T-Mobile to launch SCORE! – Early upgrade scheme for customers ineligible for JUMP! [Rumor]


T-Mobile is making moves at the outset of this year with an aim to include lower credit customers a little more in its competitive pricing. A couple of days back it announced Smartphone Equality which will let any loyal customers of any credit class – as long as they have made 12 straight monthly payments – get access to EIP with $0 down on the best phones.

And now – if our sources’  information is correct – the company is about to add to that with a new program called SCORE!

SCORE! is a $5 per month scheme which will let specific customers who don’t qualify for JUMP! upgrade their device early. Customers who have paid full price for their device, or who are on Prepaid or Postpaid without EIP, plus those who have brought their own device, can sign up.

Qualifying customers subscribed to Simply Prepaid, SCNC, Simple Choice Pay in Advance Monthly, Simple Choice as well as New Classic and Legacy plans will be able to add the $5 per month SCORE! to their plan.

In short: JUMP! is for postpaid customers with EIP. SCORE! is for everyone else.” 

After 6 months, customers will be able to upgrade free to an entry level phone. Or, if they wait until 12 months have passed they will qualify for “Special Handset pricing” on more high-end products. Once you’ve redeemed SCORE!, your tenure resets and you start again as if from your first month.


The chart below shows the differences between SCORE! and JUMP!:

score differences

As for which devices are included in the “entry level option”, at the moment examples would include smartphones like the OneTouch Evolve 2, OneTouch Fierce 2, LG Optimus L90 or the T-Mobile Concord II. If you wait 12 months, you’ll get access to the “special pricing” on flagship phones. Exactly what that special pricing is, we don’t know. We’ve reached out to our sources and will update if we hear any more specifics.

SCORE! will supposedly be live on January 25th, which is only two days away. As always, plans can change and dates can be pushed back.

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  • Jay J. Blanco

    Very creative tmobile

  • monkeybutts

    interesting it allows BYOD

  • Cellphone Chris

    This idea all depends on how (in)expensive “special pricing” is. If flagship devices end up ~$300, then T-Mobile is working backwards against eliminating subsidies. Since they are still a no-contract carrier, I can’t imagine T-Mobile will discount devices by that large an amount considering they don’t have a hook to keep customers from leaving immediately after a SCORE upgrade.

    • archerian

      Chances are they will allow unlocking the device, but we don’t know that yet.. In any case, the device will have to be T-mobile’s network for 40 days before they give the unlock code..

      • Cellphone Chris

        I wasn’t even thinking of unlocking. What would prevent me from buying a discounted device on my way out, and then selling it for a profit to another T-Mobile customer? Either way, I’m sure the discount won’t be major – it wouldn’t really make much sense.

  • UMA_Fan

    Pretty amazing is that it’s a ‘true’ discount off phones since there is no ETF

    • archerian

      I would need more details to be “amazed” .. from what we know now, its an unknown discount off a device after paying $60 and being on T-mobile for 12 months… assuming one hero device discount per line each 12 months, that’s $120 for a 2 year “contract” for a discount .. Sounds like a Carrier move to me, framed in Uncarrier vibes.

      • Allen Enriquez

        Very impressive catch archerian, i too have to have more details too!

  • Makes no sense. JUMP is $10, this SCORE is $5. Makes no sense to take a loss on an insurance gimmick! Come on T-Mobile!!!

    • Awaa

      I’m sure there wouldnt be an issue adding both

    • monkeybutts

      Not everyone wants JUMP $10 or insurance $8. I get mine through a credit card with autopay theres no reason for me to pay for insurance that requires a monthly payment. Depending on what this is I could be interested

  • archerian

    Traditional carriers – sign a 2 year contract and get a few hundred off your phone right away and use it.. Re-Un-Carrier – pay $5 for 12 months and get $x off your NEXT phone … how is this not a contact with the subsidy at the end? Now that it has poached the price conscious users over, they need to retain them…

    • UMA_Fan

      You would only say something like that if you didn’t understand how contract subsidies work in the first place.

      T-Mobile plans went down in price when they went full no subsidy. Like $20-$30 less per month per line than their old plans that had subsidies. Name a plan on the market out there where you get a phone subsidy and your monthly cost is ANYWHERE close to a current T-Mobile plan for roughly the same features? You can’t. It’s not out there. So adding $5 to that is no deal breaker. Especially if one of your lines is a young child or elder person who is totally fine with entry level smartphone models. Free phone every six months? That’s a great deal.

      Also if we find out you get over $120 off high end phones after a year then SCORE is a no brainer. It’s kind of like paying for Sams Club or Costco.

      • Sumpter Carter

        SCORE is a plus for customers. Contracts with AT&T and Verizon actually cause your bill to be more as well, opposed to Edge/NEXT if you look closely enough at it. But even so, their service still is higher, even if you have all your phones on an installment plan. It’s not a contract, because you aren’t locked in. Keep on in the same vein if you like, but #wewontstop.

    • Well to me, it’s still not a contract. With a contact, you are locked in, this is your “choice.” You could choose to not use Jump or Score! and still have T-Mobile servoce. just BYOD. I mean, what carrier wouldn’t want they’re customers to stay with them? So it’s like icing on the cake. It’s like, “if you stay with us, we’ll give you this, but it’s your choice; just because you’re with us, you don’t have to take this offer, we’ll still provide you with great plans and service.” That’s how I take it. My only issue is, after 12 months like someone said, we’ve paid $60. Therefore, ain’t no way in blue h*ll they should offer anybody $60 or less of a discount on a new smartphone because basically you’ve added us no benefit. At that point, we just paid for our discount. I really like the double-down idea. I mean if we’re loyal enoug to stay why not. But maybe it should have a cap for how long the double down period last because like it was said before, this cost money, and all these moves may not be sustainable in the long run, especially for profit for T-Mobile. That’s just my perspective.

  • Allen Enriquez

    Well it seem this settles me from leaving T-Mobile but we have to wait and see what happens!

    • archerian

      well SCORE makes sure you wont leave, not for the next 6-12 months depending on what phone you fancy..

      • tony

        why would happy leave t mobile? lol arient you with sprint? they rip people off, just look at their facebook. massive billing fraud. they dont evne offer discount plan, it seems you got lots of complaint against t mobile. lol sprint is the only company that charges a month ahead. lol and a crappy slow ass network to boot. no wonder your postpaid is leaving.

  • Observant

    Nice picture… an empty store with no customers, no employees and no merchandise.

  • Make$ $en$e

    What would be really cool is if the discount was a kind of double-down price match. Kind of like taking the idea from an employer matching your contributions to your 401(k) plan…. so with that in mind, say you wait the 12 months on the plan, you’ve paid in $60, T-Mobile matches your investment with another $60 for a total $120 discount off the price of a new phone. Now let’s take that to the next step, say you don’t want to get a new phone right at 12 months but want to wait until a new model comes out at say 16 months… at this point you have invested $80, Tmo would then match that with another $80 for a $160 discount off the price of the new phone. In this sense, for those who are willing to wait long enough, one would then be able to get a 50% discount on a new device AND walk out of the store with a new phone with no money out of pocket at the time of purchase. To me, THAT would be both an amazing un-carrier move AND an excellent way to retain loyal long term customers!

    • Pezplayer

      We would almost be back to subsidized phones with this idea. Kind of defeats the purpose of getting rid of contracts.

  • Ordeith

    By exploiting the workers! By ‘anging on to outdated imperialist dogma which perpetuates the economic and social differences in our society.

    Jump, Score, and Phones on credit. exploitation to the fullest! You get ’em T-Mobile.

    • William Beach

      What a dummy lol

      • Ordeith

        The nonsense is T-Mobile going after the ever so gullible payday loan crowd. they have gone from bottom feeding to bottom dredging.

        • William Beach

          Ha providing people who need a means of communicating is truly “bottom dredging.” You really need to chill this is a cell phone discount program. Its chill that you found a way to insert IMPERIALISM into a Tmonews comment. U r so silly. Do you tho.

        • Ordeith

          Well you’re obviously a rather humorless individual to have no idea where that line came from. Sad.

        • UMA_Fan

          Uh the payday loan crowd is a regular cell phone contract that millions of people out there don’t understand.

          T-Mobile is a removal from that.

        • Ordeith

          Going into debt for a cell phone. Paying for the hope of a discount instead of saving. Falling for T-Mobile’s schemes. Yup bottom dredging.

  • William Burr Winans

    I think what should happen is on JUMP once your device is paid off it should go down to $5 a month automatically. Personally I don’t like paying $10 a month for service when I feel like I don’t really need it after paying of the phone.
    Great Idea T-Mobile!!

    • CRT24

      Jump is not just for upgrades…..it is insurance, lifetime warranty, and also gives you lookout mobile security for free which had all kinds of benefits.

    • bob90210

      Why would you pay $10 a month for an upgrade plan if you’re not going to use it? You are better off lighting a 10 dollar on fire every month.

    • UMA_Fan

      Most of the cost for Jump is insurance. To put things in perspective the old insurance plan for high end phones was $12. $2 more than Jump.

  • 21stNow

    It seems like this could still become a mess for a customer like me. Let’s say I want to enroll in SCORE! I also want to buy three phones this year. Can I use SCORE! to get a phone at the 12-month mark but still buy other phones before then at full price without my eligibility being reset (either intentionally or unintentionally by the rep)?

  • g

    The discounts on the phones will be pretty dramatic. They are going to be more than what you invest in the $5/mo. Example: S5 as of the 25th is $160 off with Score. When I saw the price sheet, my first reaction was “Wow, really?”. This program will definitely be worth it for anyone who likes to buy their phones full price.

    • So you’re a T-Mobile employee?

      • g


      • g


        • =O *excitement* I just returned from Cricket, and was saddened that I left that $50 discount on a smartphone every year, and the fact they discount smartphones sometimes because the S5 was like $299 around Cyber Monday. Now I’m back and happy, still thinkin about that discount, and then here this comes.

        • archerian

          An S5 for $299 at Cricket? Now way you can score such discounts with SCORE! at T-mobile.

  • Ahem…. Now if this is true, I find it funny that some thought I was making impossible questioning/request about why can’t we have discounts for smartphones off contract, and then here we are. Just putting that out there, lol

  • Gilbert Anthony Erentreich

    I just wish I had jumped to jump sooner and got grandfathered into the original jump program.. I think I joined literally like a week later (unforeseen circumstances)

    • gmo8492

      I feel somewhat the same, but I’ve always bought my phones straight out and paid in full. Managed to snap up the old $70 unlimited data plan before the changes. The people who still have the legacy t-zones unlimited data are incredibly lucky.

  • randian

    Score doesn’t include insurance right? I hope we’ll soon see what the actual discounts are. Obviously it would make no sense to pay $5/month and get $60 or less discount on an iPhone. I like the double down idea but it probably won’t be that good. I’d love to be surprised though. Depending on how SCORE itself is taxed there could be sales tax savings when you buy the new phone at a discount. It sounds like reseller plans like Harbor Mobile aren’t eligible, but I’m not sure.

  • Mike

    Let’s just go back to subsidized phones. All of these schemes are just schemes to separate a man from his money with the hope he’ll get something in return. Pay $60 bucks and get an entry level phone. Get real.

    • TechHog

      If you want subsidized phones, go to another carrier.

      • superg05

        He is a at&t/cricket planted troll

    • Spencer Walker

      Get a moto g second gen 200 buvks or asus zenfone 2 when that releases then go to cricket wireless for 45 bucks for 3gb or 10gb for 55 bucks

  • Spencer Walker

    95% of people need to just stop and buy the best 200 dollar no contact phone like the moto g second gen or the asus zenfone 2 when that releases then go on crickets 55 dollar 10gb plan

    • abc123

      Nothing can compete with the value of T-Mobile if you have a family plan, which is available to everyone. Paying $120 for four lines as well as two hotspots with 5GB each.

      • Spencer Walker

        Pretty good deal for a family especially if Tmobile works where you are. Crickets family plan is decent 200 for 5 lines with 10gb each.

    • kathy

      I pay $45 for more than twice as much data as I even use, that doesn’t sound like a great deal to me

      • Spencer Walker

        Then crickets 35 dollar plan with 2.5gb of data is good for you

  • Mikey Monteiro

    someone explain to me? i want to go to tmobile
    im gonna buy a unlocked phone off amazon or something ,prob the note 4..then if i bring it to tmobile i can just get a unlimited plan? am i stuck in a contract?,can i leave whenever? whats the process

    • James

      No contract. Yes you can leave. Just call them get a tmobile sim and activate phone.

  • tmonyc

    I would get this if I could on my current Simple Choice, but I am eligible for Jump! I wonder if they will open it up.

  • (J²)

    Actually, you can technically use Jump and Score together. If I wanted to buy a iPhone at $649.99, Score could be used as a discount towards an EIP purchase instead. So your EIP instead would be $449.99 (for example) the discounts will apply to all handsets but only select handsets will be FREE.

  • kathy

    Okay but what about the fact that there has been a push notification for score on my phone every single day for the past few days when though I keep saying not interested? This is super annoying, how does one turn it off while the T-Mobile app has all notifications off already?