Alcatel Idol 4 Pro leak gives another look at the upcoming Windows 10 Mobile device


Rumors have suggested that Alcatel’s Idol 4 Pro will be coming to T-Mobile to give T-Mo’s Windows 10 Mobile lineup a boost. We haven’t seen a ton of the device, but Windows 10 Mobile fans are getting a nice surprise today in the form of a new Idol 4 Pro image leak.

Photos that claim to show the Alcatel Idol 4 Pro have been shared by German blog The images show a phone that looks similar to the Alcatel Idol 4, but we can clearly see that the software that the phone is running is Windows 10 Mobile.

This report also shares some alleged spec details of the Idol 4 Pro. Those include a 5.5-inch 1920×1080 display, Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage. Other rumors specs of the Idol 4 Pro include 21-megapixel rear and 8-megapixel front cameras, a 3,000mAh battery, and a rear-mounted fingerprint reader.

If it does indeed come to T-Mobile, the Idol 4 Pro looks like it’ll make for a nice addition to T-Mo’s lineup. Windows 10 Mobile won’t appeal to everyone, but for those that are interested in the OS, it’ll be good to have a high-end counterpart to the entry-level Fierce XL that T-Mobile currently offers. Here’s to hoping that we get some official launch details for the Idol 4 Pro soon.

Via: Windows Central

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  • Jeff Ferguson

    I am currently on a Windows 10 Fierce XL device from T-Mobile, but I would love to give this device a try!

    • Cornelius Hardy

      I purchased this one for my son and he loves it. He and my daughter had the 650 before that one. All of their friends have iPhone and my wife has an iPhone as well. I give them a choice and they like having Windows Phone. Makes me happy to see them use what they like and not just go for what everyone else has.

  • vplaza

    As much as I would love to give this a try, without the apps that I use daily (mobile banking with my credit union, credit card company apps, airline company apps, etc.), it doesn’t make sense to do. I used to have an HTC HD2 with Windows Mobile 6.5 (that was an awesome phone), so I really want to give Windows 10 Mobile a shot.

    • Acdc1a

      The app gap is real. I lose the ability to deposit checks without my mobile app. No Google Maps or Google Voice. I just can’t do it though I prefer the platform.

      • vplaza

        Too bad, really. I think the platform has its merits.

      • Cornelius Hardy

        Windows Phone has the ability to be used in desktop mode just like your using a pc. Anything you can do with your bank online through a webpage, you should be able to do on your phone. I have capitalone360 and there isn’t a Windows Phone app. I take pictures and deposit my checks just fine.

        I don’t use google maps because both the Nokia and Microsoft maps work great. I’ve used both to drive as far as California from Florida on my current 950xl and my previous 925.

        I also use google voice for my business on my phone as well. Not sure which phone you have. Class and texts come through just fine. I also have the gmail for google voice. I am a windows insider but I don’t think that would have anything to do with it. It should work on any Windows 10 build.

        • Acdc1a

          Until it’s an actual 64 bit version of Windows 10 with a dialer everything you have mentioned is half measures, especially desktop mode. Chase is smarter than the smart phone pretending to be a desktop as I’ve tried to make it work. Had no issue when they actually had an app and supported it.

          Everyone has their preference, but when it comes to maps Google is light years ahead of anything else out there. At least iPhone still has a Google Maps app because with Apple Maps only you’d have a Microsoft situation…something that’s just not as good.

        • Cornelius Hardy

          You are welcome to your opinion. I use both and the navigation on my windows phone is 1000x better than google maps. I use navigation and maps on a daily basis over long distances.

          As for the checks, it doesn’t mean that Chase is smarter. It just means that Chase only made it possible for you to deposit checks with a mobile app instead of another option of uploading it from a mobile device and pc. When I access my bank from my phone it’s full featured just like if I were on a pc. I would love a app just as another option but not sure that I would use it.

      • JOHN P

        I personally never needed Google Maps for anything. The HERE Maps in the old Lumias ran circles over Google when it came to accuracy and especially navigation. And the Windows 10 Maps are just as superb because they are still based on HERE data and technology.

        When it comes to depositing checks, my Government Pension Check is direct deposited and so is my little part-time job check, so it’s no loss for me.

        For me personally, the app gap might not be as real as it is for you or others. So I prefer using the platform as opposed to the others.

        • Cornelius Hardy

          Thanks you. For some reason I could not think of the name of the maps before it changed to Microsoft. I do have an android phone in my car that I sometimes use for Uber. I use Google maps on it. It does not come even close to the navigation on windows phone. The app gap isn’t big for me either. A lot of people complain about apps but how many of you really use over 10 apps regularly?

    • Cornelius Hardy

      That was one of my favorite phones. Somehow it’s still able to run new os’s. That’s insane. It was super popular and promoted correctly. I even had the mda and the wing.

    • Admittedly there are a few apps that I need that aren’t on Windows yet (actually only two) so what I do is I use my Windows 10 phone as my daily driver and if there’s an app I need, I keep an Android phone nearby and use it with my Windows 10 phone hotspot. It happens very rarely and allows me to use what I love until an official app launches.

  • “Loading…” at least it’s not “Resuming….”

  • Cornelius Hardy

    Great to see another phone come over. I like my 950xl so I won’t be getting it. I hope it actually works great and tmobile promotes it, and doesnt stick it in the corner.

    I love Windows 10 though. I’ve had it since last year. I actually wrote an ebook on how to use it. That’s how long ive been using it. It’s not 100% perfect, but no OS is. I have a Dell laptop with 10, and it actually works great with the phone. I get my texts on the laptop when im not by the phone. I can also use either with the TV as an extended screen, or just to watch a movie or the Chicago Bears game using the free live sports app.

    plenty of people complain about apps but there are so many apps in the store. There are only two apps I want that I don’t have. One of them is banking, but im able to put my phone in desktop mode, and submit the check just like on a pc. At the same time, I open a InPrivate browser just to check my bank account or log into anything important, so would I really use the app?

    I’m an insider on fast release, so I do get some bugs, but I don’t mind testing and giving feedback to help shape the future products.

    My son has the Alcatel. I do hate the screen compared to mine, but it was $150. You can tell the differences between that phone and this one but again it was a lot cheaper. Everything else still works.

    • I love Windows 10 myself. It’s interesting that the app gap isn’t nearly as bad as people think it is. Sure we don’t have Snapchat or an official version of Pokémon GO yet, and a few banking apps like you mention (I use Wells Fargo’s Windows 10 app all the time and it’s pretty amazing), but we have almost all the major ones. Just because we don’t have 10,000,000+ apps that do exactly the same thing like Android has, people think there’s a significant app gap.

  • drago10029

    I saw this and my only thought is “how many people are gonna flash android on this” lol

    • JOHN P

      Probably between 0% and 0% will LOL

      Alcatel already has a rather extensive lineup of Android Phones including a Android Version of the Idol 4 which just was released. So only someone with way too much time on their hands would waste their time flashing this to Android LOL

      • drago10029

        “So only an idiot or someone with way too much time on their hands”

        A bit harsh but either way, there are people who buy from tmobile or are in family plans, etc. and because it’s possible someone will want to do it, plain and simple, reason XDA exist and thrives today.

        • JOHN P

          The truth is sometimes a little harsh.

          It’s just based on my knowledge, admittingly not all knowing of any of the very very few Windows Phone users in the universe flashing their WP to Android.

          But i’ll revamp it to 0.1% just to cover the margin for error

        • Tale 85

          Or just buy the Idol 4s and save the trouble. Granted no 820, but they’ll be essentially the same phone. Final confirmed specs for the 4Pro aren’t out yet.

  • When this phone comes out, I’m go to the Orangeburg or Aiken, SC stores to exchange my Fierce XL for it!

    Hopefully, Alcatel will allow us to do field tests with the Idol 4s with Windows 10 (or Idol 4 Pro with Windows 10).

  • itguy08

    Wow, even MS is giving up on Windows Mobile and I’d hate to buy one of these turds.

    • YawningAtItGuy08

      -yawn- thanks for your adolescent contribution

    • MS is not giving up on Windows 10 Mobile. Not even close. They’re clearing out the Lumia line to make way for Surface Phone and for OEMs to fill the gap with their own hardware, similar to the PC market

      • itguy08

        LOL. So the WP Fanboys think. Why would they your money into the ecosystem when it is declining in marketshare and developer support. WP is dead – what OEMS other than 3rd tier ones are doing WP 10? Hint – None. No Samsung, no LG, no HTC, nobody.

        • JOHN P

          LG and HTC might as well be 3rd tier because nobody really cares about them. HTC is bleeding money from their phones and the only thing that keeps LG from doing the same is that they sell alot of kitchen appliances to make up for it