SCORE! – A few more details T-Mobile’s next move


Yesterday we shared some information with you regarding a new monthly program for customers who don’t qualify for JUMP! For $5 per month, these customers will have the option of getting a free entry-level smartphone after six months. After twelve months they get access to special pricing on more high-end devices. What we didn’t know was what this special pricing would look like. After paying $5 per month for twelve months, would the discount be worth the outlay? Turns out, it might just be.

We’ve been sent a list of example prices to show what the discount would look like after twelve months. It is worth noting that this is an example list shared with T-Mobile staff, and isn’t necessarily a picture of what pricing will look like in a year’s time. After all, it’ll be a whole different range of phones available by this time next year.

Among the highlights:

  • Galaxy Note 4, currently $769 full price – SCORE! customer price after 12 months: $599
  • Nexus 6 64GB, currently $699 full price – SCORE! customer price after 12 months: $599
  • iPhone 6 64GB, currently $849 full price – SCORE! customer price after 12 months: $649
  • HTC One M8, currently $669 full price – SCORE! customer price after 12 months: $499
  • Sony Xperia Z3, currently $659 full price – SCORE! customer price after 12 months: $499
  • LG G3, currently $549 full price – SCORE! customer price after 12 months: $299

Clearly then, for paying $60 over 12 months, it could be worth it by the end if you get access to a high end phone for up $180 off. Let’s not forget the option of getting a phone worth up to $129 for free after 6 months.

It will be interesting to see how this plan plays with T-Mobile’s Smartphone Equality deal. After 12 months of straight monthly payments, these customers who buy phones full price will also get access to all the best phones at $0 down on EIP without a credit check. Will they get the same discounted price if they decide to go EIP? We’ll find out shortly, I’m sure.

From what we’ve been told, this plan will go live from tomorrow, January 25th.

Looking at it from T-Mobile’s perspective, and what’s in it for them, this is an attempt to get average monthly spend up from customers, but rewarding them for it.

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  • verna6278

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    that anybody
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  • taron19119

    This is CRAZY good what if i want score and not jump can i get score instead

    • limecows

      you can get both if you want. score is separate from jump.

      • taron19119

        You make no sense

        • limecows

          haha basically yes you can get score instead of jump

        • samesung

          word you were looking for would be “either”

        • limecows

          Either or both.

      • T-Mobile Cares

        You cannot have both on one line.

    • T-Mobile Cares

      Score! Is for people who don’t qualify for Jump! Meaning, if you do not currently have a phone on EIP with Jump!, you can add Score!

  • steveb944

    Seems pretty good for those that always buy their devices full price from T-Mobile.

    • monkeybutts

      Assuming you can use it on launch date for a device.

  • UnCarrier8.0

    The discounted prices will be eligible for EIP at $0 down. SCORE customers are included in the $0 Down for All move.

  • Romdude

    Cam, will score also have full replacement warranty? I’m guessing probably not.

    • JE_25

      Score will have nothing to do with insurance.

      • Romdude

        True, for the price of those pre 1 year phones, you could just buy another if it breaks.

  • RefarmAllPCSNOWandChan51

    If 12 months from now, Galaxy Note 4 is sill $550, I would not buy it. I would consider the Galaxy Note 5.

    If the still-tiny iPhone 6 is $649 after the launch of the next model, which will be available 12 months from now, I would rather buy that next model.

    When the HTC One M9 comes out, I would not be interested anymore with M8, which may not have Lollipop. The M9 will come out well before 12 months from now.

    The LG G Flex 2 is worth waiting for, but not the LG G3 for 12 months even at $299. By then, I should have a phone with VoLTE, carrier aggregation and band 12.

    The Experia Z3 would probably be available in Amazon and Newegg for much less than $499 12 months from now.

    You get the idea. After 12 months, we don’t care about these phones anymore, and the discounts are not that large. It would be nice if they say what the SCORE-pricing will be for future phones, but I guess they will not do that.

    • Rdaex

      How would you propose them telling us the prices of phones that dont exist yet?

      Im assuming theyre just showing this info for an example of COST discount… they made it seem like its just a discount off of PHONES. So, the GS6 would have a discount off of it.

      • archerian

        That assumption is based on whether they allow a SCORE! redemption on a device the day it lauches. That hasn’t been confirmed, it would have been better if they just said it would be a flat $x discount… this is similar to what I heard Cricket does, $100 off for you next phone after 1 year of tenure. I don’t use Cricket, so this is something I heard so this might be wrong info

        • monkeybutts

          Cricket is $50 off per year but only if you are on their $50 or $60 plans, if you are on their $40 plan you get shafted. Their $50 off stacks up to $150 per line, but you can only buy devices they sell and cricket like most other prepaid carriers is slow to get the high end devices, and their promotions are usually only for sub $200 phones.

  • YABD

    I don’t like this new wave of buying your smartphone. I used to get it for free with 2 years of loyalty, I don’t jump carriers anyway.

    • samesung

      cool story

    • bob90210

      There ain’t no such thing as a free phone.

      • Romdude

        Even though you are using a double negative, I agree with what you are getting at. Companies that give away free stuff aren’t companies, those are charities.

    • TechHog

      No, you were told that you got it for free. In reality, the cost of the phone was baked into your monthly bill without you knowing, and when buying low-end phoones you ended up paying hundreds of dollars extra. You should do the math with other carriers and see if it works out to a savings for you (it won’t).

      • archerian

        not if he was on a grandfathered plan that was cheaper even with the subsidy .. before all this Uncarrier and stuff, I would get top level phones (of that time like the HTC Amaze, this was 2010) for $29-$59 and pay around $70 for UL everything, 2 lines. This was from stores, if I called loyalty it would be virtually free. If anyone thinks prices actually went down with Uncarrier and removal of phone subsidies, they haven’t been customers of T-mobile for long.

        • TechHog

          It’s no secret that prices have gone up, but that’s not due to Uncarrier itself. If you think that prices would have stayed the same as before if subsidies stuck around, you’ll pretty naive. Your old plan was removed before Uncarrier was even an idea.

        • archerian

          Prices would have stayed the same as before with subsidies, plans are cheaper with no phone subsidies involved are two independent things. You claim I think the former when I did not (it was you who brought this up), I was highlighting the latter with an example. If phone prices go up from what it was in 2010, naturally the plan cost would go up to cover the increased cost, duh!

          I said it was possible in the past when subsidies existed to get phone + plan cheaper than just plan costs now. And this setup+plan was available as late as end of 2013, well into Uncarrier times. There are people who are still on contract with T-mobile with subsidized phones. Now countless customers get discounts off their original plans for not having subsidies, making their plans even cheaper. This was to offset the loss of subsidies as the plans they are on had subsidy cost baked into them. These are plans people are on even today.

        • TechHog

          That’s only true for the unlimited plan (due to the $10 price hike which most likely would have happened either way) and if you’re able to get a bunch of discounts. There were no contract plans as cheap as what you mentioned in 2013. I’m positive. You’re looking at the past with rose-tinted glasses. If you want subsidies, you have at least 3 other carriers to choose from.

        • archerian

          Just because a plan was not publicly available for new customers doesn’t mean it was not at all offered for long term customers via Loyalty. I can attest several moved to these cheaper plans (they were made even cheaper when a discount for the loss of subsidies was added). They were not new signups, but the OP was referring to existing long term users. It’s not looking at the past with rose-tinted glasses if you were a loyal T-mobile customer and switched to one of those plans in 2013/2014, it’s present day benefits for being a loyal T-mobile customer. The ones who were around before John Legere came down from heaven and created T-mobile as Uncarriers believe . The ones who stuck with T-mobile when it was utter crap with the pending ATT merger, lousy customer care, no iphone for years, 2G when everyone else was 3G, no indoor coverage etc etc.

        • Devo

          Finally someone who knows what they are talking about in regards to T-Mobile. Their prices are actually higher after this goon in the pink tshirt took over then they were before but people are complete idiots in general and have no clue how to do the math. I paid roughly $65 a month with T-Mobile before these garbage plans and I had 1500 minutes unlimited text and data plus a phone subsidy every two years. I left soon there after via a AT&T unlimited plan I bought on eBay and now I pay $64 a month for essentially the same plan plus a phone subsidy every two years. I’ve considered leaving because AT&T has subpar customer service but for the price I’m paying and what im getting it really can’t be touched. One last point T-Mobile is losing money right now only because they are paying the etfs to get peeps to move over. They will get cash flow positive in the long run with this scheme and it’s one thing they started that I do truly like and hopefully it continues for the foreseeable future just in case I do want to move. Once they stop buying customers their income statement will look much better and hopefully their individual plans will go down as right now their individual plans are only for goons who struggle to do the math.

  • shamatuu

    still a butt load of money after 12 months

    • Jesus Rosales

      Its only $60

      • shamatuu

        for the Note 4 and other high ends phone. You even look at the list?

        • Medion

          That’s been typical smartphone retail pricing for years. Not everyone has been buying on contract exclusively. I’ve generally bought my phones unlocked for the past several years.
          2009 – Nokia E71 for $500ish
          2011 – Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100 international model) – $640
          2013 – Galaxy S4 GPE $649
          2014 – Moto X 2013 64GB for $440 (came out ahead after selling the S4).

          And in 2013 I bought ym wife an unlocked iPhone 5s 64GB for $849.

        • samesung

          good on you, mate! :-7
          thanks for sharing

        • Medion

          I apologize if I came across as bragging. I was merely trying to point out that these price ranges are not new for smartphones, but have always been that way and hidden by contract subsidy (pay less up front, more per month, carrier usually comes out ahead).

        • Jay J. Blanco

          Thats not bragging at all lol i paid 400 for my galaxy s3 then cracked the screen and spent 170 on a replacement. After buying accessories i spent about 600 dollars

          I got off cheap on my s2 and got it brand new for 400.

          My s4 im paying full retail price 600+

        • Romdude

          Which is why I’m on the tmobile jump. I love my M7 and haven’t even used my jump yet but it includes full replacement warranty. I’ve traded in my M7 three times I think and my last one is perfect, faster, no hue in the camera and the fonts can be enlarged, my last one couldn’t. True it might be refurbished but it has no scratches and it works better than the first new one I got so now this should last me another two years if I don’t replacement warranty it again.

        • TechHog

          Were expecting them to have $300-500 discounts or something? Are you nuts?

        • shamatuu

          no i was only saying it’s still really expensive

  • Great to me. That Note 4 discount is magnifico because $600-$650 is my range, anything above that is pushing it way beyond what I should be spending. The LG G3 pricing looks amazing too. I will definitely be subscribing tomorrow if it does go live.

    • monkeybutts

      Add in Samsung promotions like free year of netflix or $200 trade in rebate. Could make the offers even better.

  • dayaram

    IPHONE 6 64 is $749.

    So, instead of saying that its $749, they are saying

    iPhone 6 64 gb $849 and after SCORE (or whatever the fuck it is) price will be $649.
    $200 off.

    Yes we have tmobile. But not all of us are illiterate hoodrats!!

  • 21stNow

    Two questions here. One, will SCORE! pricing be available on a phone’s launch day, or will we have to wait until the phone is, say, three months old before this pricing is offered? Two, what do the letters in SCORE! stand for?

  • NeedANewPhone

    I thought a 64GB iPhone 6 is $749? Are they increasing the “retail” prices so the discount looks higher or was this a typo?

    • gmo8492

      Most likely a typo.

  • eanfoso

    so after 6 months, you can get let’s say a lumia 530 for “free” right?

    • archerian

      They’re counting on Score users to forget or skip buying.. I’m sure there will be hundreds who don’t redeem at the exact 6 month interval.

  • Spencer Walker

    Or just buy a moto g second gen or asus zenfone 2 when that releases and go on crickets 55 dollar 10gb plan

  • anthony

    T-mobile is overlooking the central América community no internacional minutes for us. Central América is right there and we are not part of international plans. T-Mobile could win extra millions subscribers if they would add international minutes to central america!

    • Brian Perez

      I think they hace the whole international roaming for simple choice customers included that why theirs no need to have anything special for those countries the same goes for most of europe so…

      • archerian

        He was complaining about international calling from the USA, not roaming while over there

  • Edgardo A. Soto Rodriguez

    This is dumb,:: who wants to pay $5 for a junk is not free.. And on top of that in 12 months who know what type of phones are available..

  • Here is an idea. Focus on coverage first. Let people come over with their own devices. Then do what i did by a ZTE Z Max (full price 250.00) for 10.00 interest free. Paying 700.00 for a phone is a scam

    • Romdude

      You’re obviously not one of those targeted by this program.

    • seattlevspats

      If you buy it from a Metro Store, it’s just $99 + Tax and Activation or about $125.00 out the door. Not sure if deal is still on.But what you paid is great if you are using it on T-Mobile. Your lower price on these is partly because Sony is tanking….not doing so good. But either way you got yourself a fine phone.

  • Herb

    This is most likely a typo, because iPhones are price fixed by Apple. Retailers are not permitted to change the price themselves.

  • Randall Lind

    Why can’t some people get Jump? I don’t have good credit but pay my bill every month and I have Jump.

    • thepanttherlady

      I believe you have to purchase a phone to add it.

  • Brian Perez

    ok so SOMETHING THAT THIS PRESS RELEASE FAILS****** TO INFORM! That is that if you have ever in the past 12months had a payment ARRANGAMENT**** you do not qualify… when they say 12 months or more of straight payments that mean paying your bill the day that is due……nothing more nothing less so yeah.

  • randian

    That iPhone is the worst of the offers. Paying $60 to save $100 isn’t dumb, but it’s not nearly as good as the others. I’m also assuming that the 6S will be available for SCORE at launch.