T-Mobile’s 700MHz LTE network showing further signs of life in California and Pennsylvania

We like to try and keep our eye on network improvements here at TmoNews. While we’re still waiting for the new, official interactive map to be launched by T-Mobile, we can keep you up to date with new sightings found across the U.S. Particularly areas where the low-band 700MHz spectrum has gone live over the. In these areas, customers will be able to get a stronger LTE signal indoors.

Limerick and Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

First up is Limerick, PA. A reader got in touch from the area after seeing T-Mobile’s band 12 network show up for the first time on their Note 4.

Limerick, PA

The band 12 LTE network also appears to be live around 90 minutes up the road, in Wilkes Barre. The following screenshot was sent to us from a different user in the area:

Wilkes Barre, PA

It’s clear then that T-Mobile is hard at work in Pennsylvania, bringing its stronger, more reliable LTE network to the semi-rural towns and cities in the state.

Merced, California

Speaking of small towns and cities, another to be graced by the presence of LTE is Merced in California. It sits around 40 miles South East of Modesto, and is just outside a zone which won’t get any 700MHz LTE love until a TV broadcast channel – based in San Jose – is moved.

Merced, CA - 91241

Taking a look at the open source, interactive map, it’s clear T-Mobile is busy in California. Just 10 days ago it was updated with an statement that T-Mobile has made an agreement with Rancho Palos Verdes Broadcasters in Los Angeles, California, which gives it ability to operate within its “protected service contour”. In short, despite the KXLA broadcast station having broadcast spectrum of a similar frequency to T-Mobile’s band 12 LTE, T-Mo will be allowed to deploy its 700MHz band in the area.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 14.45.57

As always, we’ll keep you updated with new sightings when we receive them. There have been several so far, and it seems like things are certainly picking up speed. It’s worth noting that what we see is almost certainly a small fraction compared to what’s being rolled out in actuality.

Get in touch if you see any changes.

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