T-Mo now stocking NEW2U certified pre-owned phones in store?


Our contacts have informed us that retail brick-and-mortar stores now have the NEW2U certified pre-owned devices in stock. Previously, stores would have to submit a Ship-to fulfilment and have the devices shipped to the customer. We’re not exactly sure when the stock started arriving, so we could be a little late on this one. But, I still wanted to let you know that you can now get the phones in retail stores. Or so we’ve heard from one of our trusted sources.

Details are thin on the ground, but we do know that the phones come with the same guarantee/warranty as the smartphones available on T-Mobile’s online store:

T-Mobile’s Certified Pre-Owned NEW2U phones include:

  • A careful inspection of the phone, including battery, audio, camera, display screen, and operating system—all tested and certified by T-Mobile. Only phones that meet our stringent standards are offered for sale.
  • A 90-day limited warranty, no annual service contract, and the same return policy as new phones.


So if you’re looking for a decent smartphone at a lower price, give your local store a call and see if they have any of these devices in stock. Likewise, if you’re in a store and want to share any more info with us, shoot us an email.

If we hear any more details, we’ll be sure to update this post.

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  • VG

    This is actually pretty big news, IMHO. Definitely qualifies as “Un-Carrier” since I have never seen Certified PreOwned phones sold in the brick-and-mortar stores of the other 3 carriers. Should definitely help get new customers who don’t want to pay top $ to get a high-end smartphone, especially if you can now see and feel the actual units before purchase.

    • tmonyc

      You can get Verizon stores to order you a pre-owned phone.

      • VG

        Ordering a used phone from a store is not the same as walking into a store and seeing them for sale.

  • AB87

    This makes complete sense. Hopefully they are using previous Jump phones. I have returned a perfect a s4, G2, and m8 perfect all with no scratches or issues at all on Jump already. They would be perfect to sell as pre-owned. Good way for T-Mobile to recoop some cash on the Jump program especially the original Jump.

    • kalel33

      The Jump phones would be good to buy. Refurbished phones that were sent in for repair? No way. The refurbs were so bad at T-mobile that even the reps did everything possible to not have to send their own phone in for a replacement.

  • eAbyss

    “Our contacts have informed use that retail brick-and-mortar stores now have the NEW2U certified pre-owned devices in stock.”


    • Cam Bunton

      Ha. Thanks. :-)

  • Jeremy Turnley

    We just this week got a N2U GS4 for my wife. Aside from some cosmetic scratchs around the camera, it was like new. It had a new back cover, a new battery, new Samsung earbuds and a new Samsung charger in the box. I was pretty surprised by the package as a whole. The return process for her old phone (we used JUMP to get this one) was painless – drop the old phone in the provided padded bag, affix the provided pre-paid postage sticker, and take it to the post office. If I could have done it in store, it would have been even better – kudos again T-Mo.

  • NewtP.

    We’ve had NEW2U phones in store for months now….

    • nextgenius

      are iPhones included?

      • Jeremy Turnley

        They don’t do N2U iPhones from what I can tell. They cycle through them, but currently they have the LG G3, Galaxy SIII and S4, Xperia Z and Z1, and various entry level phones. Knowing Apple, they probably have to send their returned phones back to them so they can sell them in the Apple store’s previously used section.

        • Tmo1

          Actually we do have iPhones…we just received iPhone 5 and 5s models

  • Cellphone Chris

    This is a good move! I initially thought the JUMP program was intended for used devices to be sold in emerging markets; this allows customers a low-priced alternative when selecting a new(ish) device. I’ve only seen refurbs sold by carriers as prepaid Go-phone devices (almost 10 years ago) when I worked at AT&T Wireless (before Cingular/AT&T Mobility).

  • stluser

    The reseller market is huge. In St Louis, there are used phone resellers in every neighborhood including the malls. I buy all my phones 2nd hand. I recently paid $380 for the T-Mobile Note 3 then I sold my Note 2 on Craigslist for $200 and my Note 1 for $100.

  • Allen Enriquez

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  • Mike

    Makes perfect sense to have these available in the stores. I wonder if you can get the $8/month insurance on the N2U phone.

  • Raiterio Patterson

    Hope they get some iPhone 5s 32GB in stock. Can’t find one anywhere

    • Zacamandapio

      You can get them at swappa
      They’ve plenty.

    • TmoAshley

      You can get the Gold 32gb 5s shipped to you from a T-Mobile store.

      • Raiterio Patterson

        That’s great to hear but really want Space Grey

    • notyourbusiness

      eBay, my friend.

  • I wonder if the Lumia 925 is among the items being sold. I truly hope so!

  • TmoAshley

    As of now, the Minneapolis markets are not stocking these phones in store.

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