T-Mobile “clear winner” in Computerworld wireless customer satisfaction survey


Earlier today, Computerworld released the results of its wireless customer satisfaction survey for 2014, and it paints a glowing picture for T-Mobile. Our favorite carrier scored really well, particularly in customer survice and in the “performance relative to cost” categories. In fact, of the eight individual categories, T-Mo finished top in six of them.

For the second year in a row, T-Mobile finished in first when it came to technical support and was 10 percentage points clear of its nearest rival in the Customer Service category.

But the one category where T-Mo clearly dominated was Performance Relative to Cost, or value. 70% of T-Mobile’s customers answered that they were satisfied. Compared to the other major carriers, that’s a huge figure. AT&T scored 48% satisfied, Sprint was 43% and Verizon: 39%. It’s clear then that the carrier’s subscribers think they’re getting a great service for the money they pay. It also shows just how far the others need to come before they’re matching T-Mo. Although Sprint’s plans are competitive, there is still clearly a feeling that you don’t get much for it, while Verizon and AT&T customers are a little disappointed that they’re paying way more.

I won’t re-write the report, so if you want to check it out in-depth, head on over to the full report over at ComputerWorld.com. It’s a pretty lengthy read, so get a cup of cocoa ready.

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