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Rokr E8 and Prorated ETFs coming June 30th

The Motorola Rokr E8 seems to be a device that cell phone users either hate or love. But this, you can’t hate: Prorated Early Termination Fees. Thats right folks, it looks like starting June 30th, T-mobile will not only offer you the Rokr E8, but they will begin prorating ETF. For those that don’t know what a prorated ETF is, it means that as you have less and less time in your contract, your early termination fee … [read full article]

FlexPay Update and more!

Very few people are familiar with T-mobile’s FlexPay plan, but those that are familiar with it, know that it is buggy, messy, and complicated. It looks like T-mobile caught on to this too, because coming this July is FlexPay 2.0. Sounds intense right? Flexpay 2.0 should fix all the annoying bugs and problems in the original Flexpay. T-mobile is so sure of it, they are launching a FlexPay ad campaign after to try to boost awareness of … [read full article]

FCC passes 3G Nokia with Hotspot@Home Capabilities

It looks like it has the bands for T-mobile 3G, as well as capabilities to support T-mobile’s Hotspot@Home. T-mobile’s first 3G UMA phone anyone?! We can’t guarantee that it’s on its way to T-mobile’s lineup, but we sure hope it is. We’re digging for more right now and we’ll update you with anything we find, stay tuned!

Eyes on the new W490 colors, 1208 and 2760

(Left to Right: Nokia 1208, Nokia 2760, Motorola W490s in Bubble Gum and Heather Grape) Not too much of a ground-breaking article, but for those interested in any of these new low-end phones, here are some official T-mobile shots. Also, some good shots of the two new colors for the W490s, which you can pick up in stores on May 5th. Enjoy!

I see a Nokia!

It looks as if Nokia is T-mobile’s new Samsung. For those that don’t follow T-mobile quite as closely as we do, this just means that it looks like T-mobile has pushed their Samsung phones as much as they could, and then some, and now it is time to move on to Nokias. It seems that T-mobile is trying to clear out some lower end Nokia phones before the 5310, 5610, and 6301 all drop the [read full article]

Here comes the rain…

Like we said in a previously written article, it is about to rain Nokias, and Ladies and gentleman here comes the rain! The Nokia 5610 and the 5310 will be out on May 21st. With a decent camera, MicroSD slot, style, and voice dialing, the 5610 is shaping up to be one of T-mobile higher-end phones. If your looking to save a little money but still keep it stylish, pick the … [read full article]

Hotspot@Home = Free international calls to the U.S.

As it turns out, T-mobile doesn’t monitor the origination of the I.P. address for their Wifi Hotspot@Home calls. Translation: If you make a call using T-mobile’s Hotspot@Home, they don’t care where it is from. We’re not talking calls from places like California, Texas, and New York. We’re talking Argentina, China, London, Israel, and South Africa…Anywhere that has open Wifi, you can make a UMA call to … [read full article]

T-mobile USA hits 30 million customers

Congratulations T-mobile USA! After the Suncom acquisition, and a couple months of pushing MyFaves and Hotspot@Home (Not really though) you have made it to 30 million customers. We might just start calling you the little carrier that could. A while back we wrote a little about our positive outlook for T-mobile, and now with this milestone it looks like T-mobile is heading in the right direction: up, as in … [read full article]

Sliding Into Scarlet

It looks like T-mobile is trying to push the Sidekick Slide one more time before excitment starts building over the new Sidekick…oops, did we say that? Click to read more

Upcoming Sale & T429 going PrePaid

If you were thinking about switching to T-mobile, you might want to wait until April 25th. From April 25th to April 28th, all activation fees will be waived. Well, not exactly, but the $35 per line will be credited to your first bill. Spending $35 may seem trivial, but if you are activating 5 lines, the price jumps up to $175. After this promotion ends, on April 30th, T-mobile will be launching a new PrePaid Pay As … [read full article]

Am I Dreaming?

Andoird + T-mobile

First and foremost, TMoNews has not fully confirmed this. Our lack of commitment and confirmation on this subject may also stemming from our disbelief that T-mobile plans on being leading the wireless industry, an event rarely seen. Other carriers which will remain unnamed seem to follow the business strategy of ‘lead and hope,’ while T-mobile has always seemed to ‘follow and do it right the first time.’ The tables have turned … [read full article]