T-Mobile working on a new interactive LTE coverage map that shows 1900 and 700MHz bands

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T-Mobile is close to launching a revamped, interactive coverage map for use on its T-Mobile.com website, as well as its in-store coverage maps used by staff. The idea is to better help potential and existing customers understand what coverage is like in their area, and also help them choose the right devices.

As many of you know, T-Mobile uses a few different bands for its LTE coverage, and not all of its devices are compatible with all the bands. For instance, the HTC One (M8) isn’t compatible with the 1900MHz frequency, while many more are incompatible with the brand new 700MHz network. The new map will help distinguish between these bands and offer customers a list of handsets best-suited for their area. And T-Mo plans to launch the map on January 26th, just 13 days from now.

The information comes from an internal communication with staff and states that “On January 26, coverage maps in T-Mobile.com, myT-Mobile.com and NCI will be improved to showcase T-Mobile’s ever-expanding LTE footprint. These areas will now display LTE where previously only 2G was shown (L1900) and will display our new low band spectrum (L700). NCI new tower icons will allow you to determine if an area is covered by L1900 or L700. If a customer is in one of those areas, you can toggle onto the magenta view to see LTE coverage and device compatibility.”

On T-Mobile.com/mytmo, customers will be able to see a “compatible device list”.

Sadly, in-store coverage maps on the Vertical Highlight Panel,¬†Playground touch screens and in-store tablets sadly won’t have the updated pop-ups until a later date. But the aforementioned sites will.

Keep an eye out on T-Mobile’s site in a couple of weeks and you should see a much more up-to-date and more in-depth coverage map available to browse. Full image below shows the main part of the memo:

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 18.45.45

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