Things To Look Forward To…AT&T To Implement Data Throttling

In what can only be described as a taste of things to come provided the AT&T/T-Mobile takeover deal goes through AT&T is rumored to begin throttling data plans come October. AT&T will work to curb data congestion on their network and begin to recoup some of their reputation. The throttling plan will be pretty standard with data heavy users being curbed to a specific speed once they hit a predetermined threshold allowed by AT&T. There are no specific numbers floating around right now so at what point AT&T will throttle you and to what speed are anyones guess. We’re not fans of throttling data here at TmoNews and we take plenty of exception to T-Mobile’s use of the word unlimited data that is throttled.

Just something else to look forward to if/when AT&T takes over T-Mobile. Happy Days!


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