T-Mobile “clear winner” in Computerworld wireless customer satisfaction survey


Earlier today, Computerworld released the results of its wireless customer satisfaction survey for 2014, and it paints a glowing picture for T-Mobile. Our favorite carrier scored really well, particularly in customer survice and in the “performance relative to cost” categories. In fact, of the eight individual categories, T-Mo finished top in six of them.

For the second year in a row, T-Mobile finished in first when it came to technical support and was 10 percentage points clear of its nearest rival in the Customer Service category.

But the one category where T-Mo clearly dominated was Performance Relative to Cost, or value. 70% of T-Mobile’s customers answered that they were satisfied. Compared to the other major carriers, that’s a huge figure. AT&T scored 48% satisfied, Sprint was 43% and Verizon: 39%. It’s clear then that the carrier’s subscribers think they’re getting a great service for the money they pay. It also shows just how far the others need to come before they’re matching T-Mo. Although Sprint’s plans are competitive, there is still clearly a feeling that you don’t get much for it, while Verizon and AT&T customers are a little disappointed that they’re paying way more.

I won’t re-write the report, so if you want to check it out in-depth, head on over to the full report over at ComputerWorld.com. It’s a pretty lengthy read, so get a cup of cocoa ready.

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  • Joel

    I am truly amazed on how great their customer service has been for me and my wife. Also, the new structure is great IMO. As long as they keep pushing network upgrades, customer satisfaction, and great deals, I am a T-Mobile lifer.

    • T-Mobile Cares

      Thank you so much for your kind words. As one of those people who drive customer satisfaction I can assure you it will be getting even better in the months to come. Thanks again for your words and loyalty.

  • galaxyNote4isBoss

    T-Mobile has made the greatest strides since June 2012. I’m so happy I KICKED Verizon to the curb when I did.

    Today nothing is better than T-Mobile or Mr. John Legere in the carrier game.

    • squiddy20

      Too bad they don’t have half the coverage of most other carriers, and it has been stated by DT execs that what T-Mobile USA is doing is simply unsustainable.

      • Romdude

        It’s obvious they are trying to downplay tmobile so tmobile can get some spectrum or it is allowed to merge with another carrier instead of being sold. I wonder if the FCC will buy all this downplay talk. If it gets the spectrum for being a small carrier, I wonder if that’s when DT or a big investor is going to come in big.

    • farmer

      I don’t have T-Mobile service for over 100 miles. Tell me again how its better

  • 9to5Slavery

    [Insert Android-like Life story]

    I was skeptical that tmobile streaming over edge or in rural areas was going to be unknown to none and well, I switched and I am very satisfied with Wi-Fi Calling on iPhone 6 with my EDGE playing Pandora. I used to listen to music a lot and downloaded everything and whatever, I had hotcakes for Spotify, but suddenly my music crave died out as I focused on myself with podcast for education. So when I actually turned on Pandora I was surprised it did play at all on edge, and sometimes on GPRS LOL! I am very happy with my pings being lower than Sprint which dominates in coverage much more than Tmobile with 3G/LTE. But even so, Tmobile Edge feels like it is very usable. I LOVE INTERNATIONAL DATA ROAMING! I used it in Toronto! It was so awesome other than what Rogers dropped signals because there were not many small cells set up.

  • javier

    What’s the advantage of having tmobile unlimited which is 80 vs metro new unlimited for 50 they’re both unlimited

    • maximus1901

      Metro is limited to mostly crappy phones.

      • Rob H.

        They have BYOD now. I myself is using a Nexus 5 I bought from the play store on Metros $60 unlimited plan.

        • maximus1901

          I meant for the new $50 unlimited plan.
          $60 is still excellent deal since tmus unl is $80 and it’s same network.

    • Adrayven

      No tethering on Metro

    • UMA_Fan

      If you have more than one person Tmobile gets that rate and even cheaper depending on how many lines you have

    • Romdude

      You don’t get the bonuses like as far as I know like free mobile hotspot for your laptop or phone, unlimited text and data when overseas (2g but fluctuates to 3g or 4g), free texting on flights with GoGo, free AC router (basically the high end ASUS router) for wifi calling at home, no overages and JUMP program (grandfathered JUMP lets you switch phones every six months without having to pay off 50% unlike the new JUMP but with new jump you can upgrade any time). Also tmobile users have priority, probably more important if an area is really congested like in a football game but all the carriers suffer at big events anyway.

    • Fabian Cortez

      No VoLTE and/or UMTS HD Voice.

  • Romdude

    Yup, no problem with them. My M7 developed a pink hue in night shots, they sent me a replacement within a few days. I’m under the grandfathered JUMP which includes full insurance. For some reason, it is faster and I can enlarge all fonts when before it wouldn’t work. Pretty happy with their support and no long arguments or need to explain into too much detail before getting the go ahead for the replacement.

  • Utard

    Things I love about my T-Mobile service:
    – WiFi calling (excellent voice quality anywhere in my home or at work)
    – Perfect family plan at the perfect cost ($27.50 per line; 4 lines + international plan)
    – International Plan (unlimited SMS and calling to France on all lines, landline and mobile)
    – No worry about data overages with my kids
    – Unlimited music streaming
    – Positive customer service experience

    I am surprised how many people complain about coverage. I must be in a good location (northern Utah) because I seem to have acceptable speeds everywhere I go. I see LTE/4G coverage along the Wasatch Front from the Idaho boarder all the way to Springville in Utah county (150 miles). Wifi calling obviously made a big difference inside buildings.

    T-mobile fits all my needs with reasonable pricing. With all the uncarrier changes last year they have made me a satisfied and loyal customer with no reason to look elsewhere.

  • Analog Spirit

    I’m pretty happy with my T-Mobile service. I have the $70 a month unlimited everything plan, which is the best plan I’ve ever had; it’s so much better than what I had when I was on AT&T. I actually liked AT&T’s service itself; it was just their prices that I couldn’t stand (about $100 a month for ONE phone line with limited data is just ridiculous). T-Mobile’s coverage is pretty solid in my area and I consistently get a strong LTE signal as long as I’m outdoors.

    My only problem with T-Mo has been their lack of signal penetration inside most buildings, and it doesn’t help that I’m in one of the channel 51 exclusion zones (L.A. area). It was becoming a big problem at work because all too often I can’t make or receive calls indoors (Wi-Fi calling isn’t an option either), and I thought I was going to have to leave T-Mo because of it.

    But yesterday I found out that band 12 has just been cleared for deployment in my area as of this month, and that’ll solve my indoor signal problem (as soon as they build out band 12 and I get a phone that supports it). So now I have no intention of ever leaving T-Mobile; as long as they keep going in this positive direction, I’ll stay with them indefinitely.

    • Fabian Cortez

      I’d imagine the band 12 equipment is already up in the markets that they own said spectrum.

      In a similar fashion to their first 3G network rollout, they’ll just “flip the switch” once they’re given the okay.

  • sidekicker89

    Yesterday I updated 37 apps on THROTTLED data. I just let my phone do it overnight. That being said when you’re on throttled data my picture messages don’t come in quickly or they get stuck and don’t come in at all. Really frustrating. Picture messages shouldn’t be throttled.

    • T-Mobile Cares

      I an so sorry to hear about your MMS experience. Pictures (MMS) use the data side of the network to transport your images to your device. Once your data is slowed down, all aspects of your data are affected. The simplest way to resolve that issue is to upgrade your data plan to our next tier. For $10 extra you would have 2 additional gigs, which you prevent you from being throttled. You could also choose one of your many unlimited plans as well.

    • cruzz563

      You would think they would have that whitelisted like the streaming music and, for a brief period of time, the speed tests. Especially since that would be part of the unlimited messaging.

  • monkeybutts

    The sample size in this study is quite small. Only 652 respondents.

    • Poi

      As long as the sample is random that is more than enough for a good survey. It’s called “statistics”.

  • KingCobra

    Looks like T-Mobile has updated the coverage maps today. Plus you can click on an area now and see if you need a 1900 Mhz or 700 Mhz device in order to get LTE. Also shows which devices have each band.

  • jloofatl

    Their 4GLTE is the worst. Too often my network does not work. My internet does not work in the city. Thinking of changing to another carrier.