T-Mobile migrating customers to new JUMP!! 2.0 program


T-Mobile will soon be releasing a new JUMP! 2.0 program that will put an end to the original JUMP! 1.0 program. If you can recall, the latter has been around for several years already. The transition also brings about some unappealing changes.

When T-Mo first launched the JUMP! program, it gave its customers an opportunity to upgrade their device up to two times in one year. In 2016, this program was revised to limit the upgrade cycle. And today, we have just learned via a source and on Reddit that customers will be moved to the new program. 

While JUMP! 2.0 doesn’t come with a wait time or limits on upgrades, there is one catch that will make customers think twice before upgrading. Yes, the new JUMP! 2.0 program now requires you to have paid off at least half the price of your device prior to upgrading.

As shared by XDA-Developers, T-Mobile said in an article: 

“With JUMP! 2.0 there is no wait and no limits as to when you can upgrade as long as your current device is at least 50% paid off and enrolled in Protection<360>. Once eligible, you can upgrade and trade-in your current device and get full credit for all remaining payments on your current device. Up to half the cost of the original device can be applied towards the new device which means deeply discounted new device pricing.”

Many are unhappy with this new change and have pointed out T-Mobile’s agreement when it merged with Sprint in April 2020. The Un-carrier agreed to maintain existing customer plans or pricing for 5 years. But as The T-Mo Report pointed out, the features of JUMP! plan aren’t included in the agreement. 

So when does the change take place? T-Mobile shared that customers currently on the JUMP!! 1.0 program will be moved to the new JUMP!! 2.0 program starting October 6, 2022. Until then, you can still upgrade at least one more time. 

For more information, visit T-Mo’s support page.


Source: XDA-Developers

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