T-Mobile Releases Press Releases Formally Announcing New Rate Plans

While T-mobile’s new rate plans actually went live yesterday the official announcement came this morning via press release announcing both postpaid and prepaid revamped offerings. We’ll just refer you to yesterdays post for a full breakdown in pictures of the new rate plans and let you have a glimpse at today’s press releases.


Postpaid Press Release:

T-Mobile USA, Inc. today announced a new suite of family and individual plans that expand on the exceptional value and consumer choice the company provides to make data affordable for families on America’s Largest 4G Network™.

The plans, available for new and existing customers, offer single-line and multiline options with a range of price points for talk or unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited data — with no data overages —  offering 200 MB, 2 GB, 5 GB or 10 GB of high-speed data. Each of the plans also includes unlimited nationwide T-Mobile to T-Mobile calling, and unlimited nights and weekends. T-Mobile also continues to offer one of the industry’s most affordable entry-level unlimited data plans, starting at just $10 for 200 MB of high-speed data per billing month.

Beating the competition, T-Mobile’s $139.99 unlimited family plan with unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited data with 2 GB of high-speed data offers a savings of more than $350 per person, per year on a two-line annual plan, compared with similar smartphones plans from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.1

“Our new rate plans powered by America’s Largest 4G Network put us in an excellent position to capitalize on the 80 percent of wireless customers in America who want smartphones,” said Cole Brodman, chief marketing officer, T-Mobile USA. “We’re providing customers with the 4G coverage they need, an exciting portfolio of 4G smartphones, and the value and flexibility to meet the diverse desires of their entire family.”

T-Mobile’s family plans are also more flexible than ever, allowing customers to select different data options and add-a-line features to meet the needs of first-time smartphone consumers, data-hungry young adults and text-centric teens all in one customized package.

The new family and individual plans are available now. To find the T-Mobile plan that best fits their needs, customers can visit http://www.t-mobile.com.


Prepaid Press Release:

T-Mobile USA, Inc. today announced  two new No Annual Contract, unlimited Monthly4G plans starting at $50 per month, bringing more choice and value to customers on America’s Largest 4G Network™. The new plans make it easier than ever for customers to step up to a rich data experience across T-Mobile’s entire portfolio of Android™-powered, Windows® Phone and BlackBerry® smartphones without an annual contract.

“Consumers today want more value and simplicity in how they purchase wireless,” said Cole Brodman, chief marketing officer, T-Mobile USA. “And that’s exactly what we’re delivering with our new Monthly4G plans — providing customers with the nationwide network, great prices and a choice of any of our latest smartphones.”

With Monthly4G plans, customers can enjoy unlimited Talk, unlimited Text and unlimited Web service on their smartphone from T-Mobile. Monthly4G plans start at $50 per month for unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited Web with the first 100 MB of data at up to 4G speeds, or $70 per month for unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited Web with the first 5 GB of data at up to 4G speeds*.

In addition to the Monthly4G No Annual Contract plans, which became available May 22,

T-Mobile continues to offer a 1500 Talk and Text plan with 30 MB of data for $30 per month, as well as Pay As You Go plans for as low as 10¢ per minute for voice calls. To find the T-Mobile plan that best fits their needs, customers can visit http://www.t-mobile.com.

* Monthly4G plans provide access to wireless service for 30 days; capable device required to achieve 4G speeds. After high-speed allotment is used, speeds slowed for remainder of month. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 4G network not available everywhere. See coverage details at T-Mobile.com.

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  • Hdhvd

    if your using an iphone on tmo, since it runs on edge, they cant throttle that to be any slower right? I figure unlimited talk and text with 100mb of data would make sense since after the 100mb, it couldnt throttle?

    • TmoNerd

      Once you reach the threshold of the plan you can be throttled down to sub-dial-up speeds around 40kb. This speed is variable depending on the usage of the population in your area. So yes, Edge can be throttled.

      • Wilma Flintstone

         GPRS I believe.  36.6kbps

  • Anonymous

     I’ll say it again.  Changed my plan and saved $55/mo on my 4 lines.  Profit.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. I save about $45

    • Wilma Flintstone

       Pstripes, did you get my alert?

      • Anonymous

         Nah what when?

        • Wilma Flintstone

           Check it out at the Nokia N9 article.

      • Anonymous

         Oh ok I see now.  That only works with Twitter right?  Well just about an hour away from the shin dig!!

        • Wilma Flintstone

          LOL Shin Dig. I believe they’re going to stream it live from that locale.  Yep, about an hour away from the Hodown.  Oh, have you checked out the rest of the site?  It’s pretty cool.  Oh and on page 2, they have now started a web show.

  • Acidice

    Unlimited Loyality plan I’m not changing anything.  So no thanks on the new plans T-Mobile. 

    • Mopar6464

      Same here , $59.99/month Unlimited Everything on all three lines.

      • TypicalWhitePerson

        There is no way you are paying $59.99/mo. for unlimited everyting on 3 lines total. Try again… 

        • Mopar6464

          I meant to say $59.99/month on EACH line .
          X 3 lines==$179.97/month before taxes.

  • Mikex915

    I’m confused. I pay 79.99 for no contract unlimited everything with a 5gb cap. So I could get the same plan with no contract for $70?

    • AdrianMT4G


    • TypicalWhitePerson

      Thats right! I have this $70 plan and I love it, although I never go over 1300 mins month. But still better and cheaper than the “Truly Overage” plans on EM and EM+

    • Anonymous

      Yes, but the thing is, no roaming on the Prepaid plan. You do get it on the one you are on. Makes a difference, trust me. 

  • Junk@gmail.com

    All new plans except prepaid require a new 2 year contract. You can only add 30 5gig data to older plans. If you want a different data plan you have to do a new two year contract and change your plan.

  • Just to clarify on the 2GB, 5GB, and 10GB plans… what network are you bumped to after your allotment?  I had a chat with a T-Mobile rep and this is what they told me…Did they lie to me?

    They basically said it is 21 MBPS until your threshold then 19-20 MBPS after.

    Rachel: The difference is, till you don’t use 2GB data in 2GB data plan.

    Rachel: After that it is all same like others.

    You: what kinds of speeds can you expect after 2GB though?

    You: …and at the faster speed you would use up your bandwidth more quickly

    Rachel: Example, the speed at till 2Gb is 21 MBPS and then it will be variable to 20 or 19 MBPS Approximately.

    Rachel: There is not much difference.

    You: so the 1000 minute plan is 20 or 19 all of the time?

    Rachel: That is also21 MBPS, but then variable speed.

    You: so it cuts down after 2GB as well

    Rachel: Yes.

    Rachel: It is a bit complicated, but then I think you got it right now.

    • Anonymous

      EDGE speeds are not 19-20 mbps.  

      You are throttled to the EDGE network, which will make you want to cut your phone. 

    • Ash

      Maybe Rachel meant: 20 or 19 KBPS?? 

  • TypicalWhitePerson

     Is it just me, or does it seems like I’ve seen this article recycled like 20 times already!! How many times is T-Mobile going to be annoucing new rate plans in the same week or two?

    • It’s just you. This is the official announcement :)  TmoNews has just had much/all of this info for a while now.

      • TypicalWhitePerson

        Oh ok! Maybe I’m just high… 

  • Rick

    Simple question;  For an Even More for Families,   do lines 1 & 2 share data, that is, for a 2GB plan, do lines 1&2 get 2GB each, or share 2GB total?

    It’s not logical to share the data, but I want to know just to be sure.  Actually, I bet I end up getting to the disclosures anyways, since nothing means anything except the disclosures. Even what the CCP says.

    But the plans seems to be $10 less than previous plans, and TMO seems to be ditching most minute plans and emphasizing unlimited talk + text.  Those services seem to be cheaper to just blow out than to meter.  Makes sense to me, sort of. 

    I still can’t use Sprint, it has NO coverage in two key areas, and I can’t stomach VZW on principle.  so I have about 18 months before I have to gag  down AT&T.  Feh.

    • Anonymous

       Data is never shared.  lines 1&2 each get 2GB

      • Rick

        Cool.  Now to get a G2x upgrade… cheaper… like everyone else wants .

  • Senor Chang

    I have 2 lines.  Only one of those 2 really needs data and texting.  The way I have it now, I pay around $95 before taxes.  That’s $70 for the family plan I have, plus $25 for the individual, unlimited data plan.  All without contract.

    Nothing they currently have can beat this and not worth signing a contract for.

  • OldPro

    Meh….  Wake me up when they come up with shared family data plans.

  • Rick

    Oh, and I look through upgrade options at TMO, and the G2X doesn’t appear.  Have they pulled it off upgrades for the Insomnia sale?

    •  same experience here.. G2X is off the upgrade chart for my EM+ plan…

  • TypicalWhitePerson

    Free T-Mobile Msg: Congrats, we upgraded your plan on 5/22 at no additional cost. Questions? Visit http://www.tmobile.com/web70.aspx
    The above text was sent to my phone from T-Mobile, regarding my free high speed data upgrade to 5GB =)

  •  i’m curious

    i just checked in on this at a TMo store — the salesperson there cautioned me that if i converted over to this plan, the insurance plan would *not* be available!!

    can anyone verify this??

    also.. is there “any” way to get insurance if its not available through TMo? say.. third party??

  • Rayymann

    Just got the new 200mb “unlimited” plan. Would much rather be throttled then worry about being raped with overage fees. 

  • Alex1234

    Is this not available for the MyFave plans, since I was checking and it does not show up ;O

  • Petey

    With all these great plans & the merger doesn’t go through & if iPhone comes to T-Mobile… I think they will start gaining subscribers…

  • Anonymous

    Their mobile broadband pricing is terrible. On Verizon I get 3 GB/month for only $35 on my off-contract MiFi.

  • Loitanvo

    im trying to get a phone on amazon wireless. but it will only let me choose the $30 plan for internet..maybe they have not updated the new rates?