T-Mobile reveals Lifetime Coverage Guarantee and first iPhone 6s and 6s Plus pricing details


Yesterday John Legere teased some “big T-Mobile news” that’d be released this morning, and now that announcement has been revealed.

T-Mobile today announced the Lifetime Coverage Guarantee. With this promo, T-Mo customers that get an iPhone 6s and 6s Plus with JUMP! On Demand can get a refund on their service if they become unhappy with T-Mo’s service. Specifically, they’ll get a full refund for whatever they paid for the device within 30 days of purchase. After that, they’ll be able to get their phone unlocked at no charge and a refund for the current month of service. If you do decide to unlock your phone, you’ll get to keep T-Mo’s interest-free payment plan at its regular price.

The Lifetime Coverage Guarantee is also compatible with all phones that are included with JUMP! On Demand and also have Extended Range 4G LTE (band 12 LTE).

Getting back to the new iPhone hardware, John Legere has revealed T-Mobile’s JUMP! On Demand prices for Apple’s new smartphones. The iPhone 6s will cost $0 down and $20 per month for 18 months, while the larger iPhone 6s Plus will be $0 down and $24 per month for 18 months. After those 18 months, you can turn in your phone and owe nothing or pay an $164 to keep the iPhone 6s (there’s no mention of the cost to keep the 6s Plus). T-Mo says that those are “special introductory” prices and that they “won’t last long.”

No other pricing details for the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus have been given, but you’ll be able to pre-order from T-Mobile starting Saturday, September 12.

T-Mobile’s coverage is the one aspect of the carrier that gets the most criticism, and so the Lifetime Coverage Guarantee is T-Mo’s effort to get consumers to ignore those critics and try the network for themselves. Along with its announcement of the Lifetime Coverage Guarantee, T-Mo is highlighting its Extended Range LTE in today’s announcement, which it says is now live in 170 markets and will reach more than 350 markets in the next three months.

Here’s what T-Mobile says that its coverage map will look like at the end of 2015:


Source: T-Mobile (1), (2)

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  • SEBA

    Too busy with iphone crap, forgot to mention about software update for note 5 this morning

    • James RC

      what about it

    • EAS

      Galaxy s6 too

      • SEBA

        S6 update was expected this week. Support for advanced messaging and video calling. Enjoy

        • Cellphone Chris

          Already got that update for the N5, but this is the 2nd update I’ve received since purchase. Wondering what this one is for, it’s ~66MB.

        • SEBA

          Tmobile just updated their website it says video calling UI update

    • Cellphone Chris

      Is this another update besides the one that added video calling?

      • Cellphone Chris

        Apparently so – anyone have a changelog?

  • dcj001

    “The iPhone 6s will cost $0 down and $20 per month for 18 months… After those 18 months, you can turn in your phone and owe nothing or pay an $164 to keep the iPhone 6s”

    If this is true, $524 is a great price for 16 GB iPhone 6S.

    • chasoo

      Well, it is compared to past iPhones, but do you really think T-Mobile would sell it at a loss? That would defeat the purpose of installment sales. They are breaking even at this off contract price, and tbh, I can think of many better phones for $524 outright.

      • trife

        If people want iPhones, they don’t care what you think is a better phone.

        As it stands, this IS a good price for a 16 GB iPhone.

      • For you to get this deal, you have to pay for 18 months and the balloon payment. If you want to pay it off right away, you’ll pay full price. I have the JOD iPhone 6 deal right now. It comes out to $15/mo but in the lease agreement I’m still paying $27. They just credit your account $12 for 18 months as long as you still have your leased phone. I can pay it off right now, but I wouldn’t be getting the $12 discount per month anymore.

        Basically, it’s a way to get more post paid subscribers and somewhat lock them in. The new Life Time Guarantee is Tmobile’s way of reassuring customers it’s still staying true to its UnCarrier initiative.

    • Adam

      This seems like a too good to be true deal. I read the official blog, but still didn’t see a catch. Does every line have to be on jump? Can you cancel jump at any time? Neither of these questions are in the FAQ.

      • TMo is selling it to you at cost so you can stay with them and also get a ton of new subscribers.

        Every line doesn’t have to have Jump. I have 8 lines, only 1 has JumpOD. You can cancel jump at any time, just pay off the phone just like EIP. The new Lifetime Guarantee also don’t force you to pay off the phone.

        AFAIK, there’s no catch. They’re trying to keep up the 2M+ net subscribers gain every quarter. It allows them to further expand their network, get more funding for 600mhz bids, and increase investments by external sources since Tmo will have a higher networth and even higher potential for profits.

  • Thomas Vu

    Why not do test drive with the 6s?

    • There’s supply shortage at this time and probably the next 2-3 months.

  • neospade44

    I thought the prices for the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus would be $15 and $19, respectively, honored for someone already on the Jump On Demand plans…..or did I miss something?

    • taxandspend

      I also thought that was the implication.

    • trife

      That’s what I signed up for, too. I’m sure they’ll honor the promo though–this is just the pricing for new JODers.

    • JLV90

      That was if you signed up on or before September 8.

  • Stu Nahan

    I just cant wait for ADULTS to have problems pre-ordering the phone and not getting it on launch day and coming on this site and crying like babies.

    • Me either. I remember the Lumia 640 boondoggle from this past summer.

  • Michael Daley

    Anyone have any thoughts on what the pricing might be like for the phones with larger storage capacity? I’m assuming what we have here is for the 16gb varieties.

    • trife

      Pricing will be the same. They make up the difference in pricing for the higher memory with down payments. The 64 GB will be $99 and the 128 will be $199.

  • Cam Fas

    On top of fixing the pre order system I also hope they are able to buy some 700mhz spectrum in Las Vegas and link it with some good old carrier aggregation if they did that it would turn this into a 25+25 LTE market with the proper backhaul the speeds would be solid. I’ve already hit over 103mbs on the 20+20 network they have here

  • Tom@L

    why cant tmobile implement online ordering through apple.com ? You can order all other carrier phones from apple.com with EIP or contract but for Tmobile’s EIP, you cant use apple’s website. So maybe implement that technology first, because I am sure that is tmobile backend issue?

  • aznhomieboi1689

    So what about those is ha who still has plain old JUMP! ? What is our pricing plan for iPhone 6S?

    • $650 for the 6S 16GB

  • Kevin

    So T-Mobile will pay me to not have LTE where I live if I upgrade to the new iPhone which I was going to do anyways?

    • yankeesusa


      • Kevin

        I don’t have LTE where I live. They keep telling me Band 12 is live or whatever, but it’s obviously not. I was going to get the 6S + anyways, but now it look’s like they’ll give me a free month of service just because I don’t have a good signal?

        • yankeesusa

          If you don’t have LTE in your area and you know it then there is no point to continue to be with tmobile. Switch to someone that does give you coverage. Even if they say they have coverage there sometimes actual usage will say otherwise. No need to keep beating a dead horse.

        • Kevin

          Sure, but I switched to T-Mobile this year because of the 700mhz they promised would reach my area when they brought me in as a customer. I do not believe it’s up and running fully in KC even if it might show up in certain areas, so I’m waiting to see how it all shakes out. In the meantime, I guess I’ll get a free month of service.

        • yankeesusa

          Don’t know how updated this is but maybe this will help out ease the pain: http://www.spectrumgateway.com/t-mobile-700a-spectrum

        • taron19119

          What phone do u have and is voice over LTE turned on on your phone

        • Kevin

          I had a Note 4 up until a month ago, so it had Band 12. I gave the Note 4 to my wife, and jumped on the iPhone JOD deal that T-Mobile had and figured the new iPhone would have Band 12 which it does. And yes volte was turned on the Note 4 and on my current iPhone.

  • Tmoney

    Without reading the fine print it sounds like a way for T-Mobile to keep customers from taking advantage of a loophole where customers switch to a competitor carrier and have the new carrier pay off the phone. I’m sure other carriers will adjust their promotions accordingly but most people will not understand what they are getting into. On the flip side though T-Mobile will gladly pay off competitors phones. Makes good business sense for T-Mobile but really just shuffling around the “uncarrier” restrictions and still make it seem like it errs on the advantage of the customer. That said, I am on their jump on demand pricing for the iPhone and looking forward to upgrading to the 6S.

  • Derek

    Can someone please explain to me why carriers seem to have a love affair with Apple’s stupid iPhone. Galaxy phones are released all the time and no carrier makes a big stink about them.
    The only thing I can think, is that people have a high satisfaction rates with iPhones and it translates well to the carriers. But then again, the only reason Android satisfaction rates aren’t as high is because carriers themselves hold back updates and load tons of bloatware. So in a way, it crosses that theory out.
    Anyone…. anyone….. Bueller?

    • Apple owns 40% of the US market. That’s why. On top of that, iPhone users tend to have higher income(duh! the damn thing cost $650) and therefore less likely to default on their bills. Finally, iPhone has great resale value so they make money with the trade-ins and selling it in other countries.

      • Derek

        Wow, you are wrong on soo many levels its embarrassing. Please think about what you just said, take a look at tmobiles website prices, and then try again.

        • dtam

          he is right on the market share part (37%). it’s pretty much just that, it’s the most popular phone in the US. if you’re going to spend marketing dollars on promo’s, you might as well get something that affects the most amount of people as possible.

          I would love to see more android promo’s as I’m not an iphone guy

        • Derek

          But why in the world would you spend your money targeting the smaller percentage of people. It would make more business sense to target the other 63% that use Android. Also, you just contradicted yourself. How can something be the most popular with the smaller percentage.

        • Kevin

          The iPhone is the most popular phone. More people own an iPhone than any other phone. Just because iOS or iPhone’s market share is lower than Android does not mean it sells less than any singular Android. Samsung has 50 phones a year they bring out, and none of them sell what the iPhone does. But because there are a 1000 different Androids, Android takes up more of the overall share of smartphones.

          If 4 out of every 10 smartphones are iPhones, the remaining 6 out of 10 are not Galaxy Note 5’s for instance.

        • dtam

          because the 60% market share for android is split between Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, One Plus, Alcatel, Kyocera, Blackberry, Asus, Google, BLU, and whoever else I forgot to mention

        • Actually, 57% is Android market share. 4% of Americans, myself included, use Windows, the most reliable and secure mobile OS.

      • steveb944

        “iPhone users tend to have higher income(duh! the damn thing cost $650) and therefore less likely to default on their bills. Finally, iPhone has great resale value so they make money with the trade-ins and selling it in other countries.”

        WHAT?! Your whole statement is a duh…

        The iPhone is comparable in price to competing Android devices. If anything Android users will update quicker and spend more because our OS choice has quarterly updates in hardware vs yearly.

        Less likely to default? WTH are you even talking about? The way things are now everyone is financing their devices. Once again if anything it’ll be Android users that spend more money because we buy devices unlocked and don’t have these promos.

        The trade ins are resold to T-Mobile customers. Do you even think before you speak?

    • ucmee

      one reason may be because apple fanboys tend to renew their phone every year. that being said, I don’t see how it would relate well with this marketing program. most galaxy owners (myself included) will upgrade every other year.

    • Mike

      There are so many Android cellphones compared to Two Apple phones so the hype is gonna be bigger.

    • yankeesusa

      Because it sells. That’s just it.

    • Spanky

      Satisfaction is the exact reason why iPhones sell so well. Up until last September, I used Android phones exclusively, starting with the G1. I took a chance with the iPhone 6 and am glad that I did. No bloatware, no carrier meddling, no constant update delays. The phone just does what I need it to, without causing me any frustration. Of course, YMMV.

      • the2000guy

        I have been using android since htc hd2 modified with Android. I had a great experienced with it. Then I had sensation 4g, galaxy 3, 4 and 5. And I tested iPhone since the 4s. I have to admit android is open to do whatever you want to do and the performance of the phones are great. However, what you say about iPhone is true, and most people want without worrying to still waiting for patches. Also the UI of ios attract more the customers who are not familiar to technology with its easy way to work with.

      • Brad

        Should try a nexus device….

        • duscrom

          Well… Actually Google hasn’t been doing so well with those lately. Even then.. Google needs a better Camera app. I hope the Nexus Rumors this year are true. When you’re only choice is a $700 6 inch phone with mediocre hardware, or get the carrier version of that phone.. and get bloatware.

    • the2000guy

      Marketing!!! If android phones had the same marketing technique as Apple, then they will be very successful. Look at Microsoft in the 90’s and look now.

    • duscrom

      You serious? Maybe the Bay Area is unique, but Samsung is not subtle. And Most Carriers do lose their s*** over a new Galaxy S phone.

      That said I’ve never liked Android marketing. While Apple advertises ways that their phones are useful in the life you have.. or want to have.. Android phones are either about specs that only we care about, or they are advertising how they aren’t the iPhone…. Or even worse, you get HTC’s pointless “Blah blah blah” advertising campaign.

      I’m sick of people getting upset that Apple markets, when we should be upset that companies like HTC, LG and Sony don’t.

  • baldwint

    It’s a little disingenuous for him to claim the phones are “universally compatible” since you would need the CDMA variant (A1688) to bail out to Verizon. Presumably T-Mobile is still selling the GSM-only version (A1633).

    • UMA_Fan

      Well Verizon supports VoLTE now so that’s a non issue.

      • Fabian Cortez

        Not to mention their push for VoLTE too.

        It seems, once again, that the odd one out is Sprint with their uninterest in VoLTE and many other LTE advancements (RCS, ViLTE, VoWiFi, 4×2 MIMO, etc.).

        • That’s because Sprint has exotic LTE bands.

        • Fabian Cortez

          That’s because Sprint has exotic LTE bands.

          If they had VoLTE, this would be a nonissue.

        • So, you’re saying Sprint could deploy VOLTE on Band 25 and the issue goes away?

        • Fabian Cortez

          So, you’re saying Sprint could deploy VOLTE on Band 25 and the issue goes away?


          I’m saying that exactly what UMA_Fan is saying with respect to Verizon having VoLTE. If Sprint would have followed suit like the rest of the carriers, in a timely manner, this would be a nonissue.

    • patt

      your iphone 6 from tmobile will work on verizon with no prob

    • Joe D

      CDMA is dead. It is for all intents and purposes universal. It has more LTE bands than I have ever seen on any single phone. CDMA shouldnt even be considered anymore

      • steveb944

        I guess you haven’t seen the Nexus 6.

        • slybacon

          The Nexus 6 doesn’t have LTE?!? Only uses CDMA networks???

        • steveb944

          I’m replying to
          “It has more LTE bands than I have ever seen on any single phone.”

        • Or the Lumia 640s and 950s.

        • steveb944

          Exactly. Thank you.

      • Marvin Lilmarv Bolden-Mitchell

        Cdma is not dead it wayyyyyy better then gsm

    • slybacon

      Only if you want to get 1X or 3G on Verizon. Otherwise, the “GSM” iPhone has more bands with band 30! Does Verizon even have none-LTE coverage?? (cause I hear Verizon is a coverage god)

      • baldwint

        Nobody *wants* to get 1X or 3G, but it’s better than no coverage at all. On T-Mobile there are vast swaths of the USA where I can’t even get a text out. If I switch to Verizon, it would be for greater coverage, whether it’s on LTE or not.

        Does Verizon even have non-LTE coverage? In my view, Verizon wouldn’t be selling a CDMA model if there aren’t still areas where that is a useful thing to have.

  • francob911 .

    Lol apple is 2 years behind Android No thx ill wait for LG G4 Note 4GB RAM snapdrago 820 2k screen expandable storage ir blaster thank you LG

    • Spanky

      And yet Android is still a RAM-guzzling lag monster, even with all those fancy specs…

      • Brad

        If you’ve touched a modern android phone… you’ll know that’s not true. My girlfriend (diehard iPhone user) marvels at how quick, smooth, and responsive my nexus 6 is. It’s all about preference, but don’t pretend iOS is a godsent innovative work of art.

        • duscrom

          So… As a Android fan and iPhone user.. Nexus phones are the only way to do Android. My Nexus 5 is smoother than my Galaxy Note 4. And that’s under Lollipop and Marshmallow.

          I honestly feel both platforms bring amazing things and innovations to computing and we need them both.

    • Joe D

      LOL these stupid “oh this is lame Im waiting for a xxx with xxxx have been responses to EVEY IPHONE for five years lol. You could recycle this from a post from 2009. ‘No thanks Im waiting for the HTC G2 with froyo update, 1mp camera, and 800×480 screen!’

  • Roger Sales

    if my iPhone had band 12 I would have 0 reason to hop to the 6S. Fortunately coverage is decent enough here that I am waiting for the 7, although I can’t wait to see the difference when I do hop over.

    • Spanky

      I’m waiting for the 7 as well. I see no reason to jump on the 6S.

      • Roger Sales

        The battery is actually smaller in the 6S and battery life on a 6 kind of blows. What is with their obsession of making things smaller? Some of us like to use our phone for more than half the day without having to charge.

        • the2000guy

          I really hate iPhone 6 battery. I have to charge it at least twice a day. Is the worst battery since the 5s. I am waiting for the feedback of the iPhone 6s battery life. If it is the same then I’ll wait to the 7th.

        • steven berson

          Well the battery life overall “may” improve. If the new processor is using the FINFET 14nm it will be much more efficient. I had the same concern when upgrading to the edge plus from my note 4. My battery life is nearly identically and sometimes last a bit longer. Sips less power on standby mode. I’m a bit disappointed with the minimum upgrades on the 6s. The iPad pro starts at $800. What a joke..

        • the2000guy

          I noticed that the S line hasn’t improve battery life or at least keep it par with the previous generation. The iPad pro… For that price I can buy a surface pro which is a laptop / tablet. Definitely is a joke. If the price included the pencil and keyboard then would be fair.

    • You do have a reason. You get a $126 discount on the 6S. Nobody anywhere else will give you that deal.

      • Roger Sales

        I’ve paid off my iPhone 6 already so I’m saving a bit of money every month until I upgrade, plus prices will probably be similar for the 7 which I do intend to get.

  • Mike G.

    I sure hope T-mo pays their customer service reps well because seems like every other day they are changing policies, dropping old ones, adding new promos. Seems like it would be a dizzying experience.

    • nutmac

      I agree. I had numerous billing issues due to all these promos. I wish John Legere would simplify things by essentially eliminating limited time promos and make sustainable long-term plans that anyone can sign up for at any time.

      • Joe D

        That will never happen. This is a mature market with greater than 100% mobile penetration. That means there are more lines than people. In that kind of scenario, getting people to switch is your primary driver of growth, and promotions are a key and valuable (if not the only) tool.

  • TK – Indy

    Two things – that map he displayed was a joke, as it includes roaming areas where if you get any data, it is a tiny amount. Also, calling something “Extended Range LTE” is a misrepresentation, as it is only extended as it relates to other T-mobile LTE, not all LTE.

    • Joe D

      I would think 700 would replace roaming in most exurban and suburban areas, so it should be a native network expansion in areas covered by band 12 licenses. As far as the marketing term, there is no correct/ incorrect when it comes to that. Extended range LTE is just as good a name for 700A as anything else.

    • Fabian Cortez

      Two things – that map he displayed was a joke, as it includes roaming areas

      And I quote: “Here’s what T-Mobile’s complete coverage is projected to look like as we wrap up 2015.”

      “Complete” meaning 2G, 3G, 4G (LTE), and roaming partners.

      In other words, take the EOY 2015 map and color in the gray area (partner coverage) with magenta and also add in any CCA data roaming coverage.

      It doesn’t take a rocket scientist.

      where if you get any data, it is a tiny amount

      I see. So you rather have no service instead? The limited roaming data only stems from AT&T. T-Mobile has clearly shown that they can offer unlimited roaming data to 120+ countries around the world and to Canada and Mexico, at high speed.

      Also, calling something “Extended Range LTE” is a misrepresentation, as it is only extended as it relates to other T-mobile LTE, not all LTE.

      No, it is not a misrepresentation.

      Is this not T-Mobile’s announcement and marketing term? What exactly does “XLTE” mean to you and other carriers?

  • TatDude806

    While us non iPhone users get screwed up the rear! UGH!

    • How? you know there are deals with Android phones too right?

      EG. Note 5 is only $25/mo.

      • steveb944

        Best Buy is a retail store. T-Mobile is a service provider, they should not show preference in OEMs.

        • Tmobile store is a retail store

        • steveb944

          That’s not the point.

          The point is a carrier should be neutral in their offerings with promotions, deals, marketing, etc. If not be truly ‘Uncarrier’ and say it’s for lining their pockets so they have no choice.

        • trife

          Bro, you should kiss Legere’s feet for pushing the iPhone so hard. If you love TMO, thank Apple and the iPhone for helping fund our beloved Magenta. Because I can assure you that without the iPhone, TMO isn’t the TMO it is today, and not in a good way.

          Btw, what made you really believe that their main objective wasn’t to make money? They’re a business–they go where the money is, just like every other carrier. You’ll never find one that doesn’t do their best to maximize profits.

        • steveb944

          Ugh, no ‘bro’. I don’t have to kiss a CEO’s feet and love T-Mobile for showing bias. Subjective, but likely conclusion that the most marketed product in the world would lead to that.

          When did I say that? What I’m saying is be up front about marketing and support for Apple products, but Android and Windows get nothing. It started with some ‘Uncarrier’ moves being marketed as Uncarrier when they were really just ‘Apple hoopla’.

        • T-Mobile is where they are because they and their MVNO, MetroPCS, sell Windows phones and Android devices. If T-Mobile relied only on IPhones, they’d probably be in a dogfight with US Cellular for fourth place.

        • Uncarrier’s objective was to be free from locked in plans that forces you to pay hefty fees if you leave. It’s still doing just that.

          Sale of phones at Tmobile is no different than Best Buy selling TV. I really have no idea what your bent logic is trying to prove. Are you just angry because you hate iPhones and your Android didn’t get a discount. Tmobile already gave you the same discount for many high end Android phones like the Note 5, S6, and G4. And just because they’re giving iPhones users a discount does not mean they are screwing over Android users. What’s next? VZ subscribers complaining about Tmobile giving discounts so every carrier must give the same discounts? Give me a break.

          You’re one of those kids who get pissed when a teacher gave another kid a lollipop for doing a good job.

        • steveb944

          Way to go off topic, but here goes anyway…

          It’s an objective that has grown into their mantra. If you’re going to mass market that term it better deliver, and not for only 40% of the market.

          You’re directly selling a product to be used with your service. MUCH different from here’s a TV go to X for service. If you can’t see the difference in that you have some flawed thinking.
          A stretch to your comparison is a cable company selling you a TV.

          What I’m trying to prove is the alienation of 60% of the market and items being marketed as Uncarrier previously not going to the masses but only a select few that don’t use Android or Microsoft.

          I buy my phones unlocked, I never buy in store so that’s a moot point about a personal vendetta on Apple. It bothered as well when it was Samsung promos and others were excluded.

          “…just because they’re giving iPhones users a discount does not mean they are screwing over Android users. What’s next? VZ subscribers complaining about Tmobile giving discounts so every carrier must give the same discounts?”

          When the hell did I say someone was getting screwed? I’ve been talking about your ignorance of not seeing anything wrong with product bias as a service provider.
          VZ customers are too ignorant to move away so that love every punishment that comes with the service. Otherwise, they just leave.

          “You’re one of those kids who get pissed when a teacher gave another kid a lollipop for doing a good job.”

          I wish I was a kid, thanks. And you’re one of the kids that only sees their way of thinking as the right one.

      • Charmed79

        Because there are way more deals with the iphones, I didn’t see anything about buying any android and getting the newest model when it comes out while keeping the price the same, did you???

    • gmo8492

      Phones that are part of jump on demand are also included like the G4 or GS6.


    “Lifetime Coverage Guarantee” is simply a full refund after 30 days if not happy with the service. Why call it a LIFETIME?

    • Kevin

      Maybe if you move after a few months and your service isn’t good there, they will refund your money and allow you to go somewhere else by unlocking it?

      • AngryBadger

        yeah, marketing speak aside… you just summed it up right there.

    • steveb944

      It covers you the whole time. It’s just that down the line they’ll only refund the prior month of service.

  • steveb944

    Here’s the direct line from T-Mobile Lifetime Coverage Guarantee™ because Alex was confusing:

    Introducing the T-Mobile Lifetime Coverage Guarantee™
    I’m so sure iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users are going to love T-Mobile that I’m announcing the industry’s first ever lifetime coverage satisfaction guarantee. Yes, lifetime. For as long as you use your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus on T-Mobile, if you aren’t completely satisfied with your coverage experience we’ll refund you for every penny you’ve paid for your new device in the first month, or after that, we’ll unlock it at no charge so you can use it with one of the other wireless companies. We’ll even refund up to a full month of your service. For phones that get unlocked, we’ll let you keep our standard interest-free payment plan at our standard prices. No charge. No hassles. To take advantage, all you have to do is come and get your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus with JUMP! On Demand at T-Mobile.

    So essentially T-Mobile will assist you in leaving them if you’re not happy with the service. I would hope that expands to all devices, but that’s asking too much of the non-neutral network.

  • trife

    Oh how I love iPhone launches on TMONews. All the Android fanboys come out of the woodwork to bash the iPhone and its users.

    I’ve never seen a more butthurt group of individuals on the Internet. Seriously, get a grip. The iPhone is more popular than any Android device and that’s that–it doesn’t mean your phone isn’t on god level when it comes to specs. It just means that most people don’t care that you have an octo-core phone.

    Stop whining about T-Mobile cozying up to Apple and iPhone coverage on TMONews. It’s the biggest damn phone on the planet–what did you really expect to happen?

    • JointhePredacons

      The iPhone is only popular with the technologically challenged. It’s a basic phone for basic people. People who have iPhone have if because its a status symbol , the same as owning a Mercedes. You’re paying for the name , that’s it.

      • AngryBadger

        Damn man, yes it isn’t as open as Android but to say it is merely a status symbol is a bit hyperbole. It runs smooth and takes pictures well (not in low light but that’s another matter). Yes it is simple but sometimes simple is good.

        I like Android but it appears like a lot of people blindly follow either iOS or Android. I prefer to acknowledge the pros and cons of both. Neither is perfect.

        • JointhePredacons

          Seems in most commercials that the only thing they advertise is the camera or the pretty screen. Guess that’s all they really got. Well that, and the outrageous price for something clearly behind technologically.

        • AngryBadger

          Yeah, but all companies hype their stuff. I have always known Apple for being software ‘strong’ over hardware, and PC/Android as more bleeding edge hardware.

          Yes it is pricey but even some Android flagships are similar in price. Android devices do not hold the value as much so they do tend to get more price drop promotions though, so eventually those get cheaper as well.

          It might be on paper behind, but wait for tests: If it has less ram yet has less jank, how can you really use that against iPhone? If it can snap a photo faster and decent quality, how can you justify hounding the MP vs MP argument?

          Not saying these tests will all prove better for the iPhone but just to think outside the paper specs, look for the actual benchmarks.

          I know it isn’t a perfect phone. But I’ll reserve my judgement for the phone vs phone vs phone benchmarks and see how it fares. It would be sad really if it keeps up with the “uber-specs” of Android flagships. And remember, I hold no allegiance to either OS. I just value choice.

        • the good person test

          One thing that’s a plus for Apple iOS gets updates across the board. But Android is crap shoot in that department . Yes you can root the phone but that’s something iPhone uses can do but don’t have to do.

        • Rob

          Apple proactively patches up any exploits that are found while Google gives you the option to do it at your own risk. Unlocking the bootloader on my Nexus 6 was a simple matter of enabling developer mode with a few taps on the build number, setting the switch to allow bootloader unlocking, attach it to the computer and run two simple commands.

          Adb reboot bootloader
          Fastboot oem unlock

          After that, I flash a custom recovery and bam, full control over my device.

          It’s not so easy with Apple, especially with them trying to lock down iOS 9.

        • the good person test

          True. Apple does not go for Jail Breaking.

        • B_Eng

          ” I just value choice”

          And this is the true definition of Android. Only Android gives you the choice of selecting hardware that suits you, the ability to replace/expand your battery/memory (although this is increasingly becoming less common), the ability to experience and customize a new UI by simply downloading a new launcher, and the ability to replace virtually every default application (keyboard/SMS/dialer/gallery/calendar/browser).

          Now, I know that Apple has recently made some additions with regards to 3rd party apps and widgets. Their UI/OS is, without question, more stable and consistent. And I also know that Samsung (among others) has regrettably begun to emulate Apple, hardware-wise. But it’s really the fact that Android treats me like an adult by allowing me to choose what I want, that will keep me with Android.

        • AngryBadger

          Google bought the detachable/module mobile phone (blocks?) company right? I imagine that will be a very versatile ‘nexus’ like device (i hope) since it will be from them.

          I hope 2015 is the end of #Jank for Android.

        • JointhePredacons

          The only reason iPhone holds its value longer, im assuming you mean selling on Ebay or something ? is because people apply that value to it because they THINK its worth that much. Its not, especially with what the iPhone packs hardware wise . Theres a reason why every iPhone commercial is talking about the screen and what beautiful pics it takes. Thats literally all it has to offer.

        • trife

          Umm, isn’t that what value is though? When talking about consumer products, value has always been about how things are perceived by the consumer. This isn’t anything new that came up because of the iPhone. What is popular with the masses = valuable.

          Btw, you’re the exact person I was talking about in my initial post. Good job on proving me right.

        • Spanky

          Wait, are we talking about Apple or Samsung?

      • trife

        I rest my case.

      • C W

        Just because YOU don’t want an apple product doesn’t make it a status symbol. Plenty of android phones cost just as much.

        I use OS X and windows daily, and run a server with linux. I am nowhere near technically challenged. I just have no need to tinker with the OS on my phone or anything like that. The apple UI flows much better to me, and the continuation features allow me to text from my computer, share whats open in the browser, transfer photos, etc easily, no added apps needed.

        I also am guaranteed iOS updates the same day as everyone else, no need to wait for an OEM to slowly update it or use a custom rom.

        I have a tablet with android and enjoy being able to customize it with widgets and what not, but I don’t need any of that on my phone. I want my phone to work without any hacking needed or having the manufacturer sit on an update for months, if they ever even bother to update it.

        An operating system is a personal choice and just because someone doesn’t make the same choice as you doesn’t mean its the wrong choice. Not everyone uses their phone in the same ways.

        • JointhePredacons

          Plenty of Android phones do cost just as much, you’re right. However, the Android phones are worth every cent. Apple. not so much. Yes, iPhone is a status symbol. Most iPhone users get them because celebrities have them, or their friends have them, or because a commercial tells them to. I had iPhones as well. Horrible experience. Sure you get updates often, the problem is that half the time the update is buggy and makes the user experience worse. Then you have to wait for another update to hopefully fix the first problem. I could run a list of things wrong with iPhones. Expensive, cant use third party software, cant transfer music from one iPhone to another without getting caught in the iTunes musical doors, where it wont transfer it because its supposedly in the wrong format or something or other. Cant clear your screen of icons, no widgets. Its really bad. But hey ! I have a pretty screen and take great pictures and play games on it… My phone should handle everything. I shouldnt have to get an Android tab to enjoy widgets, it should be on the phone. I dont have room to carry around a tablet with me all day.

          congrats on being technologically savvy, however you represent a very small portion of the typical Apple core users, theyre mostly morons.

      • Bravadu

        Plenty of techies use iPhones

        And I know plenty of technologically challenged people using android phones.

        So your point? Pointless…


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    • AngryBadger

      Yeah, people hype up specs but I rather care about the overall experience. I like both iOS and Android devices… So far they have had some great advances and some falls. I like how I can customize my Android but then you have #jank issues at times. I like how smooth iOS devices run, regardless of the ‘spec-war.’ Cameras trade blows every generation, low-light being the only factor in contention now (android has caught up speed wise, quality wise). Of course we have the never ending battery issue with both sides, I hope to see that figured out by next year.

    • williejackbrainer

      I think it all comes down to user experience. And I personally believe a lot of people do not want to change from iOS to Android, because they’re accustom to how iPhone and the operating system works and vice versa for android. I love the fact that we have choices. If I were ever to get a second line I’m definitely getting an iPhone. Not because I’m going to become a “fanboy” but, because I’ve never tried it, so it’ll be a new experience for me. Both operating systems to things well and other things not so well. I just do not understand where all the bitterness comes from when the iPhone or a Samsung phone drops. I personally think it’s silly.

    • Spanky

      Very well stated. As an Android to iOS convert for about a year, I’ve never had a smoother, more pleasant experience using a phone than the iPhone 6. Once upon a time, I was all about “MOAR SPECZZZZ!!!! MOAR COREZZZ!!!!”. Eventually, I realized that specs have little to do with user experience, particularly when a dual-core processor can outclass quad-core processors in benchmarks and daily usage. The ludicrous Android update process (and the requisite carrier bloatware) that is still as big a clusterf–k as it was years ago was another major factor that drove me away from Android. Moreover, I got tired of the rooting/ROMing scene, which, in many cases, was the only way to get any kind of update.
      If Android is your thing, that’s cool. If WP is your thing, that’s cool too. Same goes for BlackBerry OS, Tizen, or whatever else that happens to float your boat. However, try not to get butthurt if another person prefers something other than you do. Insulting someone based on their choice of smartphones really makes one seem inadequate, doesn’t it?

  • NFC Hillbilly

    I have a GS6 and my wife has an iPhone 6. Even though TMO coverage map engulfs my house and surrounding area in magenta for a good 30 miles in diameter, I have no service A LOT. The maps lie, we know this now after switching from Verizon, but TMO coverage will always be bad in my area I’m guessing so I need to switch back to Verizon.

    So according to this lifetime guarantee thing, could I upgrade both our phones to the 6S and see if “coverage is better”, and then when I find out it’s still terrible, could I get a refund…i.e. they refund my money for the phone and I go to Verizon with no penalty? I’m assuming it’s not that easy and I’m kidding myself into thinking I can leave like that, but does anyone know if this is possible?

    • AngryBadger

      whatever you paid for it in 30 days of purchase, yes you’ll get a full refund. Also refund of service for the month of disconnection. The key here is that they will allow you to keep the interest-free device payment plan AND unlock your phone to use elsewhere.

      they aren’t going to just give you the phone for free if that’s what ppl are thinking.

      • Derrick

        So you’re still connected to tmobile via device payments even after they unlock the phone and you go to another provider?

        • AngryBadger

          Yes, although I’m not sure if that is a different arm of tmobile or something like that (not sure if you could still just use old account log-in to pay or if you have to go in-store or anything like that). But yes, you’ll be able to still pay for your device payment plan from tmobile interest-free and then be using it on another network.

        • Trumoney

          Don’t forget your payments will also revert to their standard monthly device payment prices so $28/month instead of the promotional $20/month

    • C W

      The galaxy s6 appears to have band 12 so the coverage would be the same.

      edit: oh you just want it as a way to go to verizon without paying it off? Yeah but you’ll still have to pay the normal fee as mentioned instead of the promo iphone pricing

    • NFC Hillbilly

      well what I’m going for here is that I just want to give my GS6 back to TMO, and walk without having to pay anything off. I don’t want a free phone or iPhone 6S or anything like that…I just want out because their coverage map is blatant false advertising.

      I’m just trying to figure out if this “promise” that they are saying will allow me to tell them that their coverage is a lie and please take this phone back so I can go somewhere else.

    • Bravadu

      Do your phones have band 12? Not all variants or models of a phone may have it.

  • Erick121

    Returning their iPhone is like selling it for $164,I’d rather pay the $164 unlock it and sell it for double at least

    • 9to5Slavery

      Good idea

    • Bravadu

      That’s the efficient way to do it especially if you plan on using your phone longer than 2 years, but another way is to get a new phone every 12 months and keep returning your old phone.

  • Ash

    This is a good deal still cheaper then apple. I just talked to a rep who told me there is a down payment of $99 if you purchase the 6s 64g but that being said you still need to see what the monthly prices would be on tmobile im guessing it would be $28, however i do think the total cost would come out to around $700 including the $164 to buy it out.

    • eanfoso

      Do think= you don’t like math. 24*18=6*4*9*2=3*2*2*2*3*3*2=3*3*3*2*2*2*2=12*12*3=144*3=300+44*3=300+11*3*4=300+11*12=300+132=432 then the legere constant is added: 432+164=500+32+64=500+96=596$ for the 6s 64 gig, traditionally, the higher memory is 100$ more, which is what you pay at the beginning, which makes it at 695$(99$ only) so you dear sir were over a Lincoln.

  • GinaDee

    Although Apple only allows one upgrade per year this is the way buying a phone should be. Unlocked and the option to buy outright or via lease; completely void of any carrier requirements. You can take your phone to any carrier anytime.

    Question is will Verizon or Sprint play nice with this model?

    As an Apple user I want to keep my iPhone no matter carrier I choose to use or move from.

    • aggiefather

      Buy your new iPhone directly from Apple and it is supposed to be unlocked and ready to be used on any of the major carriers.

  • sueinphilly

    I am typing this on my $150 Chromebook while my 2 yr old Nexus 5 plays music on my TV via my Chromecast.
    As someone who has never owned an Apple device of any typed in my ~40 years of using computers (all the way to TRS 80) I just do not get the fascination with Apple.
    99% of people do NOT need a new phone every year.

    everything Apple costs more than any other brand (except maybe Apple TV).
    Me and my 3 Rokus (1 of which I’ve had 2 years) are doing fine.

    • YABD

      I agree with you totally.

    • Jeremy Keeler

      My personal phone is a Nexus 6, my desktop computer is an iMac and I have an iPad3 and my wife has a iPhone 6 Plus and a 15 inch MacBook Pro.
      When I got my first Android phone, Apple was still on AT&T and I wasn’t about to switch. Needless to say IMHO Android is on par with iOS and in some ways better so I feel no need to switch.
      Having said all that I came from a world of PC’s as did my wife and we got tired of viruses and hardware failures and just crappy product in general. And yes I know that Apple stuff can have issues, but on the whole it far outperforms Windows machines and a lot of other cell devices. Plus a lot of the costs associated with a new iPhone are related to design costs. Up until very recently there was a notable difference in build quality in an Android phone and an iPhone, the Android worked, but it felt cheap. Now days there are some Android devices that are very close and in some opinions match the quality of an iPhone, but if you look at the cost of an unlocked Note 5 or Galaxy Edge S6, you will find the prices are very close to a modern iPhone.
      You asked what the fascination was with upgrading every year, well that’s up to the buyer isn’t it? If I had the money I would upgrade my Android based phone at least once a year if not more just because I want the coolest new features, like I said, if I had the money.

      • Marco

        Except all android devices drop in value as fast as a Hyundai does when it leaves the dealership. Nothing wrong with Hyundais at all it’s just a depreciating asset just like all other vehicles on the road. That’s why you Wall Street personal leases and not buys Mercedes. Look at the retail value of a android phone , any of them literally, and the value of a iPhone over a two year period. It’s not even close. And btw I own both iPhone and an android phone.

  • ragumaster

    Its 7$ credit for 18 mo source I work for t-mobile.

    • Jenny Brown McKeague

      Question: Do you lose that $7 monthly credit if you pay the phone off early? I have a killer credit card promo that I’d like to use to pay it off and I traditionally keep a phone ~3 years, so the ability to “jump” doesn’t appeal to me. Also, will the 64gb have promotional pricing?

      • trife

        The 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB versions of the iPhone 6s/6s+ all have the same monthly, promo pricing.

        They make up the difference with the downpayments (16 GB = $0, 64 GB = $99, 128 GB = $199).

        Hope that helps.

      • ragumaster

        From my understanding no you still get the 7$ credit as long as you keep service with tmobile. yes the 64gb has the promo price but you have to leave 100$ down.

        • IR

          This is incorrect, you only get the credit as long as you are paying monthly for the iPhone. The JOD specifically states if you pay it off early you will pay the full monthly cost unto full retail cost for the remaining months that you did not keep the lease in place.

    • BillSmitty

      Will it say this on the lease agreement? I just got the JOD lease agreement and it doesn’t mention the $7 credit (or cap cost reduction) anywhere, but the TMO rep I spoke to to order the phone was quite clear I would get the $7/mo credit. I’m a little hesitant to sign the agreement with nothing about the credit. Then, further down the lease agreement it says something about $12/mo credit for a iPhone 6 promo, which I’m guessing doesn’t apply to the iPhone 6S. I hate when companies say something but then are never clear in the actual details. Frustrating….

  • Marcelo_L

    If someone hasn’t already answered this ( in which case, my apologies, and simply point me in the right direction), please explain to me what the following statement means:

    “Device must be returned in good condition or paid off to keep it at lease end,”

    Does this mean what I think it means? That at the end of 24 months I have to pay the difference of whatever they feel like charging me??? Yeah. Right. That’s the way to keep me as a customer.


    • Guest

      Negative. The lease term is 18 months. If you choose to keep your phone at the end of that 18 months, you pay the remaining balance (equivalent to six months, making it a full 24 months that you’ve paid).

      • Marcelo_L

        Depends on which “Plan” you’re on. When you’ve been with TMo as long as I have…..I’d had the option to go with a 24month-er (which I did for the sons LG G4). Regardless, I was wondering if I read the “fine print” correctly.

        If it is $24 * 18, plus “balance”, then it’s ridiculous. If it’s $24 * 24, plus balance, it’s LESS ridiculous, but STILL ridiculous. GMAB.

        • Guest

          I think you may be overthinking, or I’m very confused as to what you’re asking.

          Right now, you have two different options for purchasing an iPhone. Either an 18 month lease, at the end of which you can pay the difference equal to six months to own; or a 24 month installment at the end of which you own that phone and nothing additional is due.

          The pricing given in this article $20 per month for 18 months, and you can keep the phone by paying $164 at the end of that term. That’s a total of $524 for a brand new iPhone 6S. Which is nothing short of a phenomenal deal.

        • calcu007

          The iphone is not brand new after 18 months of use

        • Manny

          But in total you’d have paid 524 so that you could have it from brand new to 18 months.

        • Bravadu

          It means you’re paying $524 total to get a brand new phone in the first month. Which is less than a 18 month interest free loan of $650. The phone is yours to keep afterwards

        • Manny

          There should be no balance for the 24 month plan. Only the 18 month plan has a balance to pay off, if you wanna keep it.

        • David J Delgado

          So you’re paying less on JOD! than JUMP! (No $10 fee, and smaller monthly payments on the phone) and they’re also letting you upgrade up to 3x a year with no fee, just return the phone and restart a new JOD! payment. Not only that, it’s 18-months long, and the lump sum to keep the device outright is nearly $125 less in total than paying full price…..but it’s ridiculous? I don’t get it, it’s people like you who don’t read thoroughly that make good deals like this less appealing to others who are even MORE lazy and don’t read at all. How does a company make people like you content? happy ending with every sale? Jesus.

    • Chris

      The “good condition” means that it meets their 3-point inspection: no water damage, no screen damage, and it turns on.

  • Teresa Carol Tidwell

    According to the article, if a customer goes to a Retail Store & signs up for Jump on Demand they can get an iPhone 6S for zero down & pay $20/month for 18 months. That comes out to $360. After 18 months if the customer wants to buy their phone outright they can pay an extra $164 & pay a total of $524 which is a special price. However, if Jump on Demand costs $10/month for 18 months that amount must be added to the price of the phone: $180. $360+$164+$180 = $704.00. Is that actually going to be a good deal? Instead of going to a Retail Store call T-Mobile’s Telesales Department & order an iPhone. The customer wouldn’t have to sign up for a feature like Jump on Demand in order to purchase the phone. It may cost a little more to buy the phone up front but in the end may save in the long run. Call 1-800-TMobile to order your phone starting Saturday, Sept. 12th.

    • Guest

      Jump on Demand has no additional cost. You’re thinking of the original Jump, which is $10 a month.

      • Teresa Carol Tidwell

        Oops! My bad. I guess I am thinking of Jump.

        • Manny

          Yea.. And you can’t really add that 10$ because its also insurance for the phone as well. So you’d be paying that regardless of you owning a phone or making payments on one.

      • Manny

        Very true. I’d also like to point out that original jump also is your handset insurance, most people ended up getting it and saved 2$. So it wouldn’t be fair to add that to the cost either, since you’d be paying the insurance without it.

        • the good person test

          Also the Tmobile insurance covers you if the phone is stolen or lost. No so with Apple Care + or Square Trade. I have legacy JUMP and I think I will keep it for now.

    • Adam

      Do you have to go to a Retail Store? The closest one is 45 minutes from me. Count me out.

    • eanfoso

      I hope you realise you don’t pay for jump on demand you just pay for the phone itself.

    • BillSmitty

      As others have stated, you are thinking of the Jump program, not JOD. But, I just got off the phone to order the 6S and the rep said they didn’t know anything about the $164 balloon payoff at the end of 18 mos if you decide to keep the phone. They said you would pay the balance, which would be $289. I told her I think she’s wrong and it’s all over the web, but she has to chk and call me back. Anyone else hear this?

      • IR

        You are right, there will be a “balloon” payment that the end of the 18 months. If you break early and pay it off it is full price.

  • Rene Shabastari

    So everyone who took advantage of the Jump on demand deal for 15/month are getting a much better deal on the new iPhone than this? Right?

    • trife

      I mean, I wouldn’t call saving $5/month a “much” better deal. But yeah, we’re paying less. I guess money saved is money saved though.

    • williejackbrainer

      No, the best deal is JOD for $15 which applies for the new iPhones as well. You get locked into $15 a month.

      • IR

        This is wrong information, the $15.00 promo was only for Jump on Demand customers that originally jumped to the iPhone 6 and now to the 6s or 6s Plus by the end of the year. This does not apply to new customers taking advantage of the JOD program.

  • David Baker

    Why does my T-Mobile map on their website have 10x more holes in coverage?

    • Bravadu

      We’re not at the end of 2015 yet

  • Steven Bloomfield

    Do I have to lease it for 18 months or can I upgrade 3 times per year. I thought jump on demand allowed for upgrades.

    • Bravadu

      You can do either

    • Jonathan Espitia

      u can updrade whenever u want to 3X a year but everytime u upgrade to the next phone your 18 month lease term starts over again

  • Michael P

    moto x you clowns

  • No LTE in Williston, Windsor and Elko, S.C.

    And how about selling the Lumia 950 XL and not bungling up the orders?

    • Bravadu

      You using a phone with band 12?

      • No, and even if I was, it’ll be useless in my area because WFXG Fox 54 occupies Channel 51.

        • Bravadu

          That’s too bad for you. I’ve been waiting for maybe a year for WNJN to give up Channel 51/Band 12 and it has finally happened.

    • eanfoso

      Dude this is t-mobile, if you want a decent windows phone go to at&t they’ll treat you more to your request, or switch to at&t first then move to cricket, that way you pay less than with t mobile.

  • TK – Indy

    Anybody notice that this wasn’t another “Uncarrier 47” or “Uncarrier Amped To Da Max”? I guess that marketing angle has been abandoned.

  • Tmoguy

    Just preordered the 4.7 inch 6S Space Gray. One driving factor really for me was the support of band 12. I hope I will see significant Improvment in coverage within 30 days or I just might go back using my 6 instead. FYI I’m in the so cal region.

    • MrXiro

      same here

      • BillSmitty

        What are you paying and did they explain the balloon payment at end of JOD if you decide to keep the phone? Just curious as I went to order and am getting different payment info from TMO.

        • MrXiro

          I paid 109.50 -ish down and my bill will be 23 a month according to the deal. At the end I will have to pay 192 plus tax to keep the phone. I think it works out to be about a $125 saving after 18 months.

        • MrXiro

          I paid 109.50-ish ($99+tax) down and my bill will be $23 a month X18 months according to the deal. At the end I will have to pay $192 plus tax to keep the phone. I think it works out to be about a $125 saving after 18 months. I believe I will have tax on my $23 a month too… but that was not discussed.
          But doing estimated math I should be paying only $750-ish (give or take depending on if there is extra tax I’m missing) for my $849 ($937-ish after tax) retail value 64gb iPhone 6S Plus.

          The sweet part of the deal is that next year when the 7 comes out… if I so feel inclined I can get the 7 for 23 a month and not have to put the $99+tax down again and just “jump” to the new phone… but I’ll be back on a new 18 month lease though.

  • Why do they only do deals like this for the iPhone? From the carrier that introduced Android, I’m tired of seeing all these incentives that are pandering to the iSheep crowd.

    • eb

      smh read

    • The Lifetime Coverage Guarantee also include other devices as well. “The Lifetime Coverage Guarantee is also compatible with all phones that are included with JUMP! On Demand and also have Extended Range 4G LTE (band 12 LTE).”


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  • I hope that coverage map for the end of 2015 is showing LTE only, and not 2G.

    • besweeet

      It’s apparently also showing their existing roaming areas.

  • Sometimes I take the scenic route to work. It’s a pleasant drive through hills and tree tunnels. However, about half way through it, there’s a dark spot where the phone falls back to 3G and sometimes even 2G for about a mile. Or there was, for now it’s LTE through and through. Now, it’s a country back road in a thinly populated area, so I didn’t expect it to come to the attention of T-Mobile for an upgrade, but it apparently did. I hope that this is an indication of T-Mobile’s attention to every detail of its network.

  • Bradley Karas

    I hope that coverage map is real…cause they have a long way to go to get to that point

  • AJ2

    Its also because they got rid of the one week iPhone Test Drive which let you test the network without the commitment of having to switch your number. We were going to do thst (&thought Tmobile might even move test drive from 5C to 6) but too many hoops to jump through. I don’t know a single person who has Tmobile (or even has considered them)

  • wsj

    Just keep up buying 700 and skip the 600.