T-Mobile details pricing for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus trade-in deal


Following yesterday’s announcement of T-Mobile’s iPhone 7 trade-in offer, T-Mo has shed more light on the pricing details of this deal.

As expected, if you trade in an iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, or 6s Plus, you can get a 32GB iPhone 7 for free after 24-month finance agreement. If you’ve got an iPhone 5s, 5, 5c, or SE, you can trade in your device and get a 32GB iPhone 7 for $250.

If you’d prefer the iPhone 7 Plus, you can trade the 32GB version for $120 after trading in an iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, or 6s Plus. Customers with an iPhone 5s, 5, 5c, or SE can trade in their phone and get a 32GB iPhone 7 Plus for $370.


As noted yesterday, you can also step up to a 128GB or 256GB iPhone if you’d like. The 128GB models will cost you $100 more, while the 256GB versions will be an extra $200.

It’s also worth noting again that these deals are with 24-month finance agreements. You’ll receive bill credits for your trade-in that will cancel out the monthly payments that you’ll see on your bill. If you cancel service before your 24-month agreement is up, you’ll owe the remaining balance on the phone.

So now that we’re getting the full picture of T-Mobile’s trade-in offer, will you be taking advantage of it? If so, which iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus will you be getting?

Source: T-Mobile

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  • graywolf323

    I might trade in my iPhone 6 Plus 128GB for the iPhone 7 Plus 256GB with this deal

    • steveb944

      I think you may be able to get more from your 128GB by selling it. Make sure first.

  • morrisp

    Finance agreement aside — to take advantage of this offer, are we required to be on (or change to) a particular voice/data plan?

    • Doug Mittler

      I called T-Mobile this morning and they said I need to switch to One, but others seem to disagree

      • David Juarez

        But why would you need to switch. I’m sure the reps are trying to meet a quotation. But factually there is nothing plan related that is required to upgrade a phone. Unless, they post another last minute statement saying it’s required. Also, take what the reps say with a grain of salt. They have a job to do. I was a rep one time and we had to mention changing rate plans with upgrades when the simple choice plans were rumored. Obviously I don’t work there anymore but just so you know. The store reps are worse at it because they also get hit hard wth trying to get people into new plans or deals. Ask to speak to a manager if you don’t want to switch plans and still upgrade

    • David Juarez

      No. Hasn’t been stated. It would have been stated. They didn’t require a change last year, why would they this year.

      • morrisp

        I don’t know, but I’ve heard it said

  • trife

    I’ma need some JoD pricing.

    • Nick

      This deal will not work with JOD

      • trife

        Yes, that’s why I need that JoD pricing.

        • David Juarez

          Highly probable it’ll be like last year. Base is $0 down. Next tier is $100 down and next is $200 down.

        • trife

          That’s my guess, too. Hoping they throw us JoDers a bone with some semblance of a deal.

          It’d be pretty sweet if they continued our promo rates from last year.

        • Robert Clark

          Yea,,,I think if they continued the promo we would have heard by now. Don’t think its happening.

    • Mark

      If you have JoD, you can buy your phone outright and trade it in for exactly the same deal as anyone else. To do that you have to pay both the remaining lease payments in your 18 month deal (at full price, you lose the promotional credit for that), plus the buyout price you would have paid at the end of those 18 months.

      So, if you are paying $14/month and getting a $17 credit, and you have 7 months left on the deal and a buyout final price of $180, you will need to pay them $31 x 7 + $180, or about $400 to own your phone. Then you send that phone to them and they credit your account for the trade-in value (about $264 if all goes well). Then they bill you the standard price of $27/month for the iPhone 7 minus a promotional credit of about $16/month. That leaves $11 which you will pay them in 24 installments, after which you will own your iPhone 7. Note that $11×24=$264, which is what they gave you for your trade-in, so it ends up being $0/month. That’s how it was explained to me today.

      Your other choice is to stay with JoD, trade your phone in with no cash needed, and your payments will be about $27/month (all these prices are for the base model) for 24 months. That totals the cost of the iPhone 7, so you will own it at the end of 2 years.

      • Leasing the Phone

        Great explanation, I have JOD and am trying to decide if it is worth getting (leasing) the phone…

        Anyway, thanks for the inforamtion

  • Syed

    How does the tax on this work? Will it be due upfront or will it be added monthly?

    • Nick


      • rene

        and a little bit extra for their pocket everymonth too

  • Ruben

    Can the trade in iphone 5 be from Sprint?

    • Tmo-Mike

      Yup. Doesn’t matter the carrier. An iphone is an iphone. You just have to own it – not in the middle of a financing plan.

  • AC

    Why can’t T-Mobile do similar deals with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or S7?

    • Bud

      Older Samsung models have no value. Including last years model. There is huge market for older iPhones.

      • Prode

        this right here is 100% true.

      • Adam

        This is why I want to save money with a used Audi R8 instead of Ferrari 458 Spider.

    • dtam

      it was buy one get one free via rebate card (with new line that had to be open for 3 months). a-holes like me took advantage of this and cancelled the line once we got the rebate and that is why they do it via bill credits now

  • Khumphan Amaratana

    What’s the best phone number to call for preorder at T-Mobile ?

    • Khumphan Amaratana


      • MattPortland

        Just call 611

  • ImHomeNow

    iOS 10 is now available!! Installing now!

  • Vasu Tummala

    If you do this promotion (instead of Jump), what happens if you want a new phone after a year?

    • David Juarez

      My best guess is if they have a similar promotion they may just waive whatever you owe and start you over but you also may be responsible for the difference in the device cost versus what you owe. These deals aren’t for everyone. Ask yourself. If you regularly switch phones every 6 months to a year it may not be worth it might better to use that JOD or jump f you have them available. Or buying the phone outright and then reselling it to cover the costs.

    • joeypore

      They’ll likely tell you to pay off the phone ($325 after a year) and then trade that one in for their next promo. They want to get people on these promos so they can continue to re-up their “kind-of-contracts-but-not-really” deals

  • Adrayven

    Question.. what if I want to upgrade in a year, how would that work?

    • David Juarez

      See below

    • Laura Lee Jones

      I chatted with TMO about this and they said you can trade in at the year mark, but the credits remain on your account. I further asked what that means, and they never answered my question…just “isn’t that AMAZING!” I said no, it’s not amazing.

  • brandon

    look the catch to this is you have to trade in your fully paided off iphone lets just you have a iphone 6 and want a iphone 7 plus well you go to the store give them your iphone 6 and $100s and theres the catch …. you new iphone 7 goes on a payment plan for two years for $30 a month but they credit you the $30 each month so it ends up being $0 each month ,,, so did you see tho what they did ???>>… see if you have your phone under any agreement and you wana cancel out of tmobile you phone needs to be full payed off so … you give them a $500 phone plus $100 = $600 for iphone 7 (not bad) but if after lets say a year you hate the service and wana leave tmobile well ahah watch this you gave them a iphone worth $500 plus $100 cash =$600 new iphone is $769 so after 0ne year payments $30×12 months = 360 – 769 =$409 so you just payed $1009 for your iphone 7 plus because you dont get any money back for your trade … so another words a forced contract !!!!!! all the dam tricks

    • brandon

      yes my math might be off and im not 100% sure its 2 years it might be more

      • keepitreal25

        24 months is 2 years ? 12 times 2

    • Acdc1a

      Yeah, it’s the return of the contract. Sprint started it with leasing and T-Mobile followed.

    • Adam

      If you move to Sprint, will they pay this early termination fee?

    • Mark

      Your math is off because your iPhone 6 is not worth $500 except maybe to you. It’s more like $130 (Gazelle price for a flawless 6), so you are upgrading by about $600 for the price of $100 plus your $130 phone. Even if you leave T-Mobile in a year, you will only have to pay back half the value of your 7plus to own it. They will have given you a free promotional credit of $360 when all you gave them to start was $230 in cash plus your old phone. And unlike the old contracts, at the end of 2 years you own the phone and the price drops to the cost of your Simple Choice or One plan.

      • Adam

        Cheapest unlocked 6 on Gazelle is $389.

        • Mark

          That’s if you are buying, which you are not. Gazelle takes a big markup after giving the seller $130 for a flawless 6.

        • Powsniffer0110

          He’s an idiot. He’s talking about what they rip you off paying you, not what they sell them for.

    • DDLAR

      There’s some truth to your logic. But, there is also a big flaw. That is, you are not trading in a $500 phone. You are trading in a phone that has been used for a year or two and is worth considerably less than $500.

      • kev2684

        iPhone 6 16gb is at least $380 on swappa right now so it’s not that far from $500 especially if it’s with upgraded storage or the plus or s model. iPhone does hold it’s value even after 2 years of release.

        • mickey

          You forget swappa and PayPal fees as well as shipping costs.

        • kev2684

          -$12 PayPal fee
          -$10 swappa fee
          -$15 or less USPS shipping depending on location
          $343 for base iPhone 6 16gb is still close to $500

        • mickey

          Lol ok. If you think so.

          iPhone 7 32gb $750 (plus tax) – $343 (profit from sale) = ~$400+ cost of new phone over 24 months.

          With this deal it cost nearly nothing if you stay on Tmobile and keep the 7 for 24 months. Great for those already on Tmobile and satisfied with service.

        • kev2684

          I’m not saying it isn’t a deal for customers who are already customers and is willing to sign another 24 month “contract” with T-Mo and is not fond of switching phones often (yearly or any new phone that interest them). The argument in the OP was if they decide to leave the company without finishing the 24 month term is where the catch lies – specifically another bait and switch “deal” to lure new customers from the big 2 and bank on them should they decide to switch back – which is a very carrier thing to do for a company claiming to be the Uncarrier.

        • mickey

          Agreed. But don’t the installment plans have similar terms from the big 2? EIPs are definitely the new contracts. Same thing different name.

        • PHL

          It’s true that it’s the same thing with a different name, but the terms and details are still better than the ETF’s that VZW and ATT were charging before TMO started shaking things up a bit.

          The EIP plans have a transparent and definite end-date. The old phone subsidies were buried in the cost of the monthly service, one way or the other. If you didn’t upgrade at exactly 24 months, you basically just paid extra every month with no real benefit. And the ETF’s were very heavily weighted towards the tail-end of the contract. The EIP’s have a straight-line amortization.

        • joeypore

          iPhone 7 is $649 for the 32gb – $343 (profit from sale) = $306.

          $306 in this example is essentially what T-mobile is giving you to stay with them for 2 years. Makes perfect sense if you want to stay with them for 2 years (as I do). Just have to know the risks.

        • mickey

          Oops 650 not 750. But $306 is what you would end up paying for the 7 after profits. T-mobile is giving you $650 for your phone in this deal, just spread over 24 months (otherwise it wouldn’t stop anyone from leaving right away with a free phone)

        • joeypore

          They’re giving you $306 net. The $343 you’re giving to them. (More practically, since they can refurb and sell for higher), so you’re profiting $306 in this example. Plus, you pay sales tax on the full price, so roughly $50 more.

        • mickey

          Little confused if we are talking about the same thing here. $343 is the hypothetical profit we suggested on selling your phone on swappa. The phone from Tmobile will still cost 650 + tax.

        • joeypore

          Sure, but that hypothetical profit is now gone. The equity you had in that phone is now gone. T-mobile now owns that phone. So you’ve given up your equity to them.

          The phone doesn’t cost T-mobile 650. It costs you 650 otherwise. So by giving them something that’s worth $300+, theyre giving you $350 to get to an iPhone 7, in exchange for essentially saying you won’t leave T-Mobile for 2 years.

        • mickey

          Yes. But I was comparing the 2 scenarios of selling your old phone and buying a 7 with the profits VS. this trade in offer. The former will cost you more if all things are equal. I think we may be trying to say the same thing here.

        • KingCobra

          The T-Mobile iPhone 6’s are closer to $340-350 right now. Plus one could also buy a Sprint one to trade in (only going for around $280-300 right now) to save even more money. That’s what I’m planning to do and keep my 6S Plus to sell on the open market.

    • Yeah, but it’s not a trick because we know the risk up front. If you follow the terms, you’ll be fine, just as in any other agreement.

    • joshhyde

      It’s a great deal for me. I have 5 lines for $110/mo. I get 2.5GB per line. Tmo just sent a text for an extra 1GB per line thru Feb 28, 2019. I can’t get better than that anywhere. Now I get to upgrade to the 32GB iPhone 7 for free ($100 for 128GB)?! When I got my 3GS, I had to pay AT&T $200 for the 16GB model and a 2 yr. contract. Before this offer, I planned on waiting until next year for the 10th anniversary iPhone (rumor is it will be a totally new design). Now my plan is to have the 7 for a year and then give the 7 to my wife (she has my old iPhone 5) when next year’s iPhone comes out.

  • Aurizen

    How long this deal will go on for?

    • Alex Wagner

      T-Mobile has only said that it’s a limited time offer.

  • Tony Wu

    Last yeat, I got iPhone 6s with JOD, there is about $7 credit every month. Is there any optional to upgrade to iPhone 7 (plus)?

    • Prode

      You have to have your phone paid off. If you do this promo you will also lose your credit per month that you were getting on your 6s. You can do a normal JOD upgrade but then again you will lose your $7 credit because you no longer have the 6s.

    • JLV90

      You lose your credits if you get the new one on JOD but you can upgrade to the 7 Plus if you really want to.

  • vivi77

    ohh, so I may trade in my 5, for a 128g. will be $350? I want to keep my 6. will be paid off this month.

    • dtam

      +tax but yes

  • Dark enV

    I’m imagining you’ll have to pay the $250 up front and they wont let you just pay that in the monthly installments

  • krztov

    anyone know if you trade a 64gb iphone 6s, will they give you 128 instead of the 32?

    • Bobby Rhodes

      sorry. same trade in for all memory tiers.

    • Tony Wu

      Just confirm via Twitter, only 32GB is free,if you want 128GB? Cost $100 more.

      • krztov

        damn that sucks, basically paid premium but get same trade in value. was debating on going up to a plus too, hm.

        • Zach B.

          I’m in the same situation just with the 6s plus. I’m just going to sell my phone on eBay or Swappa and use the funds to buy a 7 plus. T-Mobiles deal is really only good for those that have a 16Gb model, besides that, T-Mobile makes a profit at our expense on our 64 and 128gb models. :(

        • T-mobile Deal

          Well sated, well stated…

  • Bobby Rhodes

    So I called T-Mobile. I was told I need to be on T-Mobile ONE plan to be able to get this deal. I’m hearing mix things. Will just take a walk to store. Had 6S plus that I got on JOD, sold it for 550, paid off $414 balance. Now I will trade in my old iPhone 6 for 7 plus

    • CZ

      can someone confirm this?

      • UGADawginVA

        That is NOT true..talked to rep today…she is said I could keep my Simple Choice plan..calling me back tonight for sign up…

  • Thurm C

    I have a 6 plus that I just paid off this month . Will I be able to qualify for this offer ?

    • anthony speranza


  • Britt Wright

    How long will this promotion last for?

    • T-mobile Customer Care

      Please call T-mobile customer care..or your local retail store, hopefully they have additional details about the promotion end date.

    • bchildress

      They almost never guarantee how long they will last, the store may find out at end of day or first thing in morning that it’s over.

  • Roger Reyes

    Hey, I’m on JOD and have a s7 edge, can I trade in my old iphone 5 in combination with my s7 edge?

  • Jmize

    Does the phone have to be working? Have a 5s that turns on but for some reason since it got wet go figure the baseband got wiped dont know how but anyways, it works wifi but just dont read any simcard.

    • PHL

      Pretty certain it has to be working and have a non-cracked screen. I wonder, though, if a “mostly-functional” phone is good enough. My iPhone 6 works fine, except for the flash.

      • AnthonyReyes

        They won’t check if the flash works in store, but than you will have that stupid 20 activation fee

      • Jmize

        Yeah, it turns on and all that, using it as an IPOD at home lol. Physically its good condition the screen does have a little blotch showing there was some water damage but no cracks or even scratches… Again wont even know its not working unless you actually put a sim on it or go into the info for the baseband which is blank… When I took it to apple to see if there is a repair they said if the baseband board gets destroyed its not even worth fixing. I hope they post the condition requirements soon. Sure dont want to send a phone in and get back charged in the future because it dont qualify.

    • JLV90

      Has to be without water damage and without cracked screen damage.

  • Moe

    Sounds like the old days. Deeply discounted phones for the commitment to stay (pay) for 2 years. Leave early owe balance of payments on the phone rather than an early termination fee. Different language today but idea is the same. Guess apple is subsidizing this offer so that their sales Look good. It is a good deal anyway you slice it.

    • vplaza

      I think you’re leaving out the main difference when T-Mo came out with their EIP compared to the subsidized phone plans from AT&T and Verizon: The fact that after you pay off your phone, you only pay for the service, whereas with the others, your monthly payment stays the same even after you’ve paid off your phone.

      There is no free flagship phone out there. You’re going to pay for wanting the best tech one way or the other.

      • GreatTVDude

        Not to mention, even with the ONE plan, T-Mobile is still WAY cheaper, IMO. I’m keeping my Simple Choice plan too, so it’s even better in that case.

    • joeypore

      Apple doesn’t subsidize the carriers. The sell phones at a discounted price as is to carriers, so they make money on them, so T-Mobile is basically giving a 2 year subsidy in exchange for roughly $250 or so ($300 trade in value to them, $100 or so retail margin on the phone). so yes, very much a 2 year contract disguised as a payment plan credit.

  • Tom

    John just tweeted the JOD prices. See https://newsroom.t-mobile.com/news-and-blogs/iphone-7-with-jump-and-jump-on-demand.htm

    And no JOD ordering online. Must call 611 or go by a store.

  • phan

    i am in a pickle help please with suggestions..
    i did the iphone 6 to 6s tradein last week with promotion and i paid 100 bucks, now this 7 deal is free LOL, i am still under 14 days, so what is my situation if i return my 6s?

    • bchildress

      I bought my s7 at launch and then they offered a buy one get one deal so agent on phone told me if I wanted that deal he would send me return label as I was in grace period and then I walked in the next day and bought 2 phones and got the rebate for one of them. No problem

    • Peter

      I did the same damn thing. Need to figure out what to do…

    • moss

      If you already traded in your iPhone 6, you will not be able to get it back to use for this offer. Now if you did a deferred trade in, and you still havent sent it in, then you can keep it and return the 6s you purchased if you’re in the buyers remorse period and have tmo cancel out the trade in on your old device.

    • wyn50

      I am in your same situation. The difference would be $150 less and I would have gotten a 128gb iPhone 7 model. Did not know they would be so aggressive with the trade in. Oh well, I have battery case I can still use since phone 6 and 6s are relatively same size. lol.

  • vplaza

    I may be in the minority, but Apple removing the audio jack wasn’t solving any big problem that existed, IMO. Instead, it just meant that Apple found a way to sell something unnecessary to their followers, who will now wind up paying more to listen to their music one way or another down the road. Either because they lost/broke their wireless ear pods, lost the dongle to the 3.5mm jack, or want to listen to music at the same time they are charging the phone without the need for a wireless headset.

    • Denaaaa

      I read that they had to remove the 3.5 jack, because they needed the room. Don’t know how true that is though

      • GreatTVDude

        It’s a pretty minor thing IMO. You can still listen to music, just not at the same it’s charging. Given the battery life is pretty solid, it’s not a big deal IMHO. Eventually, wireless headphones will become more common too, as more third parties get on board and push out lower prices.

  • Jose Mancha

    Can I trade the explosive note 7!?!?!

    • Joe

      Take this L

  • Fabian

    These offers mean the plans can subsidize a device value of around $500 in 2 years.


    Should people get a $30 credit a month if they have an unlocked device and want to sign the 2 year EIP contract?

    • gabmasterjcc

      While I agree with your sentiment, your math is a little off. Resale value of a 6, 6s, 6 Plus, or 6s Plus is probably above $400 (when you average all storage sizes and model types together). That means the subsidy is about $10 per month. If you do the math for the 5/5s/5c/se models, you wind up with a similar number. Subsidies used to be around $20 per month ($650 phone for $200 up-front).

      Also, note that a lot of customers aren’t going to take advantage of it. They just aren’t following the short term deals like this. Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile are all trying to steal customers from each other and the iPhone launch is a good time to do that. (Sprint and AT&T have similar deals running.)

      Finally, I would like to point out that there are a couple of benefits compared to the contract era. During the contract era lines were $20 more a month more expensive. They also had early termination fees that weren’t tied to the value of the phone purchased. For example, if you left 1 month early sometimes you had to still pay well over $100.

      Hopefully, the return to this model doesn’t cause them to raise prices. Since it is most likely limited to launch, I doubt it will though.

  • KingCobra

    Looks like T-Mobile is taking a big hit in order to keep customers locked in for 24 months. I wasn’t planning on getting the 7, was just going to keep my 6S Plus but since I’m staying with them anyway I may as well take the free offer.

    • JLV90

      I don’t think it’s a big hit especially if they want people on the more expensive one plan.

      I know a few dishonest employees will tell customers they have to get ONE and JUMP for the offer

      • Alex

        I agree, i did it 3 separate times for each of my family members. they kept trying to push me to upgrade my plan to one of the newer…more expensive plans. i said no.

  • gr8gatzby

    If I buy an iPhone 6 from eBay, will this qualify as an acceptable trade for the iPhone 7?

    • GreatTVDude

      As long as it works right, has no cracks in the screen, clean IMEI, and no water damage. It doesn’t matter where the phone is from, but the condition it’s in.

  • wyn50

    The iPhone 7 trade-in is a better deal than the iPhone 6s trade in last week. I should have waited. I could have gotten an iPhone 7 128gb for $150 less than I got the iPhone 6s 64gb for trading in my iPhone 5. I just got the 6s this last weekend. Oh well.

  • John

    How does this trade-in work online? Any steps to follow please help and does T-Mobile credit you $650 or $165 because I have an iPhone 6 silver 16Gb, and I seen the estimate my device. I really don’t know :/

  • John

    Will T-Mobile trade-in promo give me $165 for my iPhone 6 or $650 credit?

    • Alex

      they give you $165 for your trade in, the the rest is given to you monthly.
      I ordered the 7 plus so its $32.08 monthly for 24 months, they gave me $195 for my 6 plus, so my remaining credit is $454.99 with is $18.96 per month,
      so they will end up charging me $13.13 a month.

      • Michael

        I actually called T-Mobile and they said that I’ll get the full promotion offer of $650 for each iPhone 6 and up as long as it meets the criteria, despite what the low trade-in estimate shows. It definitely is free but you still have to pay tax.

  • Sean Gately

    I called them. These marketing programs can become confusing so I wanted to clarify what you are getting. T-Mobile will give you an upfront trade-in value of around $200 dollars for your phone. They will then give you a $450.00 Apple credit that is contingent upon a 24 month financing contract. The phone is technically free(ish) because you will not pay much more per month, but as the uncarrier you just got locked into a 2-year commitment like the old days because if you cancel mid way through you owe the full balance of the phone. Thats right. You basically just sold T-Mobile your phone for $200 and owe the full price of the phone if you end the contract early.

    This is a brilliant way to lock you into a contract and get a premium on your newish phone. As comparison 6Plus is selling or about $500 factory unlocked in good condition with 128GB.

    The offer is attractive if you want to get locked into a finance agreement, not so much if you want total freedom.

  • Sub

    I was told in-store it could take 2-3 months before the bill credit was applied to my bill, and the fine print said the same thing.

  • joeypore

    Just to add some clarity, as various T-Mo reps don’t even completely understand this (who can blame them)…

    Your trade in is whatever is the current trade value for the phone you’re trading in. This is posted to your bill as a one-time credit.

    The remaining credit is then given monthly. So, the monthly price you pay for your new iPhone 7 is equal to your trade in credit divided by 24. They’re basically giving you the trade in value up front, which is fair, because that’s a device you just traded into them.

    So confusing. Basically, trade in a 16gb iPhone 6 if you can, that’s how you get the best value out of this deal.

    • OZ

      Exactly what I am doing

  • atlvideoguy

    Also T-Mobile wants to force you on to the T-Mobile One plan

    • OZ

      Not true

      • Bobzilla

        Actually it IS TRUE…I was just in the store and have a Simple Choice Plan at $50/mo. They said I had to upgrade to the T-Mo One for another $20/month, $70/month total to pay some $500 over those two locked-in years for data I don’t use!

        • DaygosTommyT

          Just talked to a rep on the phone and they said the free iPhone 7 trade in was changed today to get people on the T-Mobile One plan. I have 2 lines unlimited everything (promo from a little while back) and 7gb hotspot per line for $100/month, never changing that.

        • OZ

          I’m getting 2 phones delivered tomorrow, one with trade in. No change on my plan

        • Bobzilla

          Then I’m guessing T-mo bait and switched the offer over today and you luckily got signed up before then?

        • Gary K.

          Yep. They said the first deal was over on the 13th and the rep told me they always can change plans so it’s better to do the deal as they offer it.

        • OZ

          That’s what it seems to be. Ordered before the rules changed.

    • Mgm Lari

      Yes, they updated the terms online as well. The last line says “T-Mobile One plan REQUIRED”. This is not a good deal after-all.

    • John C.

      That’s correct! I was first on line this morning to make the trade. I was ready to make the deal until I was told that the promotion changed yesterday so that you must go on the T-Mobile One Plan. There was no way I was going to pay an extra $20/mo. for the 24 month contract period. That would increase the cost of owning the phone by $480! I was trading in an iPhone 5 so I would have also been paying $380 for an iPhone 7 (128 GB). I could buy the phone outright for less!

      • Bobzilla

        That is EXACTLY the point I made to the in-store reps at TWO STORES and to the first contact at T-Mo Customer Service. I then got a CALL-BACK from a Level II SUPERVISOR and explained that I could go to SPRINT and get basically my same “Simple Choice” plan with the same trade-in deal. Plus, SPRINT still offers a $200/2-year contract buy-in, so they are the best deals out there (…please correct me if I’m wrong!). And that T-Mo might want to consider that per the cost of acquiring customers when this one of several years switches to SPRINT. Of course, who knows when SPRINT may switch this out…but there you have it!

      • Gary K.

        I went in there today just to look at the phone and they announced that the deal had changed full circle when I got there. Now you are going to Tmobile and be once again held hostage to a contract plus they get the extra money to cover their supposed loss on the IPhone 7. They also didn’t have any IPhone 7’s even to look at in there as of 10:30am this morning after opening up at 8am for the supposed lines of which they told me only one person was there. I was able to go across the street to AT&T to at least see the IPhone 7 Plus.

        • John C

          My local T-Mobile only had 3 – all iPhone 7, matte black with 128 GB. That was it!

  • DaygosTommyT

    I had a rep tell me if I traded in my iPhone 6 Plus and wanted the iPhone 7 plus 128gb, I would pay the $149 down plus tax then $220 would be over 24 months on eip ($120 trade in price plus $100 for storage upgrade), is this correct?

  • Rick Morrow

    My son tried to do this deal at T-Mobile. They wouldn’t allow him to do it because he “wasn’t an authorized plan member.” He called me up to see if I could make him an authorized member. I said “Yes”. He was informed that I had to call T-Mobile to change him to an authorized member. I called and was told that there was about a 40 minute wait and they asked me if I wanted to have them call me back. I said “OK.” It was late at night and my son had to go study for his college class. In the meantime, I made him an authorized user. The next day, T-Mobile told him that the deal had changed and that I needed to modify my plan to allow them to automatically withdraw their bills from my checking account or I would have to pay full price. I told them that under no circumstances will I allow any company to automatically withdraw funds from my checking account and that they were dishonoring their deal. How can I trust anyone who would renege on a deal like this access to my checking account? This has left a sour taste in my mouth and I will not recommend this company or their services to anyone. If my son upgrades his phone, it will not be through T-Mobile. That’s a guarantee. And unlike the hucksters at T-Mobile, my word is my bond.

  • Andrew Kim

    Did I just get bait and switched? Pre ordered iphone 7 on Sept 7 with Simple Choice 2 GB ($50/mo). At that time the terms and conditions for the “free 7” was only that you had to agree to the 24 mo financing, then get $650 of bill credits divided into those 24 mos.

    Received my 7 in the mail on the 16th (first day). Just as I was about to port my number in, I notice a sneaky little addition to the terms and conditions for the trade in: “qualifying plan required.” This was not there on the 7th!

    These ***holes are trying to bully me into a $70/mo unlimited plan, aren’t they?! That of course takes $20×24 mos = $480 of value away from my trade in for data I’ll never need since I never go over 2 GB!

    Has anyone encountered this and successfully get your trade in through some grandfathered plan protections?

    • KMK

      I was afraid of that happening. Let us know what happening. I will simply cancel my order if that same thing happens. Not going to change my plan! That is just wrong and unethical.

      • Andrew Kim

        The local retail store and online customer care are giving conflicting information. Retail store I just visited and they refused to honor trade in because I don’t have their unlimited plan. Said I can still get the $165 or whatever value from my iphone 6. F that, that’s not the promo.

        So after 15 frustrating minutes I come home and call customer care. They say that as long as your pre order date was before 9/15 (when they added the unlimited plan clause) that I should only be bound by the existing terms at the time of sign up, which was agreeing to 24 mo installment plan and having an old phone that was fully paid off from whichever carrier.

        • KMK

          So you are all good then. Were u able to port your number over ?

    • Sam Johnson III

      yeah, I called them as long as you ordered before the 15th your good. the terms and conditions changed on the 15th

    • Chris Prabhu

      They actually Orwellian-style changed their ad from the past without changing the date. They promised me a free iPhone 7 for my 6S back in October 2016 (like this tmonews.com page shows) and now are trying to tell me it still costs $100. They went back and deleted the old ad updated it with one that says a 6S trade-in still requires $100 payment to get the iPhone 7 and are pretending that they didn’t know about the originally promotion. The picture on this website is what I’ve been told but the Source link has the new ad. I’ve been going back and forth on the phone with them for months.