is not a 50% price increase. However, it is a price increase of about 25%.

    • TMoUser

      umm…. Math.

    • Mike

      Use the calculator and see that is a 50% price increase.

    • Roboito

      It is 50%. Because, Math.

  • jian9007

    I like how the pic of the SIM card says to visit to T-mobile.com/sim to upgrade or replace your current SIM. However, I was on the site just yesterday and tried to get a replacement SIM and it said to visit my nearest T-Mobile store or call the number. Which is just ridiculous.

  • Jay Holm

    This is a bad move. All a sim card is a frinkin piece of plastic!!! Hmm, I wonder if the S6 will take the same kind of sim car as the S4?

    • archerian

      Its the law of averages since they were selling them for free or a dollar for several years and finally Craxton found out.

      • Jay Holm


        • archerian

          Braxton Carter, CFO

    • Fabian Cortez

      An extra $10 million or so a quarter for T-Mobile is a good thing.

      I don’t mind because I’m pretty sure it’ll be going toward the network.

      • Jay Holm

        Good point.

      • archerian

        Most of the network upgrades are funded via Long term debt, so these new hikes must be to stop short term bleeding and balance cash flow.

      • gengw

        How about to dividends for shareholders. That’s more likely.

    • Alex

      Put a piece of plastic in your sim card tray and see how fast it registers to the network.

    • Rdaex

      Most of my sim cards (there are about 6 different ones) carry a higher cost to my store than nearly EVERY screen protector, and a couple of the cases. Why should the sim be given away for free, but not the other things???

      • Jay Holm

        A sim card is just a piece of plastic, that’s all it is.

        • Rdaex

          So is a car charger. So is a screen protector. So is a bike helmet. Whats your point?

        • Jeez

          That the plastic sim is cheap to make and is ordered in high quantities at low cost by TMobile.

          Screen protector, car chargers are outsourced/or non TMobile companies who decide cost with profit and pales in any comparison when buying in quantity compared to a carrier sim card.

          Bike helmet??? Great thing to use in a discussion of costs for items sold at a wireless phone company.

          Maybe the reason why TMobile is so far behind the Top 2 is because they hire incompetent people like yourself.

        • Rdaex

          Sigh. Its so hard to have discussions when people are willfully belligerent.

        • Blanco

          It’s even harder when people try to justify their position by making false claims

      • F Gump

        Bullcrap…..”Most” and “nearly every” are key indicators you making stuff up….

        You’d have to be a moron to not understand why giving away/overcharging for a sim card is entirely different that accessories….

        Besides everytime I’ve been at a TMo store, I have been offered buy two get one free on accessories.

        The couple of times I’ve needed a sim, I was given one for free, and twice I was told buy an accessory get sim free…

        If the TMo’s books show a high cost for sims store side, it has more to do with dealing with internal theft or misuse of sim cards because sims are very very inexpensive for production cost. Like less than a dollar per card if only 100 is ordered, google it ;}

        • Rdaex

          1) Most and Nearly every are accepted terms in the English language. My usage herein indicates that I am NOT making things up.. I.E. If I said EVERY screen protector is the same price as the sim cards, THEN I’d clearly be making that up. You see, we have these things called impact shields, and invisible shields. THOSE are pretty expensive.
          2) Interesting that you immediately resort to name calling.. Im sure that will only enhance your position and opinion.
          3) Ah, I didn’t realize that a PROMOTION in order to get you to BUY MORE was the same as giving you things for nothing.
          4) I also didn’t realize that your “couple of times” set precedent for the entire company and country of customers. You should really work as a company spokesperson or something. We could just all ask you everything.

        • F Gump

          It’s only name calling if you can’t realize the difference from the two.
          Do you need a screen protector to allow consumer to use actual network?

          IDK what I am trying to accomplish replying because you already compared bike helmets to sim cards smh

    • T-Mobile Cares

      Please know, EVERY new device you purchase comes with a new SIM Card in the box.

  • Robert

    I don’t know that this is a huge deal. Keeping mind I live in a large market, but from my experience, EVERY tmo employees has the “authority” to waive the sim fee, and as previously noted in the comments, it’s no $30+ activation fee.

    My primary concern is the low credit change. I realize tmo in all their uncarrier marketing is also trying to not be the poor man’s network but even though value brings in educated consumers, it also brings in those who NEED the value.

    I see the change as a way to boost cash flow on hardware while also limiting the risk of poor credit customers…which at this point, I realize, is everyone’s assessment.

    But, why make that kind of change to keep investors happy and run the risk of alienating customers. We switched from Verizon almost day 1 of uncarrier 1.0 and with great credit we still made down payments of $100 for the M7 and $150 for the GS4.

    Within the year Tmo had moved to zero down financing, but at the cost of lowering upfront cash flow. With their down payments still below the subsidy price on competing networks, I feel like Legere and his team made an unnecessary gamble.

    I have my doubts the move was even necessary for the current results. Say you keep the payment max at $20 and the out the door balance at the $480 resulting in a nexus 6 down payment of $170 while att subsidized price is still $249 as an example. Even when you factor in a sales tax of 8.25% you’re out the door for around $225.

    The upfront cash from ALL customers would have been a better response to Wallstreet concerns imo whole not humiliating those customers who kept you afloat all those years when you were still the poor man’s network.

    • Brian Perez

      Very true but some people do t realize that

    • JE_25

      I’m a rep and it’s not so that we have the authority to waive its that it was not enforced. Now they are starting to enforce it so reps will have to charge you.

    • gperez

      This is true, they are making changes that the only thing that will bring is bad news. I like to pay for devices asap.

  • archerian

    And so the piper has to be paid finally .. And Re-carrier is born softly

    • Robert

      I agree, but I feel like it’s less the uncarrier moves and the dumb decision to do zero down financing.

    • Brzfld

      I say make some profit, build a killer network!
      They have to compete. Look how radially different/better AT&T’s network is after 7 years and $140 billion plus dollars invested.

      • Brad C

        I have yet to see where AT&T is “dramatically better” i just did a test for a week and compared it side by side with my T-Mobile line and AT&T’s voice quality was worse and their LTE is all over the place (when i could get it and it was not nearly as often as T-Mobile), the HSPA was great for what it was though i can say.

        I work for an airline, so i figured my overnights would be a perfect test and i can say i was not impressed and am sticking to T-Mobile.

        • Brzfld

          AT&T kills T-Mobile’s service. In Missouri I have LTE from St. Louis to KC, from KC to Springfield, and back to St. Louis. Basically all of Missouri. Great low spectrum bandwidth with great building penetration and strong data connection.
          I tried T-Mobile for a week, and had LTE in Springfield, but I would lose signal in most buildings. T-Mobile 2G/No Service is everywhere in Missouri. T-Mobile had terrible call quality also.
          So, yes radically different from 7 years ago when I had 2G/3G only with AT&T.

        • kalel33

          And kills it in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, and Nebraska. That’s just the places I’ve recently traveled through when I had both an AT&T work phone and a personal T-mobile phone. Maybe they just fly to the coasts.

        • Douglas Quaid

          Half my commute over the weekend on tmobile on the east coast (Mid Alantic) displayed 2G E. Same areas using AT&T show 3 to 4 bars LTE. Not to mention, forget trying to make a call with Tmobile 2G indoor, as the GSM PCS signal doesn’t penetrate a piece of paper.

    • randomnerd_number38

      Isn’t that a little overdramatic? Lmao, I thought SIM cards used to cost 20 anyway.

      But hey, naysayers will latch onto anything.
      “OMG that store employee had a hangnail! UNCARRIER IS DEAD”

      • archerian

        Maybe a wee bit melodramatic but they have started tightening costs, charging an extra $5 for an item that is essentially a dollar or less is nickel and diming.

        • Big Whoopie doo

          Friends who I have “rescued” are saving $100+ / mo. I think they can sweat a one-time $15 sim card.

        • archerian

          $15 is $5 more than it used to be, say what you want – big picture etc etc. The people you saved could handle that charge, but should they?

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Does Nexus 6 come with a nano sim? If not, do I cut and sand mine to fit or buy it before prices go up? It’s still whole heck of lot better other carriers $36 upgrade/activation fee.

    • do you currently have T-Mobile service? if you do, and you’re just upgrading your phone, then T-Mobile will change sim cards for you for free.

      However, if you’re not a T-Mobile customer, or you’re activating a new line, then the $15 sim fee will apply.

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        I do have T-Mobile but I bought/ordered the phone directly from Motorola so I doubt it will be free. They have been charging $10 for a few months unless you get it online during a special for free sim or .99 cents

        • Eric Blackman

          I cut mine for my moto x. Works fine.

        • f1ip

          I just sent Tmobile a message through their FB page, they sent me a Nano sim for FREE. I just told them that the Micro SIM that I currently have in my Nexus 5 will not fit in the Nexus 6 that I ordered from the Google Play store. Hope it’ll get here before the phone arrives.

    • T-Mobile Cares

      Please know, EVERY new device you purchase comes with a new SIM Card in the box. 2

  • Jay J. Blanco

    You can alays get cheaper Sims on ebay and Amazon lol

    • John

      true, but I’ve seen many types of people who will walk into a T-mobile store and buy a sim card because they just had to have it right away. There are lots of people like that. However, for the patient price conscious consumer ebay and amazon will be where they most likely turn to for their sim card purchases.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        I’m not complaining family mobile Sims is 25

        • John

          I know, no hard feeling brother.

      • josephsinger

        It’s also more than likely that T-Mobile will still continue to have free or highly discounted (99¢) kits. Despite such boneheaded moves as to make the regular cost for a kit $15 T-Mobile should know that free or low cost will bring on new or repeat business.

        • John

          No doubt they’ll continue to offer those promos you mentioned from time to time. Furthermore, they will be some reps over the phone or in store that will will waive the sim card fee or give you a sim card for 99 cents. However, not all reps over the phone or in store will be so kind to extend such a courtesy and will refuse to discount or waive the sim card fee unfortunately.

          T-Mobile will starting charging $15 for sim cards for new line activations online and in the stores for the sim card. The price increase sucks, but it is still cheaper that what my local T-Mobile corporate store charges for new/replacement sims. My local store charges $20+ tax for replacement/new sim cards.

        • fentonr

          Yeah many reps won’t because they’re tracked on it and get yelled at for doing it too much.

        • T-Mobile Cares

          I apologize if you feel this is the case. We do what is in the best interest of our customers. Not only do we offer free SIM Cards when a situation warrants it, but we do not track whether any representative provides a free SIM Card, nor would they get “yelled at” for helping a customer. I hope this clears up any confusion you may have had.

        • fentonr

          That was not my experience as a rep. I’m glad to hear this has changed though.

    • T-Mobile Cares

      Please know, EVERY new device you purchase comes with a new SIM Card in the box. 3

  • MastarPete

    I feel sorry for the people that will get caught by this change or just don’t look for deals especially considering how easy it is to get a free sim via customer care, at a corporate store, or T-Mobile’s seemingly monthly freesim code during online checkout.

    • josephsinger

      If they want to be the people at the corp stores can be real aßholes. I’ve been a T-Mobile subscriber for over fourteen years and I lost my phone and went into the store to get a SIM for a spare phone I had and they wanted to charge me $25! After I put up a huge stink and threatened to bolt from T-Mobile they relented and activated my replacement SIM. The cost of a SIM card is probably multiple cents and not even a dollar.

  • maximus1901

    The end of discounts thing is bs. I just signed up for a 15% discount through my wife’s university.

    • Brzfld

      How and where did you apply the discount?

      • maximus1901

        Go to the “tmobile advantage” site. Enter your work or school email.
        Check that email and TMO will send you msg saying you are or are not eligible for discount.
        My dad’s company was 12% and wife’s university is 15%

        • Brzfld

          Thanks! I will tell some friends.
          I start at a T-Mobile call center this week. I will recieve a hefty 75% discount on my wireless plan.

        • T-Mobile Cares

          Please refrain from discussing internal company information within this blog. It is a violation of your employment contract with T-Mobile and is subject to disciplinary action and/or termination. Thank you.

        • eatmore

          And $9 an hour jobs with shit for benefits are soooo hard to find!!

        • T-Mobile Cares

          You obviously have never applied for a position with T-Mobile. Not only do we pay our new hires much more than your quoted rate, but we also offer the best benefits package in the industry, as well as, a bonus structure designed to provide a healthy income every month. That is why we have, year in and year out, been voted one of the “top 10 places to work”. Check us out and change your life.


      They still do discounts for government, just not corp anymore.

      • maximus1901

        I previously had a discount through my dad’s company that expired end of October but I could’ve renewed it, I think.

        • Singleweird

          correct. deadline is rapidly approaching to renew legacy discounts.

        • fentonr

          If it’s your account then you did not qualify for a discount because of where your dad worked. This was pretty common so that’s why they clamped down on the program. Its still better than Verizon, they’ll give out big discounts to everyone. Its so restricted on wat the discount actually applies against though that typically you get a few dollars off. When I had Verizon, a 17% discount got me $6.50 off of a $200 bill.

      • Philly Jim

        That’s not true either after a few lengthly conversations I just got back my Home Depot corporate discount , retroactive , of course….


          I mean for new accounts.

        • Philly Jim

          My apologies obviously I misunderstood…….

  • Jst4mee

    You should do your research a little better. The $10 Sim Starter Kit is only added at time of Activation of a new line of service. T-Mobile abolished activations awhile back. The Sim Starter Kit just covers new act costs. Most carriers charge $40 per line. It had nothing to do with a Sim Card card pet say. You get one included in your Activation. Wether you bring your own sim card to a new activation you will still be charged the Sim Starter Kit. Please verify your info first … and yes I know since I work at a Corporate Store.

    • Singleweird

      (corporate store) the sku should also be charged when replacing a non-defective sim on an existing line, and that will also now be $15.

      • Rdaex

        No. The SIM STARTER KIT is for activating NEW LINES.

        • kalel33

          Funny, I was charged $10 for the SIM starter kit when I replaced the SIM card because my phone was stolen. Maybe your store is different than others.

        • Rdaex

          Yes. Which is different than what the story is talking about. It even says so, right in this article. Sim starter kit ($15) = new line. Sim card charge ($10) = replacement sim cards.

        • kalel33

          They took the “SIM starter kit” off of one of the hangers in the store and scanned it as a replacement, thus they sold me a replacement SIM with a SIM starter kit.

        • Rdaex

          Yea that’s not correct. Sorry they got it wrong.

        • superg05

          whey where just trying to raise there sale and used you like a pawn on chess board to do it

    • Bill Berry

      Last time I did math; it’s still 5 more dollars; I don’t care how it’s gift wrapped or sugar-coated. That said they’re free if you get them from their kiosks.

      • fentonr

        How do you figure? I used to work in one of those kiosks and they’re supposed to charge you too.

    • T Mobile Cares

      Please know, EVERY new device you purchase comes with a new SIM Card in the box. 4

      • Jst4mee

        You are absolutely correct. Please read my statement .. I said new Activation and the $10replaces the old Activation Fee. Read before commenting.

  • Trevnerdio

    Didn’t SIM cards used to be, ya know…free?

    • maximus1901

      With all the goodies we magentans use everyday – unl data that actually works, international free roaming – paying an extra $5 every few years is veeeery small price to pay

      • Trevnerdio

        This is true

      • Brian Perez

        That’s true at least someone sees that all these perks we get have to be paid some how.

    • fentonr

      They did, but when they were free you paid upgrade and activation fees instead which cost more.

      • Trevnerdio

        Ahh, good point

  • superg05

    5-10 cents worth of material used to get people to spend money on your services so you can earn money

    • T-Mobile Cares

      I understand your thought process, but the contacts on a SIM Card are Gold plated, therefore our cost to manufacture them is slightly higher than your assessment.

      • superg05

        okay 1-4 dollars

  • Philip

    Someone told me each time you use a new phone, always use a new SIM card that came inside the phone. So I just call in and do the SIM transfer. Is it necessary?

    • AAAA

      ” always use a new SIM card that came inside the phone.”

      You should stop talking to them.

      • Yardie D

        Wouldn’t that cause liquid damage? Lol

      • themoreyouknow

        If you are not upgrading at least once per year YES you should be using a new sim card. New sim cards are used with the newer technology. Old sims cards will not give the best experiance on a newer network as the tech in the old sim card was made for the tech during that time period. Newer tech in the towers means newer tech in the sim cards

        • What??? SIM cards have absolutely nothing to do with network. All that they provide is the subscriber ID (hence the name, Subscriber ID Module) and some other information. SIM cards have been a standard for almost 25 years, when the only thing around was 2G.

        • Logan S

          This is rarely TRUE. SIM cards remain the same most of the time. Really. The last time T-Mobile updated their SIM was in 2013 for the mobile payment (ISIS). When was the last time anyone used that functionality?

        • CalicoKJ


    • fentonr

      No, it isn’t. I would suggest keeping the SIMs and the activating them when your old one starts to have an issue.

    • Yardie D

      “Came inside the phone”…..now I know how nano Sims are made!

      • Logan S

        I thought the earphone jack is only 3.5mm.

  • Sushimane

    15 dollars for a Sim card I better jump on a cellphone that uses a nano Sim quick. Xperia z3 or nexus 6? Decisions decisions

  • adam

    and T mobile slowly becomes Verizon

    • fentonr

      Keep in mind that when they started charging for SIM cards they stopped charging upgrade and activation fees which were quite a bit more expensive.

    • markw

      Unlimited data death is soon to follow!!

    • zach

      not really would you rather pay $15 dollars for a sim or $30/45 for a activation fee??

    • allenQ

      Verizon doesn’t have edge! Thank God. And the phones work indoors. Turd mobile sucks.

  • Jeremy

    Don’t they add this to every online phone order?

  • SEBA

    Oh yeah, they even charged me $10 activation for watch gear s, plus 15 a month -10 discount if you are simple choice customer. I think this service should be free since the watch is using your phone data and minutes.

    • Mk

      The watch doesn’t use your phone data and minutes. It’s a completely separate line with unlimited talk text and 500mb. Hence why it has it’s own phone number…..

      • SEBA

        That’s only if you disconnect Bluetooth. When you are connected via Bluetooth the watch works just like any other accessory using your phones data and minutes.

  • tranceformer978

    On a slightly related note, does anyone have a enhanced nanosim (Softcard/ISIS compatible)? I had to cut up a microsim for my Z3.

    • ” J.D. “

      Hi- They had to do the same with mine . I called T-MOBILE 3X they sent a replacement card out Twice and finally overnight-ed one UPS & it still was the wrong card Wound up going to T-Mobile Lake Grove store and they did just That. On the up side (Softcard/ISIS) is working with no problems ..

      • tranceformer978

        Yeah, customer service (calling/retail stores/Facebook/online chat) was no help. I just wanted them to admit that the SIM cards don’t exist.

        • ” J.D. “

          Spoke to like 6 different rep’s they had no way of distinguishing a nano Sims ISIS ready card from a standard nano card. When I got to the store he had none but remembers seeing the card said right on it ISIS ready so they just cut one down for me / By the way it was at no charge to me :-)

  • Mk

    Sim Starter Kits are only added when you’re activating a line of service not each and every time you buy a phone….c’mon now.

  • Get_at_Me

    The $10 sim starter kit is more of an activation fee that new customers pay (postpaid and prepaid). Bringing an inactive sim to a store to activate doesnt save you the sim starter fee. Additionally, replacement sims for existing customers are also $10 (except for troubleshooting and softcard sims). When i say replacement sim, i mean, ex: your brother is giving you his old iphone 5s to replace your iphone 4s. Your micro sim wont fit inside the ip5s, so youll either need to cut it or get one from tmobile. If you get one from tmo, theyll most likely charge $10 for it.

    • kev2684

      just for postpaid. they usually sell these SIMs for a penny each

    • (J²)

      T-Mobile doesn’t allow you to use inactive SIM’s. There claim is they have “expiration dates”. When a customer switches from postpaid to prepaid or vice versa… T-Mobile is going to encourage customers to purchase another SIM card.
      I know this, I’ve been in the situation.

      • T-Mobile Cares

        While it is true SIM cards have expiration dates, they can also be reactivated. It is a simple process of us using a software tool, available to each technical support representative. I am sorry if you have had a different experience in the past.

      • atown7475

        They got u homie. 10 bucks to activate and they give u the sim for free

  • Aaron C

    … and here we go. The nickel and dime-ing begins. This is why I left Verizon. I’m not going to get too crazy about this, but if it continues, well… I guess it’s not like I’m leaving for AT&T or Verizon again. And Sprint isn’t even in the discussion…

    • Dakota

      They’re a public company.. Get used to it

  • shamatuu

    wow charging 10 buck is stupid enough but adding 5 bucks really? We all aren’t fuken rich
    T-mobile. That’s not what a true uncarrier do. My god. That’s the opposite and you just lied to our faces and slap us in the face if this is true. I might stay with ATT just becuase they don’t charge anyone for a simple SIM.

    • Alexis

      No. But they’ll charge you $40 for upgrade fee instead.

    • Brian Perez

      Att charges a heftier fee for activating services.

      • Dakota

        I got my SIM from Straight Talk free… And $45 for 3gb of LTE

        • Brian Perez

          Ok im refering to the big fpur carriers the little ones are irrelevant I theirnot the trend setters.. And dont have the capital like the big four carriers so please take your little guy comments to the little guy page

        • matt

          straight talk has fine print that specifically says have the right to cancel your ass if they catch you streaming movies from netflix and listening to radio, even if you use under 3 gigs

      • yany1979

        They have a Real network stupid. You get what you pay for.

    • Dakota

      Maybe everyone should start Tweeting Legere and telling him that. In the past, they’ve responded to customer outrage. This is not uncarrier at all. Free SIM should be the cost of doing business if I can’t be your customer without one. Customers paying 600+ for a phone and you can’t give them a cheap SIM to use your service

      • shamatuu

        ok than at least 5 bucks. 15 bucks plus the payment for the phone and the data that adds up to a price where it’s really close to what i pay now for ATT. i calculated already with the 15 bucks extra.

  • Zzznorch

    I have some spare unused SIM’s that I bought back when they were charging $.99 for them. When I eventually switch back, I’ll activate one. If they tell me no well then I might have to reconsider said switch.

    • fentonr

      You might be able to use one you already have. Keep in mind that this is in place of an activation fee though.

    • Kirk392

      Mine ‘expired’, and T-Mobile wouldn’t use them. Why the Sim has an expiration date is beyond me..

      • David

        As they update towers, the existing sims don’t. Therefor providing a poor quality of service as to what you should and will be experiencing when purchasing a new sim.

  • (J²)

    Starter Kits are the same regardless of if you are a new or existing customer. The cost applies to any device needing a SIM (including tablets). The fee is only waived in certain circumstances. In just a weekend, the “Uncarrier” has raised the device cause for the unfortunate customers on the lower end of their credit class and now it is raising the cost of the SIM Starter Pack by $5. In almost all situations, a SIM card should be free. I hope that T-Mobile isn’t turning over a new leaf as the are closer to surpassing Sprint.

    • Dakota

      Once they turn the business around prices will increase. Remember they already increased the unlimited price by $10. Tmobile is a public company whose sole goal is profit. They’re not your friend. They’re not being nice

      • (J²)

        Lol I know this… That’s what my comment implies.
        However, I think it’s far to soon… It will put the companies reputation into a freefall.

      • andyd

        And unlimited data will go the way of the dinosaur. It’s not if. It’s when.

  • T Mobile Cares

    Please know, EVERY new T-Mobile device you purchase comes with a new SIM Card in the box.

    • derrrr

      including the 9.99 candy bar phones they sell at walmart, which also come with a charger. makes no sense

  • atown7475

    It’s actually not for the sim card. It replaced the 35 activation fee they used to charge. Ex if you go into a store to purchase a new sim card it’s not $15 it’s 19.99 unless u find a nice person to give it to u for free

  • Dakota

    Ridiculous SIM card should be free if you want me to use your service. No different than an activation fee

  • Nearmsp

    since there are no contracts, people add and drop phone lines depending on a visiting friend from overseas or a relative or what ever. T-mobile is just trying to make such behavior not worthwhile. I bought a new iPhone 6 from Apple. It came with a SIM. I just called and activated it and stopped using the Old Samsung Phone. So this affects those who add a line and drop it.

    • iOSX

      Same. This was the case when I bought my iPhone 5 last year.

    • harrydevlin

      This is a good point. With the Simple Choice plan it’s a good deal to sign up for a month when going out of the country, to get the texting and low speed data, then cancel service when you get back. With a $15/line SIM card it’s less of a deal.

      I can’t use T-Mobile in the U.S. because the coverage is so poor in the western U.S.. but $100 for four lines with texting and low speed data included is very good deal. And while they say it’s 2G data it’s really not. It’s throttled 3G data but fast enough for VOIP, so it’s essentially free voice calls as well if you use a service like GrooveIP which gives you an incoming phone number, or Localphone which will rent you an incoming number in many countries.

      My friend used it with Skype and it worked okay, but not great. And 20¢ for voice calls isn’t terribly high if you must make regular voice calls.

      What they could have done was to credit the SIM card cost back to the account after a few months of service. It’s really just an activation fee, but it sounds terrible to people when they position it as a SIM card charge. No one else charges that much for a SIM card but most carriers have high activation fees.

  • Bill Smith

    I’ve been using the same SIM for years. I just take it from my old phone and put it in the new one. Done that 3 times so far without a problem.

    • matt

      i got yelled at for mentioning it. but I’ve found sometime when you switch sim cards, some companies won’t associate your new meid / imei # to your account and deny you an unlock. when i mention it , people think I’m saying that blacklisted phones will work. I’m not saying that. I’m just saying that when switching sim cards, double check and make sure the new imei / meid is on your account.

  • CRT24

    Sim cards are 9.99 for existing customers if you need one for any reason other than trouble shooting service issues. Sim starter kits are charged on new lines for new and existing customers……there is no way to spin this, it is an activation fee but still much less than other carriers charge.

  • james

    I wondered when they would halt there growth I know when I call in 30 min waits 48 minutes today

    • cpj

      I got a csr in less 2 mins earlier today.

    • guest

      you potentially call too much and are on a blacklist or something

      • james

        They do that

  • Nick

    Holy moly I’ve never seen so many dumb people commenting on a site before. The sim starter kit is another name for activation fee. It’s for any new line of service. I also probably say the way the article states what it is is confusing for people. This site is slowly going down the drain.

    • TechHog

      Blame T-Mobile. They claim that there are no activation fees, but they cheat like this.

  • samsavoy

    I was able to get one at Walgreens for $4.99 with card. Might depend on location.

  • VINE

    The cost of activating a sim card in most of Asian & OTHER COUNTRIES countries is 1- 2 U.S dollars. t-MOBILE buy it in bulk so they get it for less than 1 dollar from china. Now charging $15 ? This is ridiculous, Hey JOHN Ledgger this not uncarrier . you shoud give as sim free

    • WirelessGuy

      did you send him a tweet?

  • Christopher Olson

    Hey cam, can we flag as inappropriate for blatant ignorance and grammatical mistakes. It’s just an eyesore to see these people commenting on here.

  • WirelessGuy

    For troubleshooting, ATT & Tmobile sim cards are waived. If you bring in a phone to Tmobile or ATT, you will be charged the sim/activation fee. Verizon charges a $35 activation fee and a $30 upgrade fee. I agree that the cost of sim cars should reflect the cost, but most wireless companies are using these fees to buy much needed spectrum and build out networks. The new battle is more spectrum in order to grow…..period.

    • Andrew Paul Moulton

      Oh cool so anything they do to boost profits is suddenly altruism for our cell infrastructure. #hailcorporate

  • Erik

    Just look at it this way. A one time $15 charge for activating a SIM. VZW, AT&T and Sprint all charge a $30-$40 activation fee. T-Mobile is less. Then they charge a $30-$40 upgrade fee every time you get a new phone. So if you were a T-mobile customer for 4 years and get a new handset and an upgrade you would have paid $15. With AT&T, VZW and Sprint… $60-$80. You do the math…

    • Tom Bryant

      $19.99 for a verizon sim.

    • Tom Bryant

      $30 upgrade fee, $35 new activation fee — these are when you get new phones and renew / start a new contract. NOT when you need a new SIM card.

      • Nurdface Gamerhandz

        the SIM starter kit is also not when you need a new SIM. That’s still $10 and only charged when youve lost or intentionally damaged your old one

  • Art Faucett

    I have 18 free sim kits. I can’t believe they never noticed. Some will expire in the near future, but I can now sell them for a small profit.

  • anon

    I don’t see what the big ordeal is…I called them yesterday and said I needed a nano sim. They said they would send me one free of charge and it is already out on a truck…They did not give me a hard time and did not ask me for a penny. Unless I wanted it expedited on the truck. Cheers!!!

  • hidrologo

    I changed from an android phone that died to an iphone. I had to change the sim card and the iphone rep told me that I could go to the nearby T mobile store in uptown abq to get a card for free. At the t mobile store I was told they would charge me $15 even though I was an existing customer. After some back and forth I ended up paying for it, and then they told me that I could have gotten one at apple. Upon return to Apple I was old that they could give me a sim card for tmobie if I had a tmobile contract not pay as you go. Just a warning to anyone buying or switching phones to find out about the sim card whn you are purchasing the phone. May be worth it to call service reps at a high level and purchase the phone where you get the free sim card. The whole thing lsft me a little pissed.