Opinion: Why T-Mobile’s “Unlimited Data” Plan Is A Play On Words

I’ve begun a number of my previous editorials with words like “staunch defender, supporter and biggest fan” when it comes to T-Mobile and their corporate decisions. I’ve used those words or something similar in an effort to show that what’s coming up is born out of love and frustration. A storm has been brewing in my eyes as of late with T-Mobile’s recent campaign on “unlimited” data. It came to a head last Thursday evening when T-Mobile’s marketing department posted a video on YouTube (which is now private)  depicting Carly and a new character chatting about unlimited data and the “small print” other carriers stipulate. After Carly explained the $79.99 promotional plan as having “unlimited data”, I took issue with T-Mobile’s own fine print at the end of the commercial.  The very same “small print” the commercial was designed to poke fun at existed in the exact same nature at the end of the T-Mobile commercial. See below:

As of now, this commercial has been set to private on YouTube and I don’t imagine we’ll see it again. To be blunt, this commercial was ridiculous. A complete sham by T-Mobile to poke fun at other carriers while patting itself on the back for its own terrific value. Except it’s not great value and the company’s definition of “unlimited” isn’t unlimited in any real world sense. Unlimited, according to dictionary.com, is defined as “not limited; unrestricted, unconfined; boundless and most importantly without any qualification or exception”. It is in that last part of the definition that I find fault with T-Mobile’s “unlimited” claim. While I’ll be the first to admit that in a very technical sense T-Mobile’s unlimited plan doesn’t cut you off, In my opinion that’s just a very clever play on words.  You can put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig. Throttling is a restriction in a very real sense and to claim otherwise is ridiculous and therefore doesn’t quite meet the dictionary definition T-Mobile claims. Are we to understand that wireless carriers are free to interpret words as their marketing departments see fit?

In a blog post that appeared early in the morning the day this YouTube/Twitter debate went down, we posted a breakdown of T-Mobile’s new data plans which included the difference between “high speed” and “reduced speed”. An email sent while using high speed takes 2-6 seconds and reduced speed, or throttling, takes 30-40 seconds. That’s a very noticeable change and one that completely affects the user experience. I can’t imagine users who are used to sending dozens of emails per day using reduced speed for actual work. It’s just not feasible. T-Mobile is misleading its customers with commercials like the one that would have aired. I’m evidently not alone in my thoughts as the few comments that were made about  the YouTube video before it was taken down show other individuals were ready to call T-Mobile on the hypocrisy in its advertisement.

The bottom line is that T-Mobile’s claim of unlimited is nothing more than a crafty play on words thanks to a marketing team. “Unlimited” data that reduces speed to the point where it’s all but unusable for anything but the most remedial tasks isn’t unlimited. It’s not without restriction, qualification or expectation. Throttling is very much an exception and a restriction. While throttling may be the T-Mobile way of differentiating itself from the competition along with helping customers avoid overages, it’s also giving them reason to believe it’s actually unlimited. The $79.99 promotional plan reduces data speeds at 2GB’s and that’s unlimited? I’ll go back to the same point that you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig. This clever play on words is everything that’s wrong with the wireless industry and I fear it will only get worse when AT&T gobbles up T-Mobile.



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  •  They should just rename it to “Truly Overage Free”. Problem solved.

    • Kyle

      Does anyone have a copy/link of the YouTube video?

    • Anonymous

       “I like it. I like it a lot”

  • TypicalWhitePerson

     Fir… oh nevermind, F*CK!! Second…

  • Anonymous

     Yeah, wow… very disappointed at that move by tmobile.  They were doing good with the commercials that were accurate but this is definitely over the top.  I mean, you put lipstick on an iphone it’s still an iphone ya know?

    • You put lipstick on Android it’s still Android :-)

  • Brandon

     I totally agree! T-Mobile should watch out… They try to do things to help the consumer but it usually backfires and hurts them in the end! Case in point; look at how many customers have left in the first quarter alone. T-Mobile is like the rebound for people coming from other companies. They should just realize that and stop trying to be like ATT or Verizon. They are a budget company with subpar coverage and should operate accordingly.

  • Anonymous

     I will get worse when AT&T gobble up T-Mobile?  Your kidding right?  At least AT&T is honest about what you’re getting and they don’t throttle your speed!  You need more data?  You get more!  $10 per extra gig per month is pretty fair!  You need to get over this AT&T is so evil thing!

    • You need to understand that wasn’t my intent. Only that data caps are coming with AT&T and T-Mobile customers will be more confused than ever.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, and BTW… This “Unlimited” thing is nothing new with T-Mobile.  They’ve been calling their “Unlimited Data” for some time now and it’s been the same thing.  Throttled after 5 GB of use.  Now they’re just offering more “Unlimited” choices.  

    • chris

      At&t / truth? Tell that to my cousin with an inspire 4G… not once has he hit any speed above 3mbps… you just can’t use those 2 words in the same sentence buddy…

      • thats because AT&T hasn’t actually upgraded their towers to HSPA+  

    • $10/GB is fair? Not in my opinion. 

      • whosaidwhat

         Note even close to being fair. At the present time, all the carriers are over charging us because the smartphone market is booming. I will love to know how much it really costs them to supply 5GB of data to a customer. 5GB was enough 5 years ago but not in today’s cloud computing and netflix streaming world.

        I kind of think all these changes are being made thanks to T-Mobile’s number fan (ATT). They are just getting us acclimated to caps and tiered plans before the sales goes through.

    • On AT&T, $10 per extra gig per month is only fair if you don’t mind an extra $10 coming out of your account automatically (and more, depending on how high you go), unless you’re watching your usage like a hawk. With gas prices rising and the cost of everything in life going up, I don’t want that last search on Google Maps to cost me $10 because I JUST hit my limit – especially if I didn’t expect it.

      At least on T-Mobile, you can call in and upgrade to the next highest plan and have it retroactively applied – $10 to go from 2GB to 5GB is $10 for 3 more gigs.  But if not, hey, it’s just going to take longer for me to finish the search on my phone.

      I like a little control with my money. I’m tired of all the automatic charges in life if you don’t do something. Forget to cancel your free trial? Pay up. Forget that your TV subscription promo price was up? Pay more. Forgot to check your usage before loading up your map/GPS app? On AT&T – pay up.

    • Anonymous

      I accidentally hit “like” on your comment instead of reply. Anyways you think $10 for 1gb is fair? Do you also like to pay 4dollars a gallon of gas? 4 dollars for a soda or 5 for a beer? They’re premiums that people pay (at events for example, baseball games, bars, etc.) doesn’t mean that they’re fair. They know you will pay ridiculous prices for data because you need it, and people are willing to pay for it, the very same thing that is happening to gas prices right now, and its because of people like you who say “its ok” that they keep doing it.

    • commander fury

       Baby there is a class action lawsuit filed last week against AT&T for overcharging on data . You might want to look it up . Its not honest & is coming at a very bad time for them . 

      • whosaidwhat

         They deserve to be sued. I really don’t see how these companies feel they can charge us $15 to $25 extra to tether the same capped data we’ve already paid for. That’s the biggest robbery any big or small company can pull without getting fined. It’s like Comcast telling me I need to pay an additional $30 if I plan on using a wireless router at home. Doesn’t make any sense at all.

        Thankfully T-Mobile isn’t doing this yet but since they’ve successfully managed to get Google to block tethering apps from the market, it’s only a matter of time before they enforce it too.

    • $10 and extra gig is fair?? what are you? high? Just because AT&T is blunt about screwing you in the b*hole doesn’t make it any better. it may have been fair if it was 10gbs extra or at least 5gbs but 10? that is a huge rip. the whole cell phone business is charging extra to make much more profit than they deserve.

  • Mikex915

    That’s why I won’t sign a contract now or after the merger. I’ll keep my grandfathered plan. I don’t have a problem paying retail price for the phone I want.

  •  You do know that unlimited data plans have been around for quite a while with Tmo. This is nothing new. 

    • Did I mention anything about the length of time they have been available. Only that the time has come to stop using the word “unlimited.”

  • Ralph

     I think it’s important for them to highlight “no overage fees” and perhaps “unlimited” is an easier way to communicate this point. Where I think people take issue is the use of “truly.”

  • Technically – yes. It’s unlimited – get over it.

    Unlimited markets better than “overage free”.

    And in my opinion, as a self-proclaimed HEAVY data user, those “throttle points” are generous for their price points. Did you REALLY expect them to give you un-metered access to their 3G/4G speeds? That would be disastrous/insane.

    I’d rather have throttling than a) overages and b) network congestion…

    • TypicalWhitePerson

      Well enjoy your premium device at FULL THROTTLE!! And besides, it would be illegal for T-Mobile to charge any overage fee for any data plan promoted as “unlimited”. 

    • I’m on Sprint. I use around 5GB per month, and could use double that if I wanted. I don’t see any congestion and I don’t get charged extra for using unlimited data. You can have it both ways.

      • TypicalWhitePerson

        At least with Sprint or when I had them, the Simply Everything plan was not misleading at all. Everything was TRULY unlimited. But the $99.99 plan, plus insurance and taxes came out to a $130 estimate bill every month. Had to make that switch for budget purposes.

  • Anonymous

    I thought that they send a text notifying the user that their data usage is getting close to the throttling threshold.  The customer can then opt to up their data limit temporarily to keep enjoying their high speed Internet.

    That doesn’t sound too bad to me.  I prefer to get throttled than to pay an extra $50+ during a billing period because I wasn’t keeping a close eye on my data usage and I just couldn’t get enough of my favorite youtube video.

    Personally, I have the 200 MB plan.  My normal usage is ~5 MB a month on my G2.  Most of the time, if I need to do something on my phone, I am around WiFi.  My true beef with T-mobile is that that I don’t want to pay for the data plan since I hardly use it.  But they got to make back that money they lost by giving me that G2 for free…

    • Jdub

       take it off after two years

  •  To be honest, I would rather have throttled data than capped data, but I see your point. 

    • I agree, I’d rather have slower speeds than to get errors about being unable to use any data at all.

      But that’s not what the editorial is about. He’s arguing that a “truly” unlimited plan wouldn’t impose a speed limit after a certain amount of data.

    • In t-mobiles case there is no difference if you are throttled down to edge.

  • Miracles

    When I took a trip to Australia in 2007 I found that data throttleing was standard practice. All the locals I met were surprised by my stories of unlimited data both mobile and wired. if this spreads beyond mobile carriers to more traditional cable and dsl isps like it is in Australia we are in for a major shock. I have seen what throttling has to offer and I can’t say I am a fan.

    • Many internet companies in the U.S. have usage caps.  Comcast and Qwest limit users/households to 250 GB/month. 

      • Anonymous

         Is it EDGE after that?? JK

  • Rafaelmdez

    I’m guessing that only one percent of tmobile customers will go after the 10gb data plan. That was the reason for the cap.

  • TypicalWhitePerson

    Hahaha finally someone is putting T-Mobile on blast!!! Like I said before, anybody with a premium smartphone, on a 200mb or 2GB “Truly Overage” plans are complete IDIOTS!!

    Anyone with 5GB or higher is winning…

    • Exactly. I’m not giving up my Even More Plus plan for the death of me. Even though technically I’m supposed to be throttled at 5GB I’ve crossed that threshold for months on end with no ill effect. I’ll give this plan up only after the merger makes my phone a paperweight…and then I’m jumping to Sprint. 

      • TypicalWhitePerson

        I hear ya! I think anyone on contract with T-Mobile with a premium smartphone on a 2GB plan or lower are very stupid!! When the merger comes, your jumping to Sprint and I’m going to Verizon lol.

    • Anonymous

       I think you have used too many Gigabytes streaming Charlie Sheen clips to your “premium” smartphone(Cliq).

      • TypicalWhitePerson

        Jealous, are you? HA! And with your 2GB phone/plan, you will not be winning at all nor have the continuing speed to enjoy Charlie Sheen clips.  BTW dumbass, I have a iPhone4, 9780 and a Nexus One, but I’m such a Apple fanatic, I use my iPhone more. 

        5GB and up = WINNING!!!

        • Anonymous

           lol you trip me out.  I’m losing because I don’t have more GB’s than I myself actually need.  Go drink some Tiger Blood.

        • TypicalWhitePerson

          Absolutely, Mr. Strong!! 2GB or lower on a premium smartphone that is capable of heavy data features like GPS, Pandora, etc.. is not winning. Why waste such a lower tier plan a G2x, MyT4G, Nexus, etc..? Might as well just go all out and atleast get the 5GB, because your not gonna always be around WiFi. 

          When it comes to T-Mobile… sounds like your the one that’s getting PIMP’D!!

  • Anonymous

    You’re an idiot. The data is unlimited. You can use as much as you want. Throttling helps everyone. Just because you have to use slower speeds after 2GB, your usage is never limited.

    • Agreed. Your USAGE is never limited, but your speeds are.

      However, calling it “Truly” unlimited, implies that there’s no limitation of any kind, when clearly there is a limit.

      • Anonymous

         Yeah the “Truly” part adds insult to injury.  

    • Acidice

      Please explain to me how this is helping anyone?  I think you are the idiot here since you want to call out names I mean lets just go ahead and do so.  Everyone thinks these “new” plans are so good yet they are bs and that’s just plain facts.  Like I’ve said before I’ll stick to my Unlimited Loyality Plan have fun “throttling” that one T-Mobile. 

    • Throttling helps everyone? Ok…guess I am an idiot since that makes no sense to me.  

    • Anonymous

      Is OP seriously suggesting that people and customers can’t read? That they can’t read and understand the copious and blatant disclosures of how much data is given with each plan?  That these copious disclosures are worse than the hidden caps the other carriers have that include outrageous overages, or that AT&T 4G branding is ethically better?

      Some people can only really focus on the 1% real-world usage statistics as “doomsday”.

      • Is this directed toward me? If you assume for one minute that people read the fine print, I guess I’m selling one more bridge.

    • Anonymous

      Is OP seriously suggesting that people and customers can’t read? That they can’t read and understand the copious and blatant disclosures of how much data is given with each plan?  That these copious disclosures are worse than the hidden caps the other carriers have that include outrageous overages, or that AT&T 4G branding is ethically better?

      Some people can only really focus on the 1% real-world usage statistics as “doomsday”.

  • Anonymous

     There are 2 key points:

    1.  Buyers ARE informed that your speeds slow down at at a certain point.  There is no trick to this.  No scheme.  It would be different if it was a complete surprise but you actually know in advance.

    2.  The thing you buy into is “Unlimited Data(consumption)” not “Unlimited 4G, 3G, HSPA+ Data(speed)”

    BUT, I still don’t agree with using the misleading term. In the end it’s all just clever marketing.  

    • Anonymous

      You are right, like most people are saying.

    • It’s not edge.  It’s more like GPRS 

      • Anonymous

         See I asked the rep yesterday when I downgraded my plan and they said “probably EDGE”.  I still don’t know for certain what speed it will be but I DO know that I’ll never find out.

      • Anonymous

        I am currently being throttled.  My data rates from speedtest are:

        55 – 60 kbps DOWN
        90 – 100 kbps UP

        It’s extremely painful.  I’ll probably be switching to Sprint in the near future.

    • Pimp, if you think buyers are informed about this at the time of sale EVERY time I have a bridge to sell in Brooklyn and San Francisco. I also have really great beachfront property in Florida. 

      • Anonymous

        When I changed my plan on Sunday I was informed without me asking.  When I browse the web page I see “T-Mobile’s plan includes 2 GB at full speeds; reduced 
        speeds for remainder of bill cycle.” all over the place now.  I was/am informed but I can’t speak on behalf of the next jackass who doesn’t pay attention.

        Same go however I do not doubt that there are some reps that just so happen to forget to mention that oh so important piece of information.  

        Any store reps in the house today that can tell us what the procedure is for selling data plans???

        Oh and David I’ll see you in Florida this August!! Miami beach for the week with the fam.

        • Anonymous

          Its my personal policy to be upfront with customers. As many have stated, 2gb is a lot for most ppl. And I mention that in my conversations with customers. Id be lying if I said every rep in the country mentions the highspeed cap everytime. We know that’s not the case. Reps should be asking customers how they plan to use data, so they can set an expectation. I see Dave’s point though. We had a bit of a debate about this not long ago. But you have to market your products and services in a way that’s appealing to the customer. Selling a “2GB highspeed data plan” wouldn’t be smart from a marketing standpoint. Your average person doesn’t even know what MBs and GBs actually means, so how can you use those terms in an ad campaign. People understand what unlimited means and ppl like unlimited. This is a business…..highlight positives and downplay negatives (fine print)

        • Anonymous

          Well put mystery sales associate… 

        • Anonymous

           When I go buy my new phone, I’ma get at you.

        • Anonymous

          Thanx haha

      • Anonymous

        David, you and I both know when you sign your service agreement or your plan summary after changing, it explicitly shows 2GBs of data and explains the throttle.  If you are advocating for those that dont read what they sign, I really dont understand why you would be.   PimpStrongs points are both strong valid arguments.  

  • NardVa

    It’s a play on words but Tmobile knows only a small percentage of customers will hit their cap of 2GB and get throttled. In reality only a small percentage of customers will feel that sting of slower speeds.

    • Guest

       Do you have anything to back your claims of only a small percent?
      Everything I see when I run a test on Tmobiles data estimator shows that you can hit 2 gb VERY QUICKLY. 

      • brucewayne73

        As someone who worked for tmobile, I can tell you that the majority of people I talked to in the 5 years of working there never came close to 2 gb.  Although I don’t care for the wording, I would say for most, this is a great plan.  For those that do use more than 2 gb, we pay for what we use.  For those who think it is “unfair”, price the plans and web features at the other carriers.

        • Android has only been popular for like 2 or 3 years and the first two popular years of android didn’t have so much that you could do. Last month I hit over 2gb’s I watch youtube surf the web and use emails. constantly downloading from the market of android.

        • Anonymous

          Sounds like you consider yourself a fairly heavy user.  We have a higher tiered plan for you that goes up to 5GB of full speed data @ the same $30/mo.  Nothins changed.  We just now have a smaller option for people like myself who use about a GB/mo.

        • Guest

          That is what I was getting at. If you follow the tmobile commercials they HYPE all the multimedia features. 
          if you use them each day you will blow past 2gb in no time certainly 200mb’s within a couple of days. 

      • Anonymous

        Yeah it’s T-Mobile’s on stat, 85% of their customers do not exceed the limit, the percentage is extremely close to that of AT&T when they switched to tiered data.  It’s actually NOT easy to get to 2GBs.  

        • Anonymous

           I thought ATT said only 2% of people use 2GB?  or was that just on smartphones or something?

        • Anonymous

          I dont remember the exact number, but it was also an insanely low percentage, that’s my point though, for some reason these people in this blog feel as though they represent the majority of t-mobile’s customers.  Just like when people were about to burn down Samsung headquarters over Vibrant updates, to this day most people I encounter with Vibrants are still running 2.1.  I would put the number at higher that 90%.   

        • Anonymous

          I hear u. My brother got a vibrant same day as me but he wont let me update it cuz he’s perfectly happy the way the phone is.

          Data hoggers and phone junkies are by far the minority.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. But I hit my limit about 10 days in lol. I have to use wifi from there on out, it’s so slow when down to edge.

  • Slickerz

    i lol’d the first time i saw this commercial.  if you’ve been up to date with your tmonews than you know that the commercial was a fuckin joke

  • Decided to do a little math.

    According to Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3G#Data_rates), 3G has theoretical limit of 2 Mbit/second for stationary downloads (384Kbit for moving vehicles, etc).I’ve read somewhere that T-Mobile drops you to EDGE speeds after you hit their cap, and according to Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2G#2.75G_.28EDGE.29), EDGE has a theoretical limit of 236.8 Kbit/second, I assume also for stationary downloads.So, at perfect theoretical maximums, which would never happen in the real world:2GB (2,147,483,648 bytes) could be downloaded at perfect 3G speeds in 1073.741824 seconds, or 17 minutes and 54 seconds.At 365 days/year, the ‘average’ month is 30 days and 10 hours, which is exactly 43800 minutes, which would leave 43782.104 minutes at EDGE speed.Converted to minutes, EDGE’s theoretical limit of 236.8Kbit per second, would allow a theoretical download speed of 1,776,000 bytes per minute.Meaning for the remainder of the month at a 24×7 always-on scenario, you could download an additional 77,757,016,704 (72.4GB) of data, so a total of about 74.4GB of data in a month.

    In contrast:

    At perfect 3G speeds, a full month of 3G data speeds on a fully ‘unlimited’ plan would allow for 657 GB of data. (2Mbit/sec = 250,000 bytes per second, so 15MB/minute, times 43800 minutes in an ‘average’ month as described above)

    • shoop

      in theory, if you’re online consistently using data 24/7 and never go below 2mbps. in reality, not so much, even if you rely on tethering instead of services from some ISP. the most i ever spent on my mobile data was around 4GB, that was me trying to break the 5GB cap months ago which involved a painful lot of video watching, web surfing, emails, social networking, news reading, GPS navigation (and a whole lot of recharging…) etc while maintaining a normal work schedule. on a normal month, i might barely break the 2GB cap with heavy surfing, social networking, and occasional navigation and tethering.

      so theoretically, the new 2GB cap completely sucks. but practically for the average joe, 2GB should be enough most of the time. to the complainers: be glad you don’t have to pay extra when you go over the cap, like you would if you went with the two major companies out there.

  • Guest

    This coming from a marketing department that dresses up an adult woman to look 12….is anyone surprised at their lack of ethics?

    • TypicalWhitePerson

      LMAO!!! The whole Carly thing is a joke! 

  • Rage

    I’m seriously thinking about prepaid!

    • TypicalWhitePerson

      Its a lot better than that misleading “truly” $79.99 plan  

  • Anonymous

    Everything has a cost, so I have no objection to things having a price.  What I hate are the games played by those who want us to pay them a price.  Free phones, unlimited data, etc.

    Unlimited Data that in fact has limits is already dodgy; when they go even further and claim that this limited service is in fact TRULY unlimited, they’ve lost me.

    If you’re going to pretend the data service is unlimited* (ie with some minor restrictions), any restrictions have to be somewhat invisible and transparent to the user’s experience.  Speeds should gradually step down, and not fall off a cliff.  Allowances should build up, so that someone who hardly ever uses much data, but suddenly finds themselves in a hospital bed or on a delayed flight can use more than their monthly allotment without getting strangled.

    Maybe the trick is to impose daily volume limits, and also use some (e.g. 3-day) averaging, to flexibly maintain service to the average user, while preventing persistent high volume users from ‘abusing’ the system.

    Unfortunately, we consumers are suckers from ‘free’ and ‘unlimited’, so carriers have every incentive in the world to continue playing games with us.

  • it really doesnt matter since its all going to be at&t in a few months anyway

    • Er, not any time soon, it’s going to take like a year for everything to be finalized.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, “unlimited” is gone from the dictionary.

    • In this sense yes, but not really.  

  • Turdnugget0420

    Well I must say I’m glad to finally see Tmonews calling out T-Mobile for their lies rather than always kissing their ass!

    Anyone thinking that people are informed about this in the sales office are sadly mistaken.

    • Thanks I think! 

  • Weasel

    I tried to Google “unlimited” on my Android phone but I’m currently being throttled. I waited over 7 minutes for the page to load and finally gave up! 

  • Weasel

    BTW… they dont they just throttle back to full EDGE speed? this article is completely accurate, this throttled speed is unusable. I think 14.4kbps modem might be faster!  

    • Anonymous

      Its not that bad.

    • Anonymous

      Its not that bad.

  • I agree. It is kind of messed up to have a unlimited everything plan, but it’s only 2GB’s for “full speed.” (yes there are more options, but it’s even more expensive to get the 5GB’s & 10GB’s up from 2GB’s, it’s like a $20-$30 addition expense difference). It would even be acceptance if we were throttled down to 3G speeds. But, whose ever stating edge speeds, it’s not throttled down to edges. It’s GPRS. I know for a fact because I have edge here & my stuff got throttles & my speeds on both up & download were between 20-30kbps. That’s a HUGE throttle. How can you go from 4G speeds to 2G speeds? That’s horrible. It’s hard saying I have a “Unlimited” plan, but I have to check on my data, so I won’t be capped to be able to have the “full experience.” If I have issue’s later on, I will be one of Sprint’s 1st customers with a Nexus S 4G. I heard Wi-Max is horrible, but if I can get at least 2GB download, i’ll take that will Unlimited data. I’m not on contract anymore, anyway.

    •  “It would even be acceptance if we were throttled down to 3G speeds”

      but if you only HAD a 3G device to begin with, there would be nothing to throttle in your scenario.

      Frankly, I’m surprised that so many people are hitting caps on their plan already. I consider myself a heavy user, with Android syncing my data every few minutes, doing lots of calls out to Twitter/Facebook via Tweetdeck every 3 minutes looking for updates on half a dozen accounts, Pandora streaming in the car to/from work on a 45-minute commute, plus occasional podcast downloads that don’t happen while on Wifi, and I have yet to EVER exceed 2GB on my data plan in a month.

      The only scenario I can imagine where you’re exceeding 2GB/month is if you have no wifi at home/work/school so EVERY bit of data is going through TMobile.

      • There would be something to throttle. If I originally get 4GB-10GB’s (4G) download, then going down to 1GB-2GB’s is a throttle (3G). It’s a decrease in speed. Between 2GB-8GB’s decrease (throttle), that’s a throttle (compress, decrease flow). I’m just saying if I had to be throttled I’d accepted 3G speeds, there is a difference. I’m still confused how people tell you what is what in your opinion. Going down in speeds is a throttle, more than a GB in my opinion is a throttle. I don’t normally hit caps, I’m just saying like David said, it’s not necessarily unlimited. I barely use my phone for data & I was already at 500MB’s before the middle of the month billing period.

    • Anonymous

       I just wanna clairify that the 5GB data plan is still $30 and only $10 more than the 2GB plan.

  • It’s their BS way of having an unlimted plan without having one and still looking like the only company that doesn’t limit usage.

    Sprint may be unlimited with with “premium” data fees it’s pretty much a rip off. AT&T has buckets, Vzw has buckets coming soon. All this does is institute data caps in a way that allows them to legally say “unlimited” without actually having to deliver.  

  • Dane Lee

    This is what I had to say to them…

  • Bimmerz

    Good writeup David!  I’ll be curious if T-Mobile responds to you on this, since they follow you on Twitter and Facebook. Also, I think T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon all need to look up “unlimited” in the dictionary, as you and Dan Hesse have done. ;o)

    • Anonymous

       I like Dan Hesse’s definition but T-Mobile’s prices.

      • Bimmerz

        I agree! Needless to say, I’ll be keeping my grandfathered plan for as long as I can! =o) 

      • Anonymous

        You dont want a Kyocera Echo on the Now Network? 

        • Anonymous

           What the hell is the Kyocera Echo?  JK

    • TMoChris

      wow sprint throttles data too 

  • Anonymous

     Hey David is too caught up in this thread to bring us some more important relevant news.  


  • Mo

    As a T-mobile customer, I’m very pissed. 1: The 3G service coverage is lousy. 2: overall cellphone coverage sucks. 3: Too many drop calls. 4: 3G speed is inconstant and when your data is being throttled, it is slow as heck! 5: With me having unlimited Data, Text, And Voice I find these problems to be a load of dog poop. So when my contract is up i will be giving someone else my business. Thank you T-Mobile for keep letting me down. Also one thing i have noticed is that lately after one week of the Senate hearing of May 11, 2011 that my service gotten even worse. More drop calls and my data service have gotten even more slower. Not being able to get constant 3G service and even though I’m in a 3G area make me even more pissed off since they are all high and mighty on their 4G b.s.

    • HeLLkAt31

      Yea! what he said!…

    • TMoChris

       1st off learn english. 2nd where you live do you guys have a running water/plumbing system, do you ever see tumble weeds passing by when your outside?
      3rd Maybe if you werent a prepaid customer tmobile would care about you <—– (assuming your on pre-paid or flex-pay)

      • Anonymous

         You should take your own advice, and learn some grammar while you at it.

        • Anonymous

          that’s you’re buddy, and he has a point, while I’m not much of a spell-checker myself, people should at least try to formulate an intelligent sentence before wasting space with blatantly stupid posts.  I wonder the same thing every time I see someone in this thread complaining about their tmobile  service:  
          1.  Why do you have T-Mobile?  If your coverage isn’t good and your data speeds are not up to your liking, act like an adult and do something about it.  You have a choice.  You should be on the carrier that satisfies your wireless service wishes.

          2.  To even know of this site, you have to be somewhat techie or interested in the future/well-being/services t-mobile is offering, why would you waste your time in a site dedicated to t-mobile news on upcoming products and services, to complain?

          I didnt like Time Warner Cable, you know what I did?  I switched to FIOS, now I actually like my cable provider.  I didn’t like Sprint/Nextel’s phone selection 4 years ago, guess what?  I switched to AT&T and got an iphone.  I have grew increasingly tired of dropping calls with AT&T and guess what?  Instead of going into an AT&T blog and crying about my coverage or service, I will switch carriers when I see a suitable second provider for me (More than likely Verizon)

          Grow up people… seriously…

        • TypicalWhitePerson

          Blogs and discussion forums are designed for people to rant/rave, complain, post comments and opinions about the related topics of their liking. Who the f*ck are you to try to blast folks who have the FULL RIGHT and freedom of speech to post their opinions? Beside’s you are a AT&Trash customer who is plagued with dropped calls, running your mouth on a T-Mobile related blog… so no wonder why you all amped up… and not winning!!

        • TypicalWhitePerson

          My comment may not post so I will just say this: Anything that a AT&Trash customer has to say on a T-Mobile dedicated blog, is completely IRRELEVANT!! 

        • Adeschanel1

          Amen to this post above if there is something that you are upset with at Tmobile weather it been phone,plan,service, etc. Then you have the choice that every american has and that is to take your business somewhere esle, but coming on Tmonews.com and posting ridiculous comments or threating to leave Tmobile every month but you never do is not going to solve anything. You the customer has the power to call or walk into a Tmobile store and cancel your contact and take your money and service to Verizon,Sprint, ATT, or one of the many prepaid and regional carriers that are available here in the great U.S of A

      • TypicalWhitePerson

        You piece of sh*t, if T-Mobile really cared about there contract customers then why did a high percentage of them have left them already?  You idiots sign 2 years of your life away just for a subsidized phone. HA! If I really felt like T-Mobile cared, then I would’ve renewed my contract with them in January. 

        I don’t need T-Mo’s phone discounts. I have several GSM handsets laying around and can afford premium smartphones on my own. I look at my service with them as a “joint venture”. I come with my own device, I give you your little punk-ass $70 bucks, you give me a unlimited plan plus coverage month to month, with no obligations. Then I’m WINNING… end of story! 

  •  I would much rather have slower data speeds for overages than pay per use charges.

  • Anonymous

     While I think that the small print ad is a little disingenuous, I do appreciate that I don’t hit a wall and suddenly have NO data at all. T-Mobile is clear about what they’re doing, and anyone that really thinks “unlimited is unlimited” these days is a fool – not reading the fine print in any situation gets you what you deserve.

    I have to agree wit Pimp Strong too – this blog has gotten very sensationalistic lately, and this seems like a blatant attempt to stir the pot (successfully).

    •  I agree with you but they shouldn’t call it unlimited if it really isn’t unlimited. They should call it “somewhat unlimited” because “we slow down your speed after you reach 2GB.”

    • v8dreaming

      No, they aren’t a fool for believing “unlimited is unlimited”. It’s not a consumer’s fault for falling for someone else’s dishonesty. The plans should be advertised for what they really are, without the small print that pops up for all of 2 seconds. This country has made it far too easy for companies to get away with crap like this. People that cry for an unrestricted free market must like getting ripped off. 

      • Anonymous

        What does unrestricted free market have to do with a bunch of complainers in a blog trying to reinterpret the word unlimited?  There is no part of the dictionary definition that delves into quality of unlimited.  Unlimited is unlimited, do you have unlimited internet access yes?  so what is your point? 

        • v8dreaming

          No, there isn’t, but only companies with shady business practices would do something like that. The unrestricted free market comment was just a general statement. If there was an unrestricted free market like some people want, it would be much worse than this. If they want to advertise it as “Truly unlimited”, it should be “Truly unlimited 2g”.

        • Anonymous

          This is as naive as believing in the Easter Bunny, would you like a disclaimer on the next Holiday commercial with Santa in it so that they make sure not to deceive people into believing Santa is real?

          Advertising is all about highlighting the good, pretty much ignoring the bad.  EVERY wireless carrier has fine print in their advertisements.  EVERY wireless carrier runs radio ads that speak super slow and dramatically to push their service then speed up and jumble through “the fine print” end of the commercial.  If you have an issue with it, your issue should be with advertising ethics, not t-mobile for employing the same tactics used in EVERY business.  Auto commercial say 0 down, then fine print the part of taxes and title fees not being included which will usually run you at least $1500, is that really 0 down?  No… has it stopped anyone from running those commercials? 

  • Guest

    If I get the htc sensation with the 80 a month plan I only get 2 gb of full speed then after those 2 gb are done I get charged for more or my speeds are just slower but the price stays the same monthly? I’m confused

    • Bimmerz

      Price will stay the same, you’ll just be throttled down to much slower speeds. 

    • v8dreaming

       Your speeds are just slower and the price stays the same. The speeds are WAY slower.

      • Guest

         thanks have you experienced the slower speeds?

        • v8dreaming

          I have a friend on that’s also on Tmo and he hits the limit every month due to tethering. It still works, but it’s the equivalent of dial up speeds. 

        • Rick

          So your friend avoids the tethering plan and limits on his data plan?

          I find no fault in this – I salute him. I will be tethering rarely, but I will be, well within my 2GB plan.  I’m just not as demanding, and usually the laptop is in Wifi range of something.

  • Manny

    Really what it boils down to is what you are throttled at . I was told by a guy I work with that those are 4g limits & you are then throttled to 3g . If thats true thats not bad . Dial up speed wouldn’t be to cool . So that is really the magic question . 

    • Bimmerz

       This is what I’d like confirmation on. I have a 3G only phone now (NS), but would be curious if I get the Hercules (when it comes out), if at that point I’d be throttled down to 3G from the 4G, once I hit my 5GB limit. As the 3G isn’t bad at all, but man the 2G (or less), is painful! lol

      • That’s what I want to know.  Look at the chat I had with T-Mobile this weekend posted above. It just doesn’t seem accurate.  I want to see some real world speed tests after the throttle.  I have Sprint right now. 4G works well where you can get it (and it drains your battery to bits), but in DFW 3G is awful usually between 50kbps and 700kbps if you’re lucky.

    • Anonymous

      Edge… You’re throttled down to edge..

  • In a chat with T-Mobile this is what I was told

    21 MBPS until cap and 19-20 MBPS after…

    I saved the chat.  It looks like they lied to me:

    You: why do the two plans with unlimited minutes say unlimited data 2gb high-speed and unlimited data 5gb high-speed, but the other two only say unlimited data
    You: does that mean the plans with 1000 and 500 minutes are high speed 100% of the time?
    Rachel: First, they are all high speed Internet with 3G and 4G coverage.
    Rachel: Second, the plans mentioned with the 5 or 2 GB high speed is the dedicated speed till the said limit.
    Rachel: Then it becomes a bit variable,
    You: what about the 1000 and 500 minute plans? are they dedicated all of the time?
    Rachel: They are all good high speed.
    Rachel: The difference with the first 2-3 options with limit mentioned is extra high on speed you can say.
    You: so the plans with unlimited minutes are faster than the plans with 500/1000?
    Rachel: Yes, till the data usage of 5GB and 2GB.
    Rachel: After that these plans are also like the others.
    You: what plan is fastest all of the time?
    You: not just 2gb or 5gb?
    You: or is there an add-on for the plan?
    Rachel: They are all same speed.
    You: im confused
    Rachel: The difference is, till you don’t use 2GB data in 2GB data plan.
    Rachel: After that it is all same like others.
    You: what kinds of speeds can you expect after 2GB though?
    You: …and at the faster speed you would use up your bandwidth more quickly
    Rachel: Example, the speed at till 2Gb is 21 MBPS and then it will be variable to 20 or 19 MBPS Approximately.
    Rachel: There is not much difference.
    You: so the 1000 minute plan is 20 or 19 all of the time?
    Rachel: That is also21 MBPS, but then variable speed.
    You: so it cuts down after 2GB as well
    Rachel: Yes.
    Rachel: It is a bit complicated, but then I think you got it right now.

    • Carl

      My favorite part is when the clueless T-Mobile representative Rachel says “It is a bit complicated, but then I think you got it right now”.  Ha, ha.  It’s not complicated… she just has no idea what she is talking about, and is spreading lies from her corporate pulpit.  Another day, another clueless T-Mobile customer service representative spreading misinformation in an official position.

    • Danishswag

       Ms. Rachel is exactly why I call t-mobile instead for customer service haha

      It may cost them more, but it’s so much simpler.

      • Ted

        My experience is that plenty of the reps at T-Mobile’s customer service line are just as dimwitted and ill informed as Rachel.  Definitely not all of them, but definitely a solid chunk of them.

        I think T-Mobile’s new slogan for their employees should be: “Try not to be a Rachel”.

  • Erik E

    My experience is that Magenta only throttles downloads: Near the end of my last billing cycle, after noticing I’d passed the 2gb mark, I used the speedtest.net app to see how much I was being throttled. My normal 3g download speed is between 4 and 7mbps, but at that time it was only 500-700kbps (i.e. definitely being throttled). My upload speed, however, was unaffected at nearly 2mbps (same as always). I did the same tests daily for the rest of the billing cycle (about a week), and results were consistent. Now you know Magenta better than I ever will, but based on my experience the email sending example doesn’t figure as a real-world example.

  • Anonymous

    They don’t limit your data, as AT&T or other prepaid companies do. If you use 5 GBs of data or more per month, do you not have internet at home? Do you play Halo with your phone as a modem? 5 GBs is plenty for most people, that don’t abuse the system and tether and use their phone as their main source of data. 

    I am definitely a heavy user, and the most I’ve ever used is 4.3 GBs. And I have a Samsung Vibrant, in case some of you yell “Oh noes, you have a crappy phone” or “Do you even used the web for anything other than FB and email?”.

  • Anonymous

    You can switch to them to check out them out for yourself. Only full bars of EDGE is okay, at best. Anything below… Well I hope your phone has a case. 

  • I used to not care much about that lawsuit someone made over this issue.  But now I say respectfully that I’m hoping T-Mobile takes a loss on that one.  Because this needs to stop.

  • Carl

    Way to go David for calling T-Mobile out on this.  Their hypocrisy is nothing short of staggering.  The fact that the T-Mobile leadership approved the creation of this commercial is unbelievable.

    Do they really think deceiving people is in their best interests?  Maybe it is for them – in the short term – until people get pissed off… and maybe that’s their idea… get lots of temporary signups for some sort of statistical benefit during their possible merger.

  • Anonymous

    Its specifically because of this throttling crap that I’m leaving t-mobile. First it was 10GB, then 5GB, now 2GB…what’s next? 10MB? This is the second time I leave t-mobile, this time its for good. Evo 3D and Sprint here I come.

    • Anonymous

      Wonder what you’re going to do when Sprint follows suit of all the other major carriers and begins to data cap as well.  Enjoy that WiMax data connection buddy. 

    • Anonymous

      Wonder what you’re going to do when Sprint follows suit of all the other major carriers and begins to data cap as well.  Enjoy that WiMax data connection buddy. 

  • ThreeFourSeven

    Yeah, its not really unlimited. My problem with T-Mobile is more their network. I have to stand still to get consistent internet service. 

  • David

     I told all of you but noooo you dont listen. The ATT deal will be the best for us. They are already matching 21, no need for 42. LTE rocks. My mifi makes mincemeat out of big and little wayne.

    So tired of having to wait for 2.3 to get my G2 fixed. went on the tmobile site and sure enought everyone is having weekly battery pulls. posted that if you kill the location it wont konk out. greeeaaat except some of us need that function so get ready to be on the hwy and your G2 craps out in the middle of nowhere. 

    I could have stayed with BB for that.

    I am truly starting to buy into the aaple hype. everyone gets the upgrade at the sametime. things work. yeah it might cost me 35 for a gps but at least the phone works.

    when the lte iphone comes out it is game set and match unless these oems get there stuff together.

    This is coming from someone who never bought an ipod and when given one as a gift used to twice.

    what a shame.

    • Commander fury

      Au revoir . Come September you will have the choice of Apple on all four providers . The more providers the cheaper LTE will be . T-Mobile could always work out a deal with LightSquared or Clearwire if the merger didn’t go through . Don’t be shocked if it doesn’t . If AT&T is over billing on 4g speeds like they are being sued for imagine the creativity they could use to bill out LTE ?  

  • Anonymous

    Slower data > Overages. 

    However you put it, its way better. Back then, it didn’t matter what speed you were at, when you reached your max you were done, no more interwebz for you.

  • Xfea

     Long time user – six years – just got off support chat to clarify.
    Form my transcript….

    “~Ashley S: Once your Web usage exceeds the Data Speed Reduction Threshold of 2GB, your speed is reduced to a maximum of 50 kbps (comparable to dial-up internet speeds) for the remainder of the billing cycle.”


    “adam g: so – with your “UNLIMITED” plan – after my first 2GB I am reduced to 50KBPS – and my ability to do things is “LIMITED” to dial – up speed. correct? 
    ~Ashley S: Yes, I am sorry. That is correct but, you still have unlimited access to the Internet. 
    Great “UNLIMITED PLAN” eh?

    • Rick

      Perhaps you wopuld like it better if they referred to it as ‘restricted’?

      This is clearly just a rep training issue…

  • Anonymous

    1. Back in ye’ old 56Kb modem days (and even today), I can connect to Earthlink dialup for 5+ hours a day, 170+ hours a month w/o a single dropped connection, slowdown, or other interruption. 10+ years and counting…. (gotta have a backup to silly, newer internet, right?)

    2. Bandwidth limiting is a total ‘farce’!
        One recent Engadget post showed findings that Netflix alone is consuming 30+% of the total net bandwidth per day in the US! That’s tons of GB per month over DSL, cable, Fios, etc.

        And, do you see the cable companies ‘collapsing’ over this? Fios? Nope. A well-designed network can handle it all!

    3. Cell phone, or old Bell phone companies, are well known for their rip-off tactics.
        Wasn’t until recently that severe competition drove land-line phone prices down to their ‘realistic’ costs.
        Cell phones? Same thing needs to happen!
        It’s funny how you can surf and tether for less on Sprint nowadays (with free streaming TV even), yet T-Mobile’s pricing keeps rising over the years (and still no free streaming TV).

    4. 5GB limits are !#@#$
        One week here on a PC, just a few program downloads, AV updates, heavy news web surfing (no video, MP3), and it’s already 2.5GB~.
         Careful metering shows even just browsing news web sites per day = ~40-50MB of data, or about 1.5GB per month. (Yes, Engadget, even Yahoo, gobbles up data quick nowadays since they’re loaded with graphics and scripts.)

    • Anonymous

       Are you really comparing a landbased fiber optics network to a wireless data network?  Verizon’s same “well built” LTE network is switching to data caps this Summer.  I guess that throws out your incredulously stupid argument.  Oh btw, there are actually data caps on that home internet connection, they are usually between 200-250GBs.  You dont reach them very easily, but the newer companies like ATT  UVerse actually do have lower limits than the older guys, I think you should stop pretending to be an expert of an industry or topic you clearly know nothing about.  That whole story about earthlink was pointless, but then again so was your entire post.  5GB limits are not for PCs they are phones, PHONES!!! That’s why phones take you to MOBILE SITES, youre an idiot.

      • Ash

        Well, to be fair, not all sites go mobile even if you are on phone, and not everyone wants to goto mobile sites and change their settings not to goto mobile sites.

        How about trying Opera mini…..people.

    • Rick

      Your PC  is probably gobling up a lot more data than your phone will.  Any site that figures out your phone is mobile and tries to deliver a mobile version of their site will be doing you a small favor.  Especially YouTube, unless you go out of your way to get the full desktop experience.  And you know what sort of user you are better than I.

      Can you offer some stats on your mobile usage? 

  • Anonymous

     Wow, before all you nerds grab your pitchforks and begin your march towards Bellevue, why dont you actually take a look at all the carriers and see what they are doing.  I am disappointed in this article not because it bashes t-mobile a bit, because based on this article, you would think T-Mobile is the evil wireless empire, lying to customers left and right and misleading people. Want to know a fact?  Here is the definition of unlimited.

    ? ?[uhn-lim-i-tid]  Show IPA–adjective1.not limited;  unrestricted; unconfined: unlimited trade.2.boundless; infinite; vast: the unlimited skies.3.without any qualification or exception; unconditional.

    All these say without limits, not without gradation, if I told you I would give you unlimited bread, and halfway through I started giving you old moldy bread.  Have I lied to you? Or simply changed the quality of the product?  I’m in no way shape or form advocating this (moldy bread or slower internet) but if you are going to post definitions, you cant just mash them up into one and cherry pick what you like, then start to exercise judicial review of what the words means.  This is unlimited, just not unlimited as people might think it is.  The truth of the matter though is that in a climate full of carriers data capping customers and charging you overage, why not cry about that?  At least T-Mobile is relieving customers of the worries of overage with data.  If you take a BB for example, you can now get unlimited everything on a BB for $120 monthly (2 lines) if you take the 200MB option, what kind of BB user is really going to exceed this amount of data with BB’s crappy compressed internet?  This price monthly rivals metro PCS and Boost but still gives people subsidized handsets.  Of course nobody talks about the positive though.  Fact of the matter is that I use my phone for plenty, both of them.  Like most adults however I also have a home internet connection (Verizon FIOS) which provides me with faster, more reliable speeds than ANY wireless provider.  I have NEVER gone over 2GBs on either of my phones, and I have tried to do so, painfully watching Netflix on AT&T 3G just to try to go over and my efforts were in vain.  The only way you could realistically exceed this amount is if you spend all day whacking it by yourself watching phone porn, or you’re tethering your phone and trying to replace your home connection.  Guess what?  That’s not what mobile phones are for, the tethering built in was never meant to replace your home internet connection and any intelligent person in wireless will tell you that.  So if your gripe is that T-Mobile has decided to throttle HEAVY USERS to ensure the integrity of the network for all users, then so what?  Would you rather them charge overage?  It’s not exactly as if they raised the rates, or tried to shaft you by offering you the same service for more, or the same price for less, you can still get your 5GB throttled data for $30, the $20 2GB option is cheaper than AT&T and its overage free.  

    At the end of the day, this may affect 40% of you bloggers, but probably really affects like 3% of their customer base.  This is a great option for older people or parents that want to give their kids internet, dont want to pay $30 per line for internet, but dont want to worry about having to attempt to count MBs on their kids’ phone line.  


    Also, quite frankly, marketing like this is meant to appeal to the idiot.  Sprint does it all the time with their “first” campaign but doesnt point out that even though they were first to 4G, they have one of the slowest least developed networks.  AT&T loves to point out coverage but would never tell anyone how terrible their service is in NYC or SF.  They talk about apps but dont point out how many apps are trial/lite versions of apps or just plain garbage.  People buy into crap like that.  Or even Sprint’s Simply Everything plan, which is billed by all their workers as unlimited, with fine print saying only 450 minutes to landline, dont call landlines much?  conference calls, customer service support lines, those are all landlines, and you usually find yourselves on those calls longer.

    Long post, sorry, but i take serious issue with all the complainers in here talking about, “oh it’s not unlimited” blah blah blah, unlimited itself is a gimmick, realistically how many people need an unlimited supply of minutes?  realistically, how exactly could you possibly exceed 5MBs of data on a phone unless youre watching porn from sunrise to sunset?  Makes no sense, Cut it out people…

    • TypicalWhitePerson

      Incorrect dude. I had Sprint and the Simply Everything plan was $99.99 which gave you UNLIMITED EVERYTHING including non-mobile minutes. The plan that you are referring to is called the ‘Any Mobile, Anywhere’ plan which is $69.99 and gives you 450 mins (which is for roaming, and landlines ONLY), unlimited text, data, and minutes to any U.S. wireless carrier. On top of the 450 mins, they still give you free nights & weekends starting at 7pm.

      And who the hell doesn’t watch pornhub on their smartphone? I know I do. Why? Because i’m WINNING!!

      • Anonymous

        You are correct on the first part, i jumbled the name of plan, and on the second part, you’re on your own. 

        • Rawr4dj

          bro your just wrong everything you just said is opinion. O T-mobile did this for older people and people who want to give their kids internet without overages. Well last time i check people from ages 20-60 are the biggest population therefore it would make more sense to appeal to them. Not the opposite but ok. Also your saying its hard to go over 2g, really now 2g is easy as heal to exceed and so what if someone chooses to sit there and masturbate all day while watching porn hub on their phone key word “THEIR”. They payed for it along with the “UNLIMITED” “4G”(really 3.5G) 

        • Anonymous

          You’re lucky my comment was flagged, so I will shorten it:

          Nobody in their right mind has a demographic of “20-60” you might as well just group in toddlers while youre at it.  So putting aside your obvious lack of intelligence, I will ask you if you think it’s smart for T-Mobile to cater their plans to compulsive masturbators or the majority of people that use their phones as phones instead of girlfriend replacements on lonely nights.  85% of people will not exceed 2GBs.  Youre right what I said is an opinion, my opinion since its my post on a blog.  What was your point in saying that exactly?  

    • Anonymous

      Thank you! Common sense was all it took.

  • tmo, i hope your deal with att doesn’t go through and you die as a company, with this BS you are coming out with…………..

  • Anonymous

    Have you guys heard of wifi?
    I know not everyone has access to it 24/7 but every smartphone is capable of using it, which is probably the reason EVERY COMPANY has started to limit the amount of data you can use.
    A week and a half into my billing cycle and I’m at about 15MB because I’m always on wifi. If for some reason you need to use more than 5GB of data a month on your phone, then sorry, you’re going to have to pay for it.

    • The reason they all limit data, is because they all refuse to keep their networks current with the amount of bandwidth they sell.  That’s a fact! 

    • Anonymous

      funny how you think everyone lives in your wi-fi world. 

      • Anonymous

        Wi-Fi is pretty much everywhere man, even McDonalds and burger kings have W-Fi nowadays.  Seriously stop attacking people for making obvious points… 

        • Anonymous

          Here in Los Angeles, Your cellphones 4G is faster than your home DSL, schools, businesses, McD and BK. Plus those places have sites blocked and cap you at a certain set download speed. 
          Seriously stick to a prepaid flip phone. You obviously don’t use smart phones for what they are for.    

        • Anonymous

          Here comes the assumptions of which you know nothing about, so let’s see, I currently use an iPhone 4 and an HD7, since January I have given away about 10 smartphones (I get most for free and have no use once I get another) and have a Galaxy S 4G collecting dust in a box somewhere. I have corporate email on both phones my school email on my HD7 along with live and 2 other personal emails so that’s 5 email clients always pushing, I update twitter pretty regularly and use FB as well, both phones have Netflix of which I use, Stream Pandora in the gym, use maps on both phones if I get lost or am in an unfamiliar place, not to mention HBO GO and ESPN Watch on my iPhone 4, along with countless other apps that consume data but make life easier. I dont exceed 2 GBs because I work, and while email is pushing to my phone nonstop it’s pretty much the only thing I do on my phones while working, I go to class so I don’t play on my phone all day, I don’t use WiFi because my tmo speeds are faster. In my apartment I have a 35Mbps DL/UL FIOS connection so both my phones connect or wifi as soon as I get home since it’s more stable and faster… How exactly SHOULD I be using my phones? I am actually sending this comment from my iPhone. You have no clue what you’re talking about, your assumption made you look like an ass…

      • Anonymous

        Maybe if you actually read my post you would have seen this:

        “I know not everyone has access to it 24/7”

        • Rfg3

          if this was the case why bother paying for data. Personally i would love to save 30 dollar a month because i have wifi every.

        • Guest

          How about if I ONLY use wi-fi, then I should not need a data plan at all.  It doesnt work in reverse does it?  Tmo expects me to stream or tether only when I have wifi.  If you expect that I already have wifi TMO, then why make me get a data plan at all?

    • Rick

      I spend almost all of my day in places where WiFi is NOT usable by my phone. I appreciate your tip, but you’ve not yet solved any problem for me.  And I didn’t expect you to.

      For the record, I don’t have time to push my monthly usage beyond 250MB.  But, I might with a new phone, and better screen.  I won’t go past 2GB tho, since I prefer to see my video on something substantially bigger, and I haven’t found a way to get what I want to watch from the innerwebs. 

      • Anonymous

        That’s kind of her point though, although she spoke mostly about WiFi, the point is, we’re talking about phones people.  Use Wi-Fi.  Even if it’s not always available, its still extremely difficult to pass 2GBs unless you’re tethering. 

        • TypicalWhitePerson

          Some folks may video chat, Pandora, Pornhub, or even YouTube on the go. Especially on long commute rides on subway trains or metric lines from the suburbs to the city. I get her point about WiFi and I use it most of the time myself because I use an iPhone which wont give me the fake 4G speeds, but y’all can’t assume people are always gonna be around WiFi everywhere they go. Especially not a normal person like myself who actually has a life.

        • D Cellica

           thank you!

        • TypicalWhitePerson

          Oh please, 2GB is very easy to pass up. Ever heard of google maps, or GPS? Xfinity now has a On-Demand app to watch all of Comcast library on the go. You don’t even have to watch youtube a lot to pass it up. 2GB is just cool for idiots who Facebook and Twitter a lot on the go. 

        • Anonymous

          Yeah I am on it all day and rarely do I get close to 2 gigs. I dont know what people are doing.

        • D Cellica

           Its not difficult to pass 2GB!
          I used to tether all the time on my Moto Cliq until I got the g2x.
          I was originally on the 79$ 5GB plan but switched to the latest one a  week before the G2X released, and I rarely went over 1GB.
          For the 1st time, I used 3.5GB and thats Tether-Free Data. Just basic browsing, emails, no streaming music, a few youtube videos and I was throttled to ridiculous speeds.

          Now, i recently got a Router so Now I have Wi-Fi which i use, but I am only 3days into my new billing cycle and im already 250MB!!!! how in the crap that is happening I dont know!!

          I honestly think I am having data stolen or some app is USING DATA I am unaware of, cause I use my  phone same way Did with my 3g Cliq with a few addition youtube videos…but never have i reached my limits!!

      • Ash

        With many of the new phones, you can hook you phone (wire or wireless) to your big screen tv to watch whatever videos you want.

        • Rick

          I can see DWTS ok, and Event.  Fringe I have to wait 3 weeks for.  I can subscribe to Hulu Plus for the same price as HBO, and I watch a lot of HBO.  But I already have a box that does all that.  And Hulu can’t/won’t show some content on mbile devices, so it’s picking and choosing.

          Let me put it this way.  I can hook my phne up to the TV, but it still doesn’t show me what I W A N T.

          Don’t tell me what I can see, ok?  I can’t see what I want on my phone, and that makes it less desireable – actually, it renders it useless as a video device for me.  Even if it doesn connect to the TV. 

          Having said that, video on the phone has some appeal, but it’s not replacing TV for me.  YMMV.

    • Anonymous

      The discussion out here is not about how much amount of data usage is considered reasonable, its about TMO marketing a product as unlimited which in the true sense is not. Its like they say its an all you can eat buffet, but you can take only one serving in an hour in tiny plates!!

      • Anonymous

        It is unlimited data. What’s not unlimited is high-speed data. Ya gotta pay for that.

    • Paul

      Seriously, Ashley, get out of customer service.  Your attitude sucks.

      “Look at me… I have WiFi everywhere I go so I barely use T-Mobile’s network.  Look at you… you’re doing something wrong because you actually want to use T-Mobile’s network.”

      Find a different job, Ashley.  Something that doesn’t involve customer service.

    • chris

      I 50% agree with u robot. WIFI is a data saver and not everyone has unlimted usage of it as u mentioned. However, i don’t agree that if u use over 5gbs of data that your data speed should be throttled. If u pay for unlimited “4g” service, then that is what you should get.

      • Anonymous

        It is still unlimited. I don’t get what’s so difficult about that. You get 5gigs of high-speed data, then the rest is 2G speed. If ya need more, why not pay for it?

        • chris

          The data usage is unlimited, but like i said in my post, what is the sense of paying for unlimited 4g service if you’re not going to recieve it. Unlimited “4g” service. Not limited 4g service with 2g sprinkled on top.

  • Anonymous

     Go Sprint. TRUE unlimited 4g data. no throttling 

    •  We all know that’s a temporary condition if people actually use Sprint.

  • Jimbo

     Please don’t bother customer care or any dept. other than corporate about this issue.  Arguing with an agent isn’t going to change things for the better.  

    • Anonymous

      Exactly, we didn’t create the plans or change the rules. People just want to complain to whoever will listen. 

      • Kim

        Now that you understand that, you can be a better listener.  Or maybe *gosh* take some actual action and send feedback up the food chain at T-Mobile.

        • Anonymous

          That’s about as effective as you complaining to us about it.
          Instead of expecting reps to do everything for them, customers should send their own feedback to T-Mobile.
          You guys are, after all, the most important part of T-Mobile…

        • TypicalWhitePerson

          If the merger ever happens, hopefully you will be the first to get FIRED!!  

        • Anonymous

          Funny, I hope the same thing. Collect my severance and gtfo of there.

        • Ted

          Severance… lol… what in the world makes you think they are going to give you severance when they fire you?  I’m guessing you’ll get fired long before the potential merger.

        • Anonymous

          LOL you guys are dumb, stop trolling message boards.

        • BrianPolson

          Pot calling kettle black.  People who choose to act like Ashley are annoying.  They think everyone else has a problem when it is really them.

        • TypicalWhitePerson

          Yeah at the rate she’s going, she will be fired before they terminate Carly! Then it will be no more phone sales for you… better hope some bakery will hire you to sell cupcakes.

        • Anonymous

          They’re going to have to as part of the merger, or will offer special placement incentives. Watch the hearings, you may learn something.

        • Sammy

          Oh, like what is said at a hearing is what is actually done in the real world.  Try learning from history, or you are bound to repeat it.

          Show me a binding agreement, or keep quiet.  Everything else is just words.

        • Btemonkey

          Ted doesn’t read much or doesn’t care what to know what he is talking about. If ted is looking for a job, fox news is hiring.

        • Lilmark2002


        • v8dreaming

          Yep. Because it’s totally her fault that you’re a jackass. 

        • Ash

          That is one of the worst thing to wish happen to others.

        • chad

          No…. shes right, I was one of the top 50 reps last year and have been with the cmpany for almost a half of a decade….. no matter how much some body calls into complain it wont make ANY difference to the bottom line. The tmo that you have once known and love is dead and will most likely never come back. As a representative we have no authority or escalation procedures to forward your voice. Truly, tmo doesnt care how the customers feel about it. The only thing senior leadership cares about is revenue. So if you dont feel like being up sold on something, then try not to call care… we are FORCED to add web. Any account maintanance should be done on tmo.com because that way nothing shady will happen to you. Oh and btw, soon due to system updates, any upgrade done will require the new data rates, so any grandfathered data rates will require the curent ones when upgrades are done…. run for the hills

        • Mopar6464

          It won’t matter , AT&T will soon be taking over anyways and they have their own data plans.

        • Kim

          Ashley, you should not be working anywhere NEAR customer service.

          Who said customers are “expecting reps to do everything for them”.  ONLY YOU.

          We send letters, we speak up.  Maybe it’s time you did too.

          Your response reeks of “I’m not going to go the extra mile to help anyone”.

        • v8dreaming

          Why should anyone go the extra mile for someone that is being rude to them? I know I wouldn’t. Your comments here say to me that you are one of those rude callers.

        • Btemonkey

          I concur, “the louder, ruder I am the more I should get” that is sarcasm. Some people’s beliefs and expectations are so out of whack.

        • Amy

          I get the sense that there are two distinct types of T-Mobile reps: those who really try to help their customers, and those who won’t lift a finger and blame the customer for everything.

          It’s clear from the postings here that the representatives of the latter category spend a lot of time posting here trying to justify their poor behaviors.  That’s okay… they will slowly learn or be unemployed.  Or maybe the company they work for will have so much trouble attracting loyal customers (due partly from them treating customers in this way) that they become weak resulting in one of their main competitors trying to buy them out.  Oh wait, that is already happening.

        • Kim

          Your point: I’m rude for directly pointing out the poor customer service attitude and behavior of Ashley, who claims to be a T-Mobile customer service representative.  That’s not rude, it’s honest.  But, as this blog entry is all about, honestly does not seem to be a value promoted in your world lately.

        • Anonymous

          Just so ya know, I did just that and got a great response, and was actually right so the policy was changed.

          Consumers are idiots, and are lazy. Some CSRs are even worse. But correct is correct and T-Mobile acknowledged their mistake and fixed it for me.

    • Guest

      MY business and millions of others pay your salary.  If I want to call customer care, you will listen–and pretend to like it.  It is as simple as that.

  • Ferminmartin2003

    If I have the even more plus plan with unlimited data will tmobile automaticly switch me over to the 2gb throttling plan once it takes effect or will I be safe until I renew or cancel my contract

    • Anonymous

      You will be grandfathered in and stay on your current rate plan until you decide to change it. 

      • Sammy

        Or until another firm buys T-Mobile and decides they no longer value you as a customer and thus choose to no longer honor your old plan.

        • Btemonkey

          At&t will honor all contacts.

        • Sammy

          Put that in writing in the form of a legal guarantee, and have the authority to back it up.  But I’m guessing you’re just a disgruntled T-Mo customer service rep who dislikes anyone saying anything you don’t like about your little company, and have no such authority.

        • None

          We already know that is not going to be true.  The idea of “grandfathering” is one that changes with each company.  And what recourse do you think you are going to have?  The best you are going to get is a free termination.  And for a lot of “grandfathered” people, they are not on contract any more anyway so there would not be a termination fee to anyway.  And then you are free to take your business elsewhere—where you will have to sign a contract and buy a new phone.  AT&T will honor contracts to a point.  But do not get it twisted that you are going to have myfaves crap on AT&T in 3 years.

  •  I agree with you but we all know this all the carriers do it why are you discussing it now? It would be nice if they listen to you! 

  • Girth Brooks

    I work for T-Mobile, and I absolutely hate this new campaign.  Although I understand why we throttle as a business, the way they market it as Truly Unlimited is awful.  I do agree that throttling is a better alternative than overage, however they need to drop the “truly” aspect of it, and also the poking at other carriers.  BlackBerry’s perform decent on Edge, but honestly Android phones are pretty much unusable at 2G speeds.  To be fair, T-Mobile is certainly not the only carrier in wireless to be misleading.  Sprint marketed their unlimited any mobile plan as unlimited too.  Customers always referenced that plan with me, and they still never seemed to believe me when I explained how it really worked.

    Either way, if throttling counts as “truly unlimited”, than T-Mobile has 4 unlimited plans by that rule with the new 200MB, 2GB, 5GB, and 10GB throttling data plans now.  Bunk.

    • Anonymous

      Ok explain the unlimited any mobile plan from sprint to me. Is there something I need to know about it?

      • None

        Yes, you need to know that that is SPRINT

      • Girth Brooks

        It isn’t really unlimited minutes.  Their base one is like, 450 minutes, but all cell phone calls are free.  For a lot of people that is all they talk to, so it works.  But it isn’t actually unlimited minutes.  Landlines and businesses count against that 450.  So if you’re someone who has conference calls, talks to friends on home phones, or just makes a LOT of calls, you can certainly go over.  

    • Anonymous

      It is still unlimited data. Can’t argue with that.

    • Btemonkey

      I concur. I know things change fast in the mobile world, but 2 years ago internet speeds were molasses and no one was complaining then.

  • Anonymous

    As long as T-mobile USA continues to have poor growth and subscriber losses, things will always get worse and they’ll always cut corners.  This is just life with T-mobile USA if the sale doesn’t happen. 

    It’s debatable whether it gets worse with AT&T as at least they’ll have scale and will try to avoid constant subscriber losses.

    • Btemonkey

      I concur, losing customers when they have a lot devices, fast int speeds and lowest price. Americans don’t want competition, they want Iphone.

  • This is REALLY misleading….glad I’m grandfathered in. Its not anywhere near unlimited, its 2GBs plus throttled speeds. They should advertise they they never cutoff data, not that they r unlimited.

    • Sammy

      Just advertise the truth.  If the truth sucks, do something else.

      • Btemonkey

        If you expect advertising to be completely truthful, take a long look in the mirror, and decide it is time to grow up and move out of your mom’s basement.

        • Sammy

          I conduct business with firms that I believe are truthful.  Companies that lie and deceive don’t get my money.  I’m considering other carriers besides T-Mobile because of this behavior, or simply getting rid of wireless completely if none of the companies involved are ethical.

          I know you don’t care because you are just an immature fanboy, but successful companies don’t want to make their customers unhappy, or they go belly up.  Just take a look at your little T-Mobile: they are trying to sell out to AT&T because they could not keep their customers and grow as they wanted.

          I vote at the ballot box and with my wallet.  Apparently, so do others.

    • Anonymous

      What’s the difference? If they never cut off data, it is unlimited.

    • Btemonkey

      Wow, you are grandfathered in. Your 5gb plan that used to be $30 is now…….. $30 for 5gb. I’m not a mathematician, but I don’t see the difference. Except the price for minutes dropped. So you save money. What is your problem? Do you hate money? I thought all of you people went to Verizon already.

  • HTC4Eva

     I’m mad at tmo too but you’re really splitting hairs on this one.  By your standards yes, sprint is the only “true” unlimited.  However there have always been restrictions on data plans with every carrier.  Tmo even had the old throttling standard after you exceeded your quota for the month.  It has always been that way and always will be.  At least you won’t pay outrageous At&t/verizon overage charges if you exceed your limit.  Quit complaining about it though.  We’re all pissed that magenta is dying.

    • Btemonkey

      Sprint is not “unlimited” they only get 450 minutes to landlines. But unlimited to mobile phones. Unless you pay more and pay more for there 4g speeds.

      • Asif Harsola

        you don’t get it do you? It is unlimited data. Unlimited. Full speed unlimited. The minutes will be virtually unlimited to most people as most people make calls to other mobile phones but we are talking about the data part here. Sprint has truly unlimited, unthrottled data and so does MetroPCS LTE. T-Mobile is being deceptive here, it is the kind of thing we used to bash At&t for so please stop being a fanboy. 

  • Anonymous

     its not that clever…. any idiot can see its full of bs…

  • William

    When I first bought wireless service, I didn’t know which company to pick.  I was told that all of the companies really suck and have horrible policies.  This surprised me as there was supposed to be competition.

    So I went with T-Mobile.  They were the cheapest.  If I need a commodity and all of the providers suck, I might as well go with the cheapest.  None of the firms had a well known record of being better for the environment, better to their employees, or anything like that.

    In the time that I have been with T-Mobile, the cost to send or receive a single text message has increased by 500%.  Non-required fees on the bill have increased.  Network outages are still common.  Dropped calls are a regular experience.  Poor voice quality is typical.

    I haven’t heard that it is any better with any of their “competitors”.

    You would think that with the “competition” these firms would rise to higher standards.  Maybe the competition is just an illusion, and there actually is not nearly as much competition as we perceive.

    Or maybe they all just suck.

    • AdrianMT4G

      I haven’t experienced any dropped calls. And the price per text wouldn’t be a bother if you would just get a 10 dollar unlimited texting plan. Voice quality is also great on my end. I’ve only been in one outage during the last year. Maybe its just in your area where these problems occur.

      • TypicalWhitePerson

        How do you like your MyTouch4G?

        • Anonymous

          Love mine and looking to get the Sensation on launch day :D

    • Btemonkey

      Funny that the price for unlimited text messaging was $14.99 a while ago for one line and now $10 and plans were reduced yesterday. AND ONLY COMPANY make Fortune 500 best company to work for out of big 4. Maybe you suck at research. Just saying.

      • William

        Funny you have no idea what you are talking about.  A text message cost 5 cents to send or receive, now it is 25 cents.  Maybe you just suck.

      • William

        Funny you have no idea what you are talking about.  A text message previously cost 5
        cents to send or receive, now it is 25 cents.  Maybe you just suck.

    • Btemonkey

      Funny that the price for unlimited text messaging was $14.99 a while ago for one line and now $10 and plans were reduced yesterday. AND ONLY COMPANY make Fortune 500 best company to work for out of big 4. Maybe you suck at research. Just saying.

    • Btemonkey

      Funny that the price for unlimited text messaging was $14.99 a while ago for one line and now $10 and plans were reduced yesterday. AND ONLY COMPANY make Fortune 500 best company to work for out of big 4. Maybe you suck at research. Just saying.

  • Theassis

    my restaurant is having a all you can eat buffet, the more you eat the worse the food gets…
    its still unlimited..

    just like these data plans!

    • William

      That’s freakin’ funny.

    • AdrianMT4G

      Hilarious! Lol

    • Btemonkey

      Not if you run out of food. But I bet you easy more slowly once you hot a certain limit. Nice analogy!

      • Btemonkey

        Nice spelling! EATING.

  • Ash

    All of t-mo’s commercial have that fine print, and white text on white background.
    Nothing new.

  • Anonymous

    RE:Are we to understand that wireless carriers are free to interpret words as their marketing departments see fit? Well, YEAH!! Look, ALL the major carriers “re-defined” the meaning of 4G calling their technologies,(HSPA+, WIMAXX and LTE) 4G when they are NOT true 4G tech. They “re-define” anything that suits them in order to sell more phones and rate plans. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been with T-mobile since they were Voice-Stream in 2001 so I am certainly a long time and loyal customer, however, they are NO different than any of the other carriers when it comes to pushing their own agenda.

    • phone head

      since when wimaxx and lte not real 4G?

      • Anonymous

        Since it doesn’t meet the 1000Mbps stationary 300Mbps Mobile requirement… LTE isn’t 4G either… LTE Advanced is…

    • Btemonkey

      I concur.

      • None

        I think that is what the “Like” button is for!  JK

  • Ash

    I believe billibolas’ point was: do something about it and not just whine about it, if one doesn’t like anything in/about their life.Not about freedom of speech.

    • Anonymous


      • Guest

        Somehow Ash was able to put Bill’s point into one sentence when he could not convey his point in 30+ posts.

        • Anonymous

          Somehow you missed that i conveyed more than one point since there are two CLEARLY DEFINED numerical bullet points, adversely isnt it the function of a summary to summarize or shorten something?  So are you calling out that someone was able to summarize something?  Should people skip reading and go for the leaflet instead?  Even with my however many character post, I still had an idiot misinterpret the clearly drawn out objective of my comment.  Keep on with the pseudo smart allecky comments, they push to my phone and I love putting idiots in their place…

  • The Observer

    you know everything you just said was in that sprint commercial

  • Very well written article.

    • Btemonkey

      Might be well written, but it is advertising. Your doing your research by reading this stuff on this great website, but your expectations are too high for any carrier to compete for.

  • Very well written article. I agree with your thoughts completely. I have been a T-mobile customer since 2003 and this is just shameful. 

  • Mo

    Agree with the misuse of the word ‘unlimited’. I’m also disgusted with the ‘4G’ coverage. My G2x shows ‘4G’ even when I’m connected to the network with UMTS, yet I often only get .05Mbps or less. I’ve spent time in the Birmingham, Charleston (SC), Atlanta and San Diego areas in the past month and never experience anything like ‘4G’ speeds. Frustrated I called T-Mobile, and after a lot of song and dance, the rep told me the expectation on their ‘4G’ network is 3.5Mbps download, and 1Mbps upload. Agree too, that the T-Mobile of today is not what it was even six months ago.  I sometimes feel T-Mobile is bailing on their customers, hoping they will bail on them, and not make the buy out look more like a monopoly. 

    • Btemonkey

      So 3.5 down is slow. Got it. So Verizon’s 3g 2 is faster??!? I don’t understand the complaint. On average in 3 and 4g areas 3.5 down is average. But you can get 5 to 7 in good areas. All still better than Verizon’s 3g. Their 4g doesn’t count cause they 1 phone and don’t half the 4g coverage T-mobile has. Still costs more too. Your expectations need to align with what’s available.

      • Btemonkeyspanker

        His expectations are in line with what is advertised.  I bet if T-Mobile jammed something up your ass you would still defend them.

        • Btemonkey spanker spanker

          Wow. Way to keep your cool. He says he gets 3.5 down. And 6 months ago it was better with different phone. Not even possible. His expectations for g2x were ridiculously high.

  • Lordhelmet

    Tmo is just practicing their “word games” they will obviously have to use to conform with their future owner AT&T.. Be prepared… this is only the beginning ..

  • Thanks David! That’s what I’ve been saying sense T-mobile went from 10GBs to 5GBs. What I’m afraid of is just because we’re supposed to be grandfathered into the 5GBs cap, T-mobile can still drop us to 2GBs like they did with the 10gbs to 5gbs.

  • binfartin

    I hit my 5 gig cap. I’m running at 25kbps download and 56 kbps upload. My billing cycle will end with in 2.5 weeks from now. Sigh……  

    • Btemonkey

      Then pay for the 10gb if you need it.

      • I have sprint, but I would rather have the option of paying $10 per gig after I hit my monthly limit (like AT&T) instead of being trapped in dial up purgatory until the next month. I was about to switch to T-Mobile until I found out about this.  It’s not a good deal for new people who aren’t used to having to worry about how much data they use.

        • Vjballa21

          you arent trapped at the data you signed up for idiot. you can always go up and down as you please. so for example you hit your 2 gig cap. you call in and for 10 extra dollars they give you 3 more gigs. so stfu and know your stuff before you post stupid vomit.

        • Somebody needs to chill out.. anyway Not according to the revamped plans. If you have the 2Gbs plan and you hit your cap two weeks in.; you have to wait until the next billing cycle to start a different plan (like 5Gbs)

        • Anonymous

          No, you can always call in and back date… Cut out the foolishness…

    • get a datastick..

  • shifty words i agree. still not sure if any more evil than the other 3. at least no overage charges. 

  • Btemonkey

    Compared to other carriers, this is huge. IPhone on At&t only gets 2gb. T-mobile you can use 100gb and never be charged extra. The fact you will never be charged extra is something the other carriers will never follow. Sprint’s 4g is spotty and you have to pay extra for and don’t get unlimited calling unless you pay extra. You can whine about getting throttled, but still the best value around.

    • Jop

      No…Sprint is truly unlimited and that “extra” brings it to the same price as T-Mobile. Sorry but Sprint is a better value. 

      • Btemonkey

        So same price and less 4g coverage is better value? and doesn’t give unlimited calls, just unlimited MOBILE calls. Wake up!

        • DATA

          How many numbers do you call today that are not mobile? You get 750 landline minutes a month, I personally only use maybe 100 minutes a month that are not M2M…. Oh don’t forget that with Sprint almost everyone qualifies for some type of discount off the monthly price.  Ya Sprint makes for a better deal when data is more important.

    • techie

      With the slow down to 2G speeds after your 2Gig, you could never use that much in a month.  

      • techie

        BTW thats about 47hours to download 1Gig at 56K assuming you get that speed after your throttled.  Most I hear don’t get that.  So no, it’s not unlimited and really puts a limit on you.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not picking sides here at all, but we’re looking at the term “Unlimited” in the colloquial sense.  We believe that unlimited is completely free of limits no matter what the limit is.  Unfortunately, it’s cleverly worded to make more money.  True, it is unlimited in the respect that you can USE as much as you please without fear of it running out, or being charged insane overage fees.  However, and this is the really unfortunate part, they can in order to conserve bandwidth and make more money, charge whatever they want if you hit a magic threshold of lets say 2GB.  Sure, the transfer rate is slower, but you can still keep using it, unlimited-ly!  They’re not wrong in their practice, perhaps a bit unethical, but nothing more.  Now, if they were to pull that throttle crap on those of us that signed up on the original data plans where throttling wasn’t even a thought, that would be wrong because you’ve changed the rules.  Here, no rules were changed.  It was their intent to restrict the unlimited from the jump.

    • Btemonkey

      Not just whatever they want, LESS than the competition!

  • FYI

    For once, i disagree with you. I think this is the fairest way to charge a customer. Its unlimited but you pay a premium for speed. This fact is obvious and tmobile has made it clear there is speed reductions. Its this kind of forward thnking im gonna miss with Tmo’s demise.

    • Btemonkey

      I concur, whole heartly.

  • tmorep

    This blog post is pointless, because the same could be said about the unlimited talk.  We promote it as unlimited talk, but if you abuse your unlimited minutes such as talking over 8k minutes a month, we will most likely terminate your service.  Cry to Verizon and AT&T, because you know whenever they set limits, you sure as well bet T-Mobile will soon follow shortly after. 

  • I disagree too David , it is “unlimited” it’s just RATE limited.  I think that’s fair.

  • The only thing that isn’t unlimited on Sprint is Roaming Data (I believe you get 200 MB/mo).  In network 3G and 4G data is unlimited.

    • Ryanmid86

      Umm too bad Sprint doesn’t offer 4g networks in all major cities AND they reserve the right to throttle after 300 mb of usage.

      • They don’t throttle after 300GB.  There was about 15 or 20 minutes today where 4G was slow, but I’ve used over 2GB this month and am still getting 4G speed tests at 7-11 MBPS. They only throttle roaming data.



     T-Mobile Customer Relations 
     P.O. Box 37380 
     Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380


    • Btemonkey

      Wow! So, you whined and complained and tmo gave you $200 and you reward them by talking smack and dropped their service for a slower carrier. We should all be that grownup and respectful. – that was sarcasm.


        Well 4G LTE was the best decision I’ve ever made….it’s oober fast and I never have any problems on my thunderbolt…..at least I know what I got into now!

        • Anonymous

          So the shifty LTE signal, inconsistent speeds, and battery drained in 2 hours are all good decisions?  Single core chip with a lower quality screen all good decisions?   

          Why are you on a tmo website?  

  • Bored2nite

    Look, I have to admit that if Tmo just dropped the Truly part…. i think it would solve some peoples issue.  Ya i get it, look good against sprint… but our customer service (or what is used to be) was enough to be better than sprint.  

    My opinion is the new plans are near perfect.  Drop the TRULY unlimited advertisement… and my job just became the easiest of 4 companies.  Customers understand as long as you explain.  Today i told a customer, hey based on the last three months… we should switch you to the new plans.  You don’t use more than 2gbs a month, your other line doesn’t need 5gbs like its on now either… lets drop it to 200 mb… i saved a customer 30 dollars A MONTH AND increased two of his lines to unlimited minutes instead of 1500 shared among 5 lines…. why because we had tierd data. 

    Im sorry that you use up ur monthly allowance because you spend half your time bitching about the same thing ur wasting on blogs.

    No i will never tell a customer hey use more wifi….. but we offer wifi hotspots accessibility (retailers) included in our prices (so you don’t have to pay 10 bucks at those locations), majority of people have wifi in most places… and its nice that hey… take advantage IF you have it….. and it won’t touch ur monthly allowance…

    Long story short…. yes saying its unlimited and have a well just this is unlimited SUCKS for employees too…. but if u don’t like what we have go get 2gb with AT&T or 5GB with Verizon and then have a BIGGER bill from that already HUGE bill for having all the 3g / 4g u want at a per MB price after ur limit.

    • billibolas

      Plus Verizon will be switching to tiered data a la AT&T in a few weeks anyway, so the unlimited days will be over, and if any a**hole thinks Sprint will stay unlimited as they usher in LTE, they’re living in a fantasy world.  

  • unlimited data… thst slows down sssshhhh

  • Pdinero

    i mean at least its overage free thats a start

  • look people…. UNLIMITED is defined as the AMOUNT OF SOMETHING…. not the SPEED that its supposed to give…. YES ITS A PLAY ON WORDS AND TO SOME PEOPLE ITS NOT FAIR>>> EVEN THOUGH THE AVERAGE USER USES 500MB on his ANDROID cellphone and 100mb on a blackberry… THE PLAN IS IN TH AMOUNT>>>> UNLIMITED it doesnt stop at 2gb…. speeds slow down…. thats the point.

    • Jlo

      You are an idiot, the word “unlimited” encompasses more than your simplified version of the definition. Actually, none of the major dictionaries define “unlimited” by “AMOUNT OF SOMETHING.”


      • Anonymous

        Before you go calling someone a dumbass you might want to look up that definition yourself, nowhere in ANY dictionary does it say anything about degrading quality of your unlimited object.  As stated numerous times here, if i offered you unlimited pasta, but halfway through started slowing down how fast i brought it to you and brought you overcooked pasta, does that diminish it being unlimited?  Or does is it just a degraded quality of the same product?  

        • Junior

          I agree I would imagine the “dumbass” would be the one who would get into a contract without knowing the terms and limitations. And if that’s the case… And you want to really get sensitive about something, fyi no US carrier had true 4G. Not verizon, sprint, AT&T, or T-Mobile. We all use the play on words.

    • techie

      Unlimited iswithout any qualification or exception; unconditional.  That would mean that the speeds should not change also.  Period 

  • db

    I think some people are over reacting to this……I work for T-Mobile and while I can’t say that I haven’t scratched my head over some of the choices we have made recently and I don’t necessarily agree with claiming “truly unlimited” data , these new plans are by far the best value for contracted rate plans offered by any of the 4 major carriers. This is marketing plain and simple to attract customers to the store where they are made aware of exactly how much data you can use and exactly how much it costs……the plans plainly state how much data you get for the specific price and there is no risk of overage as there is with the other carriers. You can have a 2 line family plan with unlimited minutes, unlimited text, and 2 gb of web per line for 20.00 more than a single line with the same features at ATT or Verizon….and with Sprint you have to pay 10.00 extra just if you get one of their “4g” devices whether they have “4g” in your area or not, which they don’t in my market. So if the liberal use by T-mobile if the word “unlimited” upsets you that much then go pay $50-$100 more per month with a carrier who has more politically correct advertising that doesn’t offend your fragile sensibilities!

    • Vjballa21

      some people on this site amaze me. they will not stop until they get unlimited talk text and 4ghighspeed web for free. So I try to ignore them but sometimes it just really bothers me. Tmobile puts out a rate plan that gives you unlimited talk text and web starting at 60 bucks they complain the web is not 4g! are you serious?? ATT charges more than double that! OMFG 70 bucks gets u unlimited tt and 2 gigs of 4g…and 90 percent of users dont more than 1 gig so i dont know what these frickin complainers are whining about. I cant wait til these f*cks dont have T-Mobile or Sprint anymore and will have to go to att or verizon and pay double. I CANT WAIT. cause when or if T-Mobile goes Sprint is going right after them. straight from their ceo’s mouth.

    • Fs45237

      And in this comment is where the problem is. Your saying it is OK to lie to get new customers into the system. I have been with the T-Mobile company from the beginning all the way from the start and I have 4 phones that I have added one at a time. Never once in almost 20 years have I felt this violately. I was given their word that I would have full 4G speeds almost 100% of the time, but some times it may slow to 3G speeds in some areas. Never was I told about throttling, there was no fine print for me to read, I was an existing customer upgrading to a new faster speeds with UNLIMITED web service at 4G speeds. But to you I am over reacting … they were told of my importance of this access due to the fact I am an IT professional who designs websites for smart phone useage. The first 3 months had no thottling back … then after 90 days bam thottled back, I’m stuck in a 2 more years on 4 phones without the internet use as promised. I pay for what ever I need and when given an offer I expect to get what I paid for. T-Mobile did not delivery on what was promised. Offer a price on unlimited high speed internet and I will pay for it! Does Tmobile have an unthrottled highspeed internet access plan at a set price … NO! Why not?

    • Kris Kemp

      overreacting? no. we are not overreacting. we are calling you out. for lying. i like t-mobile, but you guys should not lie.

    • Retired and tired of the crap.

      I pay for 10Gb. I would gladly pay for 20Gb, but alas they would rather slap me in the face and cap my high speed access than allow me to purchase whst I actually need and would pay for if it were made availabl.e

  • William

    There seem to be quite a few posts that express the general idea that “yes, T-Mobile’s behavior is awful, but it’s okay because other companies are doing it too”.  This type of logic, values, and ethics is just sad and pathetic.

    I’m going to interview all of our employees during the next few weeks, and if I detect this type of attitude and belief system in any of them, I will fire them on the spot and hire replacements with better values.  I can’t clean up other firms (including T-Mobile), but I sure can clean up ours.

  • Shyguyatlanta

    Yup, the wireless industry is making tons of money and trying to find ways to make more. Problem is they know people won’t say no. Come on people what did u do 5 years ago before smartphones? Resist for a while and rates will come down.


    At least we don’t cut you off completely like the others do. and if you are using more than 2 or 5 Gig then you are using it for a lot. My wife is a data hog and she has never used more than 2 Gig. Face book all day long among other things. And it is not like we lure you in without telling you. you are informed at the point of sale. and it is not like we are pulling the wool over someones eyes and stealing the competition away. We have been losing customers since we had 5Gig as our standard plan and we were making fun of ATT for capping at 2Gig. Whatever dude. we are being sold out by DT for 34 billion so it doesn’t matter any more.  Grab you ankles because ATT is coming to town and they don have any lubrication. You will be begging for our 2G data cap once they take over. 

    • techie

      Who completely cuts you off?  I don’t know of any carrier who completely cuts you off, and only ATT & T-Mobile now have limits on the data.

      • Mopar6464

        Verizon is changing in mid summer as well to capped data plans.
        And then Sprint will right behind them.

        • There are threads where Verizon customers are already getting throttled.  Verizon said they were going to throttle the top 5% of data users.

    • Fs45237

      With the handle TMOTECH I don’t think you even know what is stated at the “point of sale” and I for one was never told about the thottling back and in fact was told I would have unlimited 4G speed access to the internet all the time. I understand ATT has already put it to you and when you get your new job, maybe if you don’t lie to those customers you might get to keep that job.

      • Joe-e

        I love how customers say “I was never told” cause all that really translates to is “I never took the time to read the service agreement or the terms and conditions or the multitude of documents that I have immediate and convenient access to”   Just cause you do not get verbally informed of something does not mean it doesnt count as being informed. Its like if you sign up for a credit card and then complain cause you never read the paper that stated your credit limit and then you call up saying “I was never told my credit limit was only 500”. ……………btw, if are concerned about lies then ill check back with you after ATT takes over

  • Anonymous

    Douche, I’m not calling into question the nature of a blog, it is about opinions, not incessant complaining about the same thing.  If you continue to air out your complaints on a blog, what will that get you?  Will it resolve the issue?  Will it change anything?  Act like an adult with free will and make a choice, as stated, I dont understand why someone would have a wireless provider that doesnt work for them, and instead of changing it, sit around all day and complain.  I am a T-Mobile customer as well jerkoff, my avatar is of a Galaxy S 4G, how stupid could you be?  It says T-Mobile on it. 

  • majentarulz

    It’s funny how there are so many people complaining about the new data plan options.  Without getting into the whole unlimited debate, why should I have to pay for Unlimited data with high speeds up to 5GB or 10GB when I don’t need that much and 2GB at full speed will suit me just fine.  It is for the same reason that unlimited minutes cost more than 500 minutes; you should pay for what you need instead of being forced to pay $30/Month for data if you don’t need it.  These new plan options allow you to tailor your plan to fit how you personally use your smart phone.  

    • Anonymous

      I agree. And best of all, no OVERAGE charges. People can’t see this, and demand more. Hell, even my internet at home is capped. 500 GBs from Comcast, I consistently use torrents, and only hit a max of 250 GBs. I wish I could pay less for the same speed. Good job T-Mobile. 

      And if you don’t like these new plans, please unlock your phones and go to AT&T. They don’t “misadvertise”, which is what all are you seem to complain about.

      BUT, they do limit your data to 2 GBs, regardless of speed. But hey, at least they’re honest…

  • DatNizzle

    Totally agree. Netflix told me I could watch unlimited streaming movies, but you can only watch 2 at a time, lairs. There should be no limits.
    You do realize that by your logic you will never get unlimited data. You will be capped by what your phone or network can handle.
    I know you guys with “unlimited” voice minutes feel like crap, they only let you use 1 min at a time. Unless you use call waiting, than that’s 2.
    Tmobile is trying to compete. Verion and AT&T proved that it’s phones, not price or service, that bring in the customers. They proved you can charge what you want, cap data and people will stand in line to sign up. It’s the one loophole in capitalism, stupid people count too.

    • I totally agree! This right here should be quoted. The data has unlimited USAGE the data itself is not unlimited but the USE of data is unlimited.  You have no idea how many people i’ve met ask for unlimited minutes but only use 500.  They have been brainwashed by the public into thinking they deserve all this for nothing.  If you want it fine then you pay for it.  If you come to your senses and understand that you should pay for how much you use then we can talk about which of the 4 data plans you need based on the individual.  

      • Fs45237

        Yes that would be awesome pay for what you use … so in my 3000 minute plan and I only use 500 in a month I should only pay 1/6 of the bill. And the customer service shouldn’t collect a check at all because the answers you get from them are useless.

        • Joe-e

          Ok, so lets shut down the number one rated wireless customer service and just let you figure out the difference between and fdc and hlr. Just the fact that you have an opinion on customer service shows you have had to call them at least once.

        • blah.

          If you want to pay for what you use then switch to T-Mobile prepaid. I’m sorry that we at customer care don’t have all the answers or credits that our customers demand from us, but we have policies to adhere to, most of us don’t live around the corner from you so we can’t tell you why the service in your area all of a sudden went down, and we rarely get told about new phones and services any sooner than our customers do. If you want more answers, put the heat on the higher ups in the business, not on us, who have to deal with you people calling us names and yelling at us between 8 and 13 hours a day.

    • Being initially given speeds of well over 5Mbps with an extremely powerful phone, and then having it throttle down to lower than 30Kbps is extremely disappointing. Nobody expects the speed to exceed the network’s own limitations. But they are advertising “unlimited data” with extremely 4G speeds. They are selling 4G capable phones that do video chat, movie streaming, and can share 720p or 1080p video to Youtube… this eats up 2GB in a short time for active users when you also factor in mail, attachments and app downloads. Once you hit that 2GB cap you can not do many of these things. Many apps won’t operate at below 3G rates, thus nullifying many of the advantages for owning a 4G smart phone. Not only is the cap ridiculously low, but the throttled speed is at or below EDGE speeds which is extremely disappointing. I’m curious as to why you are defending the consistent downgrade in customer service.

    • Anonymous

      You can watch all the movies you like, which is “unlimited”. It never said the amount of devices you can watch it on are unlimited. I signed up to Netflix only expecting to watch one movie at a time, and then greatly surprised when I found out I could watch two. 

      For there to “be no limits”, the price you would pay would make you complain for a lower plan and more restrictions.

  • Mopar6464

     And if you want to save more money on the data plan and your not under contract , switch your data plan to the $9.99/month Web2Go and change your APN setting to internet2.voicestream.com and surf 3G data unlimited.

    • BoredinMO

      um, you do know this plan hasnt been available in soooooo long. Its like saying “switch your plan to a myfaves plan”. Are you stuck in 2008? BTW, the internet2 apns are being deactivated on phones. you might get limited connection for the default apns in the system, but the internet2 is going to be about as much benefit to you as a smack upside the head. 

  • Me

    I think the new rate plan is great! I’ve been selling it like hotcakes, but I don’t like that it is called “truly unlimited”. Try calling it that in a sales pitch to a  customer and see what look you get when you say it slows after 2 gig. On our window there is a huge poster advertising the TRULY UNLIMITED.. Ive enjoyed many years with Tmobile being the exception to the rule of wireless providers being sneaky liars. Our brand has a reputation to uphold. Change the advertising. Advertise what it TRULY is and no worries.

    • Gaelhernandez

      You can actually add the pro web and it gives them 5gb of data speed instead of the 2gb I’m hooking up the people that walk through my door and will continue to do so..

      • Stevekixs

        That’s against policy. You can get on trouble of you’re caught doing that.

        • BobsyourNephew

          Ya, accounts are being audited very heavily because of all the dealer scamming and while you may not know it just yet, you will soon. Its dealer scams like this that have caused the need for all the new security features. Not to mention that whatever you do on an account people forget it can be very easily traced to them, and you cant go trying to explain this off as an accident. Just go ask the last group of agents who lost their jobs cause of it. I remember one agent who called us blaming tmobile for getting him fired….the reason was cause he was doing stuff like this and it was being tracked for a few months and then they fired him and you dont get unemployment when you get fired for fraud. You have no idea how many fraud forms get filled out for stuff like this. …………………… be a good agent and do your job right.. is it really that much of a boost to your sales to be a fraudulent dealer?

      • hi

        that soc code conflicts with most of the new rate plans and custoemr care has been go through customers and switching back to the other one.

  • Anonymous

    Of course the main issue about all this is loss of customers.

    There’s a number of potential customers who won’t do business with a company whom they feel is being “slick” or misleading.  So while T-Mobile thinks it’s being slick with it’s creative use of the word “unlimited,” I have to wonder how many potential accounts it has lost because to consumers T-Mobile is false advertising or misleading them.

    Sidenote:  What’s with TMoNews sudden finding a conscience?  As I recall since its days of appearing on the Net it “sided” with the people in here who find nothing wrong with T-Mobile’s disingenuous use of the term “unlimited.”

    • Much less than 1% of data users, not tethering, will ever reach 5GB.  That could change if the Netflix app starts working on more devices but right now it’s a rare to see someone hit 2GB, let alone 5GB.

  • Anonymous

    If you think it’s bad now, just wait until the AT&T acquisition is approved….

    • Brookjonestcc

      how the hell is it so bad now? unlimited everything for a new smartphone user for 120 for 2 lines.  tell me anywhere else you can get that kind of plan with a national wireless provider?

  • No overage fees is unlimitted enough for me.

  • Completely Serious

    You should do opinion pieces more often.  Dude, you just got PAID with all these hits too.  I would love to see more of this!

  • ThrottledSince2010

    I rather pay $10 per GB in overage than be throttled. 

    If it’s true that hardly anyone uses that much data then what are they afraid of?

    The real reason T-Mobile throttles its network is because they are too cheap to provide proper backhaul and capacity.  They do the bare bones minimum to keep costs down but they’ll never admit this.  This is why our phones keep bouncing to EDGE and GPRS all day.  Their 4G network is built weak and can’t handle too much use.

    • Really? Is that why tmobile was rated as having the second most consistent network in the nation and the number one fastest? among multiple carriers (not just the big four)

    • Speak for yourself.  My G2x holds a strong 4G signal all day long.  I haven’t seen EDGE since I got this phone.

    • Want to pay for more data?  They now have 10GB data plan for $60 a month.  That’s 5GB more than the regular plan and it’s less than the $10 per GB you were willing to pay.

  • Danz8502

    Ya I agree throttling is ridiculous I got throttled the other day tested my internet speed and it was 60 kps down and 120 up when I. Normally get between 4 and 6 Mps down and 2 up so I opted for the 10 dollars more a month plan that kicked it to 5 gb

  • Ihateat&t

    This is a conspiracy by AT&T and Tmobile to deflect more customers to other carriers and then cry in front of FCC and doj that they are losing customers. Don’t forget sprint was losing customers at one time. But innovative thinking and marketing got them back on track.

  • stu

    The telcos and ISPs in Australia were investigated by the corporate watchdog a few years ago for similar tactics. They were all spruiking “unlimited data!” (then in almost unreadable fine print, something along the lines of: “slows to dialup speeds of 64kpbs after 5GB”). They got away with it for a couple of years before the government clamped down and put a stop to it.

  • db

    This is not false or unethical advertising people…..you get unlimited data usage but it throttles after you reach the limit of what you sign up for….if you use more than 200mb then jump to 2GB,  If you use more than 2GB then jump to 5GB, if you use more than 5GB then jump to 10GB….If you use more than 10GB then you are a DATA HOG and are exactly the reason why throttling exists!!!!  If they said it was unlimited data but did not plainly state in the rate plan brochures how much data you get at 4G speeds then it would be false and unethical but it is plainly stated and T-Mobile is the only company that lets you choose how much you want to pay for your individual usage….so if you start to use more then you can step up to the next level and pay a little more for using more…what a concept!…Cell phone networks are not the same as land based networks as far as capacity so throttling esists to keep people from clogging up the network because they think they have to stream 24/7…download the stuff on wifi to your phone and use it whenever you want!!

    • Wrong wrong wrong. It is absolutely false marketing. It’s not TRULY unlimited.

      • Neither is Sprint’s unlimited.  From their own T&C:  Sprint reserves the right, without notice, to deny, terminate,
        modify, disconnect or suspend service if off-network usage in a month
        exceeds: (1) voice: 800 min. or a majority of minutes; or (2) data: 300
        megabytes or a majority of kilobytes.

      • brucewayne73

        db, you are absolutely correct.  So many want to play with semantics saying this is not unlimited… but it is.  People want to say it’s not unlimited because you get throttled.  Hmm, show me where you have to start paying for it then.  Oh wait, you don’t.  Show me another company that gives you as many options to get the internet you need without charging you overage.  Oh wait, you can’t.  If you truly need that much internet, get a tablet or use your home pc.  I can agree that tablet internet should not be throttled but on a cell phone??  Get serious.  So many people want to hate on t-mobile for their rates but show me another company that does better!!

    • None

      The NERVE of me to want to use my phone and service to the fullest!!  I should be shot.

    • zps

      just the fact that you use the term “clogging” means you have already drunk the propaganda cool-aid.  how about the company who’s sole job is to deliver bandwidth actually deliver it?  and label it what it is… a severely limited plan that is worthless after 2GB.  calling this claptrap unlimited is a fraud, plain and simple.

    • gmitch

      Does DB stand for DorkBoy? 

  • None

    I just read this about 100 posts back…

    “We promote it as unlimited talk, but if you abuse your unlimited minutes such as talking over 8k minutes a month, we will most likely terminate your service”

    Since TMO thinks they are so slick, is this an equally slick way get out of contract??  Can I just call my home phone and put the phone down every night and “abuse” my unlimited and save myself termination fees?

    • Junior

      In that case you would have to make a call every 4 hours because that’s how long a call last before the towers drop it.

  • Torrentula

    I love Verizon despite higher prices. I stand by “you get what you pay for” but now they are going tiered. One hour of Netflix a day plus Internet is over 5 GB. I use about 8 a month. To me this is no where near accessive. They squandered their profits instead of upgrading and now your all paling for it. Screw 4g. Just give us unlimited 3g. The higher speed just means you’ll hit your cap faster. They shouldn’t even be selling smart Phones if this is how they do business. I’ll be leaving Verizon. I was happy to pay extra for the service but that isn’t enough for them. They want more money. I’m done with cell phones. Get me a tablet, clear wire, skype, and call it a day.

  • People complaining and carrying on. IF you knew what WIFI was you really wouldn’t care abt this falsy advertised “truly unlimited” plan. I agree that it is kinda of obsured, but ultimately, we won’t have to worry abt ridiculous overcharges fees. So I’m kinda of up and down about it. Solution: use WIFI in your house and when you’re not home, you can just kick to your data. DUH!

    • Antonio Soto

      …Or, I can just go on my Computer. I mean… Why would I have WiFi and not have a computer? Problem is, a Mobile carrier is just that. Mobile. Meaning “On the move”. And since my Whiffy isn’t at my job, at the movies, on the train, at the ball game, stuck in the highway, at the park, across the country, in Brazil or pretty much everywhere outside the 30 foot radius of my house, WiFi pretty much is useless to my phone when I need to download stuff or fiddle on my mobile handset device. But hey! When I am home I can use my Wifi on a device with a screen only 1/10 of the size of my laptop with only a fraction of the processing power!

      • Antonio Soto


  • keith49

    Very clever marketing by T – mobile.They never say unlimited data “at 4G speeds”. They just boast about being the largest 4G network and all that.

  • Md

    As soon as the T-mobile commercials stating unlimited data started appearing, I started complaining about it to wife. I have had more respect for T-mobile than I can give lately. I don’t want my cell phone provider to be like ATT and Verizon. I want them to be like T-mobile. I want to keep telling my friends to switch to T-mobile. In the past couple of months there hasn’t been much reason to choose T-mobile over the other two, and there used to be huge reasons to do it.

  • zps


    this is absolutely pathetic and classic false advertising.  the state of the wireless industry in america is just abysmal.  t-mobile is now at the lower end of the barrel.

  • I’m not a fan of T-Mobile’s use of the term “Unlimited” for the very reason you state – it’s quite misleading – but they offer a much better selection of data tiers than any other mobile provider (200MB, 2GB, 5GB, 10GB), and it is up to the user to decide how much priority data (4G) they need to consume on a monthly basis.  Frankly, I believe it would be more to T-Mobile’s advantage to advertise the flexibility of their data offerings than this pseudo-unlimited scheme.

  • rene

    well a few months back, metro pcs used to have a misleading advertising  and tricking  customer, with his  unlimited international anywhere in the world for $5 dollars, but no even in the fine print they mention that was only in some country and land line, and the got a class action suit which make them to clarify that detail and get refund to many people, so whats up in here?

  • Gmitch

    Like the All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet selling “all you can eat”. Then after paying you find out it’s all you can eat for 10 minutes, then only one eggroll every half hour. Lame.

    • Stanima

      No…..It’s like saying you can eat 100 eggrolls…how fast you eat them is up to you.  After that you only get 1 per hour….for as long as you want to sit there and eat.  Forever it you’re up to it….

      • Theassis

        exactly…. you still get egg rolls.. they are still unlimited… just like web, the people who eat to much need a break :) they take all the egg rolls from everyone else who will only take a few at a time. 

        • Adrian Trujillo45

          I’m not even getting eggrolls, I’m getting a pea or noodle.

      • Kenszii

        100 eggrolls… how fast you eat them is up to youl after that it’s 5 per hour… till you pay again lol. then you can do another 100 eggrolls and the process starts all over again hahahaha. lol

      • Kenszii

        100 eggrolls… how fast you eat them is up to youl after that it’s 5 per hour… till you pay again lol. then you can do another 100 eggrolls and the process starts all over again hahahaha. lol

  • Kelly12

    I want to see the T-Mobile Girl parody ad where she’s dressed like a hooker promising everything, but then says no, no and no to anything fun!

  • Kelly12

    I want to see the T-Mobile Girl parody ad where she’s dressed like a hooker promising everything, but then says no, no and no to anything fun!

  • blah.

    Those of you who are opposed to Tmobile as a company giving you truly unlimited web and just throttling it down because you are one of the 8 or so percentile that use more than 2gigs on your phone a month, why don’t you go to ATT before the merger happens, pay $30 bucks for the first 2gigs, and then $10 bucks per gig afterward? Sound good? UNLIMITED means NO OVERAGE.You still get unlimited web, I promise.

    • Blah!

      Read the dictionary and look for the word unlimited or read the actual article. Your made up delusional definition is completely wrong.

      • Nync518

        For the last time. It IS UNLIMITED data..there is nothing restricted about the data it’s self. Tmobile never said unlimited 4g data. Don’t get me wrong Tmobile is the worst provider and cst. srvce. No doubt there.

  • Stanima

    For $10 a month, a subscriber can have unlimited internet…albeit EDGE…It’s still unlimited.  E-mails, texts, pictures, Facebook, navigation, and a host of other services will still work just fine.  You want a real world comparison of data usage?  I re-set my data usage monitor and turned on netflix.  A 45 min episode of a tv show uses aprox. 400mb…I use around 5gb every month, but I use my data waaaaaaaaaaay more than the average user even needs to think about using theirs.  For 2gb….saving $30-40 a month over the competitors…There is no word play here.  Technically it’s 100% correct.  Even the ad tells you….  Also…if you feel like you were lied or misled by a sales rep….Turn around…Leave Wal-Mart…Go to a REAL T-Mobile dealer and get your information from a source who knows what they are talking about.  Come see me and I gaurentee you won’t feel in any way misled. 

  • AT&T recently switched their home DSL lines to having a 150GB / month limitation.  If you meet that for a couple of months you get warnings each month before overage fees kick in.  They also give you tools to monitor how much bandwidth you’ve used.

    But business DSL / U-verse accounts do not have this new limitation.  Perhaps one can get a corporate contract from T-Mobile with no download limits?  That was a question.

  • Anonymous

    It actually is truly unlimited. They just boot you back down to 2G when you use your allotment. No overage fees, no ganking you like V-T&T.

    It’s clearly spelled out there if you pay attention. Also, if you’re on an older plan, you still have priority unlimited speeds. Maybe if people didn’t “need” a new phone every four months. Also, if they bought second-hand since they can easily on GSM– they wouldn’t need new plans.

  • Antonio Soto

    Problem here is that They never said “Unlimited 4G data.” Just “Unlimited Data” They’re only clever since they’re using consumer ignorance; “It’s 2011! 4G is standard! But… It’s pricey. So lets give em a limited amount of 4G and they can have everything else for free! We still got EDGE networks? Perfect! Just say it’s Unlimited Data! But don’t say what kind!”

    They’re jerks but hey, people fall for it. .

    …Doesn’t justify that they’re jerks.

  • TonyJohns

    Your still getting data to your phone. The data never stops. No matter the speed, your phone is receiving data. Its unlimited.

    • Ken

      You’re missing the entire point.  The issue is how the ads are misleading.  Technically by your example, even if you have a 1 bit or byte connection, you’re still technically still able to send and receive data, it’s just in a form that makes using the data plan unproductive and almost useless depending on what’s been sent/received.

    • Mbhandson

      your statement is very unrealistic; t-mobile’s throttling has finally forced me to dump them for Sprint however, Sprint’s reception for my location is way worse than t mobile…ugh!!!!!

    • Wuzupchuck

      Sounds like you work for T Mobile.  “Unlimited” means “Unrestricted” — Look it up.  If the service is slowed by throttling, IT IS RESTRICTED. Wake up.

      • Fiendhonda

        Noo…its a sound arguemnt.  It is unlimeted indeed, but the speed at which you obtain it is much slower…and no I don’t work for T-Mobile.

        • Thedoombasslocator

          (un) limited (no limit) thats on speed or data doom bass

        • ATTisTheDevil

          again you miss the point. when you say unlimited data, that means no limits, no restrictions. oddly right under their unlimited claim, what does it say? you will be limited and restricted. 

          how is that not simple enough for you to understand that what they are claiming is completely opposite of what you pay for? you cant say the sky is blue when its clearly red and expect it to make any sense. the same applies to their misleading business tactics.

          just like their misleading two lines for 49.99.. i learned this the hard way, no were in the fine print did it even say anything about this plan being limited to T-Mobiles outdated flip phones from a couple centuries ago, literally no where did it say this. yet i try to get a smart phone with that plan, no only was a lied to saying it was in the fine print when it wasnt.. i was told literally almost all their smart phones do not apply to this plan what so ever.

          im sure if they advertised anything in the way that its actually is, they would have literally no one racing into their doors. its just that simple, they mislead people into the store in hopes, they just give in and buy into their scheme.. which works but is in no way right or should be legal.

        • ATTisTheDevil

          jesus christ sorry again for all the typos, i type so fast when i get riled up like this.

        • Forlambschool

           I AGREE! When you say “UNLIMITED DATA” it mean “UNRESTRICTED UNLIMITED DATA” NOT “SPEED!” That is way they can get away with it. The data IS Unlimited, but the speed has nothing to do with the data you receive.

          If I was going to give you w Million Dollars, but It took me 7 years to give it all to you, did I give you a Million Dollars? YES! It just took forever for me to do it. But I did it, didn’t I?

          i don’t disagree that it is misleading, but it is not lying. I can’t help what you assume.

  • Gs007

    The whole point of having a smart phone is Internet access which requires data. I am using my I phone lo listen to Sirius when indrive to and from work. I was also looking for provider that offers unlimited high speed data for some of my work related attachments. The T mobile store rep insured me that t mobile has no data restrictions and to use the fast 4 g network as much as I like. Two weeks into my billing cycle my I phone became vertaly useless as T mobile restricted my data to 70 kbs. The whole reason for giving up my AT&T unlimited plan was faster 4 g service. Now I am stuck with t mobile and lost my truly unlimited AT&T services. I am looking forward to a class action case against this misleading company! E mail me at gs007@rocketmail.com ! Maybe we can start our own legal case against them!

    • Adrisn Trujillo45

      Your story is exactly like mine! atvleast you get 70 KB, MY phone shows 48 – 60kb and the stinking chimpanzee said that was normal and good. I explained I couldn’t evrn use my nice phone for simple things like market and gps half the time…They need a class action lawsuit for lying and misreprepresenting their product! the ape salesman ASSURED me it would only SLOW A LITTLE BIT AFTER I USED THE supposed 4g up…BLATANT STINKING LIES!

    • ATTisTheDevil

      i disagree to a certain extent, to me i have no use and my smart phone has never need data plans. people like me already pay for home internet that is exceptionally fast at 100Mb/ps i already pay 100$ a month to have this internet. i have no need for these data plans that are forced with smart phones as my phones main hub of net use comes from my already existing internet and router which i payed for that has wifi.

      its absolutely absurd im forced to pay for data regardless of this fact. these phones now a days all have wifi for a reason, so you arent constantly using these carriers data. how do they have the right to completely hinder that use and capitalize on something they didnt even create.

      i completely agree its insane they can even make these claims when its the complete opposite, if this were court all evidence would be against them yet somehow they get away clean. that i do agree on, what i dont is the fact people assume all smart phones need data plans.

      thats my gripe is im the sucker paying for something i literally have no use for, i have a GPS navigator.. so i dont need to use that on my phone either.. all i wanted the Galaxy S2 for was mainly music related task and its exception camera and HD recording capabilities.. sadly the Galaxy S2 has by far the best video ive ever seen a phone record.. Samsung is known for the amazing cameras and it shows in this phone. the HD video is flawlessly fluid, no hic-ups like the iphone or other phones with the same specs that cant even render light properly.

      if the phone didnt have that, i wouldnt be paying a arm and a leg to have the crappiest plan available just to use it. according to T-Mobile we no longer have that right to choose what we use our phones for apparently..

      whats sad is i ma ATT customer and even sadder they are the only people who wire in my area for internet so thats who im paying for my internet through, so i already know how terrible ATT is customer wise and how they are known for doing everything T-Mobile is becoming clearly all from their influence.

      whats even more absurd, is they are merged and they still expect to pay for the data plan which i dont need at all, along with my $100 dollar ATT internet bill. im trying hard to possible have these data charges waived because of that simple fact its absurd. no luck yet.

      its sad, i knew this would happen once i heard they were merging. i prayed it wouldnt happen to this extent but ATT is just that greedy and horrible i guess even i should have expected this.

      • ATTisTheDevil

        sorry in advance for any typos but im sure you get my drift, im not wasting the time to spell check all of that in all honesty writing that is enough wasted time on something that probably will never change unless something drastic happens. so i figured id at least warn you ahead of time there are possibly some errors i skimmed through while in rage type mode.

        no hard feelings towards you, i know i come off as a jerk.

  • Wuzupchuck

    I find it amazing that people are fine with T Mobile touting their ”
    Truly Unlimited Plan” when nothing could be farther from the truth.  Are
    we so used to being lied to thru false advertising, and fine print,
    that we expect to get ripped off in the first place? Personally, I am
    sick of it.  Screw T mobile, and any company that misleads its
    customers.  They are in breach of contract by limiting their “Unlimited
    Plan”, I’m going to Verison.  Their plan really is “Unlimited”

    • Jackoff66

      I hate to break it to you but i have Verizon and it’s only 2GB then you have to pay for additional usage here is a Sprint Commerical  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaZjiUA1Uco 

    • Adrian Trujillo45

      I was with verizon for 10 years before I tried tmobile, I thought tmobile was good till the 4g ran out THAN found out that the “unlimited” actually meant ” doesn’t work” !!! I’m canceling and going back to verizon asap.

  • Doe John

    The “unlimited” refers to the data, not the speed by which the data is transmitted. By the author’s concept of “unlimited” an unlimited data plan would be impossible because any limit on speed would seem to be a restriction. Since T-mobile can’t offer us a data connection which would allow us to download a 1 GB file in zero seconds the author would be forced to conclude that T-mobile is not offering us a truly unlimited data plan. But the article found no fault with a limit of this kind, only that they don’t offer us there max speed all the time. I think that it was a fine maneuver on T-mobile’s part and a splitting-of-hairs on the part of all you complainers. 

    • guest

      I would have to agree.  The ad is stating you get unlimited data no one said anything about the speed at which the data is sent.  For everyone saying that it is not unlimited because the speed slows after 2GB and that that is a restriction…how is the fact that you are not getting your data as quickly a restriction on how much data you get?  The answer is it is not.  I guarantee you Tmobile marketing did not put this ad out without thoroughly reviewing it and ensuring the statements were all true.  If you dont want your data to be slowed after 2GB dont get this plan…everything is disclosed in the ad and no one is holding a gun to your head to buy this plan.  Tmobile provided you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on whether or not to buy this plan.  If you dont use that information then it is your own fault that you are making an uneducated decision and you have no right to complain.  If you have done your research and do know all the facts and you still purchase the plan and still complain you are an idiot, and if you have done your research dont like the plan and dont purchase it then what are you complaining for no one did you any wrong.  My point is, the plan is what it is and everything is disclosed so if you dont like it no one forced you into purchasing it and no one tricked you into purchasing it.  It is up to you as a consumer to know what you are buying and it is up to Tmobile as the provider to tell you what they are offering which they did.

      • Smith M T 26

        Time is data. Screw that their slithering snakes if you’re browser is searching for ten minutes for one page that is VERY RESTRICTED!

      • Trever

        If the speeds slow down to a ridiculous rate then yes they are inhibiting your monthly data usage.  The idea behind unlimited is that(since you can’t have true unlimited) you can watch/read do whatever you want online for the entire month.  Their caps are so harsh this does not become the case, it takes 6-7x longer than the length of a video to load a video.  Applications frequently crash and websites fail to load.  You spend more time being frustrated with it not working than you actually do “using your data.”  Also the speed cap is so harsh that it does put a pretty big limiter over all.  Lets just say the speed is capped to 50kb/s(and I honestly think it’s much much slower than that.)  If that was the case though, you would only be able to use as much data as 50*60*60*24 would allow you to do.(Granted that is quiet a bit) Sometimes there cap is so bad you’re actually getting 0.   Also if you look at an average even big time users probably only use their phone for roughly 2-3 hours a day for internet stuff.   Your unlimited is quickly turning into a few mbs a day.

        • Adrian Trujillo45

          Exactly, how is it unlimited when these jackals slowed it down so much you can’t use it half the time!!! It times out even in the simplest of things like market.

        • BrianSkater

          for me to download 56mb its gonna take over an hour… 10kb/s

      • Ehartanto

        so why not being blunt honest and just put it unlimited data ,limited speed. why hide the freakin speed which is very important. clearly tmobile knows that customer will misguided the customer. fukin shady. why it has to be hidden ????

      • Forlambschool

         I would have to agree with you, also. Everyone is crying about the slow internet on their phones at 59.99 a month. Be glad their giving u 4 g up a point in which u can upgrade ur plan if need be. I began reading this post because I recently signed up with t-mobile and wanted to know my speeds after u reached ur 4g limit.

        I must say getting dial up speed if crap if t-mobile is throttling that l low…but it appears that my speeds are around 3g which isn’t bad considering I can hook up to my wifi.

        As far as them being liars; my sales rep came straight out and told me this would happen. All I had to do was ask the hard questions and I got a straight forward answer. Everyone wants everyone else to be straight forward and BLUNT about everything. Get real!!!! If ure trying to sell something ure not going to open up with all the flaws and negative things about ur product. Let the buyer ask the right questions. The buyer may not even care about the flaws in the product, but if u open up with them, then yeah of course they’d care now.

        People need to stop blaming everything other then themselves… If u read ur contract it states that they will throttle ur speed. Hell, the plans should have given it away the moment u saw 2g, 5g, 10g… Once i saw that I asked a simple, common sense question. If there all unlimited, then why do they have differen gigs? Answer was simple for my sales rep…” Oh, this only applies to the speed of ur data plan. if u go over ur monthly allowance they will slow ur web down.” Next question I asked was…”How slow does it get?”  He said, “To the point that it could be unusable, but u have wifi and hotspot capability. So, u can hook up to an wireless connection if u need to use the internet on ur phone.” It took 45 sec for me to make a decision and I signed up.

        Look, ur phone is meant to serve one true purpose… To connect with others. That’s it. As long as my phone does that, I’m happy.

  • Ms_nunu20

    Whatever you want to call it now that my internet is running slow I fucking hate it!!!! It wasnt doing it b4 & now it is….. Its fucking aggravating. Tmobile is always trying to find a way to make more money!!!! That is all that is! This is bullshit bcuz tmobile use to let my phone run fast for $79.99 & now there’s a big change in my plan & its not ok.

  • Ms_nunu20

    Whatever you want to call it now that my internet is running slow I fucking hate it!!!! It wasnt doing it b4 & now it is….. Its fucking aggravating. Tmobile is always trying to find a way to make more money!!!! That is all that is! This is bullshit bcuz tmobile use to let my phone run fast for $79.99 & now there’s a big change in my plan & its not ok.

  • OsoTx

    That is right, they want you money, you blood and you soul, movile telephony have decades and an large number of generations and still expeensive, every new generation they want more and more and more of you money, that is the way the world works and movile telephony and medicine are the nasty jewel of the crown in this sick and ambitious world.

    • mike

      I think you ment to say “you’re” and not you.

      • wtf

        its “your”

  • OsoTx

    BTW im tired of that stupid bitch of t-movile in pink dress.

  • Tnj8222

    Thats it im done. Cancel.

  • Yoo Datz Rayoo

    I been with T-Mobile for a loooong time and when everybody was coming out with 4G I was like that’s what’s up..T-Mobile came with 4G and I was excited and got the MyTouch 4G. I surfed alot on my phone until my internet slowed down..call T-Mobile and I asked them “My internet slowed can you check my coverage in my area?” She said the area was good shouldn’t have no problems but they reason why it slowed is because I went over 2GB of internet..I just don’t get it..why come out with 4G phones nd give us a limit to use 4G??? Makes me wana go to sprint. I bet T-Mobile is losing alot of customers right about now of this stupid shit..T-Mobile hit me up when ya fully upgrade with “UNLIMITED 4G” #stupid

    • Adrian Trujillo45

      when I called them again tonight after waiting for one full week for an ” engineer ” to call me, the idiot acted like he had never heard of this being a problem…I promised the clown I was canceling eith tmobile, my wifes 3g on verizon is 15 times faster than this joke tmobile is dticking us with.

  • Hdhd

    I freaking hate T-Mobile!! Those fuckin basterds slowed my 4g down! XO

  • Anonymous

    Stop complaining ppl, unlimited data doesnt mean unrestricted speed, they dont limit your data usage, and thats better than overage costs so be happy that their helping

    • Adrian Trujillo45

      It wouldn’t be a problem IF they told you up front that they were going to choke your neck to the point your phone is useless..And that is a fact!

      • ATTisTheDevil

        agreed, this is problem i have with 90% of businesses today. they get away with straight up fraud like actions with little to no repercussion except us having to take it.

        like ive said before, if they even advertised any of these plans in the real light that they work as, i can assure you there wouldnt be anyone here complaining let alone buying their phones.

        even there lowest data plan at$10 dollars is a complete and utter joke. you pay $10 a month i mind, not once a freaking month for 200mb a month… you realize you cant even check your email using that low of speed without breaking the limit, yet they claim you are able to do more which i know from computing experience is complete lies.

        thats absurd paying $10 a month for such crappy internet from them period.. you can literally get better deals for internet from ATT themselves who actually are a internet providers or tons of other companies at way faster speeds and not a single limit to how much you use a month.

        none of this even makes sense as to why there data plans cost more than the most demanding fiber optic net around.. no sense at all, i really hope to god this changes because they are literally killing their customer base.. no one wants to use a company that will mislead you to the point your pockets are dry and they have not a single regret about it.

        and do not get me wrong, i loath ATT just as much but the only reason T-Mobile is making these moves is because ATT is forcing them to.

    • Keith Stevens

      Stop complaining? your a Moron wrapped in a Idiot… I was told that my speed would co from 4G after my 10GB to 3G speeds by 4 different t-mobile employees. It not only Does not slow to 3G speeds but it does not even do 2G speeds. They cap your speed at 50K. I got faster than this 10 years ago with a Dial-Up on AOL. And when your Data will not even allow for basic Usage of the most mundane built in apps and also crashes your GPS and you can’t even do Google search that is Blatant False Advertising. Let me go out on a limb here and guess your a Employee and your probably the one person who liked your own comment. 

    • tommason

      if you see the ad, it only say unlimited, it does not sate unlimited specific data or plan. and when I called them it say unlimited internet. so fuck tmobile for not being honest

  • einstein57

    When they slow your data to the point where it crashes your apps like google maps, or email if there happens to be a picture then that is limited data. Its not even 2G speed. Edge network on full speed is faster then their restricted “2G” speed. Edge network on my old black berry never crashed my apps for data time out.

  • Tesla426

    Ok, i was seriouly considering buy my girlfriend a tmobile htc wirlfire s (she has metro pcs now). But after reading about the data cap… Forget it…  Metro atleast doesnt slow your speed down and have the HTC Wildfire s! lets go metro!! lol

  • Adrian Trujillo45

    This has happened to me! I was LIED TO BY TMOBILE because yhey saidvit woulld be ” A LITTLE SLOWER”!!! I can’t even use it for basic service like gps, market, google search, tmobile is a fraud, If yoir thinking of going eith tmobile DON’T DO IT! I am canceling from this corrupt lying pjone company asap.

  • Choosinghealth

    I would just like to say that all the carriers have “special” wording with their services and coverage.  I have to say that getting the details is very important and the simple courtesy of being told what your getting would help so many of us feel better.  The simple truth is that the plans offered by Tmobile give you the flexibility to choose just how much high speed internet you want to pay for.  Lets face it we are all looking for the best deal.  The data plans from Tmobile dont stop your internet usage when you reach 2gb.  It sucks that the speeds slow that is true but the truth is that android phone use data period it is just how they work.  I find it amazing to see just how much the applications I download from the application market take up my data usage on my cell plan.

  • pissed off

    ok ive been with tmobile for yrs and all of a sudden i cant watch videos 1hr of loading = at the most 8 secs of the video.. THATS BULL SHT… and now i upgraded to 5 gb and used my internet for 3 days and its already going slow… and i didnt use it the full 3 days… i dnt kno wat happened but ik this is new this data sht.. so FUCK YOU TMOBILE YOUR LOSING THIS CUSTOMER. sigh and i got a few ppl to join tmobile. thats really sad, guess ill jus have to deal with mediacom…..

  • ZMUrban061989@aol.com

    I have a myTouch 4g with ” unlimited everything” and I have to say… T-Mobile’ s definition of unlimited does NOT, I repeat, does NOT match the dictionary’ s definition. The dictionary says:

    ” not limited; unrestricted; unconfined:
    boundless; infinite”

    T-Mobile says unlimited means even when you are in a 4g network, if you use all your 2, 5, or 10gbs (depending on your data plan), your speeds will be reduced to speeds equal to a 56k dial-up internet connection.

    According to the dictionary, T-Mobile is lying through its teeth about ” unlimited” because the data restricts itself after a certain amount of usage has been reached.

    Some of you idiot, fell-off-A-banana-boat, can’t-think-for-yourselves, cant-put-2-and-2-together-on-your-own, morons really try using the jackass argument, ” Well, they never said the speeds are always unlimited; just the accessibility of the data itself is.” Listen, for those of you who say that dumbass argument, you need to have your hands tied behind your back, a blind fold over your eyes, and someone hit you over the head with a 2×4 10 or 15 times.

    The whole idea of a 4g network is to provide the customer with quick access to any internet related apps, sites, etc on their phone. When the data speeds are so slow (even in a 4g network) that it causes connection time-outs, app download time-outs, connection errors, ridiculous amounts of minutes waiting for web pages to load and display themselves (providing they even do), and in many cases, your whole phone even crashing and doing a system restart because the network jammed everything up….. THAT is NOT unlimited. That is not even unlimited data let alone not even just not unlimited speed. Without a reliable speed, you might as well not even have data for some of the reasons I (and others) just mentioned above.

    Now I called T-Mobile and complained about this to them and their communist-for-A-phone-company, dumbass, idiotic, crack pipe-for-brains logic is that it is not fair to the other customers who also use the network for their services to always be slower than others so the reason for capping the 4g speeds is to evenly distribute the bandwidth at a reasonable price.

    You jackass morons! If that person doesnt have the bandwidth or doesnt use the bandwidth quit giving it to them. Instead of taking away from the customers who are paying fof it then getting ripped off! Its not fair to anyone really. How about you give a customer what they have on their plans instead of stealing and giving at your own discretion! Communist, lying, thieves!

    • Desmond Smith

      T Mobile speed is so freaking slow I can’t even watch a movie without it buffering WTF

  • Psychoducky123

    Sprint doesn’t cap your speed. Unlimited is unlimited. I’ve got a complaint going with the BBB becuase I can’t use my phone 1/2 the time because it drops service, drops calls, restarts without notice, I’ve gone through 6 different phones in the last 2 months. And TMobile says its not their problem and refuses to let me out of my contract without paying $600+. BS. Welcome the BBB. I’m so sick and tired of TMobile. What a freaking joke. I’ve got a whole documentation list going for all these issues to present to the BBB as well. Now that I’ve used up all of my “unlimited” data, my phone has basically brought me back to what they were 15 years ago.

  • Compachuyyy

    Guys, just switch to Sprint or Verizon if you want a good cellphone company, nuff said…

  • joe

    After I used my 2 gigs, it went from a nice 7.38 Mbps to a horrific .02Mbps… I thought it would be lowered to like 1Mbps, but i guess I am wrong..

  • joe

    why not just give edge connection instead of 56k dial up speed…

  • ATTisTheDevil

    well you were right, as ATT takes more influence into T-Mobile. they are lying more and more.

    they have the new two 49.99 unlimited, talk text and web… oh wait another thing they forget to tell anyone looking into this awesome plan, its only limited to the crappiest phones they have. why on earth would i go to T-Mobile to pay 50$ for a 10-15 year old flip phone that cant even browse the web period.

    for instance, now you are required with any smartphone with T-Mobile to buy a data plan. even if you have home internet and a router with wifi capabilities, they still require you to pay for their reduced internet. 

    whats even more upsetting is they will give out these awesome data deals with phones that clearly cannot even use it like the two lines for 49.99.. i argued for hours with a rep about how it states no where in the fine print, that deal only applies to cheap outdated phones but you buy a smartphone thats worth it and can, best believe your paying out the ass and getting by far the worst data plan available to just counter the massive cost of the phone itself.

    i learned this trying to buy the Galaxy S2 and a HTC wildfire with that plan, the rep told me neither of those phones apply to the 49.99 deal even though it literally doesnt even say that in the fine print at all, they even advertise these phones in the same window as that deal…!!!!

    literally none of the smart phones can even get a plan that low with T-Mobile, if you do its far from unlimited talk or text and you will have 200mb pathetic data speed you pay for regardless if you use it or not. i think what they are doing should be illegal and is should be considering a criminal offense.

    no where in the world should it be acceptable to advertise falsely this way, let alone force customers to pay for something they never wanted, needed or had to use period in the first place. if i do not want to use T-Mobiles internet data with any phone from them, i should have that right. i do not need it nor want it, so why am i paying for it?

    i pray someone with the money invests in suing them, im quite frankly getting sick and tired of large companies being able to get away with crimes no smaller individual would ever be able to achieve or walk away scotch free from. yet these companies do it all the time, abuse their customers, mislead them and even go as far as ripping them off in every little way imaginable..

    the world is becoming absolute crap, when a computer with the same specifications is easier to purchase than a cell phone now a days. why they are treating smart phones like they exist in their own realm of being is beyond me, they are nothing more than miniature computers. before you could differentiate a cell phone from a computer.. there is no difference now. i can make calls from my computer just like i could any smart phone.

    the only great thing about a computer is when i walk into the store to upgrade parts or buy a new one.. unlike all this smart phone bull crap.. im not required to purchase internet with it, im not required to pay hidden upgrade fees or charges for switching the computer… how stupid would that be, walking into a store to buy and spend money on a computer only to be denied because you wont pay $10 a month for their crappy internet?

    the icing on the cake is they are forcing people to not only have to pay for something they may not need but they are forcing them to pay for something that isnt what it claims. this is why i did not want any data plan from them at all with my Galaxy S2

    i cant express enough how these types of practices will truly make me end up hurting someone someday. i can only take so many sticks up my ass, i already take enough from our own corrupt U.S. government who could give two craps about its own people. the day free health care was even debatable and seen a negative.. i knew this country has hit its most corrupt limit it will only get worse, until the people want change. sadly this isnt the 1800’s where slaves feel the up most need to make that change, we live in a time we people are lazy and take whatever these companies throw at them regardless of how criminal the actions appear.

    sadly these companies arent held accountable for the amount of money they literally just take from people who just cant keep up with all these hidden fees and fine prints. i literally spend a entire two days just trying to get a reasonable plan for my Galaxy S2 that had little to no data, simply because i spend hours having to constantly go back reading every little hidden detail that completely changes everything once you choose it, regardless of the already long story.. buying a cell phone should and never have been a pain that it has become today.

    most kids with jobs, i can see the amount of money they make off them just not knowing any better. this is wrong in so many aspects to take advantage of people in this way.

  • ATTisTheDevil

    their lowest data plan cost $10 dollars a month for 200mb. you cant even check your email in this current age without using over that.how they are legally forcing people to pay for these clearly damaging and hindering data plans is beyond me.

    its out right insane they charge more for the crappiest net imaginable, when you can literally buy fiber optics from Verizon for cheaper that is literally 1000x faster. let alone you can even purchase internet from their own merger ATT for less thats faster than 200mb..

    sickens me to see people even try to justify these types of practices at all, sad when people have become that brainwashed they assume this is acceptable.

  • Bbarker

    i just cancelled my tmobile service, i bought the unlimited data plan when it first came out.. I sued a ISP (internet company) back in 1999 for selling unlimited service that was limited, since then all those similar scam places changed their ways… amazing to see this company go this route.. technically they have it covered as they are not selling unlimited data, but back when I signed up they did.. if anyone can provide me with literature of their sales stuff back then, about 2-3 years ago,I will sue them off the planet… I just have no proof… Tmobile is dead, the name is getting abused because it will become att, so look out if you are a customer, you are in for a real treat this year!!

  • Bbarker1921

    Oh I got so carried away I forgot the point.. my cable went down, it took 4-5 days to use 5gigs (actually 2 hours in 2 days 4 hours) as i had to download files from work.. I paid $90 a month for as a backup plan with unlimited internet,for my house as its critical.. I never used it at all in 3 years.. When i hit 5 gigs, they throttled me.. they refused to answer what they throttled the account too. However it was obviout to see It was 2.5kbps. Not even able to load webpages.. After stating I would pursue legal action for not responding to my valid questions on what plan i was on and what the throttle is, they stated 50kbps, the same as a dialup modem….. They also said i paid for $10 text messages $20 5gb plan, which was a joke.. It was unlimited… Again no fair usage policy back then.. Throttle was 2-3kpbs and after the long phone call 2 hours later it become 250b even worse, so they either did that to spite me and my complaining, needless to say this company didn’t care about me as a customer who took $3k for doing nothing over the last 2 years, all they cared about was looking for ways to hang up on me and not answer valid questions, What is my plan, what is the throttle. worthless company… they just want free money

  • OMG the EXACT same thing happened to me. We went to the 5gig plan and after about 3 or 4 days we could barely use the internet. This is so frusterating and infuriating.

  • Pitty my Willy


  • Billygeen

    Its very interesting how all these comments are negative and on a t mobile website. I a, grandfathered into t mobile, have been a customer since they merged. I just found out Ive always been paying for an unlimited everything account for about 50$ a month. Now I am using hotspots and my my-touch 4G internet browser and am hoping I don’t fall under the same scam. I have been a customer for 10+ years and will be a credible source If I have to take this to court. I will add my Facebook if If/when I encounter a throttle problem and we can build a team or disputers!

  • Mr Anderson

    To all of you so called victims. Why on earth would you sign up under a “CONTRACT” without reading it; Especially if its one for 2 years and requires an early termination fee. Honestly people are to dumb to make correct decisions so they push the blame on the company.


    I was thinking that I was the only one going through this problem with the data speed being cut….Ho wrong I was…I had the GalaxyS a year ago, and I never had one problem with going over my limit..never had a problem with anything downloading, getting on any websites etc… I get the GalaxyS2 and both months They have shut me to slower speeds within two weeks of each month..I had to “buy” my extra weeks. (bs) Here’s the thing—I work 12 hours a day, 5 days a week,,,,When Im home, I have the internet to my access via my laptop…..How am I going over this usage? I have never downloaded a movie or watched one, I have never downloaded songs…maybe checked my facebook and posted some pics on my days off when I wasnt at home. I dont get it, and they dont have an explanatiion for it that makes since…I bought the GalaxyS1 last year for 500 out of pocket and this year I bought the S2 for $460 out of pocket- and this is how they treat someone that has been with them for 9 years?

  • chad nunez

    happen to me today i told the rep after 13 years i will be leaving tmobile he just said sorry you feel like that. good by tmobile yall sucked any way. 

  • rpstex

    Why is this post so boldly labeled opinion? This is factual coverage of events that have occurred due to  the lack of constraints on the lies Tmobile marketing is allowed to spread. It is offensive.

  • Computerwhiz123

    Ill be honest, throttling isn’t actually that bad when compared to ATT and Verizon — for example – think about all of the overage fees you don’t have to pay. T-Mobile also gives you tethering which is great for the 5g plan if you have a laptop- so if you want to spend your 5g on netflix and pandora, then be my guest.

  • Camouflaged BS

    I equate 500MB data plans in the same context as a new vehicle lease with a
    limit of 10,000 miles annually – Both of these plans were designed with high
    expectations that the user will significantly overrun the limit thereby
    resulting in steep financial penalties.

    With the ever-growing list of apps that abuse auto-launch at device reboot,
    only to fetch ads and other unwanted spam notifications, plus the frequency of
    application updates (some quite frequently due to lack of proper QA), plus all
    of the apps that by design download new data each time they are engaged (news,
    music, movies, etc), it’s only a fool who would think that 500mb is sufficient.
    That’s a plan for grandma who weekly checks her email.

  • Ange A.

    Someone please answer this question…doesn’t the speed (2G, 3G, 4G, etc) depend on the area where you are receiving and/or transmitting the data?? For instance, if I go to DC and my signal strength is 4G and in Silver Spring, MD it is 2G…I would think it would be natural for the speed to be slower when it comes to going online or using any app dealing with the Internet, correct? So therefore, T-Mobile is not lying when they said “unlimted”, you still get the data at any time, how fast its going to come up…well thats another issue regardless of which carrier you are with.
    Also, TMobile is the cheaper when it comes to their data packages and plans. Why pay Verizon or Spring $60 for 2G per line when you get $40 per line with TMobile? I’ve tried Verizon and Sprint, both drop calls depending on the area. Though they did away with their contract and you pay full price for the phone, either way, with Verizon and Sprint you still end up paying full price for the phone by the way its built in the their data packages, termination fees, activiation fees, etc.
    Simply put, its 2014 – switch if you don’t like the carrier and can afford to do so…too many options in America to complain about things like this.

  • Conan the Barbarian

    There is no such thing as 2G, 3G and 4G transmission speeds.. This is marketing hype. Ask someone to define the speed, in bits per second. These filthy thieves and gangsters cheat and lie to get your money, honey

  • Conan the Barbarian

    Remember, T-Mobile was sold to the Germans. Need i say more….Achtung, schweinhund! Handen Hoch and bent over!!!

  • joen53

    Well, nothing is truly unlimited. Even if they didn’t throttle you and you were able to get 4G LTE’s maximum theoretical download speed (150 Mbps) 100% of the time for one month, you would use about 49TB. So, even then, you’d be limited to 49TB/month. If they throttle you to 128kbps, you can “only” use up to about 41 GB/month.

    At the end of the day, setting semantics aside, throttling (with the option to purchase more high-speed data if needed) is much more desirable for me because I don’t get any billing surprises at the end of the month. My family can use their phones however they please without me needing to police their data usage.

  • Faslane

    Turn on WiFi and use it at home and you’ll never go over. I never have…never been throttled or came close because WiFi calling and WiFi in general keeps my data use to nearly nothing.