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Motorola Releases Cliq Promo Video

Not to be outdone by the promotional techno-filled N900 promo videos Motorola has released a video showing off the highlights of the forthcoming Motorola Cliq. If you haven’t heard of this phone yet, this video will show you all kinds of new stuff, if you’ve been following the phone since launch day you won’t find anything here that you haven’t already seen half a dozen times by now. Either way, it’s a promo video, it’s got … [read full article]

Who Wants More N900?

There are some truly lucky people on this industry, and the people over at PhoneScoop fall into that category.  Ignoring all this Android hubbub, they sought out the best of the best in mobile communication devices.  I’m talking, of course, about the Nokia N900 phone, mobile computer, all in one and almighty gadget.  Highlights of the device include an amazing ability to multitask, a Mozilla browser with full flash (the real deal, … [read full article]

A Little More Confirmation

While we aren’t selling this as 100% concrete, the boys over at Boygenius are lending a little more credence to our pre-sale/release date for the Motorola Cliq. BoyGenius is calling for a November 11th date, which perfectly sides with our Oct 19th pre-sale date and 3 week to ship timeframe. On the other side of things, they are also calling for the same drop date for the Blackberry 9700. Our ninjas pegged this … [read full article]

More Hands Touch Tattoo

Noah, from Phonedog, was lucky enough to get some hands on time the HTC Tattoo.  Don’t be afraid though, John (their Android expert) is narrating, so your ears aren’t deceiving you.  The video is quick, but it shows that it is quite snappy and responsive, even with the resistive touchscreen and the problems that the Sense UI has caused other phones.  This video also shows the Tattoo being stripped down, so it can be … [read full article]

G1 Price Drop


Well here is some good news for those wishing to switch to the G1, or just Android.  T-Mobile has decided to lower the price of the first Android phone to $129.99 on contract.  Saying that that this is the same price as the Samsung Comeback, and twenty dollars cheaper than the Samsung Highlight, I would definitely recommend going Android.  It seems like they are trying to clear the shelves for something (Cliq maybe? Wait, is … [read full article]

T-mobile Wins At Customer Service Again

While T-mobile may be fluttering in fourth place in the wireless market, they aren’t sitting on their laurels when it comes to customer service. Winning yet another JD power award T-mobile is again applauded for ranking high in customer satisfaction. “T-Mobile ranks highest in customer satisfaction among major wireless carrier-owned retail stores with a score of 729, performing well in all four factors that drive satisfaction. Alltel (721) and Verizon Wireless (714) follow T-Mobile in the rankings.” … [read full article]

First Cliq Review

Nokia N97

While we wait for the pre-order date and availability date, how about some impressions from lucky people (or just rewatch all those videos).  This specific review, however, is actually for the DEXT, but they are essentially the same phone (is anyone complaining?).  Katherine, over at T3, was lucky enough to get some time with the Cliq sibling and she seems rather impressed by it, even calling it a “new dawn” for … [read full article]

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic Now Available

Good Evening TmoNews readers! Today Nokia announced the Nokia 5130 XpressMusic – available exclusively from T-Mobile, starting today. This music-centric handset is equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone jack, stereo Bluetooth, FM radio, 2 megapixel camera with video capture, WAP browser, instant messaging and e-mail and the Series 40 operating system. The Nokia 5130 comes in two flavors, Black Red and Pearl White Aqua. The Nokia 5130 XpressMusic is available today at select T-Mobile retail stores and … [read full article]

Deutsche Telekom Shareholders Want Action

It’s only been a few days since the recent round of rumors peg Deutsche Telekom looking into acquisition of Sprint and yet, another option has presented itself. Unfortunately, though this option has a much less positive spin than the acquisition of the third and fourth place wireless players in the US would have.  Coming on the heels of the T-mobile UK merger with Orange in the UK, the two big shareholders for Deutsche Telekom are beginning … [read full article]

Nokia 5130 Playing September 16th


Here is a friendly reminder about T-Mobile’s next media centered phone.  The Nokia 5130, which we told you about last month, is destined for shelves tomorrow and will replace the Nokia 5310 (that still seems backwards to me).  It is a pretty simple, affordable, music playing phone with a 2 megapixel camera, external music controls, a 3.5 mm headphone jack (YAY!) and it will have a couple of color options.  Full specs and a picture after … [read full article]


Obvious Simpson’s reference aside, here is some news for those current (or upcoming) Android users.  Google has released the SDK for Android 1.6 or Donut (which really gives the power to developers to fine tune the update).  However, what interests the consumer is that Donut will officially be served to the masses “as early as October” (HEY! that is in like two weeks!).    This Donut will be stuffed with a tasty cream filling … [read full article]